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Rife Machine Movie Promo!


14 minute promo starring Joe Mantegna as "Mooch"
with Frances Fisher & Mitch Greenberg

Inspired by the real-life story of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife's frequency generator!

Police Chief Anthony "Mooch" Dimucci investigates the murder of an alternative doctor, Dr. Richard Breitbarth, and discovers a Rife machine invented in the 1930s that may hold the miracle cure for his wife's terminal cancer. He runs up against unscrupulous powers that will stop at nothing to get rid of the machine and anyone promoting its use.

Written by Gila Zalon and based on the novel "Moloch" by Michael Diamond, the movie highlights Royal Raymond Rife's invention that cured 16 terminally ill patients in the 1930s and was used in clinics. The technology survived Rife's demise and is grand-fathered in before the 1976 FDA ruling on medical devices.

Subsequently, we are allowed to give you information for your own educational purposes, and if you purchase a RIFE 101 ENERGY SYSTEM it is for your own experimentational purposes.

We cannot say it will help you or cure you, but we can direct you to our TESTIMONIAL PAGE with over 200 real testimonials for everything from cancer to spider bites, candida to herpes, arthritis to neuralgia, bronchitis to warts and much more.

2012 Winner: Best Director, Best Writer, Best Actress & Best Short Film - Atlantic City Film Festival
2012 Recipient: Merit Award from IndieFest in La Jolla, CA

Producer Gila Zalon's statement:

While "PANDORA'S BOX" is primarily an entertainment vehicle, at its core the story holds out hope that there may be medical procedures - and yes, even cures - that we have not researched, or even dreamed about, because the pharmaceutical industry is protected by strong lobbies.

If we are willing to put our energy and resources into research and experimentation that seeks cures for cancer and other illnesses through means other than drugs, who knows what we may discover? We hope that "PANDORA'S BOX" will encourage such thinking, and possibly pave the way for innovation in the field of cancer and other disease treatment. Once our film is fully funded, Back Pocket Productions intends to donate a portion of its subsequent profits to fund such research. We intend to add a prominent statement to such effect on the end credits of the movie.

While our contribution may be just a drop in the bucket, it will, in addition to increasing public awareness, hopefully encourage like-minded individuals to take initiative and ask that some of the vast sums being spent on drug research be allocated to less conventional therapies, like the Rife machine.

This screenplay was inspired by the growing frustration with a world that is increasingly controlled by special interests, at great cost to the economy, the ecology and even more disturbing, to our collective health. We are all familiar with the vast amount of money lobbies have expended on disputing the reality of climate change, on furthering the food industry's use of antibiotics, chemicals and GMO products, not to mention the use of additives; all of which have helped create a culture of ill health.

There are any number of examples, of how the "powers that be" hamper our ability to discover better and less costly methods of preventing and curing disease, but for the purpose of our movie we will concentrate only on one: a machine that has in the past (and present, myself included) alleviated diseases, but which has been discredited.

Imagine what would happen if the Rife machine were available as an inexpensive, alternative treatment for diseases that as of now earn billions of dollars in profits for Big Pharma. It could be the end of our society as we know it, with greater prosperity for common folk due to less healthcare costs! And perhaps the beginning of a much better future for our children and grandchildren.

- Gila Zalon, Principal Owner & Producer, www.BackPocketProductions.com

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PLEASE share with those you care about and those in a financial position to help!

NOTE from Tina, owner of Rife101.com & URparamount.comThe Rife Model 101 is so easy to use!

Recently, I spoke with a doctor representing a consortium of 13 doctors and engineers looking to bring Rife technology to rural clinics in Africa and the Middle East, as they cannot afford antibiotics for infectious diseases.

This group purchased all of the different types of Rife machines on the market, including our Rife Model 101 and thoroughly tested them all - both in the lab and in the infectious disease clinics. This doctor called me to find out what was in our Rife 101 that was so unique, because it could do in 1-2 weeks what other machines took 2-3 months to accomplish, if they could do it at all.

I explained the unique, proprietary Bio-Impedence Matching Technology in our Rife 101 Energy System and the group then understood the efficacy and benefit of our unique technology, in addition to the fact that no training was needed to use the unit, as it was so easy. Imagine if Gila Zalon's vision could be realized around the world...the needless suffering that could be eradicated, the exorbitant expense of medical care....

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PLEASE share with those you care about
and those in a financial position to help with the movie!

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