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The Water Resource Center

Water Basics 101 - Ionized, distilled, reverse osmosis and more...
Expert Water Advice For You - Read the low down...
Water Scientific Studies - Clinical studies, experiments, research and more...
Age and Systemic Acid Base Equilibrium - Analysis of Published Data
Alkaline Water and Reproduction in Rats - Effect of Alkaline Ionized Water on Reproduction in Gestational and Lactational Rats
Animal Versus Vegetable Protein and Bone Loss - Dietary Animal Protein Increases the Rate of Bone Loss and Risk of Fracture in Postmenopausal Women
Clinical Improvements Obtained from Intake of Reduced Water (Ionized Water) - Includes diabetes, circulation, gangrene, cholesterol, tumors, Crohn's disease, hyperbilirubinemia and more...
Dietary Protein and Bone Health - Dietary Protein Content and the Diet's Net Acid Load: Opposing Effects on Bone Health (1,2)
Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water and Burn Wounds - Effect of Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water and Hydrocolloid Occlusive Dressings on Excised Burn Wounds in Rats
Electrolyzed Reduced Water and DNA - Electrolyzed Reduced Water Scavenges Active Oxygen Species and Protects DNA from Oxidative Damage
Greater Bone Mineral Density from Fruits and Vegetables - Potassium, Magnesium, and Fruit and Vegetable Intakes are Associated with Greater Bone Mineral Density in the Elderly
Healthy Bones and Children - Long-Term Protein Intake and Dietary Potential Renal Acid Load are Associated with Bone Modeling and Remodeling at the Proximal Radius in Healthy Children
Microclustered Water Study - Clinical Study Results Showing Microclustered, Hexagonal Water Hydration Improvement in Type 2 Diabetics
Non-carbonic Acid Production and Bone Health - Lower Estimates of Net Endogenous Non-carbonic Acid Production are Positively Associated with Indexes of Bone Health in Premenopausal and Perimenopausal Women
Physiological Effects of Alkaline Ionized Water - Effects on Metabolites Produced by Intestinal Fermentation
Reduced Hemodialysis by Electrolyzed Reduced Water - Reduced Hemodialysis-Induced Oxidative Stress in End-Stage Renal Disease Patients by Electrolyzed Reduced Water
The Use of Alkaline Water on Dairy Farms - Reports from 27 Dairy Farms Using Alkaline Water
Your Body & pH - Foods, Dieting and more...
Water Contaminants - How bad are they?

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