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Ionized Water Overview and Toxic Blood

By Tina Rappaport - 06/17/06

Without water, life could not exist.
pouring ionized water
Without water, we could not exist.
70% of your body is water. 85% of your brain is water.
Your bones are 25%, and your blood is 83% water.
Researchers know that when we are born we are about 90% water, as an adult we are 70% water, and late in life we shrivel to about 50% water. One reason we age is because we lack sufficient water.
With water being of such prime importance
to our body, the quality of the water
you drink is of supreme importance.

To get the full power of negatively charged, antioxidant, oxygen rich ionized water, it must be consumed fresh and strong, right out of the tap. Slow the water flow down on the water ionizer and the glass you fill will have thousands of tiny bubbles in it. Those are hydroxyl ions, which are the antioxidants and the reason for the negatively charged ORP. The most powerful function of ionized water, its ORP, is fragile and lasts only 18-24 hours.

To Drink Ionized Water is not the Question,
it's the Solution - to Internal Pollution!

Water ionizers produce antioxidant high pH alkaline water to detoxify your entire body and, like the fountain of youth, slow, halt or even reverse aging. This ionized water can hydrate your cells, remove toxins, help you lose weight, rejuvenate your skin, give you more energy and alertness due to it's basic attributes:

  • Ionized Water is a Powerful Antioxidant
  • It Provides Increased Oxygen and Free Radical Scavengers
  • It's Alkalinity Balances Body pH
  • It's aPowerful Detoxifier and Superior Hydrator
Gabriel Cousens, M.D.
writes in Conscious Eating, 2000

"Japanese and some American hospital research has found ionized water useful for the treatment of cancer, diabetes, intestinal problems, liver problems, and other chronic diseases.Alkalinized ionized water can play a powerful rolein reversing the degenerative results of an acid system.This is a revolutionary health breakthrough.The ionized water replicates the "living qualities" of high-altitude mountain spring water."

Acidity in Our Body

Our internal body must stay slightly alkaline, ideally right at 7.365. If your blood's pH rises or falls one tenth of a pH unit, it's cause for a visit to a hospital's intensive care unit. If blood pH moves two tenths either way, it's lethal. When there's too much acid, too many hydrogen ions, we rob alkaline minerals from our bones and teeth (calcium), from our muscles and nerves (potassium), from our arteries (magnesium) and from our joints (sodium) to keep the fluids in and around the cells alkaline. This process of "robbing" alkaline minerals actually saves your life, as does the storage of excess acid in fat cells.

This literally becomes a double edge sword to our health.

"Acid wastes literally attack the joints, tissues, muscles,
organs and glands causing minor to major dysfunction."

states Dr. Theodore A. Baroody, Ph.D. Nutrition
in his book of the ominous title,
Alkalize or Die, 1991

While this process of "aging" dysfunction is progressing, we are also then getting cavities, nervous stress, heart problems, thin bones and arthritis from the loss of alkaline minerals - stolen from our teeth, nerves, arteries, bones and joint cartilage to buffer all the acids.

When acid affects the pancreas and diabetes develops, the acids from burning fats instead of carbohydrates can accumulate so fast, the diabetic can lapse into a coma.

It is important to understand that we are not talking about stomach acid or the pH of the stomach. We are talking about the pH of the body's fluids and tissues which is an entirely different matter.

How Do We Get So Acidic?

The body's natural metabolic processes produce acidic waste. Most cooked foods and animal proteins create acidity in our bodies. This build up of total body acidity encourages decomposition, decay, disease (CANCER) and energy loss. Most Americans maintain high acidity because of acid-causing lifestyle characteristics that include, but are not limited to, diet, stress and a toxic environment. Therefore, alkaline input (ionized water, alkaline foods like fresh vegetables and fruit, better lifestyle habits) is essential to insure a healthy level of pH balance. Prolonged pH imbalance decreases the body's ability to absorb protein, minerals and other nutrients, decreases energy production in the cells, decreases the body's ability to detoxify heavy metals and repair damaged cells.

Some foods that contribute to an acidic level are meats, white rice, cheese, coffee, tea, alcohol, pasta, breads, cereals, sugar and chocolate. Foods that counter acidic levels are vegetables, fruits, potatoes, almonds, pine nuts, flax, honey and plain yogurt. Stress, pollutants, and physical activity (both insufficient or excessive amounts) also cause acidification.

The strain of this undetected over acidity can cause such problems as:

Cardiovascular damage.
Weight gain, obesity and diabetes.
Bladder conditions.
Kidney stones.
Immune deficiency.
Acceleration of free radical damage.
Hormonal problems.
Premature aging.
Osteoporosis and joint pain.
Aching muscles & lactic acid buildup.
Low energy and chronic fatigue.
Slow digestion and elimination.
Yeast/fungal overgrowth.
Lack of energy and fatigue.
Lower body temperature.
Tendency to get infections.
Loss of drive, joy, and enthusiasm.
Depressive tendencies.
Easily stressed.
Pale complexion.
Inflammation of corneas and eyelids.
Loose and painful teeth.
Inflamed, sensitive gums.
Mouth and stomach ulcers.
Cracks at the corners of the lips.
Excess stomach acid.
Nails are thin and split easily.
Dull hair, falling out and split ends.
Dry skin.
Skin easily irritated.
Leg cramps and spasms.

What difference does it make to have toxic blood?

Your blood, which is 83% water, plays a very important role in your health and energy: it carries oxygen to all your cells! This gives you energy, and it's what keeps you alive. It also plays a key role in how energizing your sleep is. In order for the body to remain healthy and alive, your body keeps a delicate and precise balance of blood pH at 7.365, which is slightly alkaline. So what happens to your body when you're over-acid? Your body will store excess acid in your fat cells (which is why so many people have such trouble losing weight).

The antioxidant water contains an abundance of ionic calcium. This ionic calcium helps in the "burn-off" process. By drinking antioxidant water, it provides sufficient minerals for our body. As a result, we do not need to watch our diet to stay slim. Hence, antioxidant water is a savior for those suffering from obesity and many adult diseases, providing good assistance in enhancing good health."

Professor Hatori Tasutaroo, Head of Akajiuiji Blood Centre,
Yokohama Hospital, Faitama District, Japan,
"Use of Ionized Water in Treating Acidosis"

In order to live, our blood and cells must always remain slightly alkaline. So the body plays a clever trick to convert these acid wastes into solid wastes. If the body can keep them away from liquids, they can be stored indefinitely in the body and do not affect the pH of the rest of the body. It does so by storing them in many places, including body fat. Fat production may be a result of acid waste demands for storage medium. Acid first, fat follows.

Water Ionizers are popular home appliances in several Asian countries such as Japan and have been used there for over 40 years. There is much documentation from Japan of restructured alkaline water having positive effects on every disease and condition imaginable. According to the World Health Organization, the Japanese live a longer, healthier life than we do in the United States: 7 years longer for women, and 5 years longer for men.

Here's a picture of healthy red blood cells:

High Alkaline Ionized Water Blood Cells

Do you see how far apart the blood cells are from each other? As a result, your blood can move freely throughout your entire body, and get into all your small capillaries, providing energy to your whole body. During deep sleep, proper blood flow and hydration is important. When your blood looks like this, your sleep is also really energizing and you need less of it!

Blood cells have a negative charge on the outside and a positive charge inside; this is what keeps them healthy and far apart from each other. However, when your body is over-acidic, the acid strips your blood of it's negative charge. Your blood cells no longer have the same repelling force and clump together like this:

Alkaline Ionized Water

When your blood is clumped together, it no longer can get to all the little capillaries in your body to give you the life giving oxygen you need. It no longer can give every cell of your body the energizing and rejuvenating effects. This is the major reason why some people feel horrible when they wake up, and why they need to sleep longer. It's also why you tend to wake up feeling dehydrated.

Most of us, from the time we're children, have a fear installed into us by our parents that "Disease is out to get you, and viruses are flying around all over the place looking for their next victim!..." It comes with sayings like: "Put on your sweater or you'll 'catch' a cold!" However, the truth is most of us create toxic environments inside of our body and this is why disease and fatigue happens. It doesn't happen TO YOU, instead, "you" make it happen.

Imagine this analogy: Pretend you had a goldfish in a bowl, and one day you saw the goldfish was beginning to look very unhealthy, swimming around less, maybe its fins were disintegrating. You also notice that the water is a little dirty and cloudy. What would you do? Take the fish out and give it medicine, or, change the water? Chances are it's the water that's making the fish unhealthy, not the fish itself. When you change the water, the fish will get healthier. The fact that the goldfish is unhealthy is actually a SYMPTOM of the unhealthy environment. Not the problem. So it is with us. The poor condition of our internal water makes us unhealthy.