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Alkalize, energize, detoxify,
high pH alkaline water
and use frequency healing

from the

Rife 101 Energy System

for optimal wellness
and anti-aging!

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free ph color food chart

Our Color-Coded pH Food Chart is a great tool in the kitchen! Post it on your refrigerator or inside a cabinet. Encourage the kids to find foods they like on the chart and learn about pH right along with you! Choose the best alkaline foods and avoid the worst acidic foods! We should eat 80% from the alkaline top half, and 20% from the acidic bottom half.

It's easy to see at a glance what we should eat more of like celery, cabbage and asparagus, and eat less cooked beans, popcorn and cheese. Of course high alkaline ionized water is at the top of the chart!

This download comes with a light gray watermarked background, but you can purchase a clean, clear Color-Coded pH Food Chart on glossy card stock that is durable in and around the kitchen.

free ph color food chart

So many bottled waters are acidic! Find out which common brands are safe to drink, which are to be avoided at all costs!! Remember you drink the leached plastic from the bottle, so only buy bottled water if you must!

You probably know it's best to drink high alkaline water from your own water ionizer, but if you're stuck buying bottled water when you're out make a wiser choice with this handy chart you can fold up and keep in your wallet. Print out several and give to your friends and family!

Why UV?

Why do you need UV light to purify your indoor air? Find out with this info.

Did you know about 80% of the particle matter in your air is dead skin cells? The remaining 20% is made up of over 350 different contaminants, such as smoke, toxins, pollen, viruses, mold spores, mildew, fungi, dust mites, pet dander and chemical gases and odors from carpet, furniture and cleaning products.

Your home or office air could be making you sick - headaches, asthma, dry eyes, dizziness, sneezing, coughing, fatigue, respiratory conditions, sleeping disorders - could all be caused by BAD air!

Free Resources & Downloads:

Check the Municipal Reports!

Excellent pocket guide for alot of common pesticides

Excellent pocket guide for alot of common pesticides

Same 84 minerals we need, same frequency as our body!

Learn the symptoms, print & post this paper - save your loved ones' lives! Please!

Learn the symptoms, print & post this paper - save your loved ones' lives! Please!