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Rife Machine TECHNICAL Questions & Answers:
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How much does the Rife 101 weigh and how big is it?
It weighs about 2.5 pounds and is about 9 x 7 x 3 inches. It's very portable and can easily be taken on an airplane. If they ask, just tell them it's a massage machine. I found a JEEP mini backpack that it fits in nicely to use when walking around hiking, shopping even cooking or cleaning!
Can the Rife 101 be updated as changes are made to your technology?
Yes. Order the update from the "Rife 101 Parts & Service" page and we will send you the information needed to ship your unit. You ship just the bare machine (no cables or electrodes). We upgrade the programming to the newest version at a very low cost, including a new manual and FREE return shipping. Many other machines are not upgradable or don't even have a research department working on constant improvements!
Does the Rife 101 use a carrier wave to increase penetration and effectiveness?
Our Rife 101 produces a near perfect square wave, made possible by using a cutting edge proprietary process called Bio Impedance Matching to penetrate tissues hundreds of times more effectively than other instruments, while maintaining the square wave. This reaches the penetration effectiveness of an RF carrier wave without the possible harmful effects of RF. Some people are sensitive to intense RF exposure, but the Rife 101 does not have this problem.
How can I see if it really is so EASY to use?
What are micro-currents or FSM (Frequency Specific Micro Current) and are they the same thing as the Rife 101 Frequency Generator Energy System's frequencies?
FSM is very different. Micro-Currents are not Rife frequencies and cannot be substituted - just like apples are not oranges. One cannot substitute. The Rife 101 unit uses Rife frequencies aimed at killing the most dangerous organisms such as Candida, E Coli, Strep, Staph, etc. The intensity level of micro-currents are much lower and generally aimed only at pain relief or immune system support. The Rife 101 encompasses those aspects as well.
I've heard of Frequency Sweeps - does the Rife 101 utilize this?
"Sweeps" don't work. You end up with noise like static. You spend a lot of time on frequencies that may not be for your condition, rather than concentrating your time on the frequencies that actually matter. If you only have one hour to use the Rife machine, would you rather "sweep" through all the frequencies for a very short duration on each, or concentrate for minutes at a time on the various frequencies known to help your condition?

The Rife 101 doesn't sweep and neither did Rife or Crane devices. Sweeping does not allow for the organism to resonate sympathetically with the Mortal Oscillatory Rate and become devitalized.
Will the Rife 101 kill mycoplasmas and prions?
This Rife machine is very effective in killing pathogens. Mycoplasmas and prions are infectious agents that cause pneumonias, parasites, fungus, etc., all of which have Programs built into the Rife 101 unit. We get many emails about many specific illnesses. It's amazing how common folks like us have gotten so familiar with medical jargon. I have found it doesn't matter what you have. Kill the pathogens, remove the poisons, flush the lymph system with plenty of water and exercise, eat healthy, nourish your body properly, build the immune system, re-energize the cells and your body heals itself. Use the machine, follow these sound principles and it seems to get better.
Can I program in my own custom frequencies?
No, and for good reason. This machine is powerful and can cause the diseased cell wall to implode. It is programmed to attack ONLY the harmful and diseased cells, making it very safe to use. If we allowed our users to put in any frequency they want, who knows the results? What would happen if you made a mistake? Ooops! Our scientists have put in many long hours giving you the very best of Rife technology. Do you want to try to outguess them?

Is the Rife 101 just as beneficial as an EMS machine that produces Scalar waves as opposed to ninussoidal waves?
We would need both together to test them, wouldn't we? We have many people thrilled with the good results they are getting with our Rife 101 unit, so we personally don't have the need to test one against the other. If you would like to compare the two, side by side, please do. We'd love to see the results.
What is this I heard about the FCC regulating the higher frequencies and power output of machines like yours, thus rendering them not as effective?
We haven't heard this rumor before. If you have any further information please send it our way.
What kind of maintenance is needed for the Rife 101?
Amazingly, none. No oil changes, no tune ups. No deep cleanings! I use my machine all the time, treat friends and family often and it never needs adjustments or repairs. It is very sturdy, high-quality, and was manufactured for you to use it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if you want. Every 3-5 years you might like to send it in for a software update (for a nominal fee) as "software" improvements are made. This includes a new updated manual and FREE return shipping.
Is the Rife 101 Energy System digital or analog? What is the output voltage?
Our machine is both digital and analog providing the best of each. Digital performance with analog energy signal. Output voltage and all other specs are listed on page 40 of the operating manual. Output voltage varies between >1 and 28 volts peak to peak. The average user experiences a tingle using between 12 and 16 volts. Remember that sqaure wave is AC voltage. The unique technology INSIDE the Rife 101 converts the DC from the battery to AC to produce the square wave. Remember, the Rife 101 is a very unique healing instrument, created with you in mind for ease of use.
Does the Rife 101 Energy System contain all of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife's original frequencies?
Yes. The truth is, Rife discovered only about 40 useful frequencies for various pathogens. Since that time, scientists have found others and some manufacturers have added even more for a "marketing edge" - many of these frequencies aren't Rife-type but TENS frequencies that vibrate muscles for pain relief. These are beneficial for pain relief, but they are not "Rife original frequencies". The Rife 101 company actually updates the computer system and adds frequencies regularly as their research shows benefits of new frequencies. AND, some frequencies have actually been removed from our programming that were later found to have little or no benefit so you are not wasting your precious time. And, make no mistake about it, your time is precious. Also keep in mind that the Rife 101 is very rich in "harmonics" that impart a wide range of frequencies emanating from the original, like ripples on a pond. Rife himself said he wasn't certain if the benefit was from the actual frequency or its harmonics.
What is the Schumann Wave?
There is actually a range of Schumann Resonances and 7.83 Hz is the average of them all, the average of the earth's frequency. It is said that the Schumann Resonance is a harmonic relationship between the Earth and our mind/body. Our internal rhythms interact with these frequencies, affecting our emotional balance, health, and mental focus. These resonant frequencies regulate our bodies' internal clocks, our sleep/dream patterns, arousal patterns and hormonal balance.

The Schumann Wave is said to be a frequency of 7.83 Hz (our Program #373). Doing this frequency brings an amazingly calming effect. Pets love it and may come and sit on your lap while you're using this freqency! The alpha brain wave is 8 Hz and it is this frequency that synchronizes our brain hemispheres to spin together, equally, in parallel. Some believe that 8 Hz leads us to a superconsciousness, our brains operating like a super computer, as opposed to the 14-40 Hz of normal consciousness.

This Program #373 may very well protect us from artificial electromagnetic radiation and is achieved through affecting the thymus gland with a low-frequency electromagnetic field at a frequency corresponding to that of the Schumann Wave. The time used and intensity level can be adjusted for comfort.

Interesting, melatonin, an important neurotransmitter and cancer suppressing agent, is not produced in the absence of Schumann Waves, neither for astronauts in outer space nor for us in our inner spaces. So Program #373, The Schumann Wave, is important for re-tuning your system, returning to health and maintaining wellness.

The harmonics (mathematical progressions, like octaves) of 8 Hz leads us to 528 Hz, well known by biochemists to repair broken DNA! Amazing stuff, Rife frequencies, harmonics and healing!

More interesting facts about the Schumann Wave and 8 Hz will be posted soon. Fascinating stuff!
Do you have clinical scientific data to back up your claims?
It is difficult to provide clinical documentation as "somebody" out there likes to confiscate data and "nobody" out there will fund true medical research for something they can't patent. So, would you announce to the world you could effectively cure cancer without any side effects if you could land in prison for not using pharmaceutical drugs, radiation, chemo or surgery? It is lethal competition for drug-oriented and established medicine. Most people have to research themselves, wade through lies and misinformation to get to our website. Watch for the negative "planted" testimonials trying to discredit this technology (and every other alternative concept). You have to come up with your own answers, as there are no "clinical trials". Rife and doctors using his technology tried that. Rife was destroyed and other doctors discredited. The fact that the Smithsonian Institution wrote up Rife's technology (1944) should hold some water as to its benefit. We offer an extensive list of users' testimonials, adding to it all the time.
Other Rife machine manufacturers list many more frequencies than you do?
The Rife 101 is pre-programmed with hundreds of frequencies. Others may have more listed, but remember, more isn't necessarily better - better is better, and our Rife 101 is very rich in harmonics, which is where the magic is. Dr. Royal Raymond Rife himself said he wasn't certain if the benefit was from the actual frequency or its harmonics created by the frequency in the body.
Why does the Rife 101 frequency range stop at 21,275Hz when other units go to 11 million?
The higher frequencies were used for broadcasting in Rife's early experiments as a carrier wave. Rife and Crane went to lower frequencies in the 1960s to use with an electrode unit such as the Rife 101. This is when Rife and Crane introduced the Rife Virus Microscope Institute electrode machine. Rife was owner of the company. History is just that, history. Modern devices, such as the Rife 101, outperform anything Rife built even in the 60s. Our engineers strived to create the most modern, simple to use, automated, totally portable, gentle, safe, powerful machine possile without the hype.
Can I use other Rife sites' settings on my Rife 101 machine?
Yes. The manual has a Channel to Hertz frequency chart on page 38. For example, Channel 118 = 7.83Hz (which is the Schumann Wave, the earth's harmonic frequency and good for your body).

Some technical specifications...

» Waveform: 50% duty cycle square wave, maintained at all levels

» Rise/Fall Time: less than 100 nanoseconds at any amplitute (channel) setting

» Amplitude: less than 0.1vpp to 28 volts peak differentially - power pre-adjusted internally

» Frequency Resolution: 6 parts per million or better

» Biological Impedance Matched Frequency Signal: the most accurate wave form al all current levels, preserving a near perfect square wave and harmonics - a Rife101 exclusive

» Frequency Range: Channels Range from .5Hz to 21,275Hz

» Sound: Internal Speaker with tones from 500Hz to 1500Hz, adjustable, to confirm settings and program end

» Ramp Up: 3 second soft start at channel start to eliminate shock sensation

» Programs: 325 individual programs, each capable of storing 64 individual Channels

» Channels: 181 individual frequency Channels manufactured in memory

» Custom Programs: 10 slots for custom programming, each capable of storing 21 individual Channels

» Program Access: Programs accessible from two different menu section, Quick Start scrollable program list on LCD display (no manual needed) and Advanced by entering numbers

» Battery: NiMH, internal fuse protected, 6V at 1.6AH rated, recharge time 6 hours

» Safety Isolation: over 2,500 volts with an internal, self resetting fuse for safety

» Charger Output: 50/60Hz, 12 Volt AC at 1 amp, via 5.5mm x 2.1mm x 11mm female, positive center

» Dimensions: 9" x 7" x 3", very compact

» Weight: 2.5 lbs, very portable

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