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Coronavirus (likely):
I had sat next to a gentleman at a Brain Injury conference in Oregon where we were both panelists. He casually told me he had been with someone who subsequently tested positive for COVID-19. Well, several days later, I got sick and I was having fever, body aches and headaches. I used the Rife 101 for several days, even running it all night long, and I was feeling much better so I stopped using it. My doctor had told me she had no Corona Virus tests, but she could expedite me into the emergency room if I needed it.

Last night I began having chest pains - like I'd never had before - it felt like someone's hand was around my trachea. My lungs went downhill quickly. I was short of breath and started wheezing. It came on really, really fast. I was scared to go to sleep! I almost contacted my doctor, but decided I'd run the Rife machine for 2 hours to see what would happen, because I didn't really want to go to the ER. Well, during the 2 hours it stopped progressing and within 4 hours it began reversing. It was amazing. The wheezing was gone, the tension in my chest was gone and I could relax enough to sleep through to the morning.

Today I'm considerably better. I had been running the Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Staph and Epstein-Barr Virus programs, but now I'm switching to the Custom Comprehensive Program for the CORONAVIRUS (click here to inquire about this). This machine saved me last night and I've just ordered two more - one for my family and one to have as an extra to lend out. If it wasn't for this machine, I'd have gone to the emergency room last night and ended up hospitalized. - K. Bratherton, OR (3-22-20)
I'm a retired doctor and electrical engineer. I'm in an assisted living facility. I'd like to report that we've had successes here using the Rife 101 for Coronavirus (COVID-19) running #118 AIDS/HIV with #292 INFECTIONS ending with #197 DETOXIFICATION. - J. Erdahl, TN (12-22-20)
Enlarged Prostate:
My "naturopath" chiropractor is a wonderful man! I have had a very enlarged prostate gland for 10 or 11 years now. Back then, the doctors wanted to operate fast, but I wouldn't let them. They also said I had cancer! Got a second opinion, and, there was NO cancer. But I did have an ultrasound of my bladder that showed I retained about 8 ounces of urine when I was done urinating. Although I'm not a "pharmaceutical" person, I tried many drugs they prescribed but nothing worked. My chiropractor said the Rife 101 was "the best Rife machine, by far" and lent me his Rife 101 frequency generator, and after just 2-3 days running the Prostate program, there was a noticible difference! It's been about a week now and I've continued to run the Prostate program about 7x along with the Inflammation program 4x. WOW, every day is a bit better now...I don't have to push too hard to urinate. We only get one bladder so I'm hoping my next ultrasound (soon) will show I'm not retaining as much urine as 10 years ago. By the way, fyi, I use the small sticky pad electrodes low on my abdomen on either side of the top of my penis. Just ordered my own Rife 101 and I'll let you know how I'm progressing! - K. Buchholz, MI (5-29-18)
Prostate Cancer, Gout, Candida Yeast Infection:
Cancer is a scary word & so is everything else that comes along with it. 4 years ago my father got a diagnosis of stage 2 Prostate cancer. After doing many hours of research, we were more scared about the 21st century treatments then the diagnosis it’s self. My sister who believes in a holistic way of life, met a man who introduced her into the Rife 101 machine. He let her try the detox program & she said she felt more refreshed. She purchased the machine and my father started doing the programs every day! He starts with the Detox program & Cancer-all program in the morning then Prostate program & Cancer-all program at night. After about maybe 6 months, he got a Cancer free diagnosis!

My Brother who suffers from Gout purchased a machine for himself and hasn’t had a flare up since!

My sister & her husband purchased one & use the machine everyday!

I, myself did not believe in it, and refused to try the machine. I work in health insurance where Doctors know best! this was also a time where holistic and eating green was very new. After much research and having a bad experience with doctors from a recurring yeast infection, that just kept getting worse, I did the yeast infection program 3 times that first night and I felt different! The second night, again. I finally had relief from my annoying yeast infection that kept coming back 2-3 times a month for 3 years! I am up to the point where I bring my machine to work with me and leave it running all day! I am excited to see what other benefits it brings me and my family! Cancer is not longer a Scary word! Thank you Tina for kindly speaking to us on the phone & explaining to us all the details! - V. Sottile, NY (12-3-19)
Prostate Cancer, PSA:
Hello Tina Rappaport, We purchased the Rife 101 about 1 year ago. I have used it every for stage four PROSTATE Cancer. The fact that I'm writing you is a testament to the machine! (Rife 101 user since March 2015)- E. Paredes, CA 5/16/16
Prostate, PSA Improved:
My PSA was 23, now it's down to 4.5 (normal is 1-6). I used the Rife 101 every other day for 6 months – doc couldn't believe it. Kept using this amazing frequency generator machine and got my PSA down to 2.4!! I beat !! - P.H., AZ
Prostate Cancer, PSA Improved:
A friend called for a Rife 101 user to relay that her friend had prostate cancer and the prostrate had been removed, but then the cancer came back. His PSA was .04 May 2016, then .08 Aug 16, then 1.1 Jan 2017. He began using the Rife machine and it's held the PSA at bay at 1.1 since January - he's thrilled it's no longer getting worse! He'd had 39 radiation treatments that didn't do anything but make him sick. - Name Withheld, PA 6-10-17)
Prostate & Incontinence:
My husband has prostate trouble, so he noticed that besides the prostate program there is the bladder program too and he's been using that now. We know it's working because today we went to town and when we came home he didn't have to use the restroom so there's definitely something to this! - JR #8168, TX (11-8-19)
Prostate Cancer, Carcinoma Skin Cancer:
We just love the Rife 101. First of all, I’d like to attribute our good health to God, and secondly, to the Rife machine. I was heading towards prostate cancer. My PSA was 13 and rising fast about 2.2 per month. My doctor told me that my prostate was VERY enlarged. I had to get up several times a night to urinate. After using the frequency machine for just two times I was able to sleep a full 8 hours a night. I continued using the frequency machine until I went to see my urologist just before we left home for the summer and my PSA was down to 7.3. The doctor was amazed that my prostate was down almost normal in size! He wants to see me as soon as we get back in November because of the amazing results that I have had. As for my wife, she had two carcinoma cancer spots on her back. She started using the Rife 101 and they are cleared up now. She feels so much better now. – Marty P. (NW, 6/2015)
Lung Cancer, Fever:
In April I was diagnosed with pneumonia. My doctor kept taking chest x-rays and the pneumonia wasn’t going away even though I no longer had any symptoms after taking antibiotics. He then ordered a CAT scan and I was told I had a mass, then he ordered a PET scan. The only thing that showed up on the PET scan was a mass on my left upper lung. My doctor then sent me to a lung surgeon specialist. His exact words to me, after looking at my CAT scan was “we’re going to assume it’s cancer until proven otherwise”. He wanted to perform surgery, take out a wedge of my lung and do a biopsy, and if it proved to be cancer he wanted to take my left upper lobe, and then chemo and radiation. I said “NO”. I told my doctor I was going to try some “natural stuff” and he said “well I don’t know anything about that”. In June I started using the Rife 101 everyday through the end of September. I then had another CAT scan. A few days later my doctor called and said “I have good news”. They could not find a mass. The mass was gone and a scar is now where the mass was. I am 44 years old and married with 2 small children, we all use the Rife 101 for everything from the common cold to muscle spasms. It even took a fever from 101 to a normal 98.6 immediately after using it on Fever program. I will continue to use the Rife 101 every day. – Lori K. (NW 6-2015)
Back Pain:
Hey, I just wanted to let you know that my mom has been using the machine and is finding it VERY useful for her back! She has had severe back pain for 15+ years now and sometimes it is absolutely crippling. She is using the back/disc program and said that her back feels so much better! She said she can still feel a bit of discomfort, but not any real pain. I'm am soooooo happy about this! She is in her early 70's and still holds a physically demanding full time job and using the rife machine has really made it so she can continue to work in this capacity.
Just wanted to share. - Dawn G.
Back Disc Problems:
My wife says that the Disk Program works wonders on her Spine. - Erlend H, AK
Lyme Disease:
I started using my nephew's Rife 101 when I found out I had Lyme Disease. I can't tell you when I got it, but I suspect it was a long time ago (I'm 68). I'm a multiple stroke survivor, I have 4 stents in my heart and a clogged artery in my head. The doc did a bunch of tests, even though I don't have faith in it all, and when I had my last blood test it showed Lyme Disease....click here to read more
Flu Virus:
I work in a clinic with 16 people. A few weeks ago, everyone came down with a severe viral flu including symptoms of extreme nausea, diarrhea, high fever, and hallucinations. One person nearly died, and a child in our town did die from the virus. I remained perfectly healthy even though I worked with them every day. - Alex W, OR
Insomnia, Sleep, Skin:
We have been using our ProWave Machine consistently for 3 weeks now and love it. It has been helping both my husband and myself sleep better. And my skin is healing up nicely too. - C. Goettemoeller, CA 12-12-16
My husband and I use the machine daily. It has helped my husband tremendously with his psoriasis, he suffered for years and years with psorisis on his feet. Now his feet are completed healed. It has been probably two years since he has had a problem after dealing with it for 30 years. - D. Schuster, FL 8-19-12
Skin Rash, Itching:
Another thing...last night I started itching on my left chest where I had a mastectomy...when I looked it was red with a rash...used my Rife 101...this morning it's no longer itching or burning and the redness is going away!! I've been running detoxification, acidosis and infections programs. - R. Mathis, OK (6-29-18)
Eye Problems, Blurred Vision, Optic Nerve Damage, Cataract, Droozen (yellow spots on retina), Devic's Disease (Neuromyelitis Optica)-Autoimmune Disease of Optic Nerve, Scaling Skin (dry skin, scaly skin), Muscle Cramps:
Hi to Tina Rappaport - I've been using the Rife 101 Energy System for about a week now. Thought I would give you an update. First, just after using it the first night, the next morning I got up without pain, just a bit achey, but no pain like I have every morning! I have used your custom EYE program three times and it has restored my vision in my right eye, not 100%, but I can see myself in the mirror. I haven't been able to see for years. I have optic nerve damage, a cataract and droozen, which are yellow spots on the retina. Together they all blur the vision and interfere with my vision in my left eye. Many of the other programs work just as well. It is simply amazing what it is doing!

I ran the EYE program for 1 minute per frequency the first time, then for the full 3 minutes per frequency the other two times. I'll keep running this program every few days. I placed the small sticky pad electrodes on my temples. I'm so thrilled, that, if I could, I'd hug and kiss you right over the phone! ADDED 8-13-16 Seems like every time I do the eye program it gets better!

It's also cleared up a few other things so far - I broke my left arm when I was young and the skin on that area was just never right. It's scaley, and, since I'm not as young as I used to be, the skin is thin so when these scales pull off, it's a bit raw. Since I've been running the Rife 101 on several different programs for all sorts of issues, the scaling has gone away!

Also, when I go to bed and lie down, the bottoms of my feet cramp. They twist over to one side and I also get cramps in the calf muscles of my right let. Every night. Well, since using the Rife 101, the cramps are GONE! It's been a week of amazing miracles! Thank you so much! (Rife101 user since July 2016) - DRT, OK (8-5-16)
Chemical Detoxification, Constipation, Bladder Infection:
I've had my Rife 101 since 2009 and I use it all the time for detox, as I'm a hairdresser and I know all those chemicals get in me. I've used it for so many issues over the years, even constipation. I came down with a bladder infection and used the program for 30 minutes - the infection was gone and I didn't have to take medication! I love that machine, and I call it "my doctor". I tell everyone about it, and some people call it voodoo, but I know it works! (Rife 101 user since 2008) - C. Preston, TX 4/21/16
General Health, Kidneys, Circulation, Breathing, Eyes:
I'm doing well, thanks most especially to the Rife Machine - best Life saving gift ever that my Mom gave me. I use it constantly, everyday, mainly to keep my heart strong but also for my kidneys, circulation, breathing, eyes, oh so many things that it has truly helped me with. I use it when I go to sleep at night and also during the day when I am working at the computer for long periods of time. Over the years, it has become one if my most prized possessions! So many, many thanks. Wish my family and friends, whom I am sure would benefit from it also would just listen to me. They keep wondering how I do it, my doctor also, well duh, I am trying to inform you! Sending you a hug Tina Rappaport. (Rife 101 user since April 2012) - E. Valdes, TX 9-28-16
Flu, Influenza, Stomach Issues:
A friend of mine had been sick for about 4 weeks and in the hospital 2 weeks with bad flu and stomach issues. She was released from the hospital, back in the hospital, released again, and still sick. I set her up on 2 programs - the Flu and Stomach Disorder. She was better that night and out dancing the next day! (Rife 101 user since 2011) - Dawn R., FL
I used the Rife Model 101 for Flu/Influenza and after just 2 treatments, one each day in a row, I felt better. - Dawn R., FL
Influenza, Cold, Cough, Migraines, Customer Service:
Hi Tina, I'm Mindy and my mom got me the Rife 101 Energy System. I wanted to thank you for sending Mom the influenza program on New Years Eve! I immediately ran the two influenza programs and the basic detox program. That night I slept!!! Yay! First good night's sleep in two weeks and only coughed once all night instead of several hours of coughing in a row. It's been a couple of days now and even my nose has cleared up now. No more sniffles and constant blowing. I know I should have been on the tail end of the influenza but I really believe these programs significantly helped these last few nagging symptoms. I'm going to continue these programs for a few more days before I tackle my migraines. Thanks for your awesome product support! I am so thankful Mom got me the machine! - M. McDonald, MN 1-3-17
Life Support, Bone Infection, Lung Infection, Ear Infection, Possible Cancer:
I use the frequency machine as life support to control an aggressive bone infection in my face. The infection moved to my lungs, making breathing difficult, then to my ears, so I could harldy hear.By using electrodes over my lungs and then near my ears, I was able to clear the infection from these areas. Now it is affecting my right hip, making walking very difficult. I also use the cancer frequency on a painful lump on my forehead, which became smaller and then disappeared! - Blessings, N.Miller, SC (12-12-19)
Colds, Lungs, Asthma, Laryngitis, Apendiceal Mucinous Neoplasm, Sinus:
Tina Rappaport, thank you for all the information that you gave me. Since I have had my machine in October 2016, it has been a great miracle in the life of myself and my family! We have not suffered with colds this year and my mom has not had problems with her lungs. She usually gets laryngitis or a bad chest cold. She also has asthma but that hasn't seemed to bother her since we keep her on Sparky (my pro wave 101. That's the name I gave it. Lol!) I have seen how much good it has done with friends and family. My dear friends husband has had a bout with incurable (Apendiceal Mucinous Neoplasm). My friend was telling me that they would have to operate on the abdomen by opening it up and scraping it. They didn't perform that procedure here in Utah so he would have had to have gone out of state. They sent him home to die. When he got the news, he was very distraught. It was as though his whole world blew up in one day. He was given three months to live and now he's been alive for 8 months. He also suffers with a very bad sinus infection this time each winter that is very painful. Along with his supplements and the help of sparky, he is doing great! I just want everyone to know that they do not have to suffer with their ailments. I love my machine and I want you to know that it is doing much good and offering more hope to people here in Utah. In my little corner of the world. Thank you! Sincerely with much love and gratitude! - J. Simonu, UT 3-29-17
Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, Bone Loss:
It has just come to our attention that there is a particular frequency in the Rife 101 Energy System that may be helpful to rebuild bone in osteoporosis, or prevent further bone loss in addition to the program we currently recommend. Contact us for more information. - URparamount (1-31-20)
Joint Pain, Hearing Loss, Heart, Eyes, Glands, Concussion, Broken Bone, Bruised Kidney, Hepatitis:
First of all, I'd like to attribute my good health to God, and secondly, to the RIFE machine which I purchased about two years ago. Although I had no serious health problems, my purpose in having purchased the Rife Model 101 bio-frequency machine was for preventative measures regarding my heart, eyes and glands. I also felt it would benefit me in helping to eliminate some of the joint pain I was having. My objectives were met. The machine has helped my heart, eyes and glands to remain in good health, as well as prevent any further loss of hearing I had been experiencing, too.

My daughter has also experienced success with the RIFE 101 machine, and I would like to share that with you. She had fallen from a horse and suffered a minor concussion, a broken clavicle and to worsen the circumstance, the horse accidentally stepped on her after she'd fallen, bruising her kidney area. She received treatment from the hospital for the injuries, but also attributes her recovery from the use of the RIFE 101 machine. During her stay in the hospital, further tests revealed that she had contracted hepatitis before the fall from the horse. After having used the RIFE machine after her first blood test (which revealed a high enzyme level in relation to the hepatitis), her enzyme level had lowered near 50%. She works on one of the boats that journeys on the Mississippi River, and needless to say, was very happy to return to her employment.

For myself, I'm glad to say that I am on no medications at this point in my life. I have appreciated the help the RIFE 101 machine has brought to me in my golden years of 70+, and also to my daughter. - Happy Users, MO
Back Pain & Diarrhea:
This machine is so helpful for my 90 year-old mother's back pain and diarrhea that we are getting 2 more so each family household has one! Sue H., FL (10/2/08)
Cancer, Melanoma, Basal Cell Cancer:
Hi Tina. After two surgeries, the first was positive but the second showed no evidence of melanoma. O happy day. Will continue to run program 168 (Cancer) as necessary as I have basal cell problems. Love that machine. The rest of the story...they removed a specimen 4.2 cm x 3.3 cm x 1 cm thick. Upon arriving home I used program 433 (Wound Healing) w/ detox, used it twice on Saturday and twice on Sunday. Monday I removed the bandage and took a shower. Absolutely no pain at any time. Just a small sore spot, no pain. Doctor couldn't believe it. I told him that he was just good and left it at that. My wife is using the machine now. Have another experience for you when we prove it is working. So far so good. All of this is amazing, just amazing. Will get with you later to do some custom programming. Thank you and God bless. (Rife 101 user since July 2016) - DRT, IN 11-3-16
Throat Cancer, Cancer of the Tonsils, possibly caused by Agent Orange:
I bought my Rife 101 about 1 month ago - I like it! I definitely have more energy and I think it's helping. I was diagnosed with throat and tonsil , and I was spitting up blood. I believe this was caused by Agent Orange exposure, although the VA will not agree. I did have radiation and chemotherapy, and I still had a lump on one side of my tonsils. After the chemo and radiation the lump was still getting larger and it was tingling. The doctor at the VA hospital said the lump may be scar tissue. I purchased the Rife 101 from Tina Rappaport and I've been using it for 3 - 4 hours a night for a month now. The lump is smaller and the tingling has stopped. - M. Bain, FL (8-1-16)
Stage 4 Throat Cancer from HPV (Human Papiloma Virus):
I have a friend that had stage 4 throat cancer from HPV (Human Papillomavirus). It was bad. She was a heavy drinker and smoker. She just went for a PET scan and is 100% cancer free. She did chemo and radiation 3 years ago. I was with her during the whole thing. The cancer was still there after those treatments. She started using the Rife 101 and then was clean. When she stopped using the Rife machine, the cancer came back and she had to have part of her tongue removed. Now she continues to use the machine and goes for a PET scan every 4 months. The doctors can't believe it that she has NO cancer. She's cancer free! - KM, NY (5-17-18)
Gall Bladder, Macular Degeneration, Cataracts, Dental Pain, Muscle Cramps, Dizziness, Nausea, Aches, Otitis (Ear Infection):
I've been using my Rife 101 for about two years now - for lots of things and helping other people too. It helps my gall bladder and my macular degeneration and cataracts are improving. I've also used it for dental pain and muscle cramps and it always helps. My daughter was sick and we used it for her dizziness, nausea and aches, and that afternoon she was better and up and around. My friend had otitis (ear infection) and after just 2 sessions it was gone. - Betty M, AK (8-1-16)
Gall Bladder, Polyp, Cyst:
Just wanted to update you as to personal use/progress. 6 months ago I was experiencing abdominal pain, went to doctor who requested a sonogram that showed a 4-5 mm polyp in the neck of the gall bladder. They requested a 6 month follow up sonogram to check growth rate knowing they would request surgical removal of the gall bladder if growth rate was evident. Just took the follow up sonogram, having been using the Rife 101 in the interim and as expected, it is gone!! Let’s hear it for the Rife 101… are we surprised? Can’t thank you enough!!!!! – JD Brown (NW, 2008)
Gall Bladder, Sphincter of Oddi:
This developed about 6 months after removal of my gall bladder 4 years ago. Recently I borrowed someone's Rife 101 machine and ran the gall bladder and liver programs. I slept really well that night, had some night sweats and woke up feeling so much better that I called to order my own Rife 101! - W. Mihin, ID (9-3-20)
Flu Symptoms:
Yesterday afternoon I felt I was coming down with those ol' recognizable flu symptoms (getting sick(er) ... I didn't wait this time, like I did last time ... I got on the Rife 101 ... ran 3 minutes per frequency on flu/flu symptoms; also 3 minutes on vomiting ... didn't feel any better right-off ... went to bed ... woke at 4:00 this morning; feeling better! ... got up, fed the animals, after only twelve hours after on-set! ... dozed after that ... got-up; showered ... feeling better and better! 24 hours from onset - to gone!! This Rife machine is a real treasure. I had already discovered this. (I bought another one a few weeks ago). I don't like the political situation in Washington, believing that we should be prepared to take care of ourselves/families (health-wise, too), best we can; when/where we can. I like the step-up procedures (the impedance feature, particularly). I continue to spread the word about Rife's work. He said: "I have lived my life for humanity ... sad, unreal the way he was treated. But it's ALL about money! And a lot of people just don't want to hear it; many don't know about it; too many programmed to "listen to your doctor, blah, blah..." (just lost a lifetime friend - lung cancer). He believed in them - to the end!
Myasthenia Gravis:
Tina Rappaport, My Myasthenia Gravis is slowly getting better. I stopped using drugs. I use the Rife 101 three hours a day or more with several programs. Thanks! (Rife 101 user since September 2015)- L. Barrett, NE(2/28/16)
General Use:
The Rife 101 is an excellent machine. We have tried it on lots of patients with excellent results. - Sanjay Gupta, Director, The Organic Cart, India (11-16-20)
Appendix Flareup:
After one treatment with the Rife 101 my appendix flare-up was 90% better. I did 3 more treatments to be sure, and, voila! I was as good as new! - G.R. (5/11/14)
Neuralgia, Nerve Pain, Headaches:
I have nerve pain and headaches from an accident. The doctors cannot find any way to help me so I tried a friend's Rife 101 machine. I felt better within a half hour. Just ordered my own unit. Very encouraged! - #8238, FL (12-19-19)
Citrobacter, C Diff, Stomach Issues:
I have been meaning to share with you my experience with the Rife Machine. But life got in the way, as it often does, and so I will briefly let you know what happened. My citrobacter seems, after a second stool test, to have gone - hopefully forever. And my stomach is definitely better! - Gila Z., NJ (12-29-14). UPDATE: In the meantime, my stomach problems never came back - thanks to Rife - and little other problems are dealt with too! - Gila Z., NJ (11-14-20)
Shoulder Pain:
Pain in shoulder from shoveling snow gone after one session. – George C. (NW, 6/2015)
Digestive Problems, Toe Infection, Sore Shoulder:
I have been using the Rife 101 for about 3 months now. I can say that it really works for me. I had a sore shoulder for several days. Used the 294 inflammation program and it was gone with only one treatment. I had a toe infection, very sore and swollen. Used 292 general infection and 241 fungal infection and the next morning it was not sore and looked normal. I have had digestive problems for several years. Often had bloating, gas, and constipation. Usually a couple times a month and it would last for several days. I used 204 + Lyme program that Tina suggested and it cleared up with just a few treatments. I am 70 years old, take no medications and feel great. Now using the Rife 101 for health maintenance and prevention. L. Israel, FL 6-21-19)
Lyme Disease:
I have very severe Lyme Disease. After 3 days of using the Rife 101 the swelling in my limbs is going down. – R. Mickey (NW, 2005)
Neck Injury, Wound Healing, Stiff Neck, Nerve Problems:
We have had the Rife 101 Energy System for many years and have used it for many issues. I had a neck injury and used it for that and the wound healing and then the stiff neck with great results. It's helped my wife and I a great deal. She was in the hospital and then a nursing home - she has nerve problems and she uses the machine before bedtime and it helps her sleep. There's so much more. So glad we have it. E Muir, WA (2-2-17)
Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Celiac, Candida, Epstein Barr Virus, Muscle Spasms, Pain, Depression, Basal Cell Carcinoma & Anxiety:
I have been using the Rife 101 machine for almost three years and have used it for Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Celiac Disease, Candida, Epstein Barr Virus, Muscle Spasms, Neck Pain, Depression, Basal Cell Carcinoma, Anxiety and experienced amazing results. I use to worry about how I was going to pay for all my prescription drugs and now I don't take any! This is the best investment I have ever made. Thanks to Dr. Royal Rife. May he rest in peace. - Cynthia T. (7-9-13)
Food Poisoning, Nausea:
I went to an oriental restaurant for dinner and came back with food poisoning. Cramps, nausea and general misery. I used the Rife machine "Detoxification" program. After 30 minutes I used the bathroom one time and was fine. Others in my dinner party were in misery for 2 days. - Beverly
Salmonella, Food Poisoning & Bronchitis:
When it comes to food poisoning, like salmonella, you actually feel the Rife 101 work within 10 minutes or so of the program. Bronchitis is another standout. Had a new restaurant open near us and put out lots of smoke right at us. The bronchitis would keep re-infecting me. But each time, I used the Rife 101, it would kill it in minutes and the relief would be amazing, but within a half hour to hour, I would have the condition come back. I kept using the Bronchitis routine when it came back and gave my body the chance to heal enough to experience a change in the air pattern to take the smoke elsewhere. We moved soon after. I have no doubt that many other routines would work great if I ever needed them but I have not as I am fairly healthy. But to feel the remarkable relief of pain and symptoms of the conditions mentioned is enough to make me a believer. - S. Irving
Sciatica, Ulcer, Candida, Bloating & Depression:
In a short amount of time I no longer have sciatica. My ulcer is gone. Depression gone. Off all meds: no pain - no brain drugs. Candida and bloating gone. My body is functioning better. Very pleased. - David
PTSD, Depression, Anxiety:
I did Detoxification (#197) for the first 2 days and then did my first PTSD/depression/anxiety treatment at a 1 minute setting. I feel 100% better. I could literally feel my mood lifting during the first treatment. I kept increasing the intensity throughout the process. I started at 3.5 and by the end was close to 8. That was on my Custom Comprehensive Program #108. Today I did program #109 (the other half of the Custom Comprehensive Program for Anxiety) , starting at 4.5 and almost ending at 10 intensity. My daughter is experiencing similar results with depression using the Custom Comprehensive Anxiety Program. Thank you SO very much!!! P.S. After seeing the steps required to create the "conditions, programs, and channels master list,” it was worth every penny of the additional $50 that I spent to have my unit come pre-programmed by URparamount with more than the 2 that are offered for free. Splurge, you and your health are worth it!- #8902, CO (10-15-20)
Warts, Bronchitis/Lungs, Flu/Colds, Swelling, Blood Infection (Cat Scratch):
I've saved so much $$$ money over time, from running to doctors. A few sessions and problems are gone. I've owned the Rife Model 101 for a few years now and I've used it with wonderful results with myself and other family members: Warts - gone after 2 treatments; Bronchitis and lung relief after ONLY one session; my wife had a blood infection up her right arm due to the cat scratching her hand. Her whole arm was swollen from the hand up and all puffy like. There was this red line extending up her arm (blood infection). She didn't do anything about it for a few days. Then I got word about it! I hooked her up immediately with the Rife 101! The next day all the swelling was gone including the red line. I gave her another treatment and the next day and everything was fine. I could go on and on but you get the idea here; the machine works! I'm still amazed at what it can do! Cheers, D.R., UT (10/14/09)
Blood Cancer, Leukemia:
I was a NYC firefighter, there at ground zero on 9/11. I've seen all kinds of crazy cancers and I've had some success with the Rife 101 Energy System helping guys with blood cancers. The doctors say "don't use that machine". One guy with blood cancer, myeloid something, would go months without a blood transfusion when he'd use my machine - otherwise it was only 2-3 weeks. KM, NY (5-17-18)
After being in alternative health for over 40 years, I rarely get sick. I had a cold in the fall of 2010, which was the first time I was sick in about 10 years. I was surprised when I recently got a scratchy throat feeling, a bit of a runny nose and started sneezing. I felt it coming on and wasted no time. Ran the Rife 101 for 24 hours straight - Cold, Infections, Detox - stopped the impending cold just like that. It just stopped and never developed. Of course I also did the usual, Vitamin C, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Pao D'arco Tea, Echinacae for a few days. Whether it was the Rife 101 or combination, the ordeal was over. Again, totally in awe, and I'm the owner of this website and THE Rife 101 distributor! - Tina Rappaport (October 2014) Contact me here.
Cold, Flu, Arthritis, Sinus, Joint Inflammation:
I'm loving my Rife 101 Energy Machine! I started getting a cold and the "cold program" stopped it "dead in its tracks"! I was so amazed with the Rife machine! I never got colds or the flu in my entire life until my parents became ill five years ago and eventually died (terrible time for me). I'm sure the stress lowered my immune system. During that time I'd feel a cold coming on and no matter what I'd do I could never shake the cold. A cold for me begins with me sneezing and my lips start peeling...not the typical coughing at first...but then it hits and hits hard. After three days I thought..."Carol, you're getting a cold"! I grabbed my Rife 101 and did the "common cold" program. Wow! It knocked it out immediately! I was shocked but pleased! How wonderful not to be coughing, sneezing and in bed for 3-4 days with a headache, sore throat and stuffy head. Another great thing about the Rife 101...I was using the Arthritis program and by the end of it my head/sinuses completely cleared. I was so pleased...I'm sure it helps get rid of inflammation in the joints but it also must have gotten rid of swollen and inflamed sinuses that I wasn't even aware were bothering me! A double blessing! - Carol P., MI (2-10-14)
Sinus, Joint Pain:
We are walkers, my husband Don (85), and I (80). Our morning routine is usually a two-mile hike that includes a pretty steep country hill road. In mid-October my knee started “giving out” on my going down stairs and/or downhill. Don started getting a bit ahead of me going down hill and I needed the banister to go downstairs. After using the machine for a few weeks I was walking much better. Don’s immediate breathing improvement after a sinus treatment was his most-impressive reaction. WOW!! Made me a believer!! – Mary (NW, 6-2015)
Candida, Mold, Fungus:
I've been SUFFERING with candida, mold and fungus and all related illnesses for 60 years. I was born with it...ran in my family - mother, grandmother, all siblings (2 now dead, 1 schizophrenic, 1 only 44 dying a miserable death of illnesses caused by candida/mold/fungus weakening her system. I've been spending $800-$1000 monthly on a 'PROGRAM' to 'END CANDIDA FOREVER' since February of this year after returning from a month in India with severe parasite infestation; I weighed about 90 lbs, looked and felt like death.

I received the Rife 101 Machine, opened it up, plugged it in, slapped those sticky things to the bottoms of my feet, turned it on and in 10 minutes the Candida Program was over. My belly had become huge with the dead little yeast/mold bodies so I did the Detoxification Program, drank tons of water and went to bed. Next morning I woke up feeling marvelous, and immediately did the Candida Program again, got no bad effects and pronounced myself CURED OF CANDIDA. I did it again today, did the Fungal Program, still feel fantastic. MIRACLE! Thanks for sending it so promptly, thanks for everything!

NOW I'm ready for maintenance. I ran the Infection Program today without any ill effects so I'll do all the other good stuff this machine can do for maintaining health and staying young, getting stronger and looking better! Thank you so much! I'm so happy and thrilled. All my best, Blessings of Grace - Jani B, OR (7/1/07)
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD:
This Rife frequency machine is worth all the sacrifices I went through for so long to save the money to purchase it from you. I do treatments every morning and every night. Works good for depression etc. from post traumatic stress disorder. I'm off Prozac and the Lithium kicker I was using for so long. A whole host of multiple positive changes, accumulative and ongoing, is the only way to describe it. It's almost "hard to take." Actually it kind of nice: I'm just not used to the difference in how good I feel! - Michael F, CA
COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) & Asthma:
I praise God with all the help I've had from my Rife 101 Rife machine with Asthma. I can go out for a walk now and that's the truth! (Rife 101 user since February 2013)- Bev H, AZ (1-14-15)
COPD, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Lungs, Hangovers, Colds, Flu, Pain:
I've been a Rife 101 user since 2005. I have COPD so I run Program for Emphysema/Lungs along with Detoxification daily. This seems to hold the COPD at bay. I also use the machine for whatever may ail me; colds, flu, pain...you name it I use the machine for it. It even works for hangovers :-) - B. Fetzer, Mexico 6-18-18
Anxiety, Bronchial Pneumonia, Rib Pain, Cough, Scleroderma, Lupus, Heart, Lungs, Hardening of the Arteries:
The Rife 101 is literally a life saver. We are long-time users, but this year I used it for anxiety, bronchial pneumonia. My husband had a horrible barking cough – we were so scared about covid. The Rife101 takes away the cough and he’s fine for the day. We run them every night. I had a rib out of place – a subluxation because I slept all wrong. I had pain down my arm from it too. I ran the PAIN program and the pain was ALL GONE! My aunt uses it to help with scleroderma, lupus, heart, lungs and hardening of the arteries. – T&R Laury, MN (12-31-20)
Lungs, Breathing:
I've been using the Rife 101 since 2009 for many things. I just got a brand new one and I'm breathing much better from the custom LUNG program you installed. Thank you so much. - H. West, LA (6-21-19)
Fungal Sinusitis, Bronchial Pneumonia, Lungs, Blood Clot, Swelling, Heart Problems, Back Subluxations, Broken Bone:
I've had the Rife 101 for about 2 years now and it's a total miracle machine! I'm 77 now and I had fungal sinusitis, recurring bronchial problems - I got pneumonia real easy. I have no problems with this machine now! One treatment doesn't always do it, you've gotta stay with it. If I feel like I'm getting something in my lungs I use the Rife 101 and it loosens phlegm, I cough it up and the trouble is gone, just like that. I use it everyday. I had a blood clot in my leg and my leg swelled up - used the Rife 101 and that swelling went right down and the clot went away! I had some heart problems but now the doc said my heart function is fine. My chiropractor recommended the Rife 101 and told me "you'll never come back to see me" and he was right. My ribs were knocked out of whack and the Rife 101 took care of that too - used the Subluxation program. I don't know how it does it, but it fixes everything! I even sleep with it and do treatments at night. A ways back I broke my ankle and had a horrible cast on it. Usually it smells when it's removed, there's obvious swelling and the skin is real itchy. Well, they cut my cast off and my leg was perfect - no swelling, no smell, no skin problems! I used the Rife 101 for Broken Bone, Bone Trauma, Circulation, Inflammation and there's no doubt that's why it healed faster and cleaner. It's really a total miracle machine! I'm 77, full of energy like a kid, and I certainly don't look my age! It's the Rife 101!! I am sure that the only reason I am alive is because of this machine. - Bill P., CA (4-17-14)
My chronic sinusitis is clearing up. – K. Swanson (NW, 2005)
Influenza, Flu:
I came back from a health expo - eating too much fun food, stayed up late, was in contact with many people and illnesses - started getting the oh-oh scratchy throat, runny nose, growing hot and tired. Usually this means sick for 2 weeks and getting nothing done. I turned on my rife machine to "Influenza Program" and symptoms started melting away. Remarkable! - Dustin
Bladder Control, Incontinence:
I'm in my late 80s and things don't usually get stronger at this age, they just decline. I use the Rife 101 once in the morning and once at night on the Bladder Program and that urgency goes away. You know, this condition can be inconvenient AND embarrassing, but with this wonderful Rife machine I'm able to get to the bathroom at my leisure with no accidents! I've been using it for four years now...everyone should know about this! - J Burkett, AL (8-12-19)
Yellow Fever:
I brought my Rife 101 to the Philippines, as I go there regularly. Yellow Fever is big problem and the Rife 101 Yellow Fever Program was amazing. (Rife 101 user since February 2013) M.P., CA (12-28-11)
Allergies & Headaches:
I got this machine for my long term allergies and it worked. I could hardly believe it. Why don't doctors offer this effective machine? My problem was gone in 3 treatments plus the expensive monthly bills were history. I now save almost $125 a month from this condition alone. I used to get frequent distressing headaches, ruining many planned activities. I used the setting for headaches and now no more headaches. No more pills! Happy user! - Janice
Migraine Headache, Stomach Aches:
I experienced a migraine for the first time in my life this year. I was in utter pain, I could not think, move, sleep or eat. The source of it was from my head but it made my entire body ache. I tried using the migraine program at first, with the pads on my hands and it did not work. I tried many other programs. Until finally, I just took the plunge and stuck the pads on my head and that helped to numb the pain. Eventually my migraine eased up and it was over within 24 hours. The first few hours of the migraine were unbearable, after using the RIFE and sticking the pads to my head, it became somewhat bearable and I was finally able to get some sleep.

The RIFE has been great with stomach aches and other common ailments. My family has benefitted greatly from the use of it and I recommend it as a fantastic investment for anyone who can afford one. Especially if you have a family! (Rife 101 user since February 2012) - Sakina R, HI (3-6-12)
Migraine Headaches, Spinal Stenosis:
I've had really bad migraines for a long time, as I have two bulging discs, narrowing of the spinal cord (spinal stenosis) and degenerative disk disease. This condition will never go away, apparently, and I have to live with it, but I use my boss's Rife 101 for about 30 minutes on the Migraine Headache setting and it always brings it down to a very tolerable level - with NO DRUGS! Yay!! - T. Verway (via D. Boyer), OH (12-10-15)
Rife 101 Frequency Machine:
I have had my machine for several months now and enjoy the many good results I have been getting. I have a friend that was having many health problems and offered to let him use my machine for a week. At the end of the week he begged for a little more time as he is feeling so much better. It has been 5 weeks now and I will probably have to wrestle it away from him. He does look much better now but needs to order his own machine. Yes they work! - David
Rife 101 Frequency Machine, general use:
I got my machine yesterday. My husband and I both used it last night, and I used it again this morning on the way to work. I have felt better today than I have for a long time. I'm excited about doing these Rife programs! Gail B (11-6-06)
Carcinoma - Melanoma, Cancer:
Hello, I had carcinoma in the last stage. I was operated on in LSU hospital and was told I wasn't going to survive long. A friend let me use his Rife 101 Machine for six weeks, then I went back to LSU hospital where they ran a PET scan on me and told me I had no trace of melanoma in my body! - Frank S. (3-10-07)
Carcinoma, Cancer of Liver, Lymph Nodes & Lung Cancer, Pain:
Although drinking plenty of pure water, I experienced major detox problems. That must mean it's working and killing the bad bugs. After thinking about this, I realized that the "Carcinoma" treatment is the second longest and runs for 72 minutes. Give the 72 minutes and the fact that I am treating in my liver, lymph nodes and lung, I realized that the amount of toxins produced would be very high. I scaled back the treatment to every 3 days, which did the job. My body now seems tuned to the machine and I am now treating every 2 days and drinking plenty of water. I am handling this OK. My pain is almost gone and my energy levels have increased. I am walking further and faster every day and playing golf (badly) 2 times per week. I am getting lost of rest and sleep. I'm eating the correct foods, continuing with homeopathic medicine to boost the immune system and continuing with Yoga and meditation. I am making headway. It will be a long, hard road, but here's hoping! Best regards, Ray - Australia (10-18-04)
Liver Tumor, Cancer:
My friend from Brazil was visiting and told me he had a cancerous mass in his liver and was to be operated on in one month. I showed him my Rife 101 Energy System, told him all about it and let him try it out. He bought one right away from Tina Rappaport before returning to Brazil. He used it 5 hours a day all month long. He went back to the doctors for his pre-operative testing, with the surgeon standing by, and the mass was GONE. They did an MRI the doctors couldn't believe that it wasn't there! They were shocked and a bit upset. Plus, at first his "number" was 22 (7 is normal) and now it's 8!! He called me crying, he was so happy the Rife machine worked and there would be no surgery! This should give everyone hope! - A. Morris, FL for K, Neto, Brazil (12-31-16)
Esophageal Cancer, Acid Reflux/Hiatal Hernia, Candida & Cataracts:
Thank you again for offering such wonderful products. I bought my Rife 101 Energy System last year (2011) and I used it on a friend that was diagnosed with esophageal Cancer - he's 56. When I first heard about it, I called him and asked what he planned to do. He said he didn't know, but he REALLY didn't want to go the chemo route. When you hear that you have the "Big C" it kinda gets you in the gut and it's hard to think straight. Of course, the doctors told him he didn't have any options other than chemo and surgery and more chemo.

He was scared and confused and was searching for an alternative treatment when I called him. I told him I could help him if he would let me and it wouldn't cost him anything. He agreed and after three weeks, he was tested again and the doctors couldn't find any trace of the cancer. He also came off all sugar and all meat. He went on the "Eat Right 4 Your Type" diet and took Essiac Tea and some vitamins and colloidal silver. He also has a live blood analysis done once a month.

The cancer was caused by chronic acid reflux, as he has a hiatal hernia. It's funny, but doctors WILL NOT tell you to sleep on your left side when you have one of those. Anyway, I gently educated him on what foods to avoid and to read labels carefully; that rebounding or skipping rope was good to cleanse the lymph system, and other ways to gently cleanse the body and stay healthy; showed him how to make his own Essiac Tea; and took him shopping and out to eat to show him he didn't have to be afraid of what's out there. One can usually find healthy choices in just about any eating establishment.

The doctors still tell him he needs to have his esophagus surgically removed. One doctor told him "Yes, the cancer is gone, but it's my job to tell you have to have surgery." Of course, my friend gently told the doc to take a hike. The so called "health care" establishment can't make money off healthy people, but you already know that.

He is now doing very well. He's not afraid anymore and feels empowered because he knows what causes people to be sick. He asked me about flu shots and I told him that I NEVER, EVER take ANY vaccines, and I'm never, ever sick. I take no prescription nor over-the-counter drugs and I'm soon to be 59. I line dance and square dance, get plenty of rest, drink a minimum of 64 oz. of quality water per day (I filter my own), don't sweat the small stuff (and even most not-so-small stuff), I mind my own business and hope that others will mind theirs, go to bed with a clear conscience, and I give my Heavenly Father all the thanks for allowing me find ways to stay healthy.

I've used the Rife 101 for candida and the small cataracts my eye doc says I'm developing. I wonder what he'll say at my next exam when the cataracts are gone? Hmmmmm. (Rife 101 user since 2011) - JR from GA
Spider Bite Wound & Allergies:
Woman, 44, had a spider bite. A doctor treated the festering wound for 8 days - medicine from three different prescriptions with antibiotics, steroids etc. had been used. She was unable to use the hand which was swollen, infected and painful. After only two treatments (on alternate days) using the Rife machine with frequencies for allergies, parasites and detox, the wound was healing. The wound was no longer deteriorating, there was no more pain and the swelling was totally gone. The lady remarked that she had slept better, could smell her coffee for the first time in years (she was an allergy sufferer) and no longer liked the taste of her cigarettes - an added advantage?
Leg Cramps:
While trying to sleep I would regularly get horrible leg cramps. I used the auto program for "cramps" and they rarely happen anymore. I am very pleased to have this Rife machine on hand. - Chris
Lymphedema, Allergies, Diabetes:
My husband has several medical issues, including lymphedema, allergies, and diabetes. He says he feels better almost immediately upon finishing a session with the Rife 101. His lymphedema responds well to the allergy and edema programs. We LOVE our Rife machine because it lets us respond quickly to conditions as they come up. - S. Fugler, LA (8-27-18)
The lump on my left elbow looked really weird, the result of recently slipping on our ice-coated back deck stairs and braking my fall with my elbow. Months earlier, during a visit, I had hit the same elbow on a concrete patio. In that case I misjudged and/or paid no attention to the obvious fact that the patio was above the ground, somewhat higher elevation off the ground than a normal step and I was carrying a big box which I couldn't see around.

After a couple of weeks of no improvement I applied the Rife 101 program for bursitis 4 or 5 times (one electrode above, the other below the elbow) for brief half hour stretches. That liquid-filled swelling quickly disappeared.

My only hesitation in giving the Rife 101 full credit is that, for a day or two (and not overnight) I put a tight wrap around that elbow. However, my lower arm swelled up a bit during that process so I stopped that "therapy". Neither did I see any immediate results after that process. - D. Ables, VA (4-13-18)

Candida, Parasites, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder):
I LOVE my Rife Model 101 machine!! I bought it in April of 2007 and we use it almost daily! I have a family of 5 and someone is always using it! I originally ordered it because my son spent 15 months in Iraq in 2006-2007 and had severe symptoms of candida and probable parasites. This machine (along with some herbs) helped tremendously!! Thank you!! - A.G. (7/31/09)
Headaches, Parasites & Detoxification:
Hi, just a few notes of gratitude. My headaches are gone. I did not really focus on them, though I did use the headaches setting sometimes. Mostly I've done Parasites and Detoxification with the Rife 101. Way back I had a Hulda Clark Zapper that I made myself and I had and I zapped daily. It was instrumental. I also used the blood type diet (D'Adamo), and chigong (101 Miracles of Natural Healing, Chan). Zapping is wonderful. Thank you Royal Raymond Rife, Hulda Clark and our creator. It works. It is a lot of work, and worth every iota. Love, Margaret S (11/4/15)
I bought the Rife Model 101 recently and I'm very happy with it as it's helped my son a ton with his acne. - Peter (7/6/09)
Cancer, Tumors:
I learned about the Rife 101 from my next door neighbor. Her brother had cancer and does not have it anymore. He lives in Florida. He talked with me and stated that I should get the Rife machine as soon as possible. He is a walking miracle from what the family has told me. He had 4 cancerous tumors in his body and does not have them anymore. His doctors were puzzled and astounded (because by all means he should have already been dead) and told him that whatever he was doing to keep it up. Of course he has had to change his eating habits etc. He is a very nice person. Thanks for listening. - Wanda, KY
Acne, Knee/Joint Pain:
Received the Rife 101 machine last night. Opened it up and found it very easy to use. Used it at one minute for the parasite program and used 1 minute program for both my sons for acne as they are going through the 15 year old change. Could it be that quick? My son's face looked less red and the zits he had were not inflamed like the night before. We have battled the acne and it has been a sorrow for my one twin who was on acutane and had one battle at age 14. He said it's the machine Mom. I could cry. Why didn't I get this machine years ago? We have spent plenty at the dermatologist. Oh my knee was so achy last night I was limping for two days. This morning had a headache for about an hour but noticed no limp and my knees were not in any way aching! Thought you might like to know. - Gillian (1-5-10)
Knee Pain, Eczema:
Two sessions, pain in knee gone (needed knee replacement). Eczema going away. – John R (NW, 6-2015)
Stage 4 Metastatic Cancer:
My mom and I purchased one for our grandson and nephew respectively. He is using the machine and has had a remarkable turn in his condition. Not out of the woods entirely yet but the Dr. has no explanation for his results as we have not told him about the machine yet. He was expected to live no more than two months and that was six months ago. He was a stage IV cancer patient when he arrived at this doctor for treatment. - S. Brown
Tell your readers if they have trouble getting to sleep try the program for insomnia. I melts away all worries into "no big deal." I don't know how it works but it sure helps me get to sleep. Thank you. - Mary
Eye Floaters - Tina Rappaport, owner www.Rife101.com and www.URparamount.com:
I have my own new testimonial!! I had one bad floater in my right eye for a couple of years, and I got used to it. But recently that eye developed MANY MANY floaters and it made it difficult to work on the computer. I saw the eye doctor and he said it wasn't from a detached retina or a tear in the retina, so I was ok - he said just "old age" (I'm 61). Went home and tried the Custom Comprehensive Eye Program (there are 17 Custom Programs - write me) Gone. Eye doc couldn't believe it! UPDATE May 2023 - still GONE - Tina Rappaport, FL (5/2/16)
Eye Problem, Cornea:
It's a very painful intermittent condition. I don't remember what it's called - the cells get scraped off the cornea, and sometimes I go blind in one eye. It's very painful. Then the cells come back and my vision is restored. This time it started, I used the Rife 101 immediately and the process did not continue as it always did before, which was terrific. - J Burkett, AL (7/15/19)
Scars, Liver Cancer & Lung Cancer:
I just love this machine. It has given me such peace of mind with 3 small cancer scares. The recent one I upped my RIFE 101 usage and the biopsy came back clear. I love this machine and I'm so grateful that you gave me the ability to buy it via the payment plan. This made all the difference in the world. I get so much peace of mind knowing I can treat my family friends and myself with the machine. My 21 year old son has been treating his friends stepdad for cancer of the liver and lungs-so far with much success. He is still quite unwell but getting a slight improvement with each treatment. - S. Pinder, Australia 6-18-14
Hay Fever & Allergies:
Try the auto program for hay fever and allergies. Works good and fast. - Mike
Bruise and Bites:
This machine really works! All your information and the manual makes it so easy and clear. Day 2, Level 2--tomorrow Level 3. It's easy to use and I love I have a choice of learning lots or not - I just wanted to let you know that I tried your Rife 101 the same day I got it on a large, painful bruise on my calf. I followed the Quick Start Instructions and used the Bruise program. When I got up the next morning all the pain upon touching this bruise was gone; It worked on bug bites I got on my arm just as fast and I didn't itch at all and there was no redness. It's so easy to use even for a "technically challenged" old gal like me. Thank you so much for sending this machine to me. - JM #7762, FL (4-26-19)
Brown Recluse Spider Bites:
My daughter got bit by a brown recluse spider on July 4th, 2015. Her leg is finally looking like it's going to heal from this spider bite (April 5, 2016)! On October 31, 2015 she got another spider bite again and that bite left a big hole in her leg. She has a Rife 101 machine. She used WOUND HEALING, PAIN and other programs, but it didn't seem to make a difference until she used the CIRCULATION program. That made a huge difference. The doctor asked her three times just what was it that she was doing. Even called the nurse in to come have a look. - B. Farnholtz, TX (4/5/16)

Hi, I'm Betty Farnholtz's daughter. She just told you about my experience with the Rife 101 and Brown Recluse spider bites. Yes, please use the story. Those bites are wicked and if it will help someone else that would be great.

I got 2 bites before we found their spider pod. I never knew how fast their venom destroyed flesh. I had to have a doctor cut away the black flesh that was dead. The doctor cut away any other infected flesh too. After that I would go in weekly to have the doctor scrap off any bacteria oozing flesh. Then I got my legs wrapped up for the week.

The wrap was cut off when I went back each week. The bandages would plop down. They were heavy with blood and pus. Sometimes I'd be put on antibiotics. I always had a pain rx. This was some slow healing.

I have a rife machine. I kept running the 'wound' and 'pain' programs. I was also trying other programs to see if they would help. Nothing I tried was making any difference in speeding up the healing. Until I tried the 'circulation' program. Suddenly the open wounds were closing up. The bite areas weren't so wet any longer. The doctor was surprised at how much the wound area was healing. He had a nurse come over to see how much better the wound area looked. The wounds were smaller when they were measured last. The doctor asked me what I was doing. The healing still continues, but hopefully not as slow as before. - C. Rocque, MO (4/5/14)
Bee Sting:
My husband keeps bees and he had a huge reaction to some stings. He used our Rife 101 machine and you could actually see the swelling coming down. The machine also helps with our aches and pains. - K. Hardy, CO (3-28-19)
Can't Live Without My Rife 101 Frequency Healing Machine:
After you have a Rife 101 for a while you can't live without it! - Dean
My friend, Linda, has borrowed my Rife 101 for detoxification and loves it. - J. Kolkey (2/8/18)
Lyme Disease, Asthma, Arthritis, Inflammation, Detoxification, Ovarian Cancer, Pain and Injuries:
I was so glad to receive your latest newsletter. You must be psychic...Earlier in the day I had been going through my records to order a set of replacement cords for my Rife 101, which I purchased over 10 years ago when I had knee replacement surgeries. Since then I have used the machine often to address issues from Lymes Disease, Asthma to Arthritis, Inflammation and general detox. I swear by it. In fact, I was so impressed that I purchased a "Gently Used Unit" to use as a loaner to share the technology with friends. Over the years this loaner has successfully served my community dealing with various surgeries, ovarian cancer, Lyme disease, and a number of pain inflicting injuries and illnesses. I feel blessed to be able to respond effectively when friends and neighbors are in need. I thank you and look forward to your newsletters. - D. Klein, NY (2-27-16)
Headache, Brain Cancer :
In September 2007 I started to get an unexplainable headache, (a positional type) from bending, sneezing, coughing or even going to the bathroom. Two chiropractors, one neurologist and one acupuncturist could not help. So two years and eight months later I purchased the Rife 101 machine for another more important reason. My dear wife was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer (more about that in a moment). Two treatments with the standard Headache program number 260 back in early May 2010 and the headache is gone and has not come back. I have not even done any maintenance for it. I was happily able to bend over and plant hundreds of flowers in our yard.

As for the wife, she's been doing the program since May 8th. There is progress being made. Before the use of the Rife machine, the second MRI done a month after the first showed the tumor had almost doubled in size. Now she has even put back on weight that was lost (although they do have her on steroids). So my hope is that in a few more months of continued use, the cancer tumor will be gone. - Roger D, NJ (08-10)
Rheumatoid Arthritis:
I thought I would let you know how I am doing using the rife machine. I had Rheumatoid Arthritis so bad that I could hardly walk around the house let alone take a walk in the woods. My husband and I are nature type people, we love long walks. I can tell you I didn't walk I shuffled my feet because of all the pain I was in. Well, my first time on the Rife 101 I could walk with a little pain, but I could pick my feet up off the ground and walk. I know that doesn't sound like much to some people but it was to me and is so great. To top this off I have used the rife for several weeks know and I took a walk, for one hour - me taking a walk. It has been years since I could really do that. This is one wonderful machine, so thankful we bought it. Thank You, Sandy & Randy (11-9-10)
I am so pleased with my Rife 101 machine. I have arthritis so very bad that I have been using a cane and sometimes a walker. I have been told also that I need a hip replacement. I have been using the machine for that. To me it’s a miracle machine. I am now walking without help. – Earline W. (NW, 2008)
Thanks so much for all your time. My mother is doing much better. After just two days, she is off her medications for the severe pain caused by the and her energy is dramatically increased. I no longer need to help her to the toilet and she's up and about. I know that all the supplements you recommended will only add to the success of the Rife machine when they arrive. I am truly grateful to be able to help her in this way. Thank you so very, very much! - Chrisma O, England
GBS Guillain-Barre Syndrome & Nerve Pain:
I have had Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) for over 1 1/2 years of painful hell. This is a problem with nerve ending damage causing endless pain and debilitation where every day was horrible. Some days I would lie in bed and not be able to move practically anything but my eyelids. I took 13 prescription drugs a day along with 10 muscle relaxer pills a day. I had pain all over my body. I was figuring I would be just having a short life with a very painful end. I ordered a Rife 101 and within 2 days started amazing improvements. I did the programs for pain, nerve pain and also the detox program. I could now stop 2/3 of the daily medications. I can't tell you how much I am grateful for this machine and what it has done for me. By the way, over 20 conditions that the Rife Model 101 can treat applied to me. There is not a chance in a million that I would send this machine back. If anything I am saving up to buy a spare machine just in case something were to happen to my present machine. I would also like to thank my husband of 43 years, Bill, who has stood by my side, visiting me at the hospital every day. I have new hope and am getting better every day. If you won't try anything you can stay miserable or you can get a machine. Try the darn machine and see for yourself. - Linda L.
Virus, Insomnia, Cold, Chronic Gas, Bloating, Constipation, Stomach Problems & Hiatal Hernia:
Several weeks ago after visiting my father in the hospital, I was diagnosed with a viral condition of the brain. Before this I had never been sick except for a brain hemorrhage. I had been experiencing chronic fatigue, extreme dizziness and disorientation. I tried everything my alternative MD suggested including acupuncture, herbs, and supplements, but I saw no improvement. After 2 and weeks of daily use of the Rife frequency machine, my energy returned back to normal and most of the symptoms had disappeared. My doctor was astounded how well I looked, and could not find any sign of the virus. I felt strong enough to return back to work. It's been a year now, and I have continued to feel better and better. It has helped my wife's insomnia, and she got rid of her cold in record time. I let my father use the machine for his chronic gas, bloating and constipation and stomach problems from hiatal hernia. He was on six different medications and would not take any vitamins or supplements. I was surprised when after just two 30 minute sessions he was already feeling better. He stopped complaining about his bloating and began to eat again. His doctor is even more surprised at how well he is doing. One of the most exciting aspects of the machine is how quickly the benefits begin, and how quickly it works to bring the body into balance. The Rife 101 machine has exceeded my expectations, and is tool that will prove extremely useful as more drug resistant "supergerms" and viruses emerge.
General Rife 101 Use:
Thank you. We can attest to the effectiveness of the Rife 101 continuous use to the successful elimination of all pharmaceuticals, both prescription drugs and over the counter drugs. We consider its effectiveness direct gifts from the hand of Divinity. - L. Gottberg, CA (2/15/16)
Nothing Chronic - Use for Maintenance, Colds, Flu, etc:
My wife and I have used the 101 regularly. We don't have urgent conditions so its use is on a maintenance and cold relief basis. The technology is from a greater mind - Royal Rife's and succeeding generations. We have confidence in the machine. One thing: increasingly, science knows that relaxed focus on a part of the body being already and always healthy (either seeing the words you say or an image you like), especially while the 101 is in use, may contribute more to the result. Happy healing, Max W, Down Under in Australia
Motorcycle Accident, Wound, Pain, Circulation, Nerve Pain, Inflammation
My 24 year old son had a motorcycle accident. He was stopped at a red light, rammed from behind. He flew over two cars and landed on the third, splitting his helmet in two, and ripping open his leg. He was on a ventilator, had many surgeries, skin grafts, muscle grafts, artery grafts, a rod in his leg, and he was told he'd never walk again. At 32, I'm happy to say, although disabled, he can walk, but he's always in a lot of pain. It was a pleasure to meet you and get my Rife 101. I went down yesterday to my son's house and did the programs for pain, circulation, nerve pain, inflammation, etc. He told me that was the best he had felt in a long time. He said to tell you thank you. And thank you again for the wealth of information. - Wanda M, FL (8-20-14)
High Blood Pressure:
I've been using the Rife 101 for 5 months now and I decreased my HBP pill to 1/2, now I'm at just 1/4 and I hope to be off it soon! Everyone should have one of these! - J Maroney, FL (8/22/19)
High Blood Pressure, Allergies, Sore Back, Sore Hip:
I got my ProWave Rife 101 Energy System in 2013 as I was having a great deal of trouble with high blood pressure (HBP). I was on a lot of medication and it caused terrible side effects. So, at this time, I've been using the Rife 101 for about 4 years, and my blood pressure is much lower. I still need medication, but much less and with no side effects. I'm very happy for how much my high blood pressure improved. I've also used the Rife 101 successfully for allergies, sore back, sore hip, and, my race horses! (see testimonial below in RIFE ANIMAL TESTIMONIALS) - D. DeRocco, MI (6-27-17)
Inflammation, Back, Sciatica, Knees, Lymph, Detoxification, Eye Problems, Dry Eye, Sty, Chemo Effect:
I love my Rife 101. I use it all the time for Inflammation, you know it's at the root of so many things. I use it for Lymph Problems. I know when I need it because I get pains in my breast. You know the lymph can get sluggish. I can literally feel it going through - it's like erasing the chalkboard - it gives me a boost, the Lymph and Detoxification Programs. And I use it for Eye Problems too. I have dry eyes, I get styes and inflammation and the Eye Program and Eye Inflammation really helps. I've also used it for sore throats and it works. I was run over by a car when I was a little girl and I have back and sciatica trouble. I use the Inflammation Program and I've found it helps a lot and when I get out of bed I'm not so achy. I got my first machine 13 years ago and my husband laughed at me. He has knee trouble and the Inflammation Program really helps him too. He's not laughing anymore! He also has leukemia and he's on oral chemo (pill) once a day. He's doing really well - with the Rife 101 he has fewer side effects from the chemo and more energy. I live in a little tiny town of 2,500 people so it's quite a bit of traveling to see a doctor. I'm sure happy to have this machine. We have two rocking chairs next to each other facing our TV and we keep the Rife 101 between us and take turns. Thank you for the work you're doing! - C. Smith, TX (5-24-19)
Hip & Sciatica Pain:
I'll be 80 in two days and my joints are aching. My hip and sciatica had gotten quite a bit worse this week. I took out the Rife 101 to start using it, and, let me tell you, within 30 minutes I was a new person. It took about 3 days to really clear up, but it's done wonders! - JR #8168, TX (11-8-19)
Pain, Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Migraine Headaches, Eczema, Bruise (Hematoma), Heart Trouble, High Blood Pressure:
My wife has been chronically ill for 36 years, using numerous pharmaceutical drugs continuously. Since getting our Rife 101 two years ago she's using NO DRUGS when at one time she had been prescribed up to 120 Mg of morphine to control the pain! No medication now for her former Fibromyalgia, no medication for her former asthma, NO migraine headaches anymore and no sign of the eczema from which she once suffered.

My wife fell in the garden recently and had a hematoma (purple bruise) from her hip to the bottom of her leg. After establishing there were no broken bones, we didn't go to the hospital - just used the Rife 101 BRUISE program daily for up to three hours . The hematoma turned around in a couple of days and quickly started to go away, leaving only minor superficial epidermis evidence in the worst portion of the bruising.

We also follow a vegetarian diet and other healthful living practices. This device, the Rife 101 machine, should be better known more in the general public arena. I myself am 80 years old, in excellent health, and I use the Rife 101 for preventive measures like possible heart trouble and high blood pressure, just to be safe. - L. Gottberg, CA
Runny Nose, Post Nasal Drip, Sinusitis:
I'm 85, vegan, organic and pretty healthy! At the end of April 2013, one side of my nose started running - constant with no let up. It was a constant annoyance, and embarrassing when I was around people. I had to blow my nose every couple of minutes! I got my Rife machine in October of 2013 and after only 4 treatments on the Allergy program (which are the same frequencies as Sinusitus) the dripping is minimal and almost gone! - Jeanne S, AR
Male, 65 year old man, suffered from diabetes for 27 years. He started using the Rife machine about twice weekly for three months. Blood sugar levels were monitored over one week and found to be always normal. The doctor carried out metabolism testing and found that the pancreas was producing its own insulin. This patient always carries insulin as a precaution, but now no longer uses any diabetic medication. Daily checking of sugar levels are always normal. He has maintained this status for more than one year now.
Diabetes, Epstein Barr Virus, Inflammation, Arthritis, Asthma, Sinus:
I can't live without my Rife 101 Energy System! It's helped me with my arthritis and inflammation, got rid of the Epstein-Barr virus, and keeps my sugar regulated. The doctor said I'd have to go on diabetes medication if I couldn't regulate it, and I attribute the Rife 101 with helping me do that. My daughter swears by it for her asthma and her mother in law borrows it when her sinuses act up. We all feel that we couldn't live without it! - Sharon, WV
Arthritis & Diabetes:
This Rife 101 machine allowed me to walk again and use my hands! It's like I have no arthritis! I've never seen anything like it before. I can use my hands without pain. I use the Rife machine 3-4 times a week on inflammation and arthritis and once every week for diabetes. My diabetes A1C test is staying low. Over three months now and it's running normal! I'm off diabetes medication! I lent my Rife unit to my neighbor for her arthritis and inflammation in her wrist. It helped her too, but I really missed my machine! I don't know what I'd do without it. It's been a godsend, I'm so happy! D.A.
Rife 101 RESULTS:
This is a FANTASTIC machine!!! Like so many others, I am seeing immediate results from repeated use. I wish I had not waited so long to become a loyal client however, better late than never!!! - Jerry N.
Migraine Headaches:
My name is Karen and I used this RIFE 101 machine for migraines after finding out about it. I had migraines so bad it put tears in my eyes. One time was all it took. It was like it unblocked something in my head. I haven't had a migraine since. This RIFE machine was sent to us from heaven. This RIFE machine will do a lot more than any doctor, faster, cheaper and no pain.
I first got involved with the Rife technology when My son had a blockage in his pancreas duct in July of 2004. He was 23 at the time. Symptoms were his appetite disappeared, he was throwing up, his skin was turning yellow and the doctors thought it might be liver trouble. After testing they found a blockage in the pancreas duct. After several days in the hospital and having a stent put in to drain the pancreas, the doctors told him that he would have about a 6 month recovery and at 2 month intervals they'd have to change the stent. I had just heard about radionics shortly before he got sick. He was adamant that he was getting the best medical treatment available as he was close to Vancouver which is the biggest city in the province and has some very qualified doctors. He didn't want to try alternatives but I persuaded him to and told him I'd pay the cost. Even with that he didn't really want to. Then I decided to go to where he lived about 5 hours away and literally pick him up and take him there myself. He agreed to come home and got the treatment from a local lady who also does QXCI testing. Seems like one machine confirmed what the other did. He started to recover and after 2 months had to go get the stent changed. When he came out of surgery, the doctor told him they took the stent out but didn't put another one in, he had a surprised look on his face and said that everything looked normal, if it happens again, we will put another one in for you!

He has been doing good for a year and a half now. He hasn't even taken regular treatments on the frequency device since the blockage occurred. The lady who did the treatment enthusiastically said if the cost is a factor, every family should get together and buy one of the devices to help look after their own health. The device she had was about $15,000.00. I had the opportunity to get one used and did. My intention was just to get the device and start using it at a later date. My friend who put me in contact with the owner of the device, offered to train me right away. I have no regrets. It is such a rewarding experience because the results speak for themselves from other people's mouths. After spending many hours learning how to use my first unit I was searching on the internet and found a site that offered a portable unit that was very simple to use. After talking to the site host, Tina Rappaport, and hearing the guarantee and results many others were having, I also decided to purchase the Rife Model 101 to have a portable unit. The results using it are often instantaneous. Not always, but I would say that between both devices that I have, I get over a 90% positive response all the time. I don't believe that is a coincidence. Major health conditions can still be overcome but expect it to take some time. Lots of different things, too numerous to mention all of here which I've worked on, can go away in minutes to the astonishment of the recipient.
Arthritis Pain:
My wife and I both use the Rife Frequency machine as she suffers from arthritis in her knees, after a few sessions her pain is slowly going away and the swelling has been reduced so we are very happy with our purchase. Best regards, Ed
A friend had asthma since she was 10 months old and she's now 70. She always drank a lot of water, so it wasn't from dehydration! Although she's been on medications and nebulizers most of her life, she used the Rife 101 machine one time and it was gone. Just gone! I have her doing a weekly maintenance program now, because when she didn't the asthma came back 3 months later. She's doing great now! - Dawn R., FL 2012
Fatigue, Weight Loss, Energy, Glands:
My friend and I bought the Rife 101 together early in June 2017 to share. I had developed fatigue and some days couldn't get out of bed. I used the Chronic Fatigue program and my energy definitely picked up. I sure felt it when I stopped using it for a while. I also used it on the Glands Program for weight loss and lost weight! I'm only 21, so this is great that I can keep my energy up and my health in check! - K. Krause (age 21), IL 8-24-17
Kidney Failure, Constipation, Pain & Superior Vena Cava Syndrome:
I ordered the Rife machine for kidney disease as I am on kidney dialysis three times a week. I also have pain in my arm and superior vena cava syndrome. I was in the hospital and had Tina Rappaport ship the Rife 101 overnight. I received it at 10 in the morning and read everything right away and started using it on the constipation program. I was constipated for five days and in so much pain I thought I was dying. Suppositories did nothing, so I used the Rife machine on the constipation program THREE times for three minutes per channel. First I used the hand-held electrodes, then the wrist bands, then the pads on my feet. Within two hours I moved my bowels! I was so happy and felt so much better - my world has changed! And, this was only the first day with my new Rife machine! - E. Salazar, CA 8/23/17
Kidney Disease, Renal Failure, Kidney Failure, Cancerous Tumor, Kidney :
D. Boyer has Kidney Disease, Renal Failure - cancerous tumor on his kidney - using only the machine and dietary supplements, the cancerous tumor on his kidney has shrunk 9mm to 6mm in one year. He is very happy. (Rife 101 user since June 2012) - Toni, Secretary for D. Boyer, OH 10-6-16
I own two Rife 101s; recently bought a third for youngest son; plan on a fourth for my sister's family, all living on about twenty acres. (They'll have to share!). Am a successful Kidney transplant patient of years; but tried to find ANY help before going on dialysis- to no avail. Years later, received info about this 'wonder' (understand frequencies; having a First Class Radio license) bought one soon as possible. To my surprise, program 329 covered what we so desperately needed. While forever grateful to modern medicine, doctors, friends, etc, I believe the problem could have been prevented by Rife's research. ('An ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure'). Surprisingly! - many don't hear (or want to!) about alternative (self-help) medicine ... thinking THEY have the best doctor available! - Pat W.
Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Impotence:
I used it about three times a week for two weeks, and now I'm fine! - Joe
NOTE ABOUT Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Impotence:
Being female, not many men report their success with this issue, although they may mention it when purchasing their unit. In the past, when I listened to phone calls about the Rife 101 made to Justin Wizard, the previous Rife 101 distributor, I heard many GREAT testimonials regarding this issue. Helpful programs are Prostate, Nerve Disorders, Circulation, Sexual Dysfunction, Arteriosclerosis, Inflammation, Glands, Lymph Problems, Depression, Detox and The Schumann Wave. - Tina Rappaport, URparamount Owner & Exclusive Online Rife 101 Distributor
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ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - Lou Gehrig's Disease), Virus Miracle Machine, Infection:
In 1993 I was diagnosed with a virus in my muscles. There was nothing the medical doctors could do. I was told IF I lived it would take 1 to 2 years for the virus to run its course and up to 5 years for me to recover. Their outlook for me was not good. I was told to get my life in order. I was 41 years old with 4 teenage children and a husband.

A friend told us about a chiropractor knowledgeable in vitamins and convinced us that he could help me. Within 3 months he had me out of the wheel chair and walking again but the illness kept attacking my body causing everything from kidney failure to paralysis. I also fought with the fact that the disease left me with no immune system. A simple cold put me in a crisis. The pain was awful but each time my chiropractor and I fought with God's help.

After 2 more trips to the emergency room the doctor concluded I had ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). I was encouraged to continue seeing the chiropractor for there was nothing the medical doctors could do.

I told my chiropractor about the ALS diagnosis and he found an article in the Nexus magazine regarding Mycoplasma. He then found the infection and with the use of a Rife machine was able to kill the infection. This all happened Monday, August 13, 2001. I was sick for two days as the infection left my body and today I am free from the illness. I no longer have trouble breathing or have muscle spasms and tremors after physical activity. I have lost 20 lbs of fluid, can walk without problems and can go all day without resting every hour.

I am just a farm wife from LeRoy, Minnesota but need to tell others what has happened to me for just maybe I can help someone else. - Jan J.
Stage IV Mantle Cell Lymphoma, MCL, Cancer, Colds, Flu, Fungus:
Late fall in 2011, dad was diagnosed with Stage IV Mantle Cell Lymphoma. MCL is very rare, and, there's no cure. Now he's a walking miracle and the doctors can't believe it. Mom had survived colon cancer and had 12 inches of her colon removed (they got it all). She begged dad to get checked even though he'd had a clean colonoscopy two years before. They found the MCL. There were thousands of MCL stalactites in his colon. It also was in his chest and groin, not just his colon. We cleaned up his diet and water and asked the good Lord to give us a sign, as the Rife 101 Energy System was a lot of money. We were doing daily devotions and came to Proverbs 8:12 that read: "I, wisdom, dwell together with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions."

That was the sign we needed to move ahead and order the Rife 101 from Tina Rappaport and URparamount.

In Sept 2011 dad started strong chemo once every 3 weeks for 18 treatments, 6-7 hours at a time. He was running the Rife 101 Cancer Program followed by the DETOX Program every day, 2-3 times a day. He had the Rife 101 on all the time. He'd have the sticky pad electrodes on his stomach and sometimes on the palms of his hands. After he'd have a chemo treatment, he'd only do the DETOX Program for a few days. He rarely had any sickness or pain at all from the chemo – much less than anyone else. He did lose most of his hair but still had some sprigs on top. And he had a bit of discomfort and cramps, but no nausea or vomiting.

Dad got a clean bill of health in February 2012 and was clear for a year and a half. He stopped using the Rife 101 machine. Late in 2013 dad had a routine PET scan and they found a little something in the groin area again. He started the Rife frequency treatments right away and his numbers improved immediately. Again, the doctors couldn't believe how well dad was doing (he didn't tell them about the Rife machine) and said, "Whatever you're doing keep doing it."

Dad had a PET scan again in June (2014) and the cancer was almost all gone. His weight is back up and he's stronger. Dad played ball until he was 68, and never had pains or any trouble at all (he's 77 now). Now he's doing great again! We have nurses in the family, and they were a little skeptical about the machine, but the proverb gave them the faith that everything would be alright in the end. The scripture sold it in my heart – we attribute his healing to the Lord, who led us to trust Tina Rappaport and the Rife 101 technology – the "witty invention". It's important for people to understand that the Rife101 can be used along with what the doctors are doing. It'll help you get through the treatments, and seemed to make dad's unlikely recovery possible. You know it's something extraordinary when the doctors are surprised and say "Keep doing it!" Of course water and juicing is so important – even the treatment workers knew about juicing and THEY were juicing too!

Dad uses his Rife 101 for other things too, like colds, flu, fungus in his mouth, all kinds of things that come along. Now he's healthier than all of us! It's hard for the doctors to believe he's 77! Of course I told him not to tell them about the Rife. As long as he is using that Rife machine he's so healthy! P.S. Dad's a character - women doctors and nurses loved him – even when he was weak! (Rife 101 user since 2011) - Wayne & Donna O, AL (9-3-14)
Lymphoma, Cancer Tumors:
I was a very active woman until cancer struck. In two years I went through 3 sets of chemo and radiation treatments for Lymphoma. I thought I would die. The treatments were worse than the cancer. After all that the cancer tumors returned and they sent me home with no hope to live. A friend of my son’s told me about a machine that might help. I bought one. For eight months I used the Rife 101 machine every day. That’s how long it took to convince me the cancer was gone. My CAT scan showed no irregularities. I got my life back. Now I have the energy to enjoy life again. – Florence S. (NW, 6-2015)
Diverticulitis, Colon Resection:
Hello Tina, Just want to say thank you for your help! I was so upset when I got diverticulitis again after just having a colon resection 3 months ago! I was so disappointed! Now I have been using my Rife 101 for 3 days, a LOT, drinking a gallon a day of alkaline water, lots of probiotics, and yesterday felt good enough to do yoga. Today... pain is gone! Something I normally am hospitalized for and have to take major antibiotics. Those antibiotics are sooooo bad for me. I did not want to take them, I'm so happy! I will be ordering some products from you and custom programs. Thanks so much! - N. Saenz, TX (7-22-20)

UPDATE: I ran that entire parasite protocol at 1 minute then concentrated on parasites, infection, inflammation, e and b coli and detox detox detox. I think for diverticulitis, the infection, inflammation and E. coli were essential as it is caused by bad bacteria and inflammation.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) & Herpes, Cold Sores:
A woman reported with extreme fatigue. She had very high antibody titers to Epstein-Barr Virus. Also she had chronic recurring herpes cold sores on the lips. She took two treatments a week for four weeks. After an initial decrease in energy, attributed to "die off," her energy and emotional outlook Improved greatly. Although she had not used the Rife101 machine specifically for the herpes problem, she reported that as a side effect of the treatment the herpes had disappeared and she has not had a recurrence over the past 8 months.
Cancer, Cold Sores (Herpes):
Yes, we love our machine. My brother has mine right now, is using it for cancer and his numbers keep going down. My daughter uses it for cold sores and it has helped her. We need another one! Thank you for all your help! I really appreciate it. RM #8104 (10/8/19)
My friend's girlfriend had a terrible herpes outbreak on her lips and onto her face. They were visiting me (the Rife 101 owner) and my friend said, "if that machine is so great, put it on her and get rid of the herpes" so I did. She had one treatment on the herpes program and has never had an outbreak since - and that was a few years ago. - KM, NY 5-17-18
Vertigo, Sprain, Herpes:
I was borrowing my friend's Rife 101, but now I've bought my own! I'm a pretty healthy, holistic practitioner. A client loaned me a Rife 101 Energy System and I could see the difference right away with vertigo - it took it away after the first session. And my 16 year old daughter sprained her ankle really bad and it swelled right up. She thought she'd be out of commission for a couple of weeks. We put the electrodes above and below the ankle and she was walking the next day. Also, I have herpes mouth sores about 1 or 2 every month, especially if I'm out of my normal reoutine and eating different. I ran the Rife 101 and I knew it was working because it caused a breakout. Now it's been 4 or 5 months and I've had NONE. #8090 (9-29-19)
ARC (Pneumocystic Carini Pneumonia) with AIDS:
A 52 year-old male who tested positive for AIDS presented with Pneumocystic Carini Pneumonia. He obtained a rife machine on his own and is treating himself somewhat irregularly. He is free of most bronchial symptoms and reports improved energy and outlook.
Knee Surgery, Scar, Inflammation:
Thanks for your help in getting answers to my questions. It was a huge help. I now realize that I've been under using my machine out of fear of over reactions...so sometimes the results are great, but sometimes not so great. I purchased the Rife 101 just before entering the hospital for a knee replacement surgery. Initially I was so drugged out that I couldn't comprehend much of anything. A friend came over several times a week for a month or so, to run the detox, inflammation, scar, and other things relating to healing wounds and bones. Frankly, I slept thru most of it. Now, four months after surgery, I have great flexibility and a nice neat scar and no swelling, but with a depressed immune system. The doctor was amazed at my recovery. I'm not surprised. I had watched a neighbor's dog recover from cancer because he hung out in a room where people were receiving rife treatments with a beam ray machine...so I was sold on Rife. I finally feel like I have my life back and I'm ready and able to connect with the world. Blessings, Deb K. (10-10-09)
Spondylosis - Osteoarthritis of the Neck:
My mother used a friend's Rife 101 machine today on her very bad, painful neck from spondylosis (osteoarthritis of the neck) and she felt much, much better. We just purchased our own! - A. Almeida, FL (5-15-19)
Lyme Disease, Brain Fog, Nerve Pain, Migraine, Flu, Colds, Back Pain, Candida, Nausea & Arthritis:
I was introduced to this technology by my cousin, a retired radiologist and GP when I was diagnosed with Lyme's disease in 2011. He treated me with his own Rife 101 Energy System and I had amazing results! He treated me 3 more times before my husband and I decided to invest in our own. I treat my Lymes every 1-3 weeks and the symptoms are GONE! I'm eating what I want again, the brain fog and nerve pain is a distant memory, I have gained 40 pounds back and haven't needed a migraine pill since that first treatment. We have since treated the flu, colds, back pain, candida, nausea, arthritis and have even been treating a lady with Lyme's every two weeks with amazing success. (free of charge of course) When she first visited she had a pic line in her neck and weighed 90 pounds. Three months later she weighs 118 pounds, no drugs and was able to make a trip North to be with family for Christmas. This stuff works!!! I can't imagine where I would be without my machine. I have my life back and have the ability to help others get theirs back as well. The doctors sure didn't seem interested in doing that. They threw pills at me that made me sick. I have never had any effects from this machine except for the Herxheimer's (detox reaction), but if I run the detox program even that's barely noticeable. For the first time in 5 years, I am LIVING! (Rife 101 user since 2011) - Tara D, (2/6/15)
Diarrhea, Eye Inflammation, General Wellness, Leg Pain & Back Pain:
We live in Ecuador now, and my wife had diarrhea for about a month. She used the Rife 101 three times, and it's gone! She also recently had a facelift and had to use a special oil on her skin. She got some oil in her eye and it got inflamed. She used the Rife 101 for Eye Inflammation and it cleared right up. I'm 74, and I've been using the three channels you suggested (118, 171 + 181) and I certainly feel better! My friend just purchased one of your units because he used mine only once and his leg and back pain was greatly improved! - R and L Phillips, Ecuador (2-3-16)
Stroke, Paralyzed:
My daughter's mother-in-law (67 years old) had a stroke and her left arm was paralyzed. After two days on the Rife 101, running the Stroke and Nerve Disorder programs, she's got feeling in her arm and fingers! She's so excited! - C. Luciano, CA (7-27-20)
Stroke, Paralysis:
I had a stroke in June (2014) and with all the prayers and the Rife 101 Energy System I'm doing REALLY well! I'm so glad I had this Rife 101 when this happened, because I immediately started using it on the STROKE PROGRAM - even before going to the hospital!! My face was paralyzed and it was hard to talk, I was limping and I couldn't control my right hand. By the next day, I had a huge improvement. I ran the STROKE PROGRAM one or two times a day, with 9 minutes on each frequency in the program. Now I'm back to lifting 50 lb bags of grain and I have only very minor issues when I get tired. At the hospital, that day, they couldn't decide if the stroke was a bleeder or a blood clot. I suspect they couldn't tell because I had already used the Rife 101 and was well on my way to recovery! Thank God for you and my Rife 101! - Eilene T., PA (2/17/15)
Stroke, Paralysis, Numbness, Difficulty Swallowing, Balance, Frontal Lobe Syndrome, Numbness:
One of my patients suffered a stroke late September 2015. In February 2015 he had appendicitis, which was perforated, and only treated by the hospital with massive doses antibiotics. He has Diabetes type 2 and a tendency to hypertension and had without changes in his diet gained 22 lbs in weight since the appendicitis. Because the hospital did not have any suggestions regarding treatment of the stroke he contacted me early in November. He had been having problems walking with right-sided paralysis of the leg and arm, along with numbness, problems with focusing and reading, difficulty swallowing and felt very unstable walking. His mind and psyche had changed and he had what we call a frontal lobe syndrome.

I composed a custom program containing Rife 101 programs for diabetes, apoplexy, appendicitis, arteriosclerosis. We also ran the Detox program. He has now had 8 Rife 101 sessions and by the follow up today (December 4) all symptoms and neurological reflexes had normalized and he feels as his old self. During this time he has lost 15 lbs in weight.

12-10-15 UPDATE: Here is a report from my patient with the stroke. As you can see it has been a 100% success.
Hi Ole, Well, things continue to improve, my balance is virtually normal, my swallowing problems have almost completely gone, just the occasional fit of coughing as things try go down the wrong way, but before this was every time I was eating/drinking. Just the faintest tingling in my right fingers, mostly at the tips. It no longer feels as if my fingers are swollen and I have none of the sensations I had anywhere in my right arm. By bowels are completely normal. My waterworks (urination) are improving and now, no signs of infection, no smell, absolutely normal in colour. Occasionally an urgency to pass water that I cannot control. It has to leave me in that moment but this is no longer constant, only occasional. During the night maybe 2 times, 5/6 during the day and I am drinking at least 3 liters of water each day.

I am sleeping well and eating well. My weight this morning was 93.5 kilos down from 99 recently and 115 three years ago. All steps in the right direction. I am walking more every day but not overdoing anything. Just nice and comfortable, extending the time as it feels right, not yet going faster. Some days I walk well, others it is like I am flat footed with no bounce in my legs at all, but that is improving. Ole, I hope all that gives you the pleasure it gives to me. Thank you so much for bringing all these fantastic changes. For a little while I did not think any of these improvements would be possible. Marvelous! My Love to you both, David XX XX, via Ole van H-D, Spain (Rife 101 user since February 2012) (12/4-10/15)
Sciatica & Veins:
Thank you Tina Rappaport for your research… and the Rife 101 machine. It's all helping my sciatica and veins! Bless you. - Mary B, IL (3/8/15)
Candida, Mercury Poisoning:
Hey Tina Rappaport, Your Rife 101 is a lifesaver for me. I have had mine about 7 months. It took this long to figure out the best placement of the electrodes. Before I placed them like I do now, the treatment helped somewhat. Now with proper placement, it has killed massive amounts of Candida. I am very excited about this. I was really starting to lose hope that I would never overcome this very serious Candida problem. Just to remind you briefly, I have been suffering with severe Mercury poisoning for more than 35 years. Every MD that I saw offered me no hope since they are not educated on this ailment. I am now using your Rife 101 Frequency Generator and a product called Metalfree that I spray under my tongue. This is the only thing that works well to pull enough Mercury out. I have tried all of the chelators DMSA + ALA, DMPS, EDTA, Cilantro, Chlorella, Garlic etc. This combination of your machine & Metalfree works really well for me. (Rife 101 user since May 2014)Burt A, LA (11/4/14)
Insomnia - Better Sleep:
I just love my new RIFE 101 unit...sleeping very peacefully! I have run several programs including insomnia even though I don't suffer from insomnia but do awaken each night briefly. My sleep feels deeper and more restful. Bless you! - Pat D, CANADA (4-11-15)
Dental Foci, Dental Infection, Tooth Infection, Toothache:
I just discovered that a recent crown installation on a tooth on right top side of my mouth, is infected. The crown was put in a few months ago and the gum above it has been sensitive to the touch ever since. My teeth are otherwise in very good shape (attested to by dentist). I brush with tooth soap (no flouride, chlorine, etc.) and I also follow-up with H2o2 (hydrogen peroxide) in the am and pm, floss in the pm, and generally also swish a bit of colloidal silver during day. Bio dentist at NIHA invariably finds my mouth in excellent shape. Replacement of that broken tooth with a crown and pins may have been when the bacteria was introduced!

The faulty crowned tooth is adjacent to the two front teeth, top, #2 . (Kidney/Bladder indicated on the meridian diagram Tina sent me). It became a problem when (most of) the tooth had broken off, but was still live. The choice at that time was (1) a post and crown after a root canal, (2) pulling what's left and (surgical) implant, or instead (3) several pins (leaving the tooth live) to hold it in place and add a crown. I opted for crowning the remnants of the live tooth. Pins were worth a gamble, but kept the tooth live. This particular problem is (according to Dr. McClure NIHA bio dentist) on the inside of the tooth with toxins leaking out.

The gum above that tooth has been sensitive ever since, so probably got infected during the repair. Dentist confirmed yesterday that it was infected, and thinks it can be repaired. I postponed his taking action until I tried your Rife machine first. This looked like a good test. - D. Ables, VA 8/19/17

Update 8/23/17: Apparently the Rife 101 worked, at least short-time. I used the small sticky electrodes, one below each ear, close to the jawbone. No longer have any sensitivity to the touch. Yesterday's treatment was the last. I'll now watch to see if the sensitivity recurs without any further treatment.

Update 8/24/17: The dubious crowned tooth continues to feel normal. Thanks again for your help.

Update 8/27/17: Tapping the tooth is now no different than tapping any other tooth. However, the gum above that tooth is still somewhat sensitive. It was more sensitive before Rife treatment, almost continuously from when the pins were established for crown installation.

Feeling better! Thanks so much! - D. Ables, VA 9/19/17

Abscessed Tooth - Dental Infection:
I lent my Rife 101 to a friend who had an abscessed tooth - very painful. She ran the Dental Foci/Dental Infection program, then the Detoxification program. The abscess WAS GONE the very next day!!! - Linda F, FL (4-17-15)
Lung Cancer & Detox:
Ruby loves her Rife 101. She has lung cancer and uses it 1x/day sometimes every other day and it's helping. It's also helping with detox. She has ozone treatments and is using the Rife 101 also for detox. She finds she's not as tired after the ozone treatments anymore! - Ruby M, UT (5/21/15)
Lyme Disease:
Hi Tina, Hope all is great with you! I have been feeling much better with the Lyme protocol you gave me for my Rife 101. Thanks so much! - Lauryl L-K, MI (4/30/15)
Cancer Prevention:
My husband and I run the setting once a month as a precaution. - B. Farnholtz, TX (7-23-16)
Heart Condition:
I have been using the Rife 101 since March 2 2016. I have a heart condition and I am improving. - C. Kraeft (7-18-16)
Breast Cancer x 3:
My friend referred me to Tina as she had spots of breast cancer and the Rife 101 cleared it up. I believe in this 150%. It also cleared up my friend's daughter's breast cancer. I borrowed the machine and now it cleared up mine so I bought my own Rife 101 Energy System. It's very, very effective! It really truly works. I keep using the Rife 101 frequency generator and recently it was time for another mammography...having cancer thickens the breast tissue and it shows that on the mammo, but I'm all clear now! - D. Lojeski, PA (7-6-18)
Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, Liver Cancer, Bone Cancer, Lymph Glands, Tumors, Depression & Insomnia:

Late October 2013: My 40 year old daughter was diagnosed with stage IV (4) metastasized breast cancer and was told she had 2 months to live. She had tumors in her breasts, lungs, liver, bones, lymph glands and a lesion behind her eye. We bought the Rife 101 energy system for her and although she wasn't really a believer (yet), she used it every day. During the past year, the doctors could not believe how well she was doing, and, how well she looked.

January 2014: After using the Rife machine for about a month, her tumor markers (CA-125 test) went up from 250 to 570 and then to 1,000, although she was feeling and looking good. Tina Rappaport told me the CA-125 test shows both live and dead cancer cells. My daughter continued with her daily Rife 101 use. Her CA 125 continued climbing to 1,400 but she still looked and felt great. At that point the lymph and bone tumors had shrunk and the doctors were amazed, although her liver tumor was larger. She even had spikes of pain for a couple of days, but then she'd feel great again. She continued using the Rife 101 Program daily.

Spring 2014: My daughter did radiation for the lesion behind her eye and now that is GONE, and the bone tumors have shrunk to almost nothing. The doctors continue to be amazed. Although her liver seems enlarged, her liver enzymes are completely normal - the doctors can't understand - "she should be yellow!"

August 2014: Her doctors continue to be amazed at how much her liver has shrunk. Her cancer marker numbers dropped from 8,000 to 2,000 in one month and other tests went from 200s to normal!

December 2014: About 7 months ago (late Spring 2014) the oncologist told her if she didn't do chemo she'd be gone in 2 weeks. She did the chemo for 4 months, along with the Rife machine, a variety of supplements including CBD-rich hemp oil, mega-doses of vitamins, chi machine, FIR sauna 3x/wk and a FIR dome over the liver. Her cancer is GONE. GONE! With no hairloss!

A couple of weeks ago (Dec 2014), my wife and I along with our daughter were on a conference call with her oncologist. He carried on, "I've never, ever, ever seen anything like this in all of my years of oncology!" Her liver enzymes were perfect. Liver is shrunk back to normal size. Her blood work was perfect. The spots on her lungs are 100% GONE. She's left only with scar tissue on her bones in her pelvis and lower back. Her cancer tumor markers were as high as 8,000 and now are at 100. The doctor said "Last time I saw her, I would never have expected to see her again, and, she looks terrific!" Of course we haven't told the doctor about any of our alternative therapies. She just tells him "I changed my diet".

It doesn't matter what exactly worked or if it was the entire combination - my daughter wasn't a true believer at first, but now she is. Thank you for all of your help. And with my daughter so sick, I've been so stressed and I haven't slept well the entire time. I would wake up with my mind racing 4-5 time a night with BAD insomnia. I saw the Rife machine had a setting for Depression and now I'm able to sleep all night! (Rife 101 user since November 2013) - Randy P, WI (12/24/14)

Breast Cancer:
Three years ago I found out I had breast cancer throughout my breast and I went to work with my Rife 101 machine (bought in 2012). I used it 3 to 4 times a day on the cancer program for about 20 before the surgery. I had NO problems and recovered from the surgery quickly - I even had dinner at a restaurant with my kids that night! I did not have to do chemo or radiation. If they only did a lumpectomy I would have to do radiation, so they removed the breast. I was 76.- JR #8168, TX (11-8-19)
Breast Cancer:
I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The mammogram showed a mass in my right breast. My decision was to try alternatives other than chemo therapy and surgery. I tried every remedy that sounded helpful but nothing worked. The pain was severe and the breast tumor grew very large. It spread beyond the breast. I gave up any hope of finding an answer and accepted my fate. My husband read a book about Royal Rife and decided to buy a frequency instrument for me. When the box arrived I read all the literature and followed the instructions. I used the instrument almost everyday. My severe pain was gone in a month and breast mass was gone in six months. A year later I had a cancer test taken to confirm what I already knew. No more cancer. I use my Rife 101 everyday to stay cancer free. – P. Courtney, PA (NW, 2005)
Parasite Infection:
Had a horrible parasitic infection. The Rife 101 machine is the only thing that keeps it at bay. - Art, CO
Colon, Constipation, Headaches, General Health:
I bought a Rife 101 Energy System from Tina about two years ago. Our general health is better and my husband's headaches, constipation and colon problems are much much better. - V. Miller, MI (5-4-18)
Colon Infection, Rectum Resection, C. diff (Clostridium difficile, C. difficile, Clostridium difficilecolitis), Colitis & Diarrhea:
My brother-in-law, has been using the Rife 101 with tremendous results. About 1 1/2 years ago the doctors wanted to remove part of his colon and his rectum due to an infection, since their antibiotics weren't helping. They ended up taking out a section of his colon and resectioning it, but it never healed. It wouldn't heal and he had C.diff colitis (also called Clostridium difficile, C. difficile or C. diff) an infection and inflammation in the colon caused by an overgrowth of this bad bacteria. I found out as the bacteria overgrows, they release toxins that attack the lining of the intestines, causing the condition of Clostridum difficilecolitis.

It first started out like diarrhea, but turned into "explosive" diarrhea 2-5 times a day. Poor guy wanted to die. His rectum felt like razor blades each time he had an explosion. This went on for a year and a half. He lost a lot of weight, went from 195 to 130. Couldn't eat because of this. He wanted to die. He'd shovel snow fast and hard, hoping to have a heart attack. His nephew lent him the Rife 101 and in just one week, he's pooping normal and can eat again!!!! He can't believe it and neither can we!! I just can't tell you how delighted we all are for him! He finally has hope this awful episode is over! - SR, NV (12/4/15)
Liver Cancer, Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer, Ovarian Pre-Cancerous Tumor, Uterine Thickening, Lupus:
I am so grateful how swiftly you were in replying. I just love this machine it has given me such peace of mind with 3 small cancer scares and with the recent one I upped my RIFE usage and the biopsy came back clear. I love this machine and I'm so grateful that you gave me the ability to buy it via the payment plan this made all the difference in the world. I get so much peace of mind knowing I can help my family friends and I with the machine. My 22 year old son has been helping his friend's stepdad for lung cancer and liver cancer, although he also gets traditional chemo-so far with much success. He is still quite unwell but getting a slight improvement with each use of the Rife 101. So far, 6 months have passed and he is still here. Each time an infection or fluid get in his lungs my son tweaks the treatment and he carries on.

Here is my story. About 6 years ago I had an ovarian tumor scare and my blood ran cold. They got the tumor early and it was precancerous. I got so frightened by that ordeal that I never ever felt safe. I have naturally occurring low white blood cells and been tested (bone marrow aspiration) for leukemia along the way which is scary too. Then four years ago I went for my first breast screening (here in Australia once you are 50 yrs old you get sent a letter to go for free breast screening). 3 weeks later I got a phone call to come in immediately as lumps in both breasts…the terror kicked in. Again, a needle biopsy cleared one breast but the other I had to go in to hospital for a biopsy. I had a dreadful weekend waiting to go in with my twin sons celebrating their 18th birthday with 80 young people arriving I couldn't sit and worry but secretly inside my blood ran cold. You see my cousin died of breast cancer, a brother had stomach cancer and my dad died of cancer. The night of the party while setting up outside I fell down step and badly sprained my ankle. So by the time I got to hospital Monday morning on crutches and a back slap of plaster (cast) I was a nervous wreck. Well I dodged another bullet the tests took a week but came back clear. But emotionally I was vulnerable and as it happens the Universe helps us out when in need. I was on holidays and a woman was showing us a home won as a lottery prize and she started out of the blue to speak about RIFE technology. I had never heard of it so when I got back to our holiday apartment I googled RIFE and stumbled across your website. Due to your generosity I bought a RIFE machine on the payment plan and my sanity came back. I regularly treat myself.

I had been a bit slack and not been using the RIFE as often as I should. After an internal ultrasound, now yes a third scare - this time my uterus. I was immediately booked in for a biopsy of the uterus as there was a very big thickening that appeared to look like . Well I couldn't get a hospital operation date for a few months as I don't have private health insurance so I thought I'll treat myself RIFE-style and take decent quantities of vitamin C 1000mg with the custom RIFE program and detox etc. and continue my health eating and supplements by the time the operation date came I felt quite optimistic still scared but not like before. Yep you guessed it the uterine thickening was benign…the gynecologists were baffled they were quite sure it was a sinister growth… I know the RIFE 101 saved me.

In the past 4 years I have helped a man who was given one month to live with my RIFE machine. He gained an extra 8 months after being nuked by chemo, bowel removed from , that spread to his liver. He had been so nuked by all the chemo and radiation and the doctor was so sure he had only one month to live. When he went back to that doctor 3 months later, 6 months later, the doctor said I was a quack!! Me!! I think if he had improved his diet this man could still be here today… he drank 8 liters of chocolate milk a week during treatment, drank coffee… This machine is gold for me.

A couple of years ago one of my son's mates doubted the machine, and the next morning he had a hangover after a big 18th birthday party celebration. I ran the RIFE 101 for "HANGOVER" and to his absolute amazement his hangover was gone within half an hour! I also helped a girlfriend with Lupus. She had been unwell for 20 years...did Autoimmune, Detox, Lupus and within weeks she was running for the first time in her life and SHE was amazed! I know this machine is the reason I do not have today (and good eating, alkalizing my body with bicarb soda). I love my RIFE 101 and I am eternally grateful that you, Tina Rappaport, allowed me a payment plan to pay it off. You are my Earth Angel...Love and light, (Rife 101 user since 2011)Soozie P, AUS (5-30-14)
Laryngeal Carcinoma - Cancer of the Larynx:
I first used the frequency resonator clinically on a Native American, a handsome, strapping follow, forty-five years of age, weighing 225 lbs, with cancer of the larynx. He experienced pain and hemorrhaging on swallowing and was scheduled for surgery. To be on the safe side I gave him only 3 minute treatments and recommended 1 gm. of vitamin C with 10 oz. pure water six times a day, and plenty of rest. He felt nothing happened immediately and left the office with good energy but very skeptical. Yet, within two hours, as toxins began to be eliminated from the system, he felt extreme fatigue and went to bed for the next two days. On the morning of the third day, however, he arose feeling refreshed, optimistic and with more energy than he had felt in six months.

Also, the bleeding had stopped and he felt no pain in his throat.

He had another session five days following the first treatment, for 3 minutes on each frequency of the cancer program, this time with only mild fatigue the following day, and again a subsequent increase in energy and feeling of well-being. Then, deciding unilaterally that he was healed, he left on a vision quest. I have not been able to do a follow-up or find out what became of him. Normally treatments are most effective either every other day or at least twice a week for a time span three times longer than it has taken for the symptoms to disappear. And other groups of frequencies are also used to destroy whatever traces of the disease entity may still exist in related forms.
Arthritis, Hip Pain, Prostate Cancer:
I was having some problems with degenerative arthritis and experiencing a lot of pain in my hip area. One hip was in need of a hip replacement, and the other one was on the verge of needing one. I decided to check out the RIFE machines about two years ago, and found URparamount and the Rife 101 on the net. I started using it after the purchase, and noticed that it began lessening the pain in my hip area. Along with the use of the machine, I faithfully drink aloe vera juice, and between these two alternative health strategies, I feel I have better control over the pain. I also had prostrate cancer and have used the RIFE machine regarding this health matter. To date, the results are not medically conclusive; however, I have found that my PSA level is not going up. I believe the machine is helping to keep that under control as well. Very Pleased - Stephen, AK
Sleeping, Insomnia:
My Dad and I were curious about the effectiveness of the Rife 101 Machine so we decided to buy one about one year ago. Although neither of us were experiencing any serious health problems, we did begin using it and found that it did help improve our sleeping ability. - Phillip, NC
Scar, Pain:
I have the Rife Model 101. I love my Rife machine. I had a lot of scar buildup in my femur. The pain is gone and I have a lot more mobility in the leg. Thanks, Ken
Twitch, Tic, Spasm:
Aside from all the things I use my Rife 101 for, I helped a friend recently. She had a most troublesome body twitch encompassing her shoulders and head and has finally found relief with this Rife machine! (Rife 101 user since March 2013)- Bev H, AZ
Spinal Meningitis, Pain, Numbness, Tingling & Chronic Fatigue:
White male, 48 years old, history of Epstein-Barr Virus, Chronic Candida, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, presented With viral form of Spinal Meningitis, the symptoms of which had been increasing for at least a month: sharp stabbing pains shooting up spine into brain, limited range of motion, and tingling and numbness in the extremities. A treatment was done with slight improvement in energy and overall well-being, but no improvement in central nervous system. After six sessions, one a day (despite my recommendations to allow a day in between) he reported that he felt a sensation of heat and an instant intensification of the pain in his spine, as if the current had targeted the specific cells that were infected! In about 10 seconds the pain subsided, although he continued the exposure on that frequency for 3 minutes (the same as the other frequencies).

From that point on he reported that his spinal symptoms improved dramatically. However, despite my words of caution, he began using the rife 101 machine at home twice a day, three minutes on each frequency, wanting to be totally healed - as soon as possible. By the third day he came down with what appeared to be influenza: fever, coryza (inflammation of the mucous membrane in the nose), weakness, loss of appetite which I suspected was due to "die off," detoxification more rapid than the system of elimination could handle. After 48 hours of eating only Miso soup, drinking lots of fluids, vitamin C, and rubdowns with Tiger Balm, he emerged feeling better than he had felt in at least six months. The Chronic Fatigue was gone, as was the Spinal Meningitis. He was given Homeopathic remedies to help heal trauma to the tissues. He continued to use the machine approximately twice a month for the next six months, "just to be on the safe side," and was totally asymptomatic after a year.
Multiple Sclerosis, MS, Pain, Colds, Headaches, Asthma:
I couldn't be more delighted in the Rife 101 and the investment I made for my health! I have had significant trouble walking for quite a long time. This machine eases it for several days each time I use it. It's like a miracle to me. I've been using it about once a week for 3 months so far and I plan on using it for the rest of my life. It also helps my family with all sorts of things - pain, colds, headaches, asthma and more. It's a miracle, really. - Jerry, PA
General Rife 101 Use and Customer Service:
Tina Rappaport, I just want to mention - if I haven't already - how impressed I am, not just with the Rife 101 itself but your entire presentation; the whole package. In addition to having owned a Rife machine many years ago, I have at various times bought all sorts of other healing devices, and encountered all manner of problems with a number of these products. That's why I can see, in comparison, how excellent your Rife 101 product is. Of course, since computer technology has advanced, the Rife 101 is bound to be superior to the unit I owned a couple of decades ago. But that doesn't make the Rife Model 101 less impressive. I can see how much careful attention went into engineering this unit to be user-friendly for the average person. Also the Rife manual is an equally awesome production. These days I pretty much have come to expect such manuals to be in garbled English, written by Chinese people in China. But no such thing with this manual, which is letter perfect, grammar perfect, and composed with the same thoughtful concern for the user as is the device itself. Finally to top it all off, we have your super customer support. I mean, I'm the kind of guy... the MAIN reason I purchased a computer from Apple was because I knew I'd be able to get the best in tech support. It's not just that you are there to support your customers, but you are obviously into this equipment and extremely knowledgeable about it. Anyways, I just wanted you to know how stoked I am to have discovered you and the Rife Model 101. This is my second unit! - A. Mitchell, HI (2-13-16
Arthritis, Diabetes, Pain, Cellulitis & Infection:
Me, my mom & dad, and sister have all seen benefits in 5 months since getting our Rife 101 systems. They definitely were worth the investment. Dad has arthritis and diabetes and he's getting around much better now and his diabetes is more under control and in balance. For pain management the Rife 101 has been great - he was seeing the chiropractor once a week and after 2 or 3 weeks using the Rife 101 he hasn't needed to go back in 5 months now! He's much more mobile and doing more for himself. Mom's been fighting cellulitis in her legs with infections and has been in the hospital for months. She's been back home now about 2 months and using the Rife machine and finally things have been healing up, she's getting stronger and it's helping with her arthritis. As for me, I see a holistic doctor to help with various issues and he uses muscle testing. I had some infection, used the Rife 101 and tested strong, where I tested weak previously. It was definitely a good investment. - Jonathan, MI (4/28/14)
Breast Cancer, Colds, Flu:
I am only 38 years old and a breast cancer survivor. Thanks to the Rife 101. I have watched and took care of my step-father, father, father-in-law, grandmothers, and many friends through chemotherapy. I always said that if I get Cancer I will never take chemotherapy. Three years ago it his me. My husband and I researched and found a cheap version of a frequency machine in which I stayed on it day & night for many months with little improvement. Then we found the Rife 101 – immediately it was working. I was extremely sick from poisons coming out of me. After a couple of weeks I was beginning to feel like I did many years ago. And still feel great! My husband has also beat Lyme’s Disease and my children do not have to take antibiotics any longer for colds and flu’s. Rife 101, I wish I could have found you a long time ago. Thank you – Paula (NW, 2008)
Cyst, Cancer, Tumor:
I had a cyst on my arm removed 25 years ago and it started coming back! Used my Rife 101 on it, using the Cancer, Cyst and Nerve Disorder programs. I put the pads right on the cyst. It's gone and it's been gone three years now. - Carol, MA
Pleased with the Rife 101:
I purchased the Rife Model 101 a few weeks ago and I want you to know I am very, very pleased with it. I feel grateful to have found your website and this wonderful piece of equipment! Love and Light, Kate M, NM (5-21-06)
Lung Tumor, Cancer:
(January 2014) I turned 82 the day I went in to the emergency room coughing up blood. I feel more like I could be 62. A CAT scan showed I was in good shape except for a cancerous spot on my lung. They did a biopsy and I was praying for a miracle. Well, they found this tumor is stage 2 cancer. I started using my Rife 101 every other day on the Cancer and Lung Programs (thank you so much, Tina Rappaport). (April 2014) I've been meaning to send you a line, Tina. I wanted to report to you that my lung tumor had shrunk more than half after having a CAT scan a couple of weeks ago. I have used my rife machine several hours a day plus have had 7 chemo treatments and started radiation to-day. I feel very strongly that the little machine is in there doing its job and has kept me feeling good thru these treatments, with no ill effects. Keep up your good work and hope you are staying healthy and happy. God Bless!! Sincerely, Vera G., IL
Cervical Cancer, Candidiasis, Staph Infection, Extreme Fatigue:
A 50 year-old woman reported with uterine pain and discharge of mucous and blood, hyperplasia showing stage 5 cancer on Pap smear. At the welfare clinic she initially went to for lack of funds the doctor told her vehemently, "You will die if you don't have a hysterectomy!" She also had Candidiasis (Candida), a chronic staph infection on her scalp and reported extreme fatigue, She was given two treatments a week for tour weeks. By the third visit the pain had stopped, by the fourth visit the discharges had ceased and the staph infection had also disappeared. By the eighth treatment her energy had improved markedly. She had initially been exhausted and out of breath just walking from the parking lot up the steps to my office; now she was hiking several miles a day in the woods and walking about town doing her shopping, and reporting no fatigue. A second Pap smear a month later revealed an improvement to Stage 3 cancer.
Staph Infection:
My mother-in-law Betty was told she had three days to live. She was dying from kidney failure caused by a Staph infection. A friend let me borrow her Rife 101 unit to see if it would help. We had nothing to lose. Betty used the machine every day. A week later she was still alive. Three weeks later Betty went back to her doctor. He was amazed she was still living. The doctor wanted to know what she did as her culture results came back negative for Staph. He hounded her for months. Betty never revealed her secret and continues to use her machine. - B. Kohl (NW, 2008)
Lung Cancer & Throat Cancer:
A Prayer Answered: I just wanted to send you a big thank you..and let others who are dealing with this awful disease know there is hope! My husband was diagnosed with lung and throat cancer 15 months ago - only 4 months after my only sister died of lung cancer. She was only 57. Bob was only 51... they said without treatment he would die in 6 months to a year. WITH treatment he would probably live 2 years. He did the treatment because of me. He didn't want to put me through it again so soon after losing my sister. I couldn't accept this. I learned of your Rife 101 machine from friends who were into herbs and natural healing.

Yes, I was skeptical, but I didn't care how crazy it sounded or how much it cost. I didn't want to just give up without a fight. My husband went through hell...6 weeks of chemo and 7 weeks of radiation on the lung... 7 more weeks of radiation on the throat... and in between all this he did his cancer treatment on the Rife machine. No one knows how bad the chemo and radiation is until you go through it, but he did better than most people and I know it was because of the machine. He was never hospitalized or bed ridden. He didn't feel good for sure but he was still up and going. No one could believe it! Myself included because my poor sister was so sick she couldn't get out of bed. I only wish we would of known of this machine before she passed.

It's been a long 15 months for us, but Bob is now cancer FREE - the doctors seem to be amazed! I know this was the answer to my prayers. I do it myself and I don't have cancer and hopefully never will. So all I can do is say thank you, thank you!!! Take care and God bless! It's been a long 15 months for us, but Bob is now cancer FREE - the doctors seem to be amazed! I know this was the answer to my prayers. I do it myself and I don't have and hopefully never will. So all I can do is say thank you, thank you!!! Take care and God bless! Karen M, IN (8/16/06)
Chronic Bladder Infection, Yeast Infection, Mood Swings, Fatigue & Candidiasis (Candida):
A woman reported with a chronic bladder infection causing pain and difficult urination She had been to specialists and been given several series of antibiotics which had only given temporary relief. Now, she additionally had developed a raging yeast infection with copious leucorrhoea, had severe mood and energy swings, and craved sweets. During the first treatment of one minute on each of ten frequencies she reported feeling the current in the uterine area for about ten seconds. That night and the next day she felt more fatigued, but all other symptoms had improved. The following day all her symptoms had disappeared and her energy was better than she could remember it having been for a long time. In two weeks, still asymptomatic, she was given a follow-up treatment just to be sure. Six months later she is still fine.
Eyes Improved - Bad Vision - Legally Blind:
I have a friend who was legally blind in her right eye - she couldn't read the first line on the doctor's eye chart. She's been using my Rife 101 on Program #221 Eye Disorders (Glaucoma/Macular Degeneration/Cataracts/Conjunctivitis). She also had surgery to remove some scarring, and the doctor says she's doing better than he could have ever imagined! She can actually read the third line of the eye chart now. (Rife 101 user since 2013)- Beverly H.
Chronic Pain in Finger, Bone Spurs, Sinus, Tooth Ache & Shin Splint:
I have had your Rife 101 machine for a few months and wish to relate my results. I had a sore bump on one of my fingers that had been there for months. I used the settings for bone spurs and the pain and bump were quickly both gone. Amazing. It also removed my problems with sinuses, a bad tooth ache and a painful shin splint the doctors could not fix. All gone with the Rife 101. The machine uses technology that makes common sense. I like the machine very much. Satisfied.
Insomnia from Arthritis Pain:
I got up last nite at 1:30 a.m. couldn't get back to sleep because of arthritis pain. I put the arthritis program on for 1 minute per frequency and ran it, but soon the battery ran out of power. Anyhow, I went right to sleep after running it for only a few minutes on arthritis, it was great!! - Vera G, IL (10/18/13)
Sprained Ankle with photos:
I call my Rife 101 my “Bug Zapper”! I sprain my ankle often, and this time I rolled my ankle because I wasn’t wearing my brace. It swelled up pretty big (see the photo). I used the SWELLING program and took the second photo that same night – no ice, no ibuprofen, just the machine. I show these photos to people all the time. The Rife 101 is amazing. – T&R Laury, MN (12-31-20)
Bone Bruise:
I hit the side of my wrist (with my metal wristwatch band) so hard on the stainless steel oven handle, that I dented the handle. I saw stars and at first thought I broke my wrist. Immediately got my Rife 101 machine and put a sticky pad below the spot and the other above the spot on the outside of my wrist and ran the Bone Trauma program, which I had used once before on my leg. Even I say that the Rife machine is a miracle. Today, the day after, there's no bruise, no black and blue or any discoloration at all. It only hurts exactly on the spot, not further up near my elbow, nor when I use my hand and fingers. This is the same miracle results I experienced a few years ago when I smacked the front of my shin. - TINA RAPPAPORT - Owner, URparamount.com & Rife101.com (4/7/14)
Broken Bone, Rotting Skin:
My dad was putting up Christmas lights, fell, and fractured his ankle and it was in a cast. He was told not to remove the cast under any circumstances and that the surgeon from the Mayo Clinic would call him. The surgeon never called and after 1 weeks, he removed the cast. The skin was awful and rotted. There was a green circle and line traveling up his leg. Dad started running the Rife101 and the discoloration and infection cleared up quickly and now he’s bearing weight on it! He used the machine on BONE TRAUMA and WOUND HEALING. He continues to feel so much better and it's healing nicely. – T Laury, MN (12-31-20)
Back Pain:
I used to wake up at night with such excruciating pain in my lower back I would cry out. I have taken expensive pills for the last 3 years that just make me woozy. I had a friend in the house with your Rife machine who put it on my back choosing the program for "Pain" auto frequency sequence. I didn't expect much (I have gone through so much with my doctor!) but was polite and went through the 38 minute program. At the end we removed the electronic pads. My God - there was NO pain! None. I was amazed and astounded. I used to have the horrible pain attacks about every other night and now maybe once every 3 weeks, much less severe and even then they seem to be fading away. No more pills. No more being woozy in the morning. I can also start planting in my garden which I loved, but was told not to do again. Yes, I am a happy user. Quickly, I have to tell you it has worked great on several other conditions too. OK bye! - Mike F.
Hot Flashes & Night Sweats:
My husband a truck driver has been getting very annoying hot flashes and night sweats. He used the Rife 101 and it took care of it. They gone. Program #279 (Hot Flashes). Nelda
Leprosy, Mycobacterium Leprae, Colds, Nasal Infections, Parasites:
I've had my Rife 101 since 2005 and I've used it for so many things like colds, nasal infections and parasites, but the most remarkable was when I actually came down with LEPROSY! I had just shaved so I had open pores, and a female acquaintance from Brazil was visiting and kissed my cheek with her moist lips. I didn't think anything of it - who would? Well, right afterwards I came down with some odd lesions on my chin and peculiar bumps on my chest. I saw my naturopath doctor who determined it was mycobacterium leprae and told me it was like leprosy. When I got home and looked it up, it wasn't LIKE leprosy, it IS LEPROSY!! It's spread through mucous membranes, particularly nasal! I got out my Rife Model 101 and, go figure, it has a LEPROSY program! I ran it 2-3 times a day and in 4-5 days it started to disappear and in 7 days, when I returned to the doctor, it was totally gone. - Rich S, CA (1-13-16)
Glands, Cancer, Parasites, Vertigo + more:
I am an alternative health practitioner using the Rife 101 since 2006 and I have seen remarkable results with many Rife 101 programs such as Glands, Cancer, Parasites, Vertigo - I could go on and on. It's amazing. MV, PA (9-25-19)
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), Eczema:
I broke my ankle 4 years ago - they thought it was related to Hashimoto's Disease (thyroid). With CRPS, the nervous system doesn't switch off. Then in February 2017 I developed terrible eczema on my legs and arms. They thought I had Lupus. It pretty much went away in the sun, but then it came back. I was scratching so bad, and it was so swollen - my legs were even twitching. I'm a health care professional and I was only 3 hairs away from full-blown cellulitis. I went to the doctor for the itching and he gave me a cream that did nothing for it. I got the idea to run Infections on my Rife 101 and after the first time using it I felt a big difference. With only 4 sessions, its improved to the best it has been! - A. Dudley, WA (6-29-18)
Itchy Skin on Feet, Hands & Arms:
For 15 years, my wife's and my feet were itching. We'd been to every medical doctor in Tulsa Oklahoma. We'd tried every medication the doctors' prescribed AND everything you could get over the counter. She'd scratch her feet so bad I thought she'd bleed to death! This itching nearly drove us crazy - itching on our hands, arms, feet. Some doctors were afraid to get too close to us! Whatever it was, it was invisible - no doctor could see why we were itching so bad. A friend told us if there's too much sugar in your system it can cause itching. We finally remembered about our Rife 101 and we both used the Rife machine on the Itching Program AND the Diabetes Program, and, instantly the itching stopped. We run the programs 2-3 times a week (and gave up eating all those sweets we loved - double stuff oreos, sweet honey breakfast rolls). This Rife machine is powerful! - Leo G., OK
Lyme Disease:
I have been using the Rife frequency machine for almost two weeks now for Lyme disease. Today I walked down my stairs. I know that sounds like no big deal but considering I haven't been able to walk down stairs without going one stair at a time and holding on to both sides and going very slow....today I walked down stairs not holding onto anything just straight ahead and one foot after the other... one foot on each step. What's more... I wasn't thinking about it before I started downstairs. I can feel the bacteria leaving my body. I can see the marks on my back and arms going away. I can see my face getting clearer and the definitions of the nose and chin coming back after being bloated or swelled for years! My daughter actually told me this weekend that I looked younger and prettier. After six years of suffering and being put off by multitudes of doctors, I am on the way to health. There will be much more to do but I can tell you the machine is the reason for my turnaround. Thank you.
Lyme Disease:
I have Lyme disease which I contracted in 1984. I was diagnosed about 4 years ago (before that, doctors thought I had MS). I have a lot of stress from change happening right now (oldest children, twin boys, going away to college as freshmen and 11 year old daughter going to public school for the first time). Since using the Rife 101 machine, I think I have sensed that I can walk more quickly without getting any tingling in my legs. Also less pain and more energy especially in the morning. I have been using program #314 (Lyme). I appreciate your assistance. Sincerely, Lynn T.
Lyme Disease, Lyme's Disease:
Hello there. I bought the Rife 101 about a month ago and it has literally changed my life. I bought it to treat my Lyme's disease and have had 100% success. - T. Fincher, AR (11-10-11)
Lyme Disease, Twitching:
Lyme takes over your life. Pain, fatigue, discomfort; you can't do things anymore. I had "creepy crawlers" twitching on my cheeks. It was all getting worse. I am so totally angry with the medical community. They don't understand the technology and don't want to know. When I asked my doctor about Rife machines he said "They don't work."
I did research and saw that Rife machines were found to helpful. After much research checking out many machines out there I choose the Rife Model 101. My husband opposed me spending the money but I did it anyway. After using the machine for a short time the problems are so much better and improving by the week. I feel like I am a new person now - it gave me my life back. I noticed the energy level immediately. I am so grateful! - a former Lyme sufferer, Marcia T, IL (10-1-08)
I was diagnosed with MCS in 2003, when the experts were still arguing over what to actually name the phenomenon of anaphylactic reaction to everyday chemicals. There have been a lot of different practitioners using different modalities trying to help me have a normal life. Two of them, a chiropractor and a naturopath, had frequency generators. I tried the Rife 101 my parents just received. I have extreme chemical sensitivities and learned to muscle test years ago for everything. I was very surprised when the only program that got a yes for me was for "tendon and ligament pain, tendonitis." I ran it anyway. Short story, I woke up the next morning in a gout flare. I ran the program once more at 2 minutes and the pain disappeared. The swelling went down over the next few hours and all I have left is some discoloration at the joint. I am sold!!! - C. Hellums, TX (6-23-20)
Gout, Insomnia, Headaches & Sore Muscles:
I've had a Rife Model 101 since 2011 and I just want to say it works really great for insomnia, headaches, sore muscles and gout. - K. Brock, MT (7-30-15)
Very Aggressive Small Cell Cancer in Liver, Lung & Lymph System:
Just before Easter this year (2015) we bought a second Rife Model 101 for my mother-in-law the minute she was diagnosed with a very aggressive type of small cell cancer. She had a mass in both her liver and lungs, and lymph. It was so aggressive, the doctors said they could not cure her, they could only prolong her life about 6-18 months. They were most concerned about the liver cancer, as that would be the worst. Her blood oxygen levels were dropping and she was going downhill fast.

Due to the aggressive cancer, the doctors started her on chemo the very next day, instead of waiting two weeks to fit her into the schedule. She also started the Rife 101 as soon as it arrived. She used the Rife machine everyday - once a day, running both the CANCER and DETOXIFICATION programs.

It's about three months later now, and the doctors say, "IT'S A MIRACLE!!" There is no cancer in her body, not from scans or the blood test. They say she is cancer FREE!!! (Because of the extremely aggressive nature of her cancer, they want to radiation on her brain to prevent the cancer from striking there.) - S. Rausch, WI (7-30-15)
Diabetes Type 2:
A little word on my Rife 101 Frequency machine. My mother-in-law has type 2 diabetes and I told her to try to use my machine if she wanted to try something else instead of just using drugs. She did it every other day for about two months. She went back to the doctor and he said that there is nothing wrong with her. Her diabetes is gone. It's been a year and she had checkup twice already and still perfect. I'm sold on your product. Thanks! Ron from Hawaii - Use Rife auto sequence for Diabetes #198. Use stevia the all natural sweetener, not sugar.
Diabetes, Brown Skin Spots:
I have diabetes and I've been using the Rife machine for that. I've also been running the Nerve program, because my neuropathy is really bad, and I've been running circulation. Well, I've noticed that my brown spots on my arms have faded! I'm not even sure they're there anymore! I feel like a child on Christmas morning! - L. Obaid, NY (9-9-20)
My sugar level has come down. I have cut my meds in half. I want to get off the meds completely. The savings on the cost of my meds alone will pay for my Rife 101. – Robert H, KS (NW, 2008)
Virus, Infection & Mouth Sores:
I purchased a Rife frequency instrument. I had a very serious internal virus infection that I had not been able to control by any means. With large lesions in the mouth, I had to use self-hypnosis to consume food and fluids. Five hours after the first application, all pain ceased, and three days later all lesions had closed. I have been totally free of the virus since. Use Rife auto sequence for Infections #292
Gum Problems, Bleeding Gums:
My gums were bleeding every time I brushed my teeth. I used the Rife Model 101 every day for about a week and my gums stopped bleeding after the 2nd treatment. NOTE - READ URparamount's BLOG POST about the BEST mouthwash for gingivitus, cavities, sore or bleeding gums, sore throat or mouth infections!
Muscle Strain:
My son was lifting weights at the gym and strained his shoulder. He was resistant to trying the Rife 101 machine, but his girlfriend said you better! He did it on his frozen shoulder and it felt better right away after only one treatment, and that was it! - Dawn R., FL
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:
I have been having good results with the Rife Frequency Machine, and I have been using it on my neighbor for carpel tunnel syndrome and she is just about well! Wayne D (3/3/07)
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Wrist and Hand:
My dad was an auto mechanic, always using his hands, and developed severe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. He tried my machine one day (when we weren't using it) and after just one use he had tingling in his hand! He said he hadn't had any feeling whatsoever in that hand for years!! - S. Rausch, WI (7/30/15)
Alopecia, Hair Loss, Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV), Candida, Mold:
My son, 24, went to the hair dresser for hair cut - and found a round bald spot, starting to lose his hair! His general physician said all blood tests were negative, dermatologist said it's an auto-immune disorder that causes alopecia. Primary care doctor ran more tests, rheumatologist tests were all negative and said it's probably stress. He started using the Rife Model 101 on the Alopecia setting, but no results.

I found my way to a lady with an Electrodermal Testing machine - she checks acupuncture meridian points and can see cancer, alzheimer's, etc. I took my son there, and found he has Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV NOTE from Tina Rappaport, URparamount.com & Rife101.com owner: EBV IS RAMPANT - THERE'S OVER 60 KINDS, IT'S THE CAUSE OF MANY MALADIES - WRITE AND ASK FOR MY EBV FILE FOR MORE INFO) and he has a bacteria in his tooth - he's had problems from bad root canal, and lots of heavy metals (he's a car mechanic). The lady said use the Rife 101 for Epstein-Barr.

That's when I spoke with you, Tina, and thank you so much for the reply so quickly. My son is doing really well after one month of the holistic programs you told us about and his supplements. The lady who does the testing said that the Rife 101 played a big part of it! My son did the programs you put together each night - three and one half hours he spent on them. I am so proud he did that, and took all the supplements and gave up foods. What youngster wants to do that? Anyway, he was rechecked Saturday and he needs to do a mold program, a lead, and a cadmium detox, along with candida. He's got heavy metals in him as he works with cars everyday.

Again, Tina, thanks for the new programs. He's been doing them routinely and he's feeling better and his hair is growing back. He'll be doing the food program for another month and will be re-checked in a few weeks. Thank you for all your help, we appreciate it. Thanks again - Rose V., FL (10/26/15 thru 12/10/15)
Many Uses for Over 8 Years, Cold Sores, Warts, Flu, Colds, Burns, Prostate, Inflammation, Back Pain:
I have to admit that this Rife machine is the best... I've owned my machine for almost 8 years now (as of April 2012)! I have seen it work miracles on many things, some my own problems and others! All the way from cold sores to warts, infection, flu, colds, burns, prostate, inflammation, sore muscles, fatigue, back pain, etc. There are many things too long to go into detail here... sometimes all that was needed was one treatment, whereas sometimes two.

My son had the two-week flu a couple of weeks ago... aches and the usual high fever. The next morning I put him on the machine, first the flu, then the fever program. We ran this two times and the next day the fever broke and all symptoms were gone. That true story I witnessed personally.

My personal opinion: if you are brain washed into believing that the only cure is drugs, which were designed to kill... think twice, you'll be glad you did!!! This machine is my baby and I won't sell it nor loan it out!!! It's too valuable not to own... I've saved thousands of dollars over the years!!!
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Breast Cancer:
In my last letter, I told you I had named my Rife unit "Albert." I loaned "Albert" to a lady with breast cancer in June. About the 3rd of July, she reported that her tumor had shrunk 1/3 in size.
Breast Cancer Tumors:
Getting fabulous results with our Rife 101, breast tumors going away. - James K. and wife (10/1/08)
Breast Cancer, Cancer, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia & Scabies:
I had breast cancer 5 years ago and now had some micro-calcification clusters and a biopsy. They said it was pre-cancerous. I only used the Rife 101 and now I'm free of cancer. The Rife 101 also helped others I lent it to with cancer, arthritis and fibromyalgia. My friend got scabies from a blanket and went two weeks with no sleep from that - used the Rife 101 and boom - gone. It's really an incredible little machine and so easy to use. All my friends are buying them now because I don't want to lend mine out so much! E.W. (4/10/14)
Pancreatic Cancer, Kidney Function:
We heard about the Rife machine and decided to get one. We Googled and searched for all kinds of information and finally decided to purchase the Rife Model 101. It seemed the best and the price was reasonable. My husband spends 3 hours per day on his Rife machine (this isn't so bad, he likes to watch TV anyway!). This unit is portable (we've never had a problem at airports or on cruises at inspection sites), customizable and very easy to use. We did change his diet to severely limit sugar, red meat, wild caught fish, no chemicals, no GMOs. We also started Essiac Tea, vitamin C, enzymes, other supplements and we got a water ionizer. Nine weeks after starting on the Rife 101 his stage 2B (inoperable) pancreatic cancer went into remission. A year and four CT scans later, still no sign of cancer. Another year and still cancer free! Then about six months later, they found a golf ball size tumor in his pancreas. He did have chemo and did the Rife 101 every day for 3 months and it's gone. The doctor is shocked and said it'll probably come back in 6 months. It's 2 more years now (5-23-12) and he's clear of cancer. His kidney function is coming back too, which is totally unexpected from 25 up to 40 (50 is normal) and the doctor said, "Whatever you're doing, keep doing it!"
11/20/15 UPDATE: He is doing great....got his latest blood work back & his numbers are better than ever!
12/30/15 UPDATE: Bob is still doing great and his tests are great! Happy New Year Tina Rappaport! (Rife user since 2009 - Pancreatic survivor)
3/28/18 PANCREATIC CANCER UPDATE: Thanks again....Bob is doing great. He is actually healthier than he was 20 years ago!!!
1/30/20 It's been 12 yrs since pancreatic cancer, he continues to go every 6 months for check ups - blood and pancreatic cancer. OK - all clean - L. Graves, FL 3/28/18
Cancerous Tumor:
About my friend with cancer...WOW, it will be 3 weeks tomorrow that she started with Rife treatments. She did take 2 chemotherapy treatments, but she knows that the Rife 101 is making the crucial difference. The tumor on her arm has gone from the size of a golf ball and looking horribly inflamed and red, to the size of a marble and dark, with no redness anymore. I think it will be gone in another 3 weeks. I am so happy to have the machine. I am just so happy! Thank you. Elizabeth K, OH (5/21/06)
Has improved his eyesight, needs far less insulin. - Ray S.
Neck Pain, Stiff Neck:
I had terrible neck pain. My neck was stiff and swollen and it affected my whole head and ears. An MRI didn't show anything. Nothing worked. Then I got the Rife 101 Frequency Machine and THAT helped! - Darlene F.
Parkinson’s Disease:
Hi, I have been using the Rife 101 for 3 plus months now. I have Parkinsons Disease. I have found that people can understand me so much better even on the phone. Before using the Rife 101 no one could understand most of what I was saying because my speech was very bad. I also have much more energy and am more stable on my feet. I feel it is all because of the Rife 101 because nothing else has changed in my life. Thanks for all your help. Sincerely - E.P. Giroux (NW, 2008)
Parkinson's Disease, Shaking:
I just wanted you to know that we have good experience with a man using the device. He has Parkinson's Disease and his hands have been shaking all the time. After the first session with the Rife 101, the shaking stopped. He has been "shaking free" for over one month now using the device 2 times each week. - Best regards, Vidar in Norway
Parkinson’s Disease:
Since using the machine my husband is feeling better. Able to turn over, not stooped over, Feeling overall well. – Karen B. (NW, 6/2015)
Joint Aches, Pains & Stiffness
I feel a significant difference using your custom program #100. Stiffness and joint aches seem to have eased up. Seems like the more I use it the better I feel. - B. Carrique, VA 3-13-18
I have had bad headaches all the time for years. I would go through bottles of aspirin and other medications trying to get relief. I started using the Rife machine on the headache program #260 and very soon no headaches. What a joy to not have my head hurt!
Stage IV (Stage Four) Lung Cancer:
My niece started using the Model 101 Rife machine when she was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. She used it 3 times a day, every day. It's now 4 years later and she is cancer free! - S. Rausch, WI (7/30/15)
Kidney Stones, Colds:
I get kidney stones. Last time I stopped passing urine around 9 pm. I decided to use the Rife machine until I started passing urine again. Over the next two weeks I continued using the machine 3 times a week, and in 2 weeks, no problem - it was fixed. I also use the Rife machine right away if I get the sniffles and feel a cold coming on - I use it right away and it stops. Very happy using it since 2016. #8285, CA (1-18-20)
Eyesight Improved:
A friend reported that her friend, who is 91, got his Rife 101 for his eyes. He had not been able to drive for 2 years. The Rife 101 helped him so much, that he got his license again AND a new car! - E.W., TX (7/15/15)
Eye Inflammation, Eye Pain, Eye Redness:
Hi Tina...im really having some bad reactions...you know I requested your eye program because two days ago my eye was inflamed with blood vessels and pain periodically...i used the program and put electrodes, on my temple...used the program twice that day...soon after the pain was getting better...the tiny blood vessels were getting smaller...The third day...no more redness, no pain...Wow my rife is working! - R. Mathis, OK (6-29-18)
Disks, Discs, Spine & Back Pain:
My wife says that the Disk Program works wonders on her spine pain. E.H., AK (5/8/12)
Lower Back Pain, Leg Pain, Lymphatic Cancer, Leg Pain, Muscle Spasm & Pain:
I bought my Rife 101 Energy System in May 2009. I was ready for a wheelchair. It saved my life. The pain in my lower back had been getting worse and worse. I saw 3 orthopedic specialists. They gave me cortisone shots into my S.I. joints (sacroiliac). I used ice and heat, nothing worked. I took Epsom salt baths, but it just kept getting worse and worse. Then, God was watching over me and did me a favor. My son had a plumbing problem and the plumber was about my size and my age but very active and nimble so my son asked him how does he stay in such good shape, and the plumber told my son about the Rife 101 machine. He too had back problems, and a friend of his, whose wife used it successfully for lymphatic cancer, gave him some treatments and he was 50% better in just one day. He used it again the next day and his pain was almost gone. That's when I got my machine. I'm 71 and after just about 4 treatments, I was playing 18 holes of golf again and even started doing aerobics. This machine is just incredible.

My neighbor also used the Rife 101. His worst problem was with his leg, and in just 4 or 5 days he was up and walking normally. The throbbing, pain, inflammation and muscle spasms were gone.

And another friend, a 75 year old lady was in tears from pain, and now she's so active! This Rife 101 is really just amazing! I've used it for so many things over the years and I continue to recommend it to everyone! Thank you for being there! - Larry O, TN (7-7-15)
Skin Cancer, Digestion Problems, Parasites:
I have skin cancer and I'm working with a naturopath doctor. I also have high lead and arsenic levels along with digestion problems, parasites and probably Lyme Disease...I borrowed my sister's Rife 101 machine, and I had such good results that I ordered my own. - D. Reinke, WI (8-24-20)
Skin Cancer, Melanoma, Chronic Sinus Issue, Knee + Joint Pain, Chondromalacia Patella:
I'm a retired electrical engineer (78) and very early in my life I actually met Royal Raymond Rife's partner, John Crane! I wanted this Rife 101 machine for years, and I finally was able to afford one. I've had black spots on my forearms from too much sun exposure for quite some time - they said it was melanoma. I got the Rife machine about 4 weeks ago and I've been using the Custom Comprehensive Cancer program that was programmed in specially, followed by the Detoxification program, alternating days with running the Infections + Detox program. Well, those black spots? I was quite surprised when they just simply fell off in the bath!! They're all gone! In addition, I've been plagued by stuffed sinuses for decades...I ran the special Coronavirus custom program and I experienced a strange sensation - gobs of mucous broke loose and trickled down my throat - my sinuses were clear and have stayed clear - they're better than they've been in decades. I also was walking with a cane and could hardly walk - my knees were bad (Chondromalacia Patella) and could hardly walk. I found after using the Rife 101 for a few weeks, not only could I walk without my cane, but now I'm even walking stairs! I'm really impressed with this machine! - J. Erdahl, TN (6-1-20)
Skin, Cancerous Spine Lesions & Pancreatic Cancer Survivor:
Customer told us the Rife 101 is helping his friend a lot. He has lesions on his spine and his numbers are coming down. He has brown spots (maybe skin cancer) on his face and they are going away. The doctors were going to do chemo on him, but his numbers keep improving so they are holding off. (Rife 101 user since 2009 - Pancreatic Cancer survivor!) - R. Graves, FL (7-22-15)
Kidney, Prostate, Prostatitis:
I had an excruciating pain in my back for about 2 weeks that the back pain program was not helping. No one could help lift me from the bed because they would do it too fast and there was too much pain. I had to get up myself VERY VERY slowly. I had also developed an occasional strong pain in my groin. I suspected maybe the back pain was really kidney pain, and the groin pain was prostate problems (prostatitis) because I had discomfort when urinating. I ran both the Kidney and Prostate programs at night and the next day it was quite a bit better and I am continuing to run those programs and continuing to improve - without going to the doctor! - J. Anyog (7-26-15)
My email to you is overdue to thank you. I am the very happy owner of the Rife Model 101 Rife Machine, which I bought in October 2009. I had been using my friend and neighbor's Rife Machine (which she bought from you) for about a year previously. By the time my machine arrived, it was like resuming an old and trusted friendship, I was so familiar with it. Because I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I used and still use the treatments instead of many and various drugs offered me. I have used it so extensively that I have worn out the self-adhesive flexible pad electrodes, which I would like to replace. I wanted you to know how wonderful I know this machine is. Yours in health - Marilyn M
Todd's Paralysis Syndrome, Head Injury, Seizures. Stuttering & Fibromyalgia:
I want to thank you for sending me the miracle machine. I could barely walk, talk and could not drive previous to purchasing your 101 Rife energy machine. I am walking, driving, and most of all smiling again! It really should be called the miracle machine. I was in a serious car accident and sustained multiple head injuries which resulted in a seizure disorder, Todd's Paralysis Syndrome and also Fibromyalgia. My health continued to get worse and I lost my business, my house and myself due to the intense loss of quality of life I experienced! Now I can walk, talk without stuttering and haven't had a seizure in 4 weeks. I feel so much better and am getting better every day! Again you should call this the miracle machine! It is so amazing!!! Bless you and everyone who genuinely is trying to make a difference in peoples' health! - Love, Karen, AZ
Sprained Ankle Joint:
I had a sprained ankle and could barely walk on my right foot. Got it massaged and adjusted by chiropractor same day - it was sore and I crawled into bed and could not walk on it at all. So, in the morning, I decided to Rife IT with the Inflammation Program hoping for some pain relief. I did the half hour program on my ankle and to my surprise - the ankle was good as NEW!

I am in amazement at how effective the Rife Machine is and I look forward to using it for other imbalances in my system. I have been proactive with my health because quality of life is important and maintenance is part of the program. This Rife machine ROCKS!! (Rife 101 user since 2011) - Joan, Moorpark CA (6/13/12)
Parasites in Colon, Bacteria, Diarrhea, Rectal Itching:
A 75 year-old man reported with stomach pains, recurring diarrhea, rectal itching and insomnia. A stool test revealed various abnormal bacterial forms. After two Rife machine treatments at twice weekly intervals he reported that he was symptom-free. A stool test one month later was negative.
Use Rife auto sequence for parasites #344
Plenty of Parasites:
Worms! After many doctors not believing I had parasites, and none of their medications or enema protocols helping at all, I found about the Rife frequency technology and ordered one from Tina Rappaport. Tina put together a Parasite Protocol for me that included various general and detoxification programs to augment the Parasite Program. Well, I cannot begin to express how many worms of all sizes have been coming out of me for over two weeks now! Believe it or not, these worms were washed and put in 190 proof grain alcohol which made them shrink up and get darker. I had a belly ache and did another enema and passed more! It's a miracle and I finally feel so much better! God bless you Tina! - Donna M., OR (6-2-12)

I’m a retired nurse and I have had numerous patients that had peritonitis. It’s a terrible thing to have, also to treat. The abdominal incision must be left open for drainage purposes and the wound has to heal from the inside out. When I found out that my son-in-law had it following a huge abdominal abscess, I knew I had to go and help out with not only his many abdominal dressings but also with my Rife 101. I was so glad that he was willing to let me help him. When I took him back to the surgeon who operated on him, his doctor was absolutely amazed at how quickly he was heling up. He could hardly believe his eyes. My son-in-law was also was amazed. That little machine is worth its weight in gold. I wouldn’t sell it for anything if I was unable to get another. Thank you for supplying this little machine to those who are in severe need. It’s a God-send!! – J. E. Crowder (NW, 2008)
Food Poisoning, Salmonella, Bronchitis, Pain & Brain:
Comments: The Rife 101 has some remarkable abilities but because I take lots of supplements and have a fairly healthy life to begin with, I have had few chances to really test the full ability of the 101. But when it comes to food poisoning, like salmonella, you actually feel it work within 10 minutes or so of the routine. Bronchitis is the other standout. Had a new restaurant open near us and it put out lots of smoke right at us. The bronchitis would keep reinfecting me. But each time, I used the Rife 101, it would kill it in minutes and the relief would be amazing, but within a half hour to hour, I would have the condition come back. But I kept using the Bronchitis program when it came back and gave my body the chance to heal enough to experience a change in the air pattern to take the smoke elsewhere. We moved soon after. I have no doubt that many other routines would work great if I ever needed them but I have not. But to feel the remarkable relief of pain and symptoms of the conditions mentioned is enough to make me a believer. I also use several individual frequencies that operate in the Alpha and Beta ranges of the brainwaves, using channel 126: 10 hz, 129: 15 hz and 131: 20 hz for stimulation and alertness. Try it. It's pretty cool. - S. Irving, ME (4-15-12)
Hip Pain, Gout:
Just wanted to share a couple of things with you after we started using the Rife 101 Energy System. For myself, I was having hip pain for a couple of years. I didn't really want to go to the doctor or get a hip replacement but that is how bad it felt. I was praying about it and a few months later my Dad had gotten a machine for my mother who was ill. I decided to try it not thinking it would do any good at all. I tried the "Hip Pain" program the first day and didn't really notice anything. The 2nd day I thought maybe a little better but not really thinking anything was working. The 3rd day and then the 4th and 5th days in a row seemed to take away all the pain. I couldn't believe it. Then I thought it would come back but it never did. I talked my husband into getting one for his GOUT not knowing it would help him. When he had an attack, we tried it and after 3 consecutive days it was almost cleared up which was amazing because it could debilitate him for weeks before. We have been using it for almost 3 years now. Thank the Lord for a great machine!!! And the people that make it. (Rife 101 user since November 2011) K Dunning, WY
Arthritis Pain:
My mom was having a lot of pain in her left ankle and foot. Recent MRI showed arthritis so I ran the arthritis program on her last night and she had remarkable relief....none of the pain meds did that. We will continue to run it once a day on her. - C. Johnson, NC (9-12-19)
Fatigue, Lyme Disease & Arthritis:
I had problem with extreme fatigue possibly from Lyme disease. I also had arthritis affecting my hands. I don't trust doctors any more from continual bad past experiences. They are drug salespeople, not healers. They want to give me antibiotics that would wipe out my immune system, and insure more future business for them. I have started taking responsibility for my own health and am doing much better. For my Lyme's disease, that I think also caused the arthritis, I used the Rife programs for each. It was like a magic bullet - the pain and problems were GONE in just a few treatments - immediate improvement.

My parents are so naive - they have many health problems but won't use the machine - "it's not FDA approved." FDA works with the drug companies to keep healing things away from you! I am very pleased with the Rife machine. - Jonathan (FYI Rife technology pre-dates the FDA rules, so it's grand-fathered in.)
Back Surgery, Back Pain, Constipation, Allergies:
I recently had back surgery (fused 4 vertabrae) that couldn't be avoided, after which I was working from home. The pain in my back, post-surgery, got so bad, I thought I'd go to the emergency room, but I figured I'd try my Rife 101 machine. I was so much better within an hour! The machine wiped out the pain! Also, post-surgery, I did not fill the prescriptions for narcotic pain killers. I was in the hospital 3 days on their medications. I used the detoxification program on the Rife machine as soon as I got home and once every day for several days after. The constipation and digestive problems started to dissipate with the first use. I ran the DETOXIFICATION program to clean those drugs out of my system. I ran INFLAMMATION too.

My husband uses the Rife 101 machine for his bad allergies - both nasal allergies and skin allergies and it works really great. - G & S Fugler, LA (3-30-20)
UPDATE: Now, I use the Detoxification program every 1-2 days and it makes a world of difference in how I feel! We hope this product stays available for a long time; we don’t want to do without it! - S. Fugler, LA (8-27-18)
Back Pain, Energy Level, Strokes, Depression, Prostate Swelling, Numbness & Warts:
I'm writing this to thank you for the wonderful machine. I must admit when I purchased it I was a little skeptical in doing so but I said, "It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee I could always send it back". Guess what? That won't be occurring. I'm thrilled with it. Yes, the Rife 101 machine does work!!! The machine preformed even better than I expected and has become my best friend giving me a new lease on life!

I've witnessed back pain diminished at first then completely disappear in one session. Of course it will take a few more to get the job done correctly. WOW, my energy levels have soared intensely. My son had warts on the palms of his hands after a few treatments they are gone. I know if it handles warts, which is a virus and a nasty one at that imagine what it could to other nastier ones? I must say, there are 300+ conditions that I'm going to treat even if I don't have them. Preventive measure I call it. Imagine how good I'll feel then!

I've shared with you somewhat my health conditions meaning multiple strokes from the 4th degree burns back in 1999 due to liquid oxygen exploding on my body. Since then I was having severe chronic fatigue, body pain, somewhat depressed, prostate swelling, numbness, and lethargy. So far, each one is taking its course back to health. I've personally witnessed the miracles from the usage of the machine. Each day is now, a most pleasant experience to live! My advice is purchase one as I have done and get back to living once again by getting the nasties out!!! - Thank you, Dale
No Medications:
I used to be on 12 different expensive medications and after using the Rife 101 machine for 60 days do not need any of them any longer. The machine is so easy to use! What a joy to have my life back again. - Barbara
Cold Sores, Warts, Infection, Flu, Fever, Colds, Burns, Prostate + MORE:
I have to admit that the Rife 101 machine is the best...I've owned it for over 15 months now! I have seen it work miracles on many things, some of my own problems and others! All the way from cold sores to warts, infection, flu, colds, burns, prostate, inflammation, sore muscles, fatigue, back pain, etc. Sometimes all that was needed was one treatment, whereas sometimes two.

Trevor had the two-week flu a couple of weeks ago...aches and the usual high fever. The next morning I put him on the machine, first the flu, then fever program. This was ran two times and the next day the fever broke and all symptoms were gone. That true story I witnessed personally.

My personal opinion if you are brain washed into believing that the only cure is drugs...think twice - you'll be glad you did!! That Rife machine is my baby and I won't sell it nor loan it out!! It's too valuable NOT to own... I've saved over $1,000 in doctor bills this year and last year along!! (Rife 101 user since 2005)- D. Reynolds, UT (10/2/06)

2011 UPDATE FROM D. REYNOLDS: I just wanted you to know that my anniversary owning the Prowave was during march 2011. I bought the machine in March of 2005 ; that's 6 years now. I'm simply delighted to have purchased it from you! Over the years I've used the machine everyday for all sorts of things. The machine does work wonders. Who'd ever believe that such a miracle would exist in this universe. My thanks to you!
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Chest Pain, Infection, ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - Lou Gehrig's Disease), Colds, Flu, Immune System:
About 5 years ago I suddenly had trouble breathing and the pain in my chest was horrible. I went to my medical doctor thinking I was having a heart attack. After an EKG and a few other tests, I was told I had an infection in my chest cavity and was to go home and rest. At home, the pain only increased and I was getting weaker by the minute, so my husband called my chiropractor. In his office he didn't know what else to do and decided to try this machine he had purchased that he and his wife were experimenting with. My husband had carried me into his office and after the treatment the pain was gone and I walked out on my own. The machine was a Rife Model 101 machine. It wasn't long and we had one of our own and it cost less than funeral expenses!!! Then I got the ALS diagnosis and ran program #121 (ALS/Lou Gehrig's) for 21 minutes on my hands and feet did the trick. I don't go far from my machine now as the disease has affected my immune system and it takes care of everything from colds to flu for me. It definitely is my "miracle machine". The way I look at it I'm still here for a reason and if I can help anyone else in any way I am willing to do it. God's Blessings, Jan J.
Breathing, Cough, Mucous:
The very first day I got the Rife 101 I was able to breathe in the evening! Previously I'd start coughing with mucous and difficulty breathing by about 7 or 8 in the evening and was not be able to get to sleep until about midnight. The very first day I had no coughing or mucous and could go to sleep about 9 pm! And, there was a storm coming, which always makes it worse - but not this time! Not only did I go to bed earlier, but I slept longer and more sound too - I only woke up once about 6 am to go to the bathroom. It's my life saver. - Rose H, PA (12/20/14)
Rife 101 Frequency Machine, Infections, Feeling Better All the Time:
The Rife 101 machine came at a perfect time! I had just started a total cleanse earlier that day. I got started that very day and I haven't stopped. I probably did far too much since I spent the first few days sleeping between treatments. I have used the program for Infections for the past two days. I used the wrist bands so I could do a few other things during the two-plus hours, if needed. I discovered that I could unplug and move from one spot to another. I feel sure that the machine is working for me. Today I feel pretty good (10 days later) for the first time in months...really for a couple of years. I have not been able to do the things I needed to do. I plan to keep "Rifing", needless to say. - Pat M, (11/10/08)
Congestive Heart Failure CHF, Edema, Swelling:
Hello, I use my brother in law's Rife 101 machine, I was wasting away in a nursing home with, CHF feeling bloated all the time with weak and swollen knees. I had to use a walker to get around, after two weeks of the edema program, I walk around almost as good as when I was younger and don't fear stairs anymore. I am a true believer in this remarkable machine!!! - Jim V. (12/18/14)
Edema, Swollen Ankles:
The Rife Model 101 I bought from you a year ago has really helped my Edema. My feet and ankles were swollen so bad I could hardly get my shoes on! I've used it daily and the swelling has gone down. I'm able to put my shoes on and I can tie them too! Thank you so much! - N. Rape, NC 5/9/18
Cancerous Tumor on Neck and Throat Cancer, Ocular Cancer, Toenail Fungus, Broken Bone, Bone Trauma:
My daughter-in-law's father had a cancerous tumor on his neck and throat, big as a football. "Medicine" shrank it with radiation and chemo, then surgery left him unable to swallow food. He was better for a while and then, as you would expect, it came back with a vengeance. Some of his friends begged him to try the Rife 101 machine. He was reluctant but let his wife and daughter use it on him, along with some supplements and a high pH mineral drink through his feeding tube. The cancer went away and his doctors were astonished - they couldn't find a trace of it. Seventy years old and he was back in his garden, up on the roof making repairs, driving his tractor, etc. Then the family slacked off on all of it and the cancer came back. He hated the tube in his stomach and his scarred neck and throat. His family tried to convince him to let them start back on the supplements and the Rife machine but he said no, he'd absolutely had enough. He died. But I knew how well the Rife machine worked. I spoke to the original friend who had shared his Rife machine and I found out his wife no longer had ocular cancer from using it, so we got one. My husband had toenail fungus and it appears to be gone and the nails are growing out forming healthy tissue where the fungus once was. We both use the Rife 101 everyday for something. I broke a chip off the end of my ankle bone, the bone on the outside. I used the Rife machine every day for bone trauma, fracture and bruises. It's been just over two weeks and I'm walking pretty well. I think using the machine every day has cut my recovery time in half. Thank you again, from another happy user - Laura, FL
Rheumatoid Arthritis. Swelling, Stiffness, Skin Bruising, Blood Pressure, Back Pain,:
I accept my "new lease on life", after constant pain and mental despair! I was an articulate, vibrant public speaker at age 29, that called for traveling all over the world. My battle with RA had become an unending nightmare by the age of 38. It was debilitating and gnarled my hands into a distressing deformity, limiting my ability to move my wrists. Swollen, stiff, week knees limited my walking mobility as well. High doses of cortisone injections over time were causing my hair to thin, my skin to bruise easily and my blood pressure to soar through the roof. I was becoming physically unrecognizable to myself and the painful reality of my once budding career was that it was vanishing before my eyes. It was depressing, to say the least. I was robbed of my talents as I struggled to live within my economic means of disability funds. I had never felt so disconnected from society.

A visit to a new doctor had opened a door of hope, but it didn't work. He put me on a drug combination of a corticosteroid drug coupled with a synthetic disease modifying anti rheumatic medication. The side effects of the two were disastrous. My blood pressure began soaring again and ulcers had developed in my stomach and duodenum. Depression though, was my worst nemesis. I was mentally and physically drained from so many years of pain and disappointment.

Then my friend told me he had just purchased the Rife 101 machine and told me all about it and how it had benefitted his back ailments; and out of sheer desperation, I agreed to give it a try. He brought the Rife 101 machine the next day and I loved the tingly sensation, as though a rhythmic flow of energy was going through my body. I felt revitalized and hopeful! My friend came back every night until I could purchase my own Rife machine and within three months I was thriving once again - even planting flowers! I was able to go to the local Y for water therapy and afterwards I'd go for a walk! I changed my diet and ate better, drank more water and I continued with treatments every evening. After daily treatments for the past three months, I can honestly say that I am feeling better every day walking more with less pain and have begun typing my notes for my first speaking engagement in a loooong time - in Honolulu!. I thank my friend every time I see him for having introduced me to the Rife 101 that has helped me to literally get back on my feet and pursue my dreams. - Elizabeth, IL
Broken Bone, Pain & Strep Throat - Streptococcus:
My husband broke ribs on the weekend. He's a strong guy and works hard, but he was in a lot of pain. Knowing that they don't tape up ribs like they used to due to the chance of pneumonia, we were going to wait until Monday to see the doctor. Charlie used the Rife 101 machine on the Bone/Broken and Pain programs and in ten minutes - he couldn't believe it and said we wouldn't - but the pain was GONE. My adult daughter also had a great experience. She seemingly had strep throat - pus filled tonsils, couldn't swallow, very painful, felt awful and she couldn't get to a doctor right away. I brought the Rife 101 over to her and she ran it on the Streptococcus Program right away. Within a half hour she could swallow, felt incredibly better, was able to get out of bed and get dressed. She continued for three days of treatments and was totally better without antibiotics!! Shirley, TX
Strep Throat Infection:
I had a painful strep infection in my larynx. The Rife 101 took it away in a few minutes. – Kara J. (NW, 2005)
Throat, Tonsils:
My grandson had a swollen throat for over 2 years with swollen tonsils and adenoids. The doctors wanted to remove them, of course. I have him one Rife 101 treatment and within a day it was gone. - R Sommers, KS (9-10-19)
Trigeminal Neuralgia, Pain:
A 70 year old with trigeminal neuralgia.....pain so intense he'd stopped eating and was having trouble walking. He used the automated frequency sequence of the conditions list for this affliction and 1 hour later the pain was reduced to a dull ache. His wife observed that his eyes looked brighter. She phoned the next day and thanked me for his Ukrainian Xmas eve present. He was wandering around the house singing to his Pavarotti records and has no pain. They tell me people with this affliction have tried to commit suicide because of the unrelenting pain. To date he is still pain free.
Trigeminal Neuralgia, Pain:
I purchased my machine in the summer of 2006. I purchased because I was experiencing a severe attack of Trigeminal Neuralgia. The pain was so intense that I was on three different kinds of very powerful medications, I suspected that continuous use of the meds would likely result in serious side effects so I was looking for something that would give me relief and get me off the meds. I decided to try the Rife 101 along with chiropractic adjustments to the upper cervical region of my head and neck area. I also was seeing a Homeopathic MD. Using the machine at first did not do much for me but when I called the seller I was advised to use the machine more frequently, and that I should also try several programs that related to nerves and their functions. I did and today I am pretty much free of the pain and take no meds on a regular schedule for the problem. - Fred S. (4-30-07)
Nerve Repair, Shaking, Tremors, Stress:
My friend (in Florida) is a distance healer and she focuses on me in Indiana. I was shaking and stressed out. My nerves were shot. I was having tremors from the stress of taking care of my mother and husband who had both been sick. AND, my mother-in-law was emotionally abusive. My friend in FL was using her Rife 101 and focusing to sending her energy thoughts to me while we were both on Facebook. I got so tired I had to go to bed and I felt good - I even slept better than I'd slept in a long time. We continue to do this when things get way too stressful, and it works. - Claudia, IN
Tic Douloureux:
I have had this problem for over 30 years. The pain in my jaw comes on very quickly. The Tic woke me up at 5 in the morning. I started running the Rife 101 and within an hour the pain was gone. No other treatment has ever helped. This was a first. – Corey M. (NW, 2005)
Spastic Dystonia - Paralysis & Dysfunction of the Vocal Chords:
Several years ago, something shocking happened and it left me speechless! I was diagnosed with spastic dystonia, a paralysis and dysfunction of the vocal chords. The same condition as Diane Rheem, the PBS radio talk show host. I had to have shots directly into my neck every few months just to be able to speak coherently. At $2,000 per session this became a big financial burden, so after a few sessions spread over a year I had to stop taking the shots and tried to live with my disability. But, being a real estate agent, I needed to communicate. Then one day I woke up and realized I had no sales, no listings, not even prospects-- my business was gone. I was desperate. Then someone came into my life that changed everything. He was a mental health counselor and Rife practitioner. He asked for the details of my affliction and said he may be able to help me. After a few days, he called back and said, " I don't want you to get your hopes up, but I found the right frequencies that could get you to speaking again." After explaining everything about Rife, the history of his persecution and how his frequencies worked in curing diseases and conditions—it all sounded so great, but then he gave me the best news of all. He was going to give me Rife 101 frequency sessions Pro Bono! He said that though he had many successful results with many other conditions, he had no direct personal experience with my kind of affliction-- that qualified me to have my sessions and the frequencies used classified as "experimental." That meant no charge! The rest is history. After the very first session my voice started to come back! After more sessions I could sing again. It's been a year, no more painful shots and my voice is stronger than ever. Thank you Dr. Rife for this wonderful life-giving technology you have given us. And thank you to my Rife technician, Bruce H., for allowing me to have my voice back again! - Vivian J, FL (April 2015)
I know it sounds crazy, but my mom's arthritis seemed to go away after only one treatment! - J.S.
Bruise - black and blue while taking Naproxyn (Naprosen):
TINA RAPPAPORT'S Testimonial (Owner of www.Rife101.com and www.URparamount.com) If you've read MY STORY, then you understand I have a genetic connective tissue disorder that causes my joints to "slip around" too much, causing pain and inflammation. The Rife 101 manages all this quite well, however, it seems I also developed a frayed biceps tendon over time that was quite problematic. It caused minor dislocations continually re-injuring the arm. Went to a doctor for this (the first time in about 20 years) who wanted to do a Cortisone shot, but admitted that the cortisone could "soften and weaken the tendon", so, instead, I agreed to try a one month course of the pharmaceutical drug Naproxyn, with all of it's side-effects listed: increased chance of stroke, heart attack, bruising and much more. The theory was that if we could lower the inflammation, fluid and pain enough, I could have physical therapy, strengthen the muscles and it would hold everything in place reducing the chances of further injury. I agreed. After about 10 days on the medication twice per day, I developed a black & blue mark on my right calf - not from a bang - it was growing by the minute! After a couple of hours it was creeping from the back of my calf around to the front and would soon encircle my leg!!! It was about 8 inches high! I got the Rife 101 out and put one electrode above the bruise on the back and one below on the front. I ran the BRUISE program. I ran it a couple more times and again during the night. In the morning, even I was amazed! 90% gone! The bruise was reduced to a small area and there was no residual green/purple/yellow that usually happens with bruises! If you have the Rife 101 on hand, you can deal with crazy things like this that happen. - Tina Rappaport, FL 4-29-17
Lung Cancer & Throat Cancer:
Just wanted to send you a big thank you...and let others who are dealing with this awful disease know there is hope! My husband was diagnosed with lung cancer & throat cancer in May of 2005...4 months after my only sister died of lung ...she was only 57. Bob was only 51... they said without treatment he would die 6 months to a year..WITH treatment...he would probably live 2 years... He did the treatment because of me...he didn't want to put me thru it again so soon after losing my sister. I couldn't accept this...I learned of your machine from friends who were into herbs & natural healing. Yes I was skeptical but I didn't care how crazy it sounded or how much it cost.... I didn't want to just give up without a fight. My husband went thru hell ...6 weeks of chemo & 7 weeks of radiation on the lung...7 more weeks of radiation on the throat...and in between all this he did his cancer treatment on the Rife 101 machine. No one knows how bad the chemo & radiation is till you go thru it...... but he did better then most people & I know it was because of the machine. He was never hospitalized or bed ridden...he didn't feel good for sure but he was still up & going...no one could believe it! Myself included because my poor sister was so sick she couldn't get out of bed..... I only wish we would of known of this machine before she passed.... It's been a long 15 months for us but my husband is now free.....the doctors seem to be amazed!! I know this was the answer to my prayers..... I do it myself & I don't have cancer & hopefully never will. So all I can do is say thank you. Thank you!!! Take Care! God Bless!!! - Karen
Nerves in Teeth:
I went to the dentist yesterday and the drill was used on two teeth. Eating was a difficult task after as my nerve endings were all very sensitive. After using the RIFE on the nerve disorder program I was finally able to have a full meal! - Sakina R, HI (3/12/12)
Dental Infection, Teeth & Ear Infections, Immune System:
I have mainly been using my Rife 101 Energy System for dental and ear infections, attaching the pads to the soles of my feet (as my wrists ache so badly when I apply the pads there) even though I am mainly focused on upper body issues. I have also been doing the detox programs regularly, plus fungal and inflammation, as I am trying to boost my immune system. When I had a QXCI session back in July 2014 I had a negative 9 reading for immunity. YIKES AND GADZOOKS!! When I had a 2nd QXCI session just a few weeks ago on New Year's Day, my immunity had come up to 20 - at least I am out of the minus numbers now! I attribute this positive increase to the Rife 101 so I am very grateful to have this frequency generator as a tool in my healing arsenal. Carol A, MI (1-26-15)
Tendonitis, Pain, Inflammation, Focal Dystonia, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:
We have fallen in love with our machine. My husband, who is a professional pianist, and, some days, plays/performs piano for hours, and has found the Rife 101 to be very helpful in resolving the forearm soreness that comes from long hours of performance. His soreness/pain comes from overuse, similar to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Some doctors have called this focal dystonia, brought about by overuse or injury to certain muscles, common to athletes, musicians, dancers, etc. My husband's case is "minor" focal dystonia because he is still able to play (with pain). In other cases, of (major) focal dystonia the person has to stop performance all together with little or no recovery possible. My husband uses the hand-held electrodes to treat both arms/hands but occasionally he will use the pads to treat one arm at a time. He usually does only a session a day (tendonitis), but when his schedule is more open he will do several sessions (inflammation, tendinitis, detox). The Rife 101 Energy System has been such a wonderful addition to our health regimen. We really love it and have been showing to several of our friends already. - C Goettemoeller, CA 1-20-17
Skin Cancer on Nose:
My husband's grandfather had this machine. They used to own an alternative medicine place with migun beds and ionic foot baths. My husband said he saw the Rife Model 101 cure a woman's cancer lesion she had on her nose with this specific Rife machine. - R. Fernandez, NM 1-14-17
Skin Bumps, Cysts, Candida and General Use:
I had with skin bumps and cysts. I've been using the Rife 101 Energy System 5 weeks now and I am astounded at the results. I'm almost 90 years old, and I've been using many different Rife machines for 30 years. My last one was so old it just fell apart. This Rife 101 is the best I've used and is so easy to use and I'm getting such great results, also with candida! - M. Sharon, AZ 6-27-14
Shingles (caused by the Herpes Zoster):
I didn't know what to do. I drove 45 minutes to the doctor, got expensive medication, took it and it didn't help. They then said it could take two to four weeks. I heard about a Rife machine but I didn't really think would work for me but I was desperate to try something. I got the Rife 101 Bio-Frequency Machine and I gave it a chance with nothing to lose. After one treatment the itching and pain stopped shortly after the treatment was done. I did another treatment the next day, and the blisters were almost all healed by the next morning. Now I am a real believer in this machine. It's a machine that can help everybody. This Rife machine is a miracle - every body should have one. - Walter
Shingles Just STOPPED:
I started with some rib pain and brushed it off to Ehlers-Danlos Hypermobility joint condition I have. Sometimes the connective tissue can get inflamed and I had been under stress and traveling, lifting suitcases, etc. Well, as soon as two 1/2" blisters popped up, I knew what it was - my friend is a nurse and he verified I was at the beginning of a shingles outbreak. I use the ProWave Rife 101 for 48 hours straight on Shingles (I can teach you how to run it all night long) and don't you know, the shingles just stopped. Just stopped progressing. I continued using the Shingles program (same frequencies as the Herpes program, as Shingles is in the Herpes family of viruses) 2-3 times a day. I only had the two small spots and they never even really blistered. A week later it was all gone. My friend (the RN) said it was the lightest case of shingles he'd EVER seen. I was amazed, and I'm the owner of this website and the ProWave Rife 101 distributor!!! - Tina Rappaport (May 2014) Contact me here.
I recently had Shingles for the third time. The first two times I didn't have the Rife 101. I woke up with some blisters down the side of my face and around my ear. I immediately got my Rife 101 and put in the shingles program. About half way through the program it stopped itching. The blisters took 2 or 3 weeks to totally go away, but it did not hurt, itch or spread after I used the machine. I couldn't believe it, but I was thrilled! - A. Rubino, NH (3-1-19)
Nut Allergy:
Remarkable results! The most dramatic was a 24 year old with a life threatening allergy to nuts. Any accidental contact with his skin would cause that part of his body to swell and if he ingested anything with nuts in it his throat would swell up and suffocate him. He carried a syringe with him wherever he went. After his 1st treatment he got up from the chair and asked for peanut butter. He took a microscopic dab of it on a knife and touched it to his lip. He said that normally within 30 seconds his lip would swell up. He said that normally in 30 seconds he'd be in mortal danger.......5 minutes later no reaction.
Doctor Machine, Eyes, Colds:
I've been using my Rife 101 machine for several years now, and I just love it. I call it my doctor. Anything that bothers me, I just hook up to that machine and whatever it was is fixed! I use it when my eyes get tired from reading, when I feel a cold coming on. It always works. I call it my doctor machine! - J. Boffi, RI (3-13-20)
Colds, Hearing, Hemorrhoid Pain, Muscle Strain & Allergies:
I found out about the RIFE 101 machine by visiting this web site. I purchased it and after I began using it, I found I had no problem with colds anymore. I also have a hearing problem, and after using the Rife machine, noticed that it was preventing my hearing from worsening.

Other family members have had success with the use of the Rife 101 as well. My wife, who had been skeptical of the validity of the machine, was amazed to find that it helped her with the relief from the pain and discomfort from hemorrhoids in just one treatment. Our grandson, who plays on the local football team, received a muscle strain injury during practice one day. He was advised that he would not be able to play for 4-5 days. Later, he came to our house with his football buddies, and we gave him a treatment from the Rife 101. To his adviser's surprise, he was back playing football before the four days. We have begun to take the RIFE machine with us every time we visit family members. We've found it helps greatly with allergies from which some of our family members suffer. - James, MT (10/2/08)
Bunion, Influenza, Type II Diabetes & Asthma:
My husband and I have been extremely well pleased with the Rife 101 Frequency Machine, having used it for several different ailments. One of the most dramatic recoveries was a bunion at the base of my right great toe which had become quite painful no matter how wide a shoe I bought. I felt relief with only one session, then it actually shrank more and more, becoming less red and inflamed as I continued to use the machine. It rarely bothers me now but when it begins to return, I simply go back to the machine again for another "Bunion" session. We have used it to combat influenza attacks, greatly reducing the miserable symptoms and shortening the recovery time tremendously. Because I use it to keep Type II Diabetes in check along with a not too rigorous diet and a little exercise I am able to remain medication free. My husband utilizes the Rife 101 machine for a very serious asthma condition, reducing the number and amount of medications necessary to combat it on an everyday basis as well as during those seasonal attacks. Sincerely - BJK from CA
Edema, Swelling:
I'm 86 and had edema in my ankles and it was red up my leg to my knee. For at least 13 years! I started seeing a difference after the 5th treatment with the Rife 101. My left leg just about cleared up. It lightened up and the swelling went down, the right leg a bit less. Left leg cleared up about 80%, right leg about 50% - it was red as red can be when I started using the Rife bioactive frequency generator. I walked with a waddle and couldn't bend my knees. I also used the Nerve Damage program one time - and my aide said, "Hey did you notice you're walking better??" - Flossie, FL
Fungal Infection, Sinus:
The Rife unit that I purchased did exactly what I had hoped. It effectively eliminated a systemic fungal infection that had plagued me for years. Western medicine could not even diagnose my condition let alone treat it. It was even suggested to me by two physicians that I visit a psychiatrist for my make-believe disease. Now, years later, the Mayo Clinic is stating what I knew to be true, that a majority of sinus infections (sinusitis) are indeed related to fungus.
MRSA, Staphylococcus (Staph Infection):
I thought you would be interested in one of my experiences. I had an operation on one of my eyes, that involved inserting two needles into the eye ball. It was done in a hospital that has a reputation for being one of the cleanest. The operation took over 3/4 hour on the operating table, and was done by a very good doctor. Following the operation, the eye was not healing up right, and several different medications were tried, and all they seemed to do was make the eye worse. The white of the eye looked like fresh ground hamburger. There was a slight improvement when I quit all medication, but the eye was quite sore, and very bloodshot. A few weeks later, I prayed to God for some ideas of how to treat the eye. That night, I awoke at 3:00 am with the message of Staphylococcus. I immediately got up and set up the 'Rife 101' Rife machine to Staphylococcus and put the electrode patches above and below the troubled eye. Later that day, I broke out in a sweat, just like a fever had just ended. I knew the treatment was working. I applied treatments every day for a few days. The pain went away, and the infection was healing. I expect the healing will take a while yet, since the infection was very bad. There is a mutation of the Staphylococcus called 'MRSA', which does not respond to antibiotic treatment. I believe that is what I had. I thank God and Dr. Rife for saving my eye! - Don T, AZ (6/19/09)
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Flu, Hives:
Two testimonials - Very sick from the flu for a day and a half before dragging myself over to our Rife 101 where we have it permanently set up. 36 hours later I was able to eat solid food and it was 72 hours from onset to GONE! Hives - used the Rife, and GONE!! - Pat W.
Adrenal Glands:
Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how I'm doing with the Rife Model 101 system. It is now 2 1/2 weeks that I'm running programs. Just before starting the machine, I got back my test results on my adrenal cortisol levels. Just as suspected, my levels are low all day long except for noon which is borderline. Anyway, I've been running programs for adrenals, inflammation, candida and then finally detoxification. These are my regular programs on a daily basis. I do experience some detox symptoms such as lightheadedness, headaches and nausea. These are not so bad though as I can tolerate them most of the time. The greatest improvement has been my adrenals. I no longer feel so weak in my body and starting to feel somewhat normal. - Christine A, LA (12/1/15)
A friend called me to say he had full blown AIDs after 9 years with HIV. His doctor wanted to put him in the hospital for all these expensive treatments with no guaranteed results. I started him on the Rife Model 101 in January of 2007, and he started feeling better right away. The lesions (possibly Kaposi's Sarcoma?) started disappearing. He went to the doctor 2 weeks ago and his T cells are back up to 500 (they had been 88)! Everything is normal! The doctors won't say he's "cured" but they don't understand what happened because he was basically on his death bed. - William B, FL
Autoimmune Disease and Meniere's:
My problem is chronic autoimmune disease coupled with Meniere's disease. The problem is centered in my ears. I got my Rife machine ahead of schedule. Thanks! I have used it for a week now and have discovered several things. First and most importantly, it appears to help my chronic condition. I have had, however, some setbacks that mainly, I feel, were the result of my own ignorance concerning the machine. The first two days that I used my Rife 101 my condition improved. However, on the third day my illness began to reverse itself. By the fourth day I was no better than when I began. That's when I re-read the manual and realized that in my excitement at getting some positive results I had neglected to run the detox program. I then ran only the detox program for two days and my condition once more improved. - Steve P, AZ (8/18/08)
IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) & Tinnitus (Ringing in Ears):
I use your Rife 101 unit at least once a day. I have IBS and it has helped me so much. My husband uses it for the ringing in his ears. I took the unit with us last week when we visited our son and his family in Phoenix, AZ. I even took it with us to the Grand Canyon! Thank you for this wonderful unit. - Thank you, Violet F.
Intestinal Problems and Energy:
I use the Rife 101 about once a week and I like it very much. It give me a lot of energy which is much better now than it was. It's also helping my intestinal problems and I'm hoping I can avoid surgery on my large intestine. - Marilyn R. (9/18/08)
Nerve Disorders, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS - Lou Gehrig's Disease):
I was developing nerve disorders leading me to believe I was succumbing to ALS. My father having died of that disease some half a century earlier, I supposed I might be genetically disposed to the same thing. Needless to say I no longer suffer from those same symptoms and look forward to my ninth decade unless Jesus gets here sooner. - L. Gottberg, CA 11-14-17
Bug Bites, Insect Bites, Itching:
While attending a bluegrass festival in Palatka, FL we returned to our RV after the music, about 10:30pm. We had been sitting on chairs on a concrete floor in an open-air pavilion (close to the stage!). I was wearing sneakers, socks and jeans - I felt like something may have been crawling around near the back of my knee, so I rubbed my pants, thinking it was just an odd sensation. Well, after a few minutes I realized I was being bit! I pulled off my pants, shook them out, and we found 3 little black ants crawling around. We stopped them fast! BUT I got several bites behind my knee, that itched like crazy, turned red, hot and formed lumps, about 1" each. Used sticky-pad electrodes above and below the bites, on Program 300 Itching/Insect Bites. Worked like magic and I was able to sleep. Ran it again in the morning. It was still red, warm and lumpy, but the itch was almost negligible. So glad I had my Rife 101 with me while traveling! - T. Rappaport, FL 11-10-17
Allergies, Bug Bites, Insects:
I know that a lot of people are skeptical of the rife machine and what it can do to help you. I’ve been using it for a number of years and yet still am amazed by it. Here is my latest story:

I’m currently in the Dominican Republic and have been getting attacked daily by all sorts of insects, most recently on my face! I woke up today with a swollen and red nose as well as most of my forehead, my right upper eyelid and under my eyes as well...miniature bites and throbbing, flaming red...did I mention, ugly?

78 minutes on the allergy program and I was ready to set out for the day! Swelling gone 99.9%. Redness and throbbing and pain completely gone. I’m sorry I didn’t think to take a before picture! Oh - and NO medication needed! - N. Warren, TX (11-16-19)
Parkinson's Disease:
8/2/17: I am working with someone that has Parkinson's and we are starting to see some result's. It's every exciding!

Update 8/11/17: Well the guy (Doug) with the Parkinson's has had to use a walker to get around for over 6 months now, because his feet would trip up and now he is starting to get around without it and his wife told me he has always been down as in not being able to get up and move around that well for a long time and now he (in her words) is up down up down up down up down quite a bit lately, they are getting very anxious to see this happening with him (the hope has begun) lol, that's the part I LOVE to see. I told him he's going to be the Rife 101 poster child, lol. - K. Hand, MO 8-11-17

Blood Cancer, Leukemia, High White Blood Count, Pneumonia:
I'm 91 years old, and in January they found cancer of the bone - leukemia. My white blood cell count was very high. In March I had pneumonia twice and my WBC count was even higher and I wasn't using the Rife machine during this time at all. That's when I started using the Rife 101 and from March to now (July) my blood work improved tremendously - the doctors don't know what I'm doing but they are astounded at my numbers! The pneumonia doctor actually reviewed my records and was very surprised when he realized I'm not on medication and I'm doing so well. - M. Sharon, AZ 7-14-17
Prostate Cancer, Bone Cancer, Lung Cancer:
Dear Tina Rappaport, I am feeling great, a whole new person. So grateful we found you on the web. It has been some time we were in touch (3 months). I had prostate cancer stage 4 which had spread to my bones and slightly to one of the lungs. I can happily report that my health has improved dramatically and am using the Rife 101 on a daily basis. My oncologist is astonished about my recovery. I have not felt it was necessary to tell her what else I was doing to improve and speed along my health because she is dead against any alternative methods. Anybody seeing me now cannot believe the difference since early this year when I was at death's door so to speak. In the meantime, thank you so much. Regards, A. Kamp, UK 7-14-17
Shoulder Pain, Torn Ligaments, Torn Tendons, Sciatica:
I'm so happy, the Rife 101 has helped so much in just a few short weeks. I have partially torn ligaments or tendons in my right shoulder and the doctor wanted to do surgery. He said I could try this first. I've been using the Ligament and Nerve programs followed by the Detoxification program and it's also helped my sciatica. So glad to have found the Rife 101! - E. Araujo, FL 10-22-17
Painful Shoulder:
My grandson had a bad shoulder for a long time. I gave him one session with the Rife 101 and afterward he said "My shoulder doesn't hurt!" It's 6 months later now and it still doesn't hurt. - R Sommers, KS (9/10/19)
Lower Back Pain, Arthritis, Inflammation, Sore Muscles:
I love to dance (Zumba & U-Jam) at the gym for aerobic exercise. Needless to say, dancing in a 63 year old body comes with its aches and pains. When my lower back aches it is hard to enjoy dancing - which is my passion. So I Rife It! I run the Arthritis & Inflammation programs - and miraculously without any Ibuprofen, I am pain free and moving like a youngster (relatively speaking). I put it on my calf muscles when they get sore, too. I just want to keep dancing for as long as I can. Did I mention that I am one of the oldest participants in class - most are in their 30s, 40s and a couple in their 50s. I am so grateful I discovered this phenomenal Rife frequency machine. - J. Kolkey, CA 10-22-17
Itching, Infection & Diabetes:
Because of the diabetes in my body, I have been prone to having many infections. Often I develop a deep itch in my feet or my hands--the kind of itch that can't be reached with general scratching. I first set the Rife machine on itching and nothing happened. Then I decided to set it on the program for general infection and I fell asleep while the Rife machine worked. When I woke up, all of the itching was gone. I know this was not an accident because I have had to do this repeatedly. Praise God for Tina Rappaport and the Rife Model 101 machine. - C.M. (11/18/09)
IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome):
I have irritable bowel syndrome for a few years now. I've tried may new things with the Rife unit. I set it for about ten minutes on a spot at a time. Then more it over a couple three inches and let it run another ten minutes. I do this to about 4 spots on my belly and the next few days I have no problems. Then I have to do it again. But it is so nice not to have to go to the bathroom more than once a day instead of 5 or more times. It has never made me feel sick only better.
I was visiting California, and I was feeling terrible! I was allergic to some trees there. I used my Rife 101 and within 21 minutes I was absolutely a renewed person. I felt like getting up and running! And I'm 78! - very happy user since 2006, D. Dillhoff, AZ 3-16-18
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Depression, Low Energy & Anxiety:
I was listless, despondent, no energy, sad and nervous about everything. I felt totally lifted and thrilled from using the Rife 101. I highly recommend it. The energy frequencies were just what I needed. I use the hand cylinders.
Hearing, Ears:
My hearing got so bad I could hardly hear - someone told me I might have water in my ears, but I used my Rife Model 101 for INFLAMMATION and it was gone after one treatment! I'm a dancer and was in a show and I could hardly hear the music - everyone knew it too! My hearing back after one treatment. - Dawn, FL
I'm doing well! The pain is going away! - Janice O, KS (Oct 2008)
Eyes, Cataracts, Glaucoma, Eye Glasses & Asthma:
I got the Rife Model 101 machine to help with my eyes and lungs. I've had it just five months and my eyes have improved! I just came from the eye doctor and he's delighted the glaucoma in my left eye is stable and I don't need any more tests. But better than that, the cataracts are JUST NOT THERE! AND, I need a new pair of glasses because my glasses are too strong - my eyes improved from using the Glaucoma & Cataract programs. I also developed anxiety-caused asthma and it's so much better now from using the Rife 101 energy system. - Beverly H.
I have been diagnosed as Glaucoma “suspect” (I am 51), my eye pressures are high at L-26 and R-30 (normal range is 8mm=21mm). I started using the setting for Glaucoma every chance I could sit down and use the Rife 101. It has been almost 2 months now and I had my follow up appointment this morning. My pressures have dropped to L-20 and R-25. That may not seem like a lot, but it is. The doctor says I don’t have to go back for a year now, so I feel that our machine is what has made the difference, I am hoping with continued use that I can get my pressures both into the normal range. The alternative is the use of eye drops that have many, many side effects that I do not want to deal with. – Linda (NW, 6-2015)
Cataracts & Retinal Scans:
I bought the Rife Model 101 in September 2015. Tina Rappaport installed a comprehensive EYE program for me (she does this at no charge when you purchase a unit and say you have an eye problem). I went to the eye doctor Dec. 23, about three months after starting on the Rife machine. The cataract that was forming on my better eye, is now nonexistent! The retinal scans on the other eye were improved. My vision has not changed yet, but those results were encouraging. I am hoping that by June, there will be an even better testimonial! I am running the custom EYE HEALTH program that you sent. It is longer than the standard cataract program. I am trying to do twice a day, but some days, I only get one in. I use either the hand held electrodes or put the sticky-pad electrodes on the meridians (front side) by my collar bone/arm joint. Thank you for your help! (Rife 101 user since September 2015)- J. Yalch, CO (1-7-16)
I have a cataract in one eye. It only took a few weeks on the Rife 101 to improve my vision. – J.S. (NW, 2005)
Itchy Eyes, Bacterial Infection, Shigella:
I tried the recommended frequencies and instantaneously my eyes stopped itching! (They were chronically itchy, presumably because of smog, allergies, candida...) I mean they STOPPED itching immediately as in a night and day difference. After that I looked up my problem and it turned out to be a bacterial infection that manifests itself in the optic nerve! I don't know if I did indeed have a recurrent shigella infection or not, but whenever my eyes get itchy I use the "shigella" frequencies on my portable Rife machine and Presto! The itching goes away immediately (even though after six months or so the itching returns). The Rife machine has worked every single time I needed it to for the last three years."
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Tick Bite, Lyme, Parasites, Constipation, Colon Pain & Menstrual Cramps:
The Rife machine is one of the most worthwhile purchases I have ever made. I was a bit apprehensive about purchasing it. However a tick bite with a big bulls eye rash and week long fever quickly reminded me that money cannot be enjoyed without health! I used that machine and to my skeptical family's amazement the rash shrunk by about one third (within the hour!) every time I used it. After about 4 uses the rash was gone! I continued to run the Lyme protocol every day for two weeks. Blood tests show that I have antibodies for Lyme but I do not have the disease!

Also, it has made my life better in many ways. I have tangible evidence that this machine works as it helped me pass an almost two inch parasite the same day I used the parasite protocol! This evidence will be hard for a skeptic to refute. I have used it for constipation and colon pain and it works every time. My wife successfully uses it for menstrual cramps as well. - Joe, Worcester, MA
Perforated Colon, Colon & Parasite Infection:
I am a nurse for over 25 years and became disillusioned with traditional medicine after only practicing for a few years. It seemed to me that medicine was all about time and pushing pharmaceuticals down everyone's throat or whatever port of entry. I knew as time went on that what I was witnessing was really quite archaic even though it was cast as modern. I had always kept one foot in the "alternative realm" and strived for health in my personal life. Many times that was difficult, as it can be for all of us with various struggles that we face. It was while I was attending an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Psychology) course in New Mexico that I was introduced to the Rife machine by another attendee. She felt that she could share with me as we had much in common regarding our outlook on medicine and health. Meaning, we both could see that modern medicine was doing more damage than good with people, particularly those with chronic issues. At this same time my husband was battling what he thought was the flu and ended up in the hospital(click to keep reading) - Linnea B., WA
Sarcoma, Tumors, Stage 3 Cancer going into Stage 4 Cancer:
Have an older Rife 101. Saved my life. Sarcoma, 7 tumors, Stage III Cancer going into Stage IV. Wonderful machine. I bought a second one! - M. Gutierrez, OH 7-7-17
Liver :
My wife has liver cancer and her platelets were low, 30-32. Just doing the liver program (3x/wk for 2 months now and her numbers were improving. When she missed 7 days her platelets went down. We got up to 79! When they got to 60 she and her doctors were ecstatic because they had never been that high. She's still doing it about 3x/week continually with good results.
Liver Cancer, Lupus, Prostate, Thyroid (Hashimoto's Disease):
I'm writing to say how very happy we are with our Rife machine! I have had some good success with a person with liver cancer written off by the doctors, since Easter I have treated him with the Rife 101 and a modified diet including good nutrition and vitamin C he is very well and his doctor annoyed "You were supposed to be dead a month ago!" Yes, unbelievable that his doctor said this. I've been helping this stranger as his daughter asked me for help and what a wonderful reward: HIS HEALTH.

Now I started to help treat my good friend who has had debilitating Lupus for 28 years. After 3 treatments on Mr. Rife and some nutrition (alkaline water vitamins & minerals), she too is running around happy as a lark! My husband with prostate issues getting him up 2-3 times per night has now used the Rife 101 and often sleeps through or gets up only once per night usually around 4 am. My thyroid (Hashimotos Disease) is doing well - I feel so good I am forever grateful to you and my Rife Machine. - Soozie P, Australia (6/4/11)
Oxygen, Rheumatoid Arthritis & Diabetes:
What I really wanted to let you know is, today I received word that I no longer need oxygen at night. To us that is so wonderful to hear, I am jumping for joy.

I had so many problems that I didn't know where to start at so I started with my R-arthritis and my diabetes. They are doing just wonderful and no drugs, again yes. So, then went on to my breathing at night, had to take oxygen along with my Cpap machine. I did the machine for everything I could find on breathing and lungs, now I am oxygen free, what a wonderful feeling to be off that. Thanks so much, Sandra G.
I had sinus problems for years, took expensive drugs that did no good. Used the Rife 101 machine and it cleared it up in ONE session. It changed my life. I have more energy, no endless leaky nose, and can enjoy the outdoors for the first time in YEARS. I now use it for this once a week for prevention.
Swelling, Edema:
Love my Rife 101! I just turned eighty years old June 1st. I am so happy about getting my Rife Machine, I use it for swelling /edema and I love it. I am calling it my Doc in a box! - B. Guillot, AL 10-27-17
Edema, Swelling:
Hello, Tina Rappaport. My son and I are really enjoying the Rife 101 machine. It has helped the swelling and edema in my feet and legs so much. I use it almost daily and I just love it and my son's using it for his prostate. I thank you very very much. - N. Rape, NC 12-4-17
Abdominal Abscesses:
We love the machine, it saved my wife's life in 2012 (My future wife, and each others 1st love from school finding each other thanks to Facebook). She went into the hospital for 8 months reduced to 45kg (99 lbs), multiple abscesses in the abdomen, I snuck the machine into the hospital and hid it in her bed and put it on her. "Remarkable turnaround", the doctors said….none the wiser. THANK-YOU! - A. McKean, Australia 2/12/18
I use the Rife 101 to control my diabetes. I loaned it to a friend for her husband and I had a terrible time getting it back, so I was without it for a while. I like my Rife 101 Energy System very much! - R. Buchholz, SD 11-21-17
General Health Maintenance, Preventative Maintenance:
I was recently diagnosed with an MTHFR gene mutation - wherein my body does not readily Detox due to a Methylation Defect. Along with weekly full body sweats - I run the Detox program on a regular basis to help my body keep in balance. I also run the Infection, & Inflammation programs weekly. I just set up the programs in advance, increase the time parameter, put on the sticky pads and go to bed. I drink lots of alkaline water the next morning with a little lemon. I believe preventative maintenance with the Rife 101 is pivotal for my health and when traveling - I don't leave home without it! - J. Kolkey, CA 10-22-17
Lupus, Candida, Arthritis:
I have a lot of health problems, Lupus, Candida, Arthritis. I am a mess. I have owned a Pro-Wave for over 6 years and it sure has helped my health. - F. Lambert, PA 7/12/15
Cancer, Pain, Inflammation, Arthritis, Bursitis, Sacro-iliac Pain, Back Strain, Back Surgery:
Following is a summary of events regarding my Rife Model 101 Rife Machine. I began being bothered by a pain on the right side of my lower back that started out as a minor discomfort, and then continued to escalate in intensity. My family doctor diagnosed my condition as a minor back strain and prescribed anti-inflammation medication. I had been seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis, and he assured me that nothing was out of place, or needing adjustment.

My condition continued to deteriorate to the point that I asked to be referred to an orthopedic surgeon. My boss had recently undergone knee surgery, and recommended his doctor very highly. I grabbed copies of all my x-rays and proceeded to an appointment where I was told I had some form or combination of arthritis, bursitis, and / or inflammation in my sacroiliac joint; and a cortisone shot was recommended. I had the shot administered, and the pain went away for 3-4 days and then returned. My condition quickly returned back to where it was prior to my cortisone shot.

Ironically enough, I ran into an old classmate at a class reunion, and was exited to find out he was an orthopedic surgeon who had a practice locally, and who agreed to see me. I packed up the x-rays and headed over to see him. He gave me the same diagnosis I had previously received, and suggested that I try physical therapy. By this time I was in so much discomfort, I would have tried anything. I began a program of physical therapy that started out bad, and then got worse. It was quite obvious my body was telling me this was not the answer.

I have always been extremely athletic, playing all forms of sports all my life, and really enjoy the game of golf. My wife and I have owned a timeshare for many years, and we thoroughly looked forward to a week of golf in mid April in the state of Tennessee. While on vacation I spent the whole week alternating between ice packs on my back, and soaking in hot water, to no avail.

Finally back home, while visiting with my son one day, I was fortunate enough to run into a young man who had overcome the same physical hardships that I had happen to me, and who now looked as fit as anyone I had ever seen. He was doing some pretty extensive plumbing work for my son, and I told the young man how envious I was of how he moved around. He told me that six months ago he was in terrible constant pain, and he felt, looked, and walked around like an old man. One of his plumbing customers who I knew quite well, told him about the Rife 101 Machine and how it had placed his wife's cancer in remission, and offered to give this young plumber some treatments. He told me that after only three treatments he felt remarkably better, and went ahead and purchased his own machine.

I immediately contacted this mutual friend who invited me over to his place of business, and offered to give me a treatment on his machine. He hooked up the electrodes and ran the Inflammation program for me and, I swear I experienced immediate relief. I returned for two more treatments, and the transformation was so unbelievable, I immediately ordered my own machine. Within two weeks of treatment on my own machine, my pain was completely gone.

I am now 73 years old, have owned my Rife 101 Machine for over eight years, and have retired and moved to Tennessee where I play golf every chance I get. I thank God every day that I had the good fortune to meet someone who could help show me the way to better health.

I have shared my machine with numerous friends over the years, and have seen a duplication of my results over and over again, and most amazingly, after person after person has tried doctor after doctor without seeing any positive results. I shudder to think what my life would be like right now had I not found out about the Rife Model 101 Frequency Generator Machine, and I highly recommend it to anyone who will listen. If you choose to not keep your machine, the restocking charge is a ridiculously low chance to take ($75 for the free shipping you initially receive) given the results I have seen over and over again. Nobody ever sends their machine back because it works.

Give it a try. All you have to lose is a lot of pain, and that's a good thing. - L. Opatik, TN 3/13/17

Chronic Back Pain:
I became fascinated with Royal Raymond Rife and his work after seeing first hand the amazing effects of the Rife 101 Energy System. It has relieved my friend's chronic back pain for the past two years. Fortunately, I have been healthy and pain free my entire life. Although, I do have family members and friends that suffer from chronic pain and other maladies. I will continue to recommend the Rife Model 101 to friends and family indefinitely. - S. Vernon 11/15/17
Shoulder Pain, Boil, Heart, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Asthma, Sinusitis, Diabetes, Numbness, Knee Replacements & Emphysema:
I had been experiencing nagging pain in my left shoulder for nearly six months. The pain had gotten so bad, that my wife had to rub BenGay on it 3-4 times a day. I also had a reoccurring problem with a painful boil underneath my armpit that added to the dilemma of this gnawing pain. To heighten my discomfort, was the tiredness I had begun to feel all the time from the medications the doctors had put me on, after suffering three heart attacks. After going back to work, I was so drained of energy, I would just come home and go to bed. I needed something more to help with these pains and tiredness. I made the decision to purchase the RIFE 101 machine. I started daily treatments for pain and within three to four treatments, the pain was gone. The painful boil that has been such a troubling discomfort had also begun to heal and has now gone away. I also noticed that the tiredness I had felt for so long, was gone. After I gained more strength from the treatments, I decided to go off the heart medications. I am feeling great and continue to use the RIFE machine every other night now before I go to bed. The only medication I'm on right now is for my blood pressure, and I am working to go off that medication, too. It's so nice to feel this good!

My wife has had tremendous success with gaining more freedom from the effects of COPD, asthma and sinusitis. She first started using the RIFE 101 on a daily basis, and within just a few treatments, her breathing began to improve, and after several more treatments, she did not even have to use the inhalers for the COPD and asthma that had plagued her for so long.

Both of my sisters and their husbands have success stories too. Both sisters had suffered heart attacks. After one sister's bypass surgery, she had lost the feeling in one of her legs because of a vein removal. She had also lost her hearing in one ear. My wife physically assisted her and tried to help relieve the discomfort, too, of the swollenness in her legs. She began using the RIFE machine and within six to seven treatments, the swollenness went down and amazingly enough, her hearing came back. My other sister had bypass surgery and because of the removal of the artery in her right arm, she experienced numbness. The surgeon said he could repair that problem at the cost of around $15,000. She bypassed the surgery and began using the Rife 101 and after about 4 treatments her numbness was gone.

My brother in law had double knee replacements in 1998, and along with his diabetes, has had difficulty walking. He was taking medication three times a day. After eight weeks with the Rife 101, he feels good, does not take the high doses of medicines anymore and is walking one and a half miles on a regular basis. My other brother in law has had difficult problems with COPD and emphysema. He started using the Rife machine twice a week and has had a tremendous improvement in not coughing as frequently. - Gary, FL (2/25/08)
I used to have trouble getting to sleep for years. I would wake up tired and groggy even after sleeping 12 hours. I started using the Rife machine and after the first session I slept great. It seems like it melted away all my problems to "no big deal." Now I sleep far less and have much more energy.
Insomnia, Sleeplessness:
I barely make it down the hall to the bed after I use it - and it's only a 15 minute program!(Rife 101 user since January 2012)- Dawn R, FL
Bone Infection, Foot Ulcer, Detoxification for Infection, Hay Fever & Allergies:
I wanted to let you know that I have had positive results from my Rife101 machine. I originally bought it to treat an infection in my feet. I have had five surgeries to remove infected bone segments from both of my large toes. The doctor could not find any medication that stopped the infection from eating the bones and even after cutting the infection out it would show up again and additional surgeries were performed to try and stop it. This was going on for three years and within a week of using the "Bone Infection" program the wound from the surgery stopped weeping and the ulcer closed in another two weeks.

I have been trying other settings but the most amazing results came when the hayfever season started. I woke up with a heavily running nose so I checked and found a program for "Allergy". My nose stopped running within five minutes of starting the Rife machine! I had to use the program a total of four times that day and for an additional four days with the same results. I continued to use the program for another week at a reduced intensity for the next week and have been symptom free for three weeks without drugs.

I'm glad I found you and look forward to clearing up other problems in the future. - Kevin M. (9/3/06)
Lyme Disease, Autoimmune Disease, Bursitis Pain:
I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the Rife machine. I have long term Lyme disease and for the past year or more I've been investigating various treatments. Doctors said not to do anything except antibiotics. Well, I have auto immune disease and you know what that means if I do two to three years of antibiotics. I've been using the Rife machine since I've had it and even though I've been sick I do see positive results. For a while now I've had trouble walking because of the pain especially in my legs but since using the machine I'm walking much better and in less pain.

My husband, who was skeptical at first, has tried it on his bursitis and he has had relief from the pain. He's been telling people about it as much as I have. You have great advice and wisdom and I appreciate the fact that you care about people the way you do. Thanks - Kathie O, MA (1/2/07)
Multiple Myeloma, Blood Cancer, Leukemia:
I have been using the rife machine for multiple myeloma for almost two months. I had bloodwork done 11-20-2019 and met with my oncologist last Wednesday. My latest bloodwork looks like that of someone who has never had the disease PRAISE GOD! My numbers where climbing for several months and my doc started me on some steroids coupled with Revlamid. It had only been a few days on the Revlamid when my IgG serum went from 2919 to 1360, my mspike from 1.9 to 0.8, my free lambda lt chains from 1225 to 65. The doctor kept saying this is phenomenal and said the medicine worked quickly and unbelievably well. His nurse said no one else has these results so there is something I am doing. I told her about the Rife 101 machine but didn’t tell my doctor. My latest bloodwork shows no mspike and all numbers of a healthy person without multiple myeloma. I praise God for leading me to this machine. I am going to get checked after one month and see what the numbers are (I know they will be good) and keep monitoring but I am not going to keep taking the poison the doc would like me to keep taking because he is afraid things might change for the worse.

If anyone wants to know what other things I did, here are a few: drink alkaline water, take 750mg curcumin, B17, fruits and vegetables sometimes juiced, I do eat animal protein a few times per week as I found out multiple myeloma patients don’t do well without some animal protein (organic is best), 9000 iu vitamin D daily.

By the way, I forgot one of the most important supplement I take everyday - chlorella. It keeps my blood count up. Multiple myeloma usually causes anemia...

Forgot to add a positive mindset, faith in God to heal my body. - C. Johnson, NC (12/3/19)

UPDATE 1/9/20: I met with my oncologist yesterday and he said my numbers got even lower although he told me in November they wouldn’t get any lower BUT they did. I stopped taking the chemo pills without his approval and still got better numbers. My blood count went from 9.5 to 11.5. I started running the anemia program also. He is now curious about what I am doing and quickly agreed to halt the chemo pills with these kind of numbers. - C. Johnson, NC (1/9/20)

Just wanted to share with you that I saw my oncologist last week. I now see him every 2 months and I have been on no meds from him. He looked at me puzzled and said your bloodwork has shown no cancer whatsoever for the last 8 months and your numbers even got better. He wants to know everything I am doing and have done. - C. Johnson, NC (6-15-20)
Multiple Myeloma Cancer:
Thank you for sending us this phenomenal machine, so easy to use, and obviously very complicated technology. We are dealing with multiple myeloma, now, 4 years after the diagnosis, and much medical treatment. My husband, Tom, is doing well right now, except for weakness due to medications. Thanks - Mary Ann W.
Multiple Myeloma Cancer:
My friend's bought a Rife 101 in May 2015 for the husband's multiple myeloma and I'd just like to report that they are thrilled. Her husband's tests are all improving! - LG, FL (12/30/15)
Herpes, Cold Sores:
Every so often my granddaughter develops cold sores in her mouth or on her lips. She visited me with a real nasty one on her lip. After one Rife 101 session it stopped hurting her and the next day it went away. - R Sommers, KS (9/10/19)
Cold Sores, Fever Blisters & Herpes:
I have a Rife story. Since I was a child I have suffered from cold sores or some people call them fever blisters. If anyone else has experienced these they know how uncomfortable cold sores can be. I mainly got the Rife Model 101 for preventative maintenance as I am a very healthy 49 year old man. Shortly after receiving my machine I started feeling the beginnings of a cold sore coming on. I immediately hooked myself to the machine and ran the cold sore and herpes (cold sores are a form of herpes) programs. I used the sticky pad electrodes. I put one directly on my lip where the cold sore was coming up and the other over my thymus gland (located under breastplate about 4 inches below the Adam's apple).

Within seconds I could feel something in my lip almost explode. To make a long story shore, I must say that the cold sore never did develop like it normally would have - it was pretty much stopped in its tracks. If I can keep this lifelong problem at bay, this machine was worth every penny. This was the smartest money I ever spent. This machine is amazing! Thank you for getting this technology out there for al to enjoy. Your friend in Ft. Worth, TX - Rick B. (11/18/05)
Herpes Virus:
I have had a herpes virus with frequent very annoying outbreaks. I started using your Rife machine and all hell broke loose. The blisters came and got worse not better, the war was on and I kept using the machine. I had outbreaks all over my body that made me wonder if I was using the right machine. I was getting worse not better. My body for the first time was fighting back. After some time the blisters starting going away. I did one treatment a week for maintenance. Eventually the sores went away and I have not had an outbreak since! What an ordeal but a month of misery is better than a lifetime of doctor treatments that don't work. - Sandy
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Customer Service and Rife 101 Testimonial:
Dear Friends! Here's why you never need to fear and many more dangerous issues anymore - The Rife 101 machine is the best - Tina Rappaport (Owner, URparamount.com & Rife101.com) will make her best always! Call or email her like I did. PS: Our World is much happier with You, Tina, in it! Sincerely, Leyvi Y, NY (Rife 101 user since March 2013)
Customer Service:
Hi Tina. We received the new Rife 101 and want to thank you for your diligence and concern. Thank you for the free gifts also. You are indeed a gem. You are and have been such a blessing to so many people. It appears saying thank you is not enough. Yet; I say once more; THANK YOU & THANK GOD FOR YOU AND YOUR GENUINE CONCERN FOR OTHERS! - B. Brown, TX (6-2-19)
Customer Service from a new client:
Tina, Thanks again, it was a pleasure talking to you, rather than some order taker at other companies. - R. Sorge, GA (10-1-20)
Customer Service:
Thanks so much, Tina Rappaport! You're awesome! - D. Hoyt, FL (8-2-17)
Customer Service:
You give great customer service, Tina...Thanks - L. Israel, FL (7/2/19)
General Rife 101 Use and Customer Service:
Tina Rappaport, I just want to mention - if I haven't already - how impressed I am, not just with the Rife 101 itself but your entire presentation; the whole package. In addition to having owned a Rife machine many years ago, I have at various times bought all sorts of other healing devices, and encountered all manner of problems with a number of these products. That's why I can see, in comparison, how excellent your Rife 101 product is. Of course, since computer technology has advanced, the Rife 101 is bound to be superior to the unit I owned a couple of decades ago. But that doesn't make the Rife Model 101 less impressive. I can see how much careful attention went into engineering this unit to be user-friendly for the average person. Also the Rife manual is an equally awesome production. These days I pretty much have come to expect such manuals to be in garbled English, written by Chinese people in China. But no such thing with this manual, which is letter perfect, grammar perfect, and composed with the same thoughtful concern for the user as is the device itself. Finally to top it all off, we have your super customer support. I mean, I'm the kind of guy... the MAIN reason I purchased a computer from Apple was because I knew I'd be able to get the best in tech support. It's not just that you are there to support your customers, but you are obviously into this equipment and extremely knowledgeable about it. Anyways, I just wanted you to know how stoked I am to have discovered you, Tina Rappaport, and the Rife Model 101. (owner of TWO Rife 101 units) - A. Mitchell, HI (2/13/16)
Customer Service:
Just wanted to drop you a note to express how much we appreciate your time and effort to be sure we understood and appreciated our purchase. We have both used it numerous times already and feel we're on our way to a more healthful life. We have downloaded your info sheets and started reading your book. Thank you again for everything you've done and for being so accessible. - D & J, FL (2/12/16)
Customer Service and Rife 101 Testimonial:
Tina Rappaport, you are such a blessing!!! I think we should call you "Wonder Woman"! Thank you a gazillion times over! I so greatly appreciate your wisdom and assistance. You are terrific!!! Carol A, MI (1-26-15)
Customer Service and Rife 101 Testimonial:
AWESOME!!! You're AWESOME!!! Thanks for the packet full of info in the mail too. Your magnet (with contact info) is already on my fridge, and we've told people to call who need help/updates with their machines, or who need a Rife machine. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your personal touch in doing business. I try to do the same with my business and get frustrated with how impersonal so many people are. YOU recharged my energy...not just my Rife 101! Take good care, and thanks again! Kind regards - Adam B., PA (12/7/15)
Customer Service:
I wrote Tina Rappaport, and although I did not request this information, she sent me some programs to try! Look what YOU DID FOR ME (Tina Rappaport)!! YOU ARE AN EARTH ANGEL, AND I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH. GOD BLESS YOU, DEAR SWEET LADY! - B. Bitters, CA 1/2/18
Customer Service:
Good customer service is hard to come by these days, and great customer service is even more rare. Thanks to you, Tina Rappaport, for providing us the latter. We recently had our 7-year-old Rife 101 repaired (new battery & charger/adapter) and updated. However, the new adapter failed to charge the battery. I called you Saturday. You call back first thing Monday to inform us that a new charger/adapter was already on the way. In just 2 DAYS, I received not one, but TWO, older-model battery chargers that work perfectly with our Rife 101! Thanks so much for your quick, hassle-free response, and thank you too for making doubly sure we could "get up and running" again & fast! Keep up the good work! - M & M, AL (9/24/12)
Rife 101 Amazing Rife Machine:
I've had a Rife 101 for several years now, and I sent it in for a software update and free manual for only $60, and it was shipped back to me for that price! Unbelievable! Great company! I am sure that the only reason that I am alive is because of this machine. B.P., CA
Customer Service:
I'd like to brag about Tina Rappaport and the experience I've had with her and ordering my Rife 101. URParamount is not a nameless, faceless internet company--rather a responsive caring person who is very passionate about her business and helping people with the products she makes available. Tina has quickly and patiently answered numerous emails from me over several months as I asked lots of questions before purchasing my Rife machine. When I finally got to the point of ordering, it was very late in the afternoon (Friday, too late to ship that day). Then, one of the people that I am was ordering this for, a liver patient, took a turn for the worse that night. I sent Tina another email late Friday night requesting overnight shipping. She took the time Saturday morning to check on all the possible shipping options and contacted me this morning personally to let me know the options, then sent me shipping confirmation before 10:30 this morning! She definitely went the extra mile and I appreciate so much what she has done. I've heard testimonials are the best selling tool, and while we usually think of that as being for the product, the customer service aspect is definitely a part of the whole buying experience, especially when you are dealing with people who may be sick - the last thing they want is to have a bad buying/customer service experience. Tina has just been terrific! - Laura B., Canton, G
BEST Customer Service Testimonial EVER - a poem for TINA RAPPAPORT:
Click here to read the poem!!! - Ella Boffa, Australia
Customer Service:
Thanks Tina Rappaport! YOU are the BEST *::) [batting eyelashes] - Hilde B., WA (4/18/14)
Customer Service:
Dear Tina, I am one of your eternal subjects! Thank you for all you are doing and all you will do - it has changed my world! I'm so very thrilled I found you and this machine!
Customer Service:
Thank you for the prompt delivery of the Rife 101 and all of your help. Results so far are amazing! - Pat M,(2/13/07)
Customer Service:
I love the Rife 101...use it almost every day! Thanks again for the wonderful information you have shared with me since I made my purchase. Thanks again for all of your Rife machine wisdom...it's been such a help to me!!! - Blessings, Carol P :>) (3/15/15)
Customer Service Testimonial:
It was how much other people thanked Tina Rappaport and her customer service that made me choose URparamount to purchase a Rife machine. I want the kind of service where I can get someone on the phone if I have questions or need help. I'm 90 years old and although I can get on the computer, I don't do email. I was so impressed by these other testimonials and I'm glad I found Tina and the Rife Model 101 Rife machine. When I was 14 years old my parents took me to a doctor who used frequencies to heal me and I believe it was a Rife machine. So glad to have found the new "updated" version in the Rife Model 101! - Jessie B, RI (1-28-15)
Customer Service Testimonial:
Tina - I want to say thank you so much for the information you've provided me. It was a pleasure talking to you on the phone and I see that you're just as passionate as I am about the Rife 101. Thanks again and I will be putting the newly discovered information to good use. Sly W (1-29-15)
Customer Service Testimonial:
Thank you Tina, so nice to have direct contact with someone that will give you help and guidance, so much appreciated. Makes the Rife 101 machine more valuable to me. Sorry to be such a pest with all my questions, but you seem so knowledgeable and I appreciate your suggestions. - Vera, IL (5/8/13)
Customer Service Testimonial:
I am so grateful how swiftly you were in replying. Bless you Tina Rappaport - you are an Earth Angel! Light and love to you, Soozie, AUS (5/30/14)
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Rife Machine Testimonials for Animals
Rife 101 and Animals Rife 101 for dogs! Rife machine for cats! Pets and Rife! Rife-Cat Rife-Dog
A friend let us borrow her Rife 101 unit for 2 weeks when we discovered our 11 year old cat was wasting away from cancer. Three weeks later she is still with us and we are continuing these non-conventional treatments. Thank you for speaking with us over the July 4th weekend. Our kitty would lay on the electrode pads and purr through the entire protocol. Thanks again, John & Stacey
ANIMAL TESTIMONIAL - Cat Kidney Problems, Joint Problems:
I have had my 3 cats for over 10 years and love them dearly. They started developing health problems which I was told was because of their advanced age. One had kidney problems, one had joint problems and one was exhausted and weak. It was suggested I put them down and be done with the problems. These are my babies and I wanted to keep trying. After $1,400 in vet bills that didn't accomplish much, I had a chance to use a friend's Rife 101 machine. The owner had used it on herself and her dog with good results. I was desperate and had nothing to lose. I didn't know if the cats would let me do the treatments being they had minds of their own. I shaved a little fur off in two places and gave Misty a treatment. After a few minutes she started to purr. She looked more energetic after the treatment. I did the other two cats soon after. They all improved over the next few weeks. Now they are playing together in the living room like kittens. What a remarkable change! I went and ordered my own machine so I can continue their care. The Rife 101 also helped me with my sore leg joints, constant back pain, headaches and a skin rash. All gone! Thank you from happy users Candy, Misty, Fluffers and Pogo, LA
ANIMAL TESTIMONIAL - Dog, Parvo, Near Death:
Oh what a cute German Shepherd puppy Rocky was! So full of spunk, so affectionate, so smart – so serious! He was growing by leaps and bounds, and within two minutes, I couldn’t even hold him anymore! Then suddenly, without warning, he just stopped eating. At first we didn’t think too much of it, but then he didn’t eat the next morning either. And, he wasn’t drinking any water. Not even the high-alkaline ionized water. He was lethargic, but yet seemed alert. I found him hiding under the porch. I didn’t have much experience with sick dogs so I anxiously took him to the vet, almost an hour’s drive from our rural farm in West Virginia. Click here to read Rocky's story...
Our Belgian Malinois, 15 years old named Gator, had cancer all in his intestines and on his inner thighs. Vet said he'd be gone in a week. I used the Rife 101 on him and he beat the cancer in two months! But then he had to put him down due to hip problems because he couldn't stand up anymore, but he was 15. The oldest BM on record was 16 and Gator almost made it! K. Hand, NV (7-1-20)
Our older Collie had joint pain and trouble walking. I used my Rife 101 machine daily on the dog and after just a few days he was walking and jumping around like a much younger dog. My wife and I use the machine all the time and stay healthy and pain free. Fred & Carriane (76 & 74 years young), TX
ANIMAL TESTIMONIAL - Dog Arthritis, Cataracts, Dandruff, Anal Fistula, Tumors, Liver Function, Kidney Function:
I just wanted to say HI, and let you know that we have used our Rife 101 machine to bring our beloved 13.5 year old dog back from the brink of death. His name is Bubba, and my husband has had him since he was a baby. Ever since we got our machine 5 years ago we've run programs on Bubba regularly, and they have helped him with his arthritis, cataracts, dandruf, anal fistula and he's had big fat tumors for a few years so we included in his program just to be safe. He has his own custom program and is used to sitting with us while it's running.

Well, at the beginning of July Bubba didn't feel good all of the sudden, and he didn't recover like you would expect a dog who ate something bad and got sick for a day. He was unable to get around and he was throwing up everything he ate. We took him to our vet and had an X-Ray and blood work done, and found out what was wrong with him. Due to long term arthritis medication use, his liver and kidneys stopped functioning. This is typically a death sentence in itself. He had a bleeding ulcer as well, and was now off his arthritis meds so pain was creeping in on him. We were despondent at the thought of losing Bubba. He's been a great companion and we truly feel he is a little person in a dog suit! The vet kept him for 2 nights on an IV with fluids, electrolytes and vitamins, and after talking it over with him we brought Bubba home to die.

Bubba still couldn't hold food down and the vet said to let him eat whatever he wanted, even if it was cheeseburgers; just don't give him any salt. He sent him home with a 2 week supply of new meds and we appreciated his optimism. I had to carry Bubba to the car that day, he was too weak to walk by himself and my husband, the vet and I all really thought it was over. We wanted him to die at home and prayed for just one more good day with our friend. The goal was to keep Bubba comfortable, so we ran a program on him as soon as we though he was up to it. We didn't want to flood him with toxins as he can't filter them out now. So we hooked him up and ran a combo of liver and kidney and detox programs for him, plus wound healing and pain to treat the whole package. And we waited for him to die, hoping it would be an easy, pain free transition for him.

The first few days he ate very little and kept throwing up his food. A week later he was eating small meals 3 times a day and enjoyed eating, keeping some of it down. After 2 weeks he had stopped vomiting and was getting around much better and was interested in his friends and other people again. We were running his programs every other day. It's been a whole month now, and we don't know if he's still 'dying' or not, but from the looks of him he won't be going anywhere anytime soon! Bubba is happy and healthy again! He is active, alert, loves to eat, visits his friends next door, and goes down stairs by himself - up stairs is harder, but he does it if he gets tired of waiting for a 'lift' from us.

Bubba had lost 10lbs (from 52, that's 20%!) but now he is able to eat and holds his food down without a problem. We continue to run his custom programs for detox, arthritis, liver and kidney every other day, and all you have to do is ask him if he wants to run a program and he gets in his spot so we can all watch TV. Bubba is old now, we know, he'd probably be in his 80s if he were a human. We know he won't live forever. But we have had a whole month extra with him, and many very happy days extra that we don't think we would have had if it weren't for our Rife machine. The vet is amazed at his recovery! I really wish everyone had a Rife machine so they could heal themselves faster from things that ail them, and I have seen how well it works even with a terminally ill patient. Thank you for making these machines available to people. Be Happy and Well, My Friend! With love, Bubba & parents (8/4/09)
A few years ago we used the Rife 101 on our dog, whom the vet said his liver count was so bad they could not put him under to clean his teeth. My husband started using it on him and he lived another 5 years. - Louise J. (6/25/14)
ANIMAL TESTIMONIAL - Very Smart Cat (not actually a testimonial):
Tina, I just received my Rife machine. I am in the process of going through everything. My, you sent lots of stuff - thank you for all that information! Right now, I want to use the machine, however, I do not seem to have the manual. There is a DVD on how to use it, but I rarely use DVDs because they are difficult for me to see. I did get the eye protocol, but I would like to use it for other things also. Thank you so much for hurrying things along and sending the machine - please let me know asap about the manual. - Janice Tina, please disregard that last email. The cat showed me there was something underneath the chair....I am very embarrassed. Yes, it was the manual. Evidently, it had fallen off my lap and slipped under the recliner. The cat was playing with the plastic. I am sorry. However, I am excited about receiving the unit. I hope to start tomorrow. I will be/am familiarizing myself with the machine tonight. Thank you so much!!!!! - Janice Y, FL (9/24/15)
ANIMAL TESTIMONIAL - Dog, Cancer & Hip Problems:
We just found out our dog BODY (boe-dy) has cancer (age 12). It's a small mass at the end of his spine near his rectum and he also has hip problems. We put him on the Rife 101 once so far for only about 10-12 minutes and it made a difference already - he was up and walking around. We used the wrist bands and aloe cream above his elbows. Our holistic vet does acupuncture - Lynn M, FL (6/10/15)
ANIMAL TESTIMONIAL - Dog, Pulled Muscle, Bladder & Incontinence:
I found the Rife unit helpful for my dog. She had an accident and I think she pulled a muscle, which unbalanced her bladder and she began drinking lots of water, peeing a lot and had incontinence. We have been doing program #212 Enuresis/Bet Wetting and #197 Detoxification. It's been a couple days and she's better! Love this, Rife! - Margaret S. (9/24/15)
ANIMAL TESTIMONIAL - German Shepherd Dog - Fecal Incontinence, Pulled Muscle or Tendon, Inflammation:

I have a beloved 7 year old German Shepherd, Duchess, that is experiencing partial fecal incontinence, for no apparent reason. We got her from a reputable breeder and she came from sound stock with no hip dysplasia in their offspring. Her stools are fully formed all the time, and we have her on Acana dog food. That is the top of the line food with only 2 ingredients and no grains, only meat, fruit and veggies. She doesn't get anything else in her diet. Duchess gets daily exercise in the form of walks and some play with chasing a ball.

German Shepherd & PalShe does have some arthritis in back end our chiropractor determined. Some inflammation I suspect too as she is a very high energy dog. She has also been having for many months (about) 3 months now internally taken, bentonite clay to clean her out of any possible parasites, and I did see evidence of something passing in her stools awhile back. She eats well and drinks well and is very alert, active and in good health in all other areas. I am determined to explore every avenue possible to heal her.

We have tried, acupuncture, chiropractor, change of food and immune boosters and still the problems persists. I don't want to put her down yet...........my heart was breaking.

I have a Rife 101, and called Tina Rappaport for some help. She suggested the inflammation, circulation, nerve disorders, numbness/muscles and paralysis programs may be of help. Well, thank you again Tina for your help and suggestions. Since Thursday, Duchess our German Shepherd dog, has been getting a treatment a night running the inflammation program for her, putting the sticky pads on her paw pads. Since we have been doing this, she has been doing much better.

Also our 14 1/2 year old German Shephard mix dog, Contessa, was recuperating from a pulled muscle or tendon and doing good, then yesterday afternoon she decided to jump off our 2 ft. stone wall, and that was not a good idea for her at all! So she got the same inflammation program run on her yesterday too and I am thrilled to report that today Contessa is doing very well, quite jaunty actually! I've attached a photo of both of my fur friends. Contessa is the golden dog, Duchess is the black and tan dog. They are great friends and the best dogs ever!

UPDATE: It is now Monday and Duchess has gotten a treatment with the inflammation program, every evening since Thursday and I am thrilled to report she has had no accidents only once on her first treatment night. This was happening daily even though it was only partial fecal incontinence that she was experiencing. She is doing so well, and I am so happy to finally see evidence of something that makes a difference for her, as we have tried so many other approaches and nothing else seemed to help. Duchess does seem more tired than usual and last night when my husband was administering and monitoring the program on her, she actually fell into a deep sleep and had to be shaken awake by my husband as she didn't respond to her "it's time to go out" line (which she has always responded to in the past with a fast response) but I think this is to be expected, her body is healing and rest is always an important factor! We intend to keep running a program a night for her for awhile now and see how it goes, and on our other dog too, until she is healed completely.

Tina, thank you for the additional information on the placements and info on how to correctly place and use on our dogs. I did read this same information on your website earlier, and I shared your info with my husband, but for some reason this is the way my husband prefers to do it. When I am administering on our dogs, I will follow your protocol of placements, as I feel this is best.

UPDATE ONE MONTH LATER: Both dogs are doing great! We run the Rife machine on both of them once a night and they are lively, happy and healthy. Every once in a while Duchess does have an accident, but much less than before. The amazing thing is that now she tells us when she has to go out! We are absolutely convinced we are on the right track! Nothing else made a difference at all!

In much appreciation and much gratitude for all you do and your help and caring, Sue R, NH (7/17/15)

ANIMAL TESTIMONIAL - Race Horse Joint Pain, Hip Pain:
My husband trains race horses and he does a lot of body work on them. He can tell by working the horse how he/she is feeling, and, of course, can see limping. Well, after using the Rife 101 machine on his standard bred trotter, she was obviously more willing to work! It seems her hip pain is GONE. We're really excited! D & C Lee, SC 1-30-17
A man was raising race horses and found that using a Rife 101, his horses had noticeably longer endurance and had far fewer health problems than before.
ANIMAL TESTIMONIAL - Race Horse Sore Foot, Infection and more:
I've use the Rife 101 extensively on my race horses...here's just one example: One horse had a sore foot with a severe infection in the lower leg. The Vet used a block for the nerves and antibiotics for 10 days. When the medication ended, the infection came right back and the horse's lower leg blew up. I used the Rife machine on his leg and the infection went away in one day and hasn't come back! - D. DeRocco, MI 6-27-17
ANIMAL TESTIMONIAL - Elephants Foot Rot & Toe Fungus:
A fellow with an elephant farm was very successful using a Rife 101 to treat his elephants for foot rot and toe fungus. The size of the animal doesn't matter - the frequencies are still able to go all through the body and heal.
A man raised very expensive and fancy goldfish. When they started developing a fungus problem he put the wires (no cylinders needed) at each end of the aquarium, used the Fungal Infection Program (#241) and cranked the machine up to full power. The fungus went away.
ANIMAL TESTIMONIAL - Goats Streptococcus Infection for Mastitis:
Used Streptococcus Infection (#395) for mastitis sores with good results.
A man was questioned as to why his milk had so much lower bacteria count than normal. He told them he had no idea, not daring to say he was using a Rife 101 machine on his cows.
100% sure it's CBD that has rejuvenated this 11 year old Labrador Retriever. He's 90 lbs and was injured about a year ago so has slowed down. I take him swimming twice a week for good exercise. I started him on about 5 milligrams of CBD per day and it's evident he's in much less pain now - he's got his energy back! He also was developing growths and they have stopped forming since using the CBD! - A. George, AZ 4-2-16
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