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Chlorella, Healing and Growth

By Dr. David Steenblock, Dr. William H. Lee, Dr. Michael Rosenbaum, Dr. Bernard Jensen - 05/07/04

Chlorella - Natural Medicinal Algae

"The pioneering work to introduce chlorophyll into medicine was done by Burgi, who used chlorophyll preparations under the name Chlorosan for wound healing. In 1930 Rollet and Burgi first demonstrated that extracts of green plants had stimulating effects on tissues growth. In a very extensive study, Smith and Livingston studied the healing of 1,372 experimentally induced wounds and burns by the topical application of seventeen medical preparations. Of all the agents studied only chlorophyll preparations showed consistent statistically significant positive results. Wound healing was accelerated by 24.9% and occurred in 67.9% of the cases. In another study Dr Smith demonstrated that chlorophyll in concentrations between 0.05 to 0.5% in tissue culture caused an "almost immediate growth response" of fibroblasts -the cells the body uses to repair wounds." - Dr David Steenblock,B.S.,M.Sc.,D.O.

Chlorella - The Sun-Powered Supernutrient

"In the early 1950s, Dr. Fujimaki of the People's Scientific Research Center in Tokyo separated a substance from a hot-water extract of Chlorella by electrophorosis (electrically induced movement of suspended particles through water). This hitherto unknown fraction of Chlorella was found to be rich in nucleic factors and was named Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF)." (because it caused the lactobacillus in a culture medium to grow at 400% normal rate, subsequent experiments with young animals and children showed that adding Chlorella to the diet caused increases in weight and size).

"This capacity to promote growth in the young is apparently related to Chlorella’s ability to stimulate the healing process in the body and work against many disease states - probably due to its nucleic acid content more than anything else - since the same substances and process that accelerate growth in the young promote repair of damaged tissue in mature animals and humans." - William H. Lee,R.Ph., Ph.D. and Michael Rosenbaum, M.D.

Chlorella, Jewel of the Far East

"No medical claims are being made for chlorella. I know that Chlorella is a food, not a medicine. We should realize, however, that when the proper foods are used, together with the right supplements to build up the health level of the body, diseases are often "crowded out". This is nature's way of healing the body. To put it very simply, there is no room for disease in a healthy body. When the tissues are cleansed and strengthened, and when we have removed the obstacles to healing that drag on all the glands and organs, I feel the body heals of its own accord. It would be difficult to describe the many highly technical experiments scientists have run to find out what biologically active substances are in CGF and what these substances do, singly and in combination. We must realize, however, that the reason why many scientists are putting so much time and effort into investigating Chlorella and CGF is because there is already a great deal of proof that Chlorella and CGF, even in relatively small amounts, stimulate growth, tissue repair and healing to an extent not previously found in any other food." - Dr Bernard Jensen,D.O.,Ph.D.

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