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Chlorella's Effect on the Immune System and Tumors

By Dr. David Steenblock, Dr. William H. Lee, Dr. Michael Rosenbaum, Dr. Bernard Jensen - 04/18/04

Chlorella - Natural Medicinal Algae

"Immunology is the study of the immune system; the body's mechanisms developed to fight off foreign invaders, whether they be bacteria, viruses, chemicals or foreign proteins. The body's defenses have a unique way of inactivating or detoxifying each of these types of substances. B cells are active in fighting against bacteria; T cells are active against viruses and cancer; macrophages are active against cancer, foreign proteins and chemicals. Interferon is a natural secretion of the body and is thought to be a physiological stimulator of macrophages....Many more studies also demonstrate that Chlorella stimulates the immune system by way of macrophage stimulation." - Dr David Steenblock,B.S.,M.Sc.,D.O.

Chlorella & its Beneficial Properties

"Antitumor activity linked to stimulation of immune elements was demonstrated in experiments reported to a 1985 immunology conference in France. The researchers concluded that the chlorella derivatives used enhanced macrophage activity and the cell-destroying ability of certain lymphocytes....In humans, immune system resistance to cold viruses was shown in a group of approximately 1,000 Japanese sailors in 1971. Roughly half the men got two grams of chlorella a day, the others none. At the end of the three month cruise, the untreated sailors had had 41% more colds than the chlorella takers. Chlorella contains 180mg of beta-carotene in each 100 grams. Beta-carotene has the greatest vitamin A activity and antioxidant activity of all the known carotenoids...The immune system is as susceptible as any other system in the body to free radical damage...Extracts of algae were also studied and were shown to be more effective than beta-carotene alone." - William H. Lee,R.Ph., Ph.D. and Michael Rosenbaum, M.D.

Chlorella, Jewel of the Far East

"I feel that chlorella's main contribution to the body's natural defense system is its beneficial supportive effects on so many of the organs and systems, especially the immune system and eliminative channels.....in 1957, Dr Tadechi and his associates in Japan found that chlorella promoted rapid growth of lactobacillus, one of the bacteria that promotes colon health. The chlorophyll in chlorella helps to keep the bowel clean, while the tough cellulose membrane of chlorella (which is not digested) binds to the cadmium, lead and other heavy metals and carries them out of the body. The CGF stimulates repair of tissue damage. To summarize, chlorella restores bowel regularity, normalizes beneficial bowel flora, assists in detoxifying the bowel and stimulates repair of damaged, broken down tissue." - Dr Bernard Jensen,D.O.,Ph.D.

Chlorella Science

"A combined report, from researchers at the University of Kanazawa, Japan, and of Taipei in Taiwan, was presented at an International Congress at Reims, France in 1985. It dealt with the anti-tumor effect of chlorella and the strengthening of the immune system. In several studies on mice, tumors had been overcome by inoculation with derivatives of chlorella cells; this was considered to be due to the increased strength of their immune systems, resulting from the chlorella administered." - Special Edition of Health World Magazine 1989

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