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The Benefits of Ionized Water

both alkaline & acidic ionized water
By Tina Rappaport - 11/25/07

Benefits of Alkaline Ionized Water

drink alkaline ionized water

Very simply, there are five main benefits of drinking ionized water:

1. Water Ionizers filter your water - they all use very high quality filters, much better than a Brita or Pur filter, and much better than the usual under counter carbon filter.

2. Water Ionizers provide high pH alkaline water to neutralize acidity in your body which is believed to be the root cause of all disease and symptoms related to aging. High pH water washes accumulated

3. Water Ionizers produce antioxidants by creating negatively charged water, scavenging up disease-causing free radicals This slows down your oxidation (your aging!) and protects your cellular growth.

4. Water Ionizers increase your available oxygen for mental clarity and energy. It is known that disease, and cancer, CANNOT live in an oxygenated, alkaline environment.

5. Water Ionizers micro-cluster water molecules to hydrate your cells more easily, pushing out toxins and causing detoxification on the deepest cellular level.

There is much evidence in our alternative health world that degenerative diseases are the result of acid wastes built up within us, over our lifetime. We gradually build up these acids as we age by eating the wrong foods, drinking the wrong beverages, stress, negative emotions and lack of sleep. Distilled water, reverse osmosis water, purified water, many bottled waters (click here to request a FREE pH Bottled Water Pocket Chart) coffee, tea, soda and alcoholic beverages are examples of acidic beverages. Acidic foods include meat, dairy, eggs, and most prepared and fast foods. Click here to request a FREE color-coded pH Food Chart and learn which are alkaline or acid foods.

High alkaline ionized water washes away this accumulated acidity, day by day.Drink enough alkaline water and you may even lose excess weight because FAT is ACIDIC!!! It's extra acid that gets stored away in fat cells so the acidity can't harm your more important glands and organs! The doctors know that when they do liposuction the fat they suck out is HIGHLY ACIDIC!! They just don't understand how and why it gets there. Make it dissolve away by drinking lots of alkaline ionized water every day. Write me to learn how much to drink and how to drink a lot, easily, each and every day!!

The negative charge to the water is called the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). Everything with a positive charge has the potential to oxidize us - age us, like an apple turns brown, or steel turns to rust. OR, if negatively charged, it can do the opposite - antioxidize us, antiage us, or reverse aging, as in ionized water, raw veggies and raw fruits. This negatively charged ionized water is a potent anti-oxidant with very low ORP for a liquid antioxidant produced right from your kitchen tap at a cost of only a few pennies a day! You cannot buy water like this in a bottle!

By drinking low ORP ionized water, the acidity of the body is lowered enabling the disposal of acidic wastes from the blood, cellular fluids and other acidic storage areas safely and easily. This antioxidant rich energy water scavenges free radicals (positively charged ions) that attack our cells and cause DNA damage. Every cell will feel the difference - you will be energized and detoxified on the deepest cellular level, throughout your body.

When you drink ionized water the immune system becomes stronger and enables the body to fight off disease better as you alkalize. When your system is acidic, it is seen in the blood with a dark field microscope viewing live blood. It's amazing, and you can see just how sluggish the white blood cells are!!

The micro-clustering of the ionized water molecules provides superior cellular hydration, detoxification and skin rejuvenation. Regular water molecules clump together in 10-12 molecules per cluster. The process of ionization splits this cluster in half, 5-6 molecules. These smaller clusters are able to get into the finest of capillaries where the other water can't even get, and they make it easier for the alkaline water to get in and out of the cell wall for hydration and detox.

By the way, the 5-6 molecules make a pentagon or hexagon. Have you heard of Penta water? This is a micro-clustered bottled water, also called reduced water or structured water, however Penta is acidic (eeks!) and of course it's in a bottle, so you're drinking the plastic too! Dr. Masuro Emoto, in the movie "What the Bleep" and the book "Hidden Messages in Water" has illustrated that the best, purest waters form pentagonal or hexagonal ice crystals and some waters, like reverse osmosis ( RO ) and distilled water can't even form a noticable crystal!

Ionized Water contains an abundance of available oxygen making you alert and energized! I have boundless energy, like a kid now. Plus, in the 1930s, Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for his work illustrating that cancer CANNOT live in an oxygenated environment. Acidity robs your body of oxygen, creating the perfect environment for cancer and disease. If this makes sense to you, don't wait any longer to alkalize and oxygenate your body and get on the road to the best health ever. This includes lots of fresh, raw (preferably organic) vegetables with a limited amount of fruits, as fruit has sugar, sugar is acidic and, simply put, acid feeds cancer and disease.

Purified water, reverse osmosis or distilled, should be completely avoided, as these are VERY ACIDIC waters and add to your lifetime accumulated acid overload. They are waters that have had all the minerals removed, so they are literally pure H2O.Because of their extreme purity, purified water absorbs carbon dioxide out of the air, which makes them acidic and even more aggressive at dissolving alkaline substances they come in contact with.They turn the body acidic, leach vital minerals and do not hydrate the body well at all. Doing tradeshows, I've seen thousands of people, and I usually can pick out people who drink distilled or RO water by the poor pallor of their skin. They often look pale, with no pinkish hues in their face at all! Very often they look somewhat yellow!

I've tried to present a simple version to explain ionized water but for more detail and the science behind it, click to read more articles.

You can find more detail on water ionizer filters by clicking here for the water ionizer page, then click on the varios water ionizers' filters for further information. Basically they all remove the following:

Below is a partial list of the many compounds removed by this filter:

Particulate Benzene
Chlorine Trihalomethanes
Bacteria Inorganic Chemicals
Viruses VolatileOrganic Chemicals
Pollens Parasites such as:
Cryptosporidium &Giardia
Detergents Other Harmful Carcinogenic
Organic Compounds
Lead Polychlorinated Biphenyls
Dioxin Vinyl Chloride
E-Coli Organic Arsenic
Radon Tetrachloroethylene