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Alkalize, energize, detoxify,
high pH alkaline water
and use frequency healing

from the

Rife 101 Energy System

for optimal wellness
and anti-aging!

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If there is a part you need but don't see here, please call or email us from the contact page! We're here to help you!
Rife Machine - Rife 101 bio-frequency energy machine cordless and portable Rife machine frequency generator is EASTY to use. Rife 101 is lightweight and super efficient at getting the true frequencies and harmonics throughout your body for the most beneficial effect. Our customer service is unparalleled!
USED Rife Machine for sale - when we have one: great unit, 30-day money back guarantee, all parts, accessories, our Rife 101 see-thru backpack AND all 17 Custom Comprehensive Programs free ($200 value)!
ProWave Model 101 Rife Frequency Generator Battery service includes installation of new battery, TWO FREE Custom Comprehensive Programs and free return shipping to you. Almost like getting a new machine!
Choose programs in the shopping cart - 17 Custom Comprehensive Programs to install in your ProWave Model 101 - each includes many many issues associated with a general issue, like Joints, Diabetes, Cancer, Digestion, Lungs, etc.
Reg: $29.95
SALE: $23.95
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Rife 101 Energy System SEE-THRU backpack - see the controls, see the contact lights, carry all of the Rife accessories and Rife parts you need with you! USE the Rife 101 on the go!
Rife 101 Conductivity Lotion is hypoallergenic. Convenient gel tube, assures that you have complete contact for the best conductivity. Hypoallergenic - 8.45 ounces
ProWave Rife 101 Conductivity Lotion Gel is hypoallergenic. Convenient gel tube, assures that you have complete contact for the best conductivity. Hypoallergenic - 2.12 ounces
Rife 101 Tac Gel for putting a sticky surface on Carbon Electrodes (or added stickiness to flexible electrodes), water soluble, non-staining, electrically conductive adhesive. (50 ML)
Rife Parts - Rife 101 Flexible Electrode replacements in small or large with pin plug attachment (wires not included)
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Rife Parts - Rife 101 Economical Flexible Electrode replacements - 6 pair (3 small + 3 large) for pin wire plug attachment (wires not included)
Rife 101 pin wires for flexible electrodes, also called "sticky pad" wires and Pin Plug Wires. (one pair of wires, 72", no electrodes)
Rife Parts - Rife 101 Carbon Electrode replacements, non-adhesive (two sizes included, one pair each) with pin plug can be re-used hundreds of times.
Rife 101 Flexible Wrist Band replacements with snap plug in three sizes. Use with our Conductivity Lotion.
Rife 101 wires for flexible wrist bands, also known as "snap wires" (no wrist bands included, sorry). Use with your Model 101 Rife instrument. Simply snap the wires on or off of your wristband snaps as needed. (one pair, 72")
Rife 101 Energy System Carbon Rubber comfy hand grips with attached wires - use with or without Conductivity Lotion.
Rife 101 Hand Cylinders of stainless steel for use with our banana plug wires.
Rife 101 Frequency Generator banana plug wires for use with stainless steel hand cylinders.
Rife Parts - Rife 101 Energy Machine Replacement Power Cord - Battery Charger - A/C Adapter.
ProWave Rife 101 Energy Machine Operating Manual replacement. Please put your Rife 101 Serial Number in the comments box when ordering. $149 without a valid serial number.
Rife 101 approved international converter plus plug assortment. We trust this step down converter for travel or international residents.
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Reg: $49.95
SALE: $45.00
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Rife books & DVD -LESS THAN COST - Royal Raymond Rife news reports, private letters, documentation, The Cancer Cure That Worked 50 years of suppression by Barry Lynes, Rife Lab 1934, Royal Raymond Rife Report, Universal Microscope, natural energies of the body and more...
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Optimum Health, Optimum Vitality - at any age!

Consider the full anti-aging healthy palette we offer:
Rife Machine: the fast track to wellness through electrical frequencies that implode diseased cells!
Water Ionizer: for water filtration, ionization, super hydration and cleansing detoxification!
Portable Water Ionizer Sticks: inexpensive way to drink ionized water!
Chlorella & Spirulina Combo Tablets: combined super green foods!