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Alkalize, energize, detoxify,
high pH alkaline water
and use frequency healing

from the

Rife 101 Energy System

for optimal wellness
and anti-aging!

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Rife books & DVD -LESS THAN COST - Royal Raymond Rife news reports, private letters, documentation, The Cancer Cure That Worked 50 years of suppression by Barry Lynes, Rife Lab 1934, Royal Raymond Rife Report, Universal Microscope, natural energies of the body and more...
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Rife 101 Energy System SEE-THRU backpack - see the controls, see the contact lights, carry all of the Rife accessories and Rife parts you need with you! USE the Rife 101 on the go!
URparamount pH Color Coded pH Food Chart for Alkaline Foods and Acid Foods. Learn about the acid-alkaline diet and the best alkaline foods to eat.
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AlkaViva Delphi H2 Water Ionizer Under Counter Water Ionizer with 9 plates - newest and best, state-of-the-art water ionizer!
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In blue or black! Strengthen the entire body from the inside out; increase circulation, improve digestion and elimination, melt away fat, build the heart muscle, improve cell efficiency, stimulate body functions such as thyroid, endocrine and adrenals, strengthen muscles and bones, release stress and help you live a longer more productive life - all with a Needak Rebounder! One piece of equipment for all age groups to improve the immune system, fight disease and reverse the effects of aging. It's a full lymphatic flush!
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Optimum Health, Optimum Vitality - at any age!

Consider the full anti-aging healthy palette we offer:
Rife Machine: the fast track to wellness through electrical frequencies that implode diseased cells!
Water Ionizer: for water filtration, ionization, super hydration and cleansing detoxification!
Portable Water Ionizer Sticks: inexpensive way to drink ionized water!
Chlorella & Spirulina Combo Tablets: combined super green foods!