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Aquatonic AQ300 Water Ionizer
+ 30 shipping (US 48 only)
Aquatonic AQ300 Water Ionizer</br> + 30 shipping (US 48 only)
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 Three Year Warranty!
 30 Day Money Back!
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3 LARGE Ionizer Plates + 4 alkaline settings!


The Aquatonic AQ 300 water ionizer, with 3 large, solid electrode plates, produces very negatively charged high pH ionized water, also known as alkaline water, antioxidant water, hydrogen water, miracle water, restructured water or anti aging water.

This low cost ionizer unit from Yi Shan underscores how efficient these electrodes are, as they can deliver strongly ionized water.

Tina's Tidbit:
As the lowest priced ionizer on the market, this is a super water ionizer that delivers 9.5 pH high alkaline water with only three large electrodes (you may likely get 10 pH, based on your source water). It would easily last a one or two person household 15-20 years or more, if taken care of properly! A real workhorse at a budget price!

3 Electrodes - platinum coated titanium with 468 square centimeters surface area

Electrode proprietary matting for ionization efficiency and extreme resistance to mineral deposits

Electrode chamber fully drains between uses to additionally reduce mineralization

pH readout and ORP meter built into LCD screen

Internal 1 micron flow-through (filter info) PLUS .01 micron & .1 Biostone filters available

Filter replacement indicator (filter life is 10,000 liters)

Built-in Calcium port for use with any water source with minerals - call us if you have RO or soft water

Counter or wall mount installation with full instructions

EXCLUSIVE Yi Shan Manufacturing pH & ORP extra Hi-Boost setting for unique water sources!

Automatic cleaning alert - every 12 hours the LED light blinks

Hot water auto shut-off

Includes FREE pH Testing Kit

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Alkaline pH range 9.5 to 9.9 (3 alkaline and 2 acid selections)

ORP range of alkaline water -100 to -600 mV**

ORP range of acid water +600 to +850 mV**

Flow rate .5 gallon to 1 gallons per minute

SMPS power supply - smaller, lighter and more efficient than older transformers (more SMPS info)

All domestic Water Ionizer purchases are 110 volt units. 220 volt units available upon request

150 watts when operating, 2 watts in ready mode

CE certification

Dimensions: 12"H x 10.5"W x 5.5"D

30 money-back guarantee

3 year warranty

Ionizer Filter Details
Included Filter: 1 Micron #WS50
» Activated Carbon Fiber Flow-Thru Filter
» Silver Impregnated Prevents Bacteria
» Replace every 9-12 months or 10,000 Liters
Additional Filters:
#WS01 .01 Micron Water Ionizer Filter
#WS11 Biostone Water Ionizer Filter
Additional Information

Water Quality Questions & the Best Ionizer for YOU
Call first, then fax over a copy of your water report so we can determine which model is best for you: 561-291-9780. We can help you to figure out your filtration needs and which Water Ionizer is your best choice. To obtain your water report simply contact your municipality or, for well water, have your water analyzed by your county or state health department. You may also find more water quality information here: Environmental Working Group

** NOTE THIS PERTAINS TO ALL POTENTIAL IONIZER USAGE: If well water, distilled water, softened water or reverse osmosis water is being used, certain steps must be taken to successfully use a water ionizer. Well water may require a pre-filter system and may not produce expected pH or ORP, due to the mineral, pH and ORP levels in the source water, but this can be corrected. Distilled and/or reverse osmosis (RO) will need to be remineralized, and we do carry filters for this purpose, but the best and easiest thing to do is to discontinue use of these machines. Both distilled and RO are acidic waters and leach alkaline minerals from your body and bones.

In addition, reverse osmosis machines waste about 5 gallons of water for every 1 gallon produced! Soft water cannot be used through a water ionizer due to the high sodium content, which would cause the ionizer to overheat. This information is universal for ALL water ionizers on the market.

Additionally, pH and ORP results vary based on incoming source water and results are not guaranteed for this reason. Source water variables include pH, ORP, TDS, mineral content and temperature. These variables are applicable both to well water and municipal water sources.

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Aquatonic AQ300 Water Ionizer
+ 30 shipping (US 48 only)
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Optimum Health, Optimum Vitality - at any age!

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