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AlkaViva Under Sink Water Ionizer Conversion Kit - Jupiter AlkaViva
AlkaViva Under Sink Water Ionizer Conversion Kit - Jupiter AlkaViva
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Convert your countertop water ionizer to an under-counter model! This Conversion Kit fits all Jupiter AlkaViva Emco Water Ionizers (choose your ionizer in the shopping cart): Microlite, Melody, Melody II, Venus, Aquarius, Athena, Athena H2, Vesta, Vesta H2 water ionizers. NO returns if box is opened.

It is available in both stainless steel chrome and nickel finishes.

This conversion kit may be adapted to fit other brands of water ionizers, however additional fittings may be needed as well as the assistance of a plumber.

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Tina's Tidbit:
This is how I have my ionizer hooked up in my home - under the sink, mounted on the side wall of the cabinet with the wall-mount bracket included with the water ionizer. Yes, I had a plumber install it, but it was worth every penny to have my ionizer installed at my kitchen sink with NO hoses or diverter. The double faucet went in the soap dispenser hole of my granite countertop. EASY to open cabinet and push the ionizer buttons when/if needed.
Under Sink Conversion Kit in Polished Chrome or Brushed Nickel Finish

Advantages of the Water Ionizer Conversion Kit:

• Converts counter-top ionizers to under-sink model
• Convenience of Ionized Water with no diverter!
• Dual spouts for both alkaline and acid water
• Faucets swivel independently
• Easy to do-it-yourself if you're handy
• Increased counter top space
• Use your modern pull-out spray faucet
• Improved aesthetics for your kitchen
• Stainless Steel construction available in Polished Chrome or Brushed Nickel

We make it easy to drink ionized water...because YOU ARE paramount!

URparamount's NEW under-the-sink Water Ionizer Conversion Kit is the answer to your unsightly counter-top installation. The under-the-sink-kit allows you to place your countertop water ionizer under the sink and run the alkaline and acidic water up to the gooseneck brushed-nickel finish stainless steel faucets, one for Alkaline Ionizer Water and a smaller one for Acid Ionizer Water.

Installation requires attaching the faucet through a hole in the top of the sink, then tapping into the kitchen's cold water line and hooking up the faucet to your water ionizer. The water flows through the water ionizer to the alkaline and acidic faucets with the unit's faucet.

The under-the-sink-conversion kit comes with everything you need to make this installation process easy for yourself or any plumber. Here is a link to installation instructions.

This state of the art under-the- sink faucet was manufactured specifically for use with Jupiter AlkaViva (Emco) Water Ionizers (listed below), but may fit or be modified to fit all other countertop water ionizers:

Melody H2
Athena H2
Vesta H2

If you have a YiShan Ionizer (EP, EC, SP, AQ series) or other brand, please click here.

This stainless steel double-spouted faucet comes in a polished chrome or brushed nickel finish.
Choose finish in the shopping cart. Flat rate $30 shipping fee.

Is this ionizer conversion kit difficult to install?

The installation is quite easy for "do-it-yourself" type folks, and requires "basic" plumbing skills. If you are uncomfortable installing kitchen faucets on your own, hire a plumber who can easily complete the job.

What finish do the faucets come in?

The stainless steel faucets are available in polished chrome and brushed nickel. Polished chrome is a shiny mirror-like finish, while the brushed nickel is a matte "stainless steel sink" finish.

Can the under sink kit be used with any other models other than the Melody, Athena or Vesta?

Although the under sink conversion kit was made specifically for certain ionizers, you may be able use the under sink kit with other brands of ionizers. Generally, the main requirement would be that the ionizer has to be a "flow through" type; meaning, there cannot be an on/off button that you must press to start the ionizer running. The ionizer turns on simply by the faucet creating the water pressure to turn it on. In addition, you may need some tubing adapters to connect different hose sizes together. It can be a bit tricky to install this kit with other machines, but it can be done.

Does the faucet that comes with this kit replace my existing kitchen faucet?

Not at all. The under sink conversion kit faucet is meant to be a stand-alone type faucet that installs in a different hole at your sink, near your regular kitchen faucet. If you have a soap dispenser, instant hot water dispenser or spray faucet that you are not using, generally you can remove those and install this faucet in its place. If you do not have another hole to use, you can drill a 1.5" hole next to your existing faucet through your sink top or countertop.

If the ionizer is below the counter, how will I change any of the settings on my machine?

When putting the machine below your sink you want to make sure to have the machine close to the cabinet door in case you need to change a setting or replace your filter. But, other than changing the filter once or twice per year (depending on filter micron), most people do not actually play with the settings on the ionizer once they are set the way they want it. Once you find the pH level you are happy with, there's very little chance that you will need to change the settings on the machine.

To read more about the alkaline - acid balance in the body click here!

To read more about ionized water and its benefits click here!

AlkaViva Under Sink Water Ionizer Conversion Kit - Jupiter AlkaViva
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