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Rife 101 Energy Machine Battery Charger A/C Adapter
Rife 101 Energy Machine Battery Charger A/C Adapter

Rife Parts: Rife 101 Energy Machine Power Supply Cord / Battery Charger / AC Adapter.

Your Model 101 instrument is supplied with an internal NIMH Rechargeable Battery that cannot be serviced by the user. This instrument has been designed to be extremely energy efficient. The Battery should provide you with approximately 5 hours of use if maintained properly. The built in charging circuits are automatic - that means the battery can never be overcharged if left plugged in.

The Model 101 instrument charges in two modes. The first is a Fast Charge Mode. This will allow a discharged battery to recover very rapidly (6 hours recharge time) allowing you to re-use the cordless function very quickly. The second Mode is a Trickle Charge. This allows the Battery to remain at a high state of charge even while using the instrument when it is plugged into 120 Volt AC household current.

We recommend that the Model 101 be plugged in when not in use to maintain a fully charged battery at all times. The Serial Number of your Model 101 Instrument is required when purchasing a charger. Please include the Serial Number from the bottom of your Rife 101 Unit in the "Comments" box when checking out. Thanks!

Input Line Power: 50/60Hz, 12 Volt AC at 1,000 mA (1 amp), via 3.5mm coaxial jack. The Serial Number of your Model 101 Required to match the charger properly.

PLEASE NOTE: IF your Rife 101 is NOT working, you might think you need to replace your AC Adapter, and you might. However, if your unit is old, best to contact us first (click here), and include your serial number so we can advise you properly.

Tina's Tidbit:
It's best to leave your Rife machine plugged in when not in use. The battery cannot be overcharged. Unplug the A/C adapter from the wall when not in use. Also, plug the adapter into the Rife Machine before plugging into the wall. This prolongs the life of your battery which is a very long lasting battery.

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