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Rife 101 Energy Machine DEAL: 2 Books & 2 DVDs!
Rife 101 Energy Machine DEAL: 2 Books & 2 DVDs!


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  • The Cancer Cure That Worked! Fifty Years of Suppression - by Barry Lynes (read more...)
  • The Royal R. Rife Report - photos, articles, letters with facts of Rife's discoveries and persecution (read more...)
  • The Royal Rife DVD "Rife's Lab 1934" - fascinating experiments & look inside Rife's lab! (read more...)
  • The Rife 101 Info DVD - with LIVE testimonials & details about this Rife machine included FREE (read more...)

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  • The Cancer Cure That Worked! Fifty Years of Suppression $19.95 - by Barry Lynes
  • A detailed account of Rife's inventions and discoveries, this book documents events from 1913 to the time of Rife's death in 1972. Rife was a skilled optical engineer and technician. His first success was building his Universal Microscope in the late 1920s, which enabled him to view and identify the living cancer virus - a feat our modern, high-powered electron microscopes still cannot do. His microscope used an intricate labyrinth of quartz prisms and lenses, positioned to compensate refraction losses due to air. This allowed Rife to view much smaller particles than had ever been seen before.

    Using his Universal Microscope, Dr. Rife observed cancer viruses as they "morphed", changing their size and form. He discovered that exposing a virus to certain frequencies killed it quickly. Years of experimentation led to Rife's invention of the Frequency Instrument, a device that produced the exact frequencies needed to destroy various viruses.

    In 1934 at his clinic in La Jolla, California, 16 terminally ill people with cancer and other diseases were exposed to the frequencies Rife had found to destroy the cancer virus ("BX" virus) and other pathogens. After three months, 14 patients were clinically cured, and the last two were deemed cured several weeks later. Unlike the chemotherapy treatments currently in use, Rife's therapy was 100 percent effective and caused no adverse symptoms to the patient or the body tissue.

    Despite Dr. Royal Raymond Rife's documented work, hundreds of thousands of people still die each year of diseases that he cured. You can read the details in this book!

    "A fascinating account of an obscure and dedicated scientific genius who discovered a cause and a cure for human cancer - and the story of the powerful men who sought to destroy the man and his work." - Alan Cantwell, M.D., author of The Cancer Microbe

  • The Royal R. Rife Report $15.00 - photos, articles and letters with facts of Rife's amazing discoveries and devastating persecution
  • Curious how Rife's microscope's worked? It's all in here along with published papers, newspaper articles, letters and affidavits verifying Rife's work, original notes and many more interesting documents, including:

        • details of how the microscopes worked and what observations were documented
        • The Science Magazine article, 1931, Filterable Bodies Seen with the Rife Microscope
        • The Franklin Institute article, 1944, on the electron microscope and Rife's Universal Microscope
        • The Editor's Page from American Laboratory Magazine, 1977 discussing Bechamp, Pasteur, Dr. Rife and his Universal Microscope
        • numerous letters and affidavits
        • Rife's pathogen spreadsheet of laboratory working notes

  • The Royal Rife DVD "Rife's Lab 1934" $15.00 - fascinating experiments & look inside Rife's lab!
  • Tour Dr. Royal Raymond Rife's laboratory as if you were there. See his microscope, his frequency machines and his laboratory experiments on rats and in petri dishes.

  • The Rife 101 Info DVD FREE! - with LIVE testimonials & details about this Bio-Active Frequency Generator
  • Learn the details of the Rife Model 101 "Rife 101" Frequency Generator Machine. Using nature's energy, this bioactive machine has helped many people on the road to wellness in overcoming their health challenges. See how easy the Rife 101 is to use, how quickly you can learn it and how portable it is - along with hearing testimonials from users who found relief from prostate cancer, Epstein-Barr Virus, ovarian cancer, arthritis, colds, flu, sinus problems, gum problems, MS - multiple sclerosis, liver cancer, lymph cancer, cat scratch disease, chronic fatigue, sore joints, brain fog, high blood pressure, migraines, stomach & esophagus pain, seizures, hay fever, eczema, asthma and even a painful stubbed toe!

Rife 101 Energy Machine DEAL: 2 Books & 2 DVDs!
SALE: $19.95
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