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Rife 101 Frequency Machine Carbon Electrodes
Rife 101 Frequency Machine Carbon Electrodes

Rife Parts: Rife 101 Carbon Electrodes, are light and flexible. They can be re-used hundreds of times! They provide excellent conductivity for use with your Model 101 Rife instrument and the Pin Plug Wires provided when you purchased your Rife Machine. The Pin Plug Wires can be inserted into either end of the electrode.

The package includes 2 pair of extremely durable carbon rubber electrodes - one pair large (2" x 4" rectangle) and one pair small (2" x 2" square).

For best results we recommend that you use Tac Gel Conductive Adhesive or the White Aloe Conductive Lotion between the Carbon Electrode and the skin. When applying the Tac Gel Conductive Adhesive to the electrode we suggest you coat the entire face of the electrode and allow it to dry for 30 minutes before applying it to clean, dry skin.

When using the White Aloe Conductive Lotion on the electrode, you must fasten the electrode with an elastic bandage or adhesive tape as the conductivity lotion is not adhesive and will fall off the skin quite easily.

The pin plug wires are not included in this package, but they are available as a separate replacement item. Again, wires are not included.

Wash the Carbon Electrodes with mild soap and warm water when finished. Be sure to let dry thoroughly before using again. These are reusable and not disposable.

Optimum Health, Optimum Vitality - at any age!

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