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Rife 101 Energy Machine Flexible Sticky Electrodes
Rife 101 Energy Machine Flexible Sticky Electrodes</br>SMALL, LARGE or BOTH
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The Premium Flexible Electrodes for the Rife Machine

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Rife Parts: Rife Machine Flexible Electrodes, also called Sticky Pads.

These are PREMIUM QUALITY self-adhesive and designed to provide excellent conductivity for use with your Model 101 Rife instrument and the Pin Plug Wires provided with the Rife 101 Energy Frequency System. Just peel and stick these flexible electrodes where needed. These are top-of-the-line electrodes, longer lasting than other brands.

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ONE SMALL: 6 pairs of SMALL flexible sticky pad Rife machine electrodes, 2" x 2"

TWO LARGE: 6 pairs of LARGE flexible sticky pad Rife machine electrodes, 2" x 4"

THREE BOTH: 3 pairs each of SMALL and LARGE flexible sticky pad Rife electrodes

These PREMIUM QUALITY Flexible Conductive Electrodes are light and flexible and can be re-used many times (10-30+ uses!). Simply wash with soapy warm water, rubbing your nails gently on the sticky side, let air dry. They are constructed of a high quality conductive carbon rubber compound with a soft cloth coating.

Use these electrodes with the Pin Plug Wires provided with your Rife 101 Frequency Machine. The wires are not included in this package, but they are available as a separate replacement item. Again, wires are not included and electrodes ARE NOT RETURNABLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

These flexible electrodes stick by themselves, however the stickiness is enhanced (or restored) by using a scant drop of our Tac Gel

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Tina's Tidbit:
I wash these flexible, self-adhesive electrodes in mild soap and warm water to prolong their use. I pat them with a clean, lint-free cloth or terry towel and allow to air dry thoroughly, sticky side up, before using again. I'm able to use them for a really long time. Tac-Gel makes the pads sticky again when they seem to be worn out.
Rife 101 Energy Machine Flexible Sticky Electrodes
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