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PATH Powerline links to information, websites and
TAKE ACTION flyers for printing and circulating
To my West Viginian friends and neighbors -
This page is to help you find facts and take action regarding the proposed
powerlines through "Wild & Wonderful" West Virginia.
Please do all you can so WV doesn't become "Wired & Ugly"!
If not now, when? Tina Rappaport, Chloe, WV
Don't be a NIMBY!
(Not In My Back Yard)
Take action on behalf of ALL of West Virginia
not only if the proposed route is on your land!
For comments and/or more information email me:
Join our PATH Newsletter! - Stay Informed!
Important Resource Material
Bill Howley's Informative, up-to-the-minute PATH Blog for Calhoun County - GREAT for ALL Counties!
Bill's post: A Primer for Intervenors (A must read!)
Bill's post on becoming an INTERVENOR in the PATH case
Bill's post: TOOLS FOR THE PSC HEARINGS - Plan your statement. Be prepared!

Subscribe to this feed and stay informed!

Calhoun County Area Action Page (PDF - not editable)
Calhoun County Area Action Page (WORD document - editable)

This 2 page ACTION flyer tells you who to write to, what to say and where to mail it, fax it, email it or even call!
Some information is specific to Calhoun County. You may download the WORD version to update info
for your county, then print it out and distribute as many wherever you can!
WV Legislators FULL LISTING - both House and Senate for emailing, calling & writing
DOWNLOAD WORD document (all contact info & email list you can copy & paste from if you have WORD)
DOWNLOAD PDF document (all contact info & email list for reference - you can't copy & paste from this)
DOWNLOAD WORD EMAILS ONLY document(long list of emails for easy emailing all legislators - must have WORD)
DOWNLOAD TEXT file (everyone can download this "text" listing of emails& full contact information)
Say NO to PATH Powerline Petition PDF file
Say NO to PATH Powerline Petition WORD file
Fill this page with signatures and send it to the address on the bottom: KOresults, HC 88 Box 216A, Chloe, WV 25235
I've found store owners are happy to display a petition along with "action" information for people to take with them, and neighbors are happy to sign!
Sierra Club information sheet August 2008
Explanation of the issues, the players, the impact and what's needed - West Virginia is ours, NO MORE TOWERS!
Sierra Club contact information is in here too - these folks are crucial to the fight, and in need of donations so please help if you can!
PATH Website
View maps of the proposed lines, watch project updates, sign up for news and updates via your email and stay informed about the state proceedings.
PowerPoint very informative presentation October 2008 - Still Pertinent in 2009!
(large file takes a while to download and you must have Windows to unzip and PowerPoint to view)
Excellent presentation to understand not only what's going on, but the larger picture. The folks from northern West Virginia
have been fighting the TrAILco portion of this powerline project and came to our area (Arnoldsburg) in October 2008
to share all they've learned and to mobilize and join efforts of opposition.
WV PATH Proposed Powerline Routes from September 2008
(large file takes a while to download)
This map shows the PROPOSED routes as of September 2008 throughout West Virgina. NOTE the light turquoise lines - they are WV SCENIC routes and won't be so scenic should this line go through!

PLEASE BEWARE!!! Just because the proposed routes don't go anywhere near your land, it doesn't mean the final route won't. They have done the "Powerline Bait & Switch" game before - and those folks were caught unaware. We need to mobilize all of WV now!
Important Resource Links
Scientists have confirmed that enough solar energy falls on the surface of the earth every
40 minutes to meet 100 percent of the entire world's energy needs for a full year.
Tapping just a small portion of this solar energy could provide all of the electricity
America uses. And enough wind power blows through the Midwest corridor
every day to also meet 100 percent of US electricity demand.
Al Gore, July 2008