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You asked why I use the Rife 101 frequency machine and drink so much high alkaline water.
You want to know my story, so here it is - the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

Don't wait any longer to get the Rife 101 and a water ionizer, because remember... YOU ARE paramount!

My Story: Why I use the Rife 101
and drink so much Ionized Water

Tina Rappaport
Tina Rappaport drinks lots of ionized water!
In deciding to invest in the Rife 101 Frequency Machine
along with a water ionizer, rebounder and other
alternative health products that some consider expensive,
I say "You can either pay on this end, or pay on THAT end!"
I'd much rather pay on THIS end, and AVOID THAT END!

- Tina Rappaport

When talking about health, whether to customers or others, I am often asked for my personal testimonial as to why I use the Rife 101 and drink so much high alkaline ionized water. Keep reading and you'll find out how these "alternatives" have saved my life AND just how much high pH water I drink, how much you should drink, when to drink, when not to drink and how often I use the Rife 101 and what programs I run.

This is pretty long. Click here if you just want My Short Story. I wrote it just for you.

Since my teenage years I've been into health food, and as a young adult, I ate better than anyone I knew. I was always on the cutting edge of the latest "truths" in nutrition, not the fads. For instance, I was eating organic whole grains at 16 (1970), as a kid in high school - OK, so I had to mail order them, as there was no health food store in my town! I even had my own stone grinder for making flour! Plus I was cooking "Asian" style stir fry dishes! This was still in the dark ages, before you could even get whole wheat bread in restaurants or supermarkets! Imagine that! Do you remember those days? If so, you're part of my generation! And, I'm thrilled and delighted the world is changing!

I graduated to growing sprouts, dehydrating fruits and veggies, and eating lots of salads with all sorts of lightly steamed vegetables. I even made my own granola, soy milk, tofu, kefir and yogurt!


Despite all of this, I had severe, chronic joint problems. As a young child, I remember my ankles "locking" when I jumped off a rock. I didn't know any different, and thought this happened to everyone. At around age 16 I had serious intermittent knee trouble: red, swollen and achy. Blood tests every three months for about a year showed nothing. The doctors were always giving me their opinion, "Oh maybe its arthritis or lupus." And the worst was when one doctor suggested, "maybe its bone cancer," and I began tests for that, at age 16! It was then I decided to plan for the future, but try to live everyday like it could be your last.

I lost almost all respect for the allopathic medical profession when, at 17, one rheumatologist told my parents, "It's psychosomatic. She probably doesn't want to go away to college." Not only did I know what I wanted to go to college for, but I knew which college I wanted to go to (Alfred University, College of Art & Design) when I was only in junior high! I couldn't wait to go and be out on my own! My parents didn't believe this doctor either, but that still didn't solve my knee problem. I clearly saw the ego-centric fallibility of doctors, and used them more as diagnosticians.

Finally we found our way to a "big" knee doctor, Dr. Ashby Grantham, in New York City, who wouldn't even operate on Joe Namath because "he'll just go out and do it again!" He found that some of my knee cartilage (medial meniscus) was destroyed with three different problems: there was a tear, scarring towards the back, and the cartilage was unconnected from whatever it was supposed to be connected to. The doctor was surprised I never played football, as he said that's what it looked like. An operation was scheduled right after my 18th birthday in December 1972. Back in those days, the almost dark ages, they warned me that not only would they be taking out the bad cartilage, but they'd have a look around and might have to remove the knee cap and/or more. Great! I was only 18, and this was not from an injury, it was just from the way I was. A big mystery to everyone why this had happened. And as a bonus, they told me I just might need a total knee replacement now, or early in adulthood. They were so encouraging!

The operation went fine and only the cartilage was removed, but a year after the surgery, after all the physical therapy (today they do arthroscopic surgery, but in those days they cut through the muscles and it took a while to be able to walk again), I was still having knee trouble. Only now it was also in my hands, elbow and shoulders. The "big" NYC doctor dismissed me from his care, for lack of anything else to do with me.


These joint problems: the popping, catching, snapping, pain, inflammation, loss of range-of-motion - went on for years, affecting just about every joint, head to toe: jaw, neck, shoulders, spine, elbows, wrists, fingers, hips, knees and ankles. Did I miss any? If I did, just assume that popped too! All of this put an end to me working with clay and making pottery - throwing pots, slab and coil building, as I couldn't prepare the clay myself. Since this is what I originally went to art school for it was infuriating (State Univ. of New York at Alfred University, College of Ceramics, School of Art & Design, and then Master's at Un. of CO at Boulder, Fine Arts). It also put an end to lithography, race walking, swimming and weight lifting.

Over the years, I had to walk around, and sleep, with a cervical collar when my neck was bad (attractive, eh?), and every chiropractor I saw looked at my x-rays and asked, "Have you been in a car accident?" I've been driving since 16 and I've NEVER had a car accident, not even a minor one. No whiplash, yet that's what my neck resembled. Sometimes I'd simply turn my head and bones in my neck would get caught, pop, and then hurt and burn down my arm. Bad. I had braces for my hands, right arm, neck and knees along with several different sets of orthotics for my feet (I had fallen arches twice as a kid and had to have my feet taped up!). I had occupational therapy and custom-made braces for my hands and right arm along with physical therapy for years to alleviate the trouble with my neck, back, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, knees, ankles and feet! No rheumatologist or orthopedist, nor the meds they had me try, provided any relief. They would examine the current painful joints, but I would tell them that I thought it was something systemic, since it's sort of the same issue, just in different locations. They just wanted me to pay on my way out of their office.

In 1980, at 25 years old, when my daughter was born, my right elbow got really bad. So painful and swollen that I could no longer get a fork to my mouth or brush my teeth. I couldn't bend my elbow enough! Because of the inflammation, "stuff" in my elbow was slipping and popping and catching with every move. Again, more trials of anti-inflammatory medicine that didn't work, and months and months in physical therapy to regain the range-of-motion. If you have ever been in this situation, and I hope you haven't and never will, it is painful. Very painful. Then, when they are done forcing your arm to bend, they encase it in ice! For me this was the worst part, since I'm cold on a hot day!! (Remember this point for later in the story.)


All during this time I wondered, if I ate better than anyone I knew, and ultimately you are what you eat, why were these joint problems happening? And, I haven't yet mentioned my life-long menstrual problems since age 11! No doctor of any kind ever had an answer for these chronic joint problems. Oh they tried. They all tried. Tests after tests, always hoping to find something they could hang their stethescope on.

In the days before the internet, I researched what I could and tried lots of things including the 4-day rotation diet (not repeating a food within four days), shark cartilage supplements, no sugar, no meat and cutting out the nightshade veggies (peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, etc.). Nothing seemed to make a difference. I did stretching, isometric exercises, light weight lifting, swimming, yoga and walking when I could, between "episodes".

As an adult I've always tried to drink "lots" of water and keep up with the recommended 8-10 glasses per day. I never liked the bubbles in soda, so I never drank that, even as a kid, but I drank my fair share, and yours too, of milk, Koolaid and juices - remember, this was the dark ages, before we realized milk was for calves and Koolaid was chemicals!

As a kid, I ate dairy products. And lots of them. Milk for breakfast with cereal - I never did like eggs - cottage cheese or a cheese sandwich for lunch - as I didn't like tuna or bologna. Of course all on white bread - remember it was the dark ages of the 50s & 60s. And, of course, I drank milk, and more milk. Hungry before bed? Milk. If I was hungry, I had a slice of cheese, maybe with some fruit or some crackers, and washed it down with milk - but all of this, I now know, is ACIDIC.

Add to this the typical American diet of meats, snacks, ice cream, stew, spaghetti, hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries, pizza, colored water/sugar ice pops, Yankee Doodles, Cheese Doodles, Lik-M-Aid, candy dots on paper, sugar cigarettes, Bonamo's Turkish Taffy, O Henry's, Almond Joys, Ring Dings, Ding Dongs (any of this sounding familiar) and you begin to see the imbalance. I think the only thing missing was soda! It probably all started as an infant, because my mother always gloated when she told the story, "She was such a big milk drinker, as an infant I had to put her to bed with TWO bottles of milk!" Folks, that's a full 16 ounces in a tiny baby's body. And that was just at night!

No wonder I was plagued with strep throats, tonsilitus, sinus problems and headaches as a young child! And let's not minimize the unsightly black tooth plaque on the inside of my teeth and the enormity of the cavities I developed in my molars - now understood to be from acidity in the mouth.

So, this may not sound much different than your culinary childhood past, but here's the thing I've learned: dairy, meats, white flour products, fruit juices, processed foods and sugars are all highly acidic. The acidity that your body can't get rid of, the excess acidity, the over acidity, builds up in your body and settles in the weak spots, which for me was obviously the joints and connective tissue - the soft tissue. And maybe, perhaps, this was the root cause of my menstrual problems beginning at age 11? And, I haven't even told you yet about my jaw problem called "Long Face Syndrome", leading to terrible TMJ pain (Temporol Mandibular Joint), a jaw deformity and eventual ortho-maxillofacial surgery.

Being I was always a skinny kid, and weight was never a problem, I didn't have the reserve of fat cells that most other people seem to have. You see, as I understand it now, excess acidity can get stored away in fat cells, so being a bit overweight actually may protect you somewhat from the ravages of this acidity. It's well known that when they do liposuction, the fat they suck out is highly acidic! But, I'm getting ahead of my story now, so let's get back to the saga.


My son was born in 1984 and my hands flared up really bad. They were swollen and painful when I woke up and for much of the day. So bad that I couldn't pull off the sticky tabs of his used diapers, I had to cut them with a scissor. Functioning normally was a chore, but I never gave in. I've always felt there are no obstacles in life, only ways around them! More physical and occupational therapy, and of course you can imagine how difficult everything was for a young mom with two kids and a house to run. It seemed like there was always something hurting me, or, headaches. The regular routine of doctors couldn't find anything, not even the markers for arthritis, or anything else for that matter. Holistic doctors and therapies were not around, or, were certainly not covered on my insurance.

About 3 months after my son was born I saw the rheumatologist I used when I thought I needed another prescription for physical therapy. During the examination he felt that I had a goiter at the base of my throat (like a golf ball) - my thyroid was enlarged and hardly working - this caused the joint problems to flare up - and explained why my hair was falling out and turning white really fast at 30 years old! He sent me right over that afternoon to an endocrinologist who gave me the news that my thyroid pretty much stopped working due to the stress of the pregnancy. "Why," I asked, only to be told, "because". I never got an answer no matter how many times I asked about the "physiology" of this over the years. So, a Synthroid prescription it was for me, for perpetuity!

I also asked, every visit, every year, "Does this tiny little pill replace everything that my thyroid should produce?" The doctors always said yes. I responded with the same question every visit, every year, "So why then am I still cold and losing hair." You know what they answered: "Pay on your way out, I'll see you next year and don't let the door hit you in the rear on the way out." I had to keep returning for the Synthroid prescription. As of 2006 I've been on natural thyroid replacement, suggested by a highly esteemed Nutritionist, Dr. Bruce MacFarland (RIP), who marketed the first Progesterone Cream for Women, ProGest by Emerita.

FINALLY MAKING SOME PROGRESS - Connective Tissue Disorder, a.k.a. Ehler's Danlos:

In the late 80s, my mom had surgery on her wrists for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and was seen by a top neurologist in New York City. He took a look at my troubled right arm and examined a few other joints and thought I might have a connective tissue disorder. Luckily he knew of a doctor researching this obscure malady at Babies Hospital of Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City, and got me an appointment with a soft-spoken African doctor doing research in the US, Dr. Kwame Yeboa.

He knew all about this stuff!! It turned out that I had a bona-fide condition, called Ehlers-Danlos (hyperflexibility). The doctor explained that connective tissue disorders are divided into different types, some more serious affecting the organs, some less serious affecting the joints! A bit of good news for me!! We learned that day in 1987 that, in most people, this condition isn't a problem, until it is - if you keep the muscles strong enough, it may never manifest itself. In my case, from about 1969 to now, the doctors had been telling me "Don't exercise; you might be making it worse!" Terrific! So, limiting my activity for 20 years was perpetuating my condition! Brilliant doctors - but I don't fault them, I fault the system and the money machine.

Ehlers-Danlos affects the soft connective tissue and causes it to either be too loose (hence "loose joints" or "hypermobile"), easily injured and/or doesn't heal properly. The looseness causes joints to slip in and out of place easily (minor dislocations), causing small traumas leading to inflammation and pain. This explained the systemic problem I always believed existed, but not the root cause. The doctor said it was genetic, which made no sense since neither my mother nor father had anything like this. Nor did any relatives on either side.

Upon examining my kids, my 7-year-old daughter was found to have this to an even greater degree than me!! It is diagnosed by the elasticity of the skin and over extension of the joints (hyperextension). Her elbows bend back when she straightens them - like you may have seen when gymnasts salute at the end of their routine. This is very interesting because my daughter desperately wanted to do gymnastics, and Dr. Yeboa said most gymnasts have this, but they are very strong so its not a problem. He gave my daughter the green light to try gymnastics but warned that she must stop should she develop similar problems as her mom. She went on to be #1 in New York State, Level 8 and "retired" at 16 years old to pursue other interests.

With this new understanding I carefully began exercising which was a continuous battle of 3 steps ahead, 2 1/2 steps or a full 3 back. Add to the list of doctors quite a few chiropractors who were essential at putting things back in place, as the spinal joints were not spared from this slipping. Knowing that it was a connective tissue disorder didn't make it all stop.


Sometime in 1990, 35 years old, my right knee was popping in and out of joint, and swelled up (see photo). Oh, it would go down for a day or two, but then swelled up again. It was like an elephant's leg to me, and prevented me from walking on it correctly and I had to use a cane (NOT easy on days when your hand, wrist or elbow hurt!). I drove with my left foot operating both the gas and break (shhhh, don't tell the DMV), and used cruise control around town whenever I could. It was a difficult day when the doctor got me a handicapped tag for my car. 35 years old, two kids, working part time (as a religious school teacher), wearing a knee brace and walking with a cane! At least I had some fun canes - a Labrador Retriever sculpted into a handle, and a parrot with a glass eye!!

The worst day of all when my family was psyched up to go to a big flea market/collectible show and I didn't want to disappoint them, but there was no way I could walk all day with a cane. So, I relented and rented a wheel chair. It was awful, although the kids had fun pushing me. It was cumbersome on the dirt and gravel walkways and I felt like such a burden instead of the supermom keeping everything together.

I tried lots more supplements, but never tried cutting out the dairy completely. We ate small amounts of meat, but I was leaning towards being a vegetarian. Still drinking milk occasionally, albeit it was raw milk when I could get it, I tried to cut down and cut back on other dairy products too, but it was very hard. For lack of anything else proactive to do, I kept charts of the barometric pressure, weather conditions and my swelling. Over time I saw about a 75% correlation with rapidly changing barometric pressure and my knee swelling. GREAT! However, silly me, there was nothing I could do about the barometric pressure, but it gave me something to focus on to feel like I was helping the situation.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, or you've had something similar, I couldn't play tennis, roller blade or play soccer with my son. I had beautiful gardens, but now it was hard to get up and down (I couldn't kneel) and get the countless things you need when gardening. I had to go up and down the steps in our house on my butt. Had to vacuum using a cane. Everything was hard. Walking with a cane was the pits.


Then in 1993, with a hugely swollen knee, I was referred to the Olympic Ski Team's knee doctor, Dr. David Mensch (if you know the Yiddish language, you know why I had to see this doctor - a mensch is an upstanding person with integrity and a good heart), once again in New York City (I lived about 30 miles north). After months of anxiously waiting for the appointment, as soon as he heard the history and poked at my knee, he said he wanted to operate ASAP, as he was certain there was a fungus in there! I high-tailed it out of there, as I thought this sounded just way too bizarre, but I never forgot this peculiar concept - fungus in the joint.

I should mention here that on top of all this, at about 42 years old I was found to have SEVERE Osteoporosis. Not just osteopenia but alarming T scores, well into the -2 T score range. "You have the bones of a 60 year old woman, and could have a spontaneous fracture at any time," they warned me. Terrific. But they also admitted there was very little research, if any, done on pre-menopausal women, and tiny, light-weight women were even more of an anomaly. They all agreed it wasn't due to my diet.

Over time, with additional physical therapy, the swelling in my right knee pretty much went down, and I only needed the cane intermittently, so it wasn't too debilitating. From 1993 through early 2005, there was always something hurting, I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia, which seemed to be a garbage term for "a lot of things hurt, a lot of points are tender, and we doctors don't know why, but here's a big fancy name to make you go away. Oh, and we'll be happy to give you practically any medication you want - pain killers, sleeping pills, anti-depressants..." I'd have none of it! I was always exercising carefully, always seeing a chiropractor, rheumatologist and physical therapist, and always wary of what would get chronic next.

I became a total vegetarian in 2001 (except for occasional fish), gave up dairy soon after that, drank lots of homemade vegetable and fruit juices and tried to increase my water. Still though, I drank about 2 cups of coffee a day. And, still had milk and cereal, but it was soy milk now (I eventually switched to almond or hemp milk, and now make my own!).

THE BIG 5 - 0:

Then in December 2004 I turned 50. Now, being in pretty good shape (despite all this) and looking younger than my years, I wasn't really freaked out about hitting this milestone. I was feeling better than in the past and able to work hard as a now single mom. Neurontin for the pain in my back and neck (bulging, desiccated and herniated discs - all soft tissue damage), Flexiril muscle relaxers when things spasmed up occasionally, anti-inflammatory in the cabinet if I had a really bad swelling episode, Fosamax for two years for the osteoporosis, Synthroid for the low thyroid and progesterone cream for menstrual problems, I had everything under fairly good control.

But when I turned 50, I wondered what was next. My hands hurt and were swollen every morning. My back was better - better than awful - maybe just pretty bad. I'd do my fast walking only around the block, just in case something hurt so I could get home fast. I never gave in. Ever. I fought this thing constantly, being certain that one day I'd find the answer. So, on the eve of my 50th birthday, after celebrating with my family, lying down at night, I took stock of how I was feeling. The right knee was only swollen a bit once in a while and I hardly needed the cane; the back was slowly improving over time. But I had this pain on the right side of my back/shoulder/hip for a couple of years now, and my hands hurt so bad, that only just touching the knuckles and squeezing lightly hurt.

I felt that it would only be a matter of time until I was using a walker, or worse.


Having recently moved into a new home in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, notorious for lousy water, I wanted to install some type of filtration system and thought Reverse Osmosis (RO) was the answer. I fell for the scare tactics the salesman used - inserting two electrodes into the water, turning your tap water into an awful murky brownish-greenish sludge. So of course I wanted an RO unit installed right away! I didn't want to drink even one more glass of THAT water! But when he said they'd be over in an hour to install it, I got suspicious and told them to hold off, as I wanted to do a bit more research. I found out this "electrode trick" solidifies the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in the water, so it will ALWAYS look nasty, unless, of course, there are no minerals present (dead water) as is the case with reverse osmosis. I also found out Reverse Osmosis water is very acidic!! I didn't want this at all!!! With the RO system cancelled, I was on a quest to find a system that cleaned the water and was safe to drink.

pH ScaleOver the past two years I had been slowly learning about the acid alkaline balance in the body and the havoc this can wreak but I had not yet made the connection with my "problems" and this issue. And now, gosh, water could be acidic? This was never really talked about in past information about water. I found out distilled water was also acidic, as were many brands of bottled water. This is when I discovered water ionizers and high-alkaline, negatively-charged ionized water. WOW.


I read the research from Asia and clinical sites of US publications. I researched and researched, studied about the acid-alkaline effects in the body and the only ONE disease - too much acidity being the root cause of decay and malfunction in our body. Understanding that our own acidic wastes and the acidity from what we eat accumulate in weak areas of each person's body, I began to piece this all together. Remember the Olympic Ski Team's knee doctor who was sure I had a fungus in my hugely swollen knee? Well he knew. I knew also, now. Rather than making me fat, the acidity compromised the connective tissue in my joints, and settled real bad in my right knee. I understand now that you can't have pain and inflammation without yeasts, molds and fungus being present. They thrive in an acidic environment, and they produce their own acidic wastes, which feeds the process. Dr. Robert O. Young's information is invaluable for understanding all of this, particularly his book "Sick and Tired" which has photos of a lung and heart encased in fungus. The doctors see this when they cut people open, they just don't know how to advise you to get rid of it, other than cutting or maybe swabbing it to kill it. Change your inner terrain and you change your life and health profile! It all made so much sense, now.


So I got my first water ionizer and jumped right into drinking high alkaline water. I figured I was a vegetarian, I ate a real healthy diet, and basically I was in better shape than most people I knew my age, so I threw caution to the wind and drank a gallon a day of 10 pH ionized water. Well, before I started feeling great, I felt downright lousy for a couple of days, and I believe THIS is my greatest testimonial:

  • At that time I hadn't had a cold or flu in 9 years, and now, my eyes were watering, my nose was running, and I had phlegm in my chest!
  • I never had stomach aches or other gastric problems, and now, my stomach hurt!
  • My finger joints had been so painful, even just to gently squeeze, and now, they felt like they had needles coming out of them!
  • My lousy knees ached in a way they never ached before - and bad -it was very strange!
  • Not a stranger to headaches (that's ANOTHER story!), I now had the worst headache I'd ever had for two days!

Had I not understood this was detoxifying, I'd have been downright frightened!

It took 2 or 3 days for all this to pass and then...

MY WORLD CHANGED - Water Rocked My World

The energy was boundless, the mental clarity was razor-sharp, there was NO fatigue, but best of all, NO MORE BRAIN FOG and NO MORE PAIN!

Among my myriad of entrepreneurial endeavors, I did video editing and graphics. The particular video editing I was working on at the time took a lot of focus and memory. It was a very involved, high-level, corporate financial training video for Intech, a division of Janus Funds. Very detailed and meticulous. With bouts of brain fog, there were days I didn't dare go near the video editing, knowing I couldn't concentrate or hold in my head the plethora of details. Miraculously, this feeling of brain fog fled, never to return again.

It wasn't like a miracle, it was a miracle. My fingers didn't hurt, my knees were great, the fog was gone, and my energy was ceaseless. At night I was no longer exhausted. When I DECIDED to go to sleep, I got into bed and slept great (I've always been skilled at sleeping and dreaming). The difference now was I wasn't falling asleep reading or watching TV anymore. I found that I could pull all-nighters if I was on a good roll with the video editing! This made me feel like a college kid again!!! I was loving it!! I also no longer got drowsy when driving - because I was always drinking my ionized water! 3-4 quarts per day!


After a lifetime of searching out the health modalities that really work, and refining my diet and lifestyle accordingly, I knew I was on to something big. Right around this time I saw "What the BLEEP" complete with Dr. Masuro Emoto's photos of healthy water's hexagonal crystalline structure. It was all making so much sense. Now I come to understand, on a deeper, molecular level, how these hexagonal "microclustered" water clusters produced by the water ionizer protect our DNA and our health. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT HEXAGONAL WATER

Over the next several months, while researching ionized water and water ionizers to perhaps start selling them, I improved my nutritional profile further. I began daily supplementation with the following

  • Chlorella and Spirulina - I take between 8 and 15 grams a day (32-60 tablets of URparamount's Chlorella & Spirulina Combo Tablets) for protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, energy and, of course, ongoing heavy metal detox.
  • Himalayan Crystal Salt - we are an electrical body, running on salt and water - but it has to be good salt, which "tunes" our frequency - Himalayan Crystal Salt matches our bodies' frequency and our mineral composition.
  • Green Drink - chlorophyll is so vital, again, I researched most of the market, and choose types that focus on grass JUICES. I like to "rotate the crops" so I use different kinds, but I also use Green's Complex Capsules everyday
  • Good Oils - about 2-3 tablespoons a day of extra-virgin, cold-pressed olive oil, walnut oil, coconut oil, flax oil, hemp oil, plus I eat avocado almost every day (see my Kermit Sandwiches), fatty-fish or good oils (my recipes Wild Alaskan Sesame Salmon and Tina's Better Butters that have no butter in them - someday I'll post them.)
  • Rebounding - I'd been rebounding for a couple years before all this, but it's worth mentioning here, since it's fabulous, fun exercise, with incredible, documented health benefits - NASA found rebounding to be the exercise of choice for astronauts to regain bone density after tooling around in outer space! Watch me on the Needak Rebounder!
  • Rife Model 101 Bio Active Healing
  • Rife 101 Energy Frequency Machine - Frequency healing is the latest modality I'm using. As you can well imagine, I have residual damage and scar tissue deep in my muscles. Occasionally this causes spasms that pull bones out of place (and you know how that goes). After a plane trip to visit a friend, and my shoulder/neck being affected from uncomfortable airline seats, I tried my friend's Rife Model 101 machine on joint pain. WOW. Within an hour the pain and spasm was about 90% gone! A true miracle, since for the plane ride home I didn't have to take a muscle relaxer! I was sold!

I continue to use the Rife Model 101 for "maintenance" and prevention weekly. I run through a protocol including some general Rife 101 programs for Pain, Circulation, Inflammation, Glands, Liver, Kidney, Lymph, Fungal, Parasites, Cancer, Detox, the Schumann Wave and I just plain don't get sick ever! I did feel a cold coming on this past winter, so I ramped everything up and merely sniffled for two days - used a couple of tissues. That was it, and I'm not exaggerating!

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Big Rocky

Rife 101 saved Rocky's life!And click here to read how the Rife Machine and Ionized Water saved Rocky's life from Parvo!


So, now, at almost 60, I feel way younger than I did at 40 when I walked with a cane! Most folks think I'm at least 10-15 years younger! I love it! What woman doesn't like everyone thinking they're younger! Truthfully, I'm sure some of it is in the genes, but I cannot negate the water and my diet protocol when it comes to my skin and vibrance.

I've done lots of trade shows, and talked to thousands of people who are looking, just like you might be, for what works. I'm a living, powerful testimonial for this whole protocol, and now lots of you out there are following my lead. I can sum it up in a simple word: COWS (thank you Dr. Young). That's right, C-O-W-S. Just remember that, research each item, and you're on your way:

C = Chlorophyll - includes green veggies, lots of leafy ones and brocolli, sprouts (you can grow your own), green drinks, chlorella and spirulina, seaweed
O = Oils - we want the good ones here folks like unrefined, organic flax oil and seeds, hemp oil and seeds, walnut oil and nuts, almond oil and nuts, brazil nuts, olive oil, coconut and its oil, avocados, grapeseed oil, fatty fish (salmon, sardines, blue fish, mackerel, cod, tuna - if you eat fish) - NOT corn, canola, palm, BUTTER, peanut oil, etc.
W = Water - the five main benefits of ionized water are encapsulated here: FAPMO
F for high-quality fine Filtration
A for negatively charged Antioxidants
P for high alkaline pH
M for Microclustered molecules
O for extra available Oxygen
S = Salt - about a teaspoon of un-processed high-mineral Himalayan Crystal Salt to ensure smooth electrical nerve pathway transmission in and around your brain and body - see the blog post on Salt Sole (pronounced so-lay)


I've been using the Rife 101 Energy System since 2007 for all sorts of things, most notably I stopped SHINGLES (click to read about it)!! And cleared my EYE FLOATERS (click to read about it)! And I've got my adrenal glands functioning better than my doctor's! And, of course it helps my joints. Read over 300 testimonials on the site for everything from cancer to candida, Lyme to herpes, parasites to prostate, arthritis to yellow fever! (click to read Rife 101 testimonials).

You see, the Rife 101 Energy System works in two basic ways: 1) it kills pathogens: viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungus, etc, and, 2) it enhances the resonance and metabolism of your cells, glands, organs, tissues and electrical meridians (energy pathways) throughout your body.

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URparamount is my company, not an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing or Pyramid-Scheme) and I honestly sell products that have helped me regain and maintain my excellent health AND mobility, given Ehlers-Danlos Connective Tissue Disorder, a connective tissue disorder causing hypermobile joints!

I suggest, for optimal health, you drop the soda (EXTREMELY acidic), carbonated waters (also acidic), white flour, all forms of sugar, sugar substitutes (stevia, the sweet herb is fine), limit animal products (all very acidic), and move towards eating more vegetables and eating lots of them raw. Add fresh, raw peppers, garlic and onions to tomato sauce, after it's cooked! Blended! It takes some thinking, but you can do it if I can! Eat only whole grains and whole grain products. Add good oils AFTER food has cooked so you don't cook the oils! Steam veggies in a tablespoon or so of water, rather than stir frying in oil! I have lots of ideas and might be coming to a town near you to do a "retreat". WRITE me through our contact page if you're interested!

Someday, I'll be writing a book - short and easy to read, about how I do what I do and why. Remember, I've been doing all this a long time, but I had to give up yummies along the way - I LOVED my coffee, my milk, pizza, cheese, fried chicken, bacon, pastries, French fries. I've been there, although I've never drank soda. One step at a time.

Why am I such a staunch advocate of all this? Why do I rarely sway from this protocol? It's simple... I'm addicted to feeling well. I've felt so lousy for the early part of my life, it JUST FEELS GREAT TO FEEL GREAT!! You can feel this way too! Not overnight, but take baby steps, and make changes one at a time. You're worth the effort!

There are several web addresses that all lead to the same website, www.URparamount.com

www.Rife101.com (the Rife 101 Energy System)
www.HempOil4u.com (I co-authored the #1 book on CBD-rich hemp oil)
www.URcleanAir.com (Ultra-violet technology to clean your home/apt/business air)
www.TimetovVIP.com (I'm an original member at a luxurious, all-inclusive resort - GREAT deals!)

My best to you and your loved ones,
in health, happiness, and, hydration!
Tina at URparamount.com

Optimum Health, Optimum Vitality - at any age!

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