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Rife 101 Energy System Rife Machine User TestimonialsTrue Stories!
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Disclaimer: These are actual testimonials - your results may vary.
Use at your own risk. These machines are for personal experimental purposes.

Back Pain:
Hey, I just wanted to let you know that my mom has been using the machine and is finding it VERY useful for her back! She has had severe back pain for 15+ years now and sometimes it is absolutely crippling. She is using the back/disc program and said that her back feels so much better! She said she can still feel a bit of discomfort, but not any real pain. I'm am soooooo happy about this! She is in her early 70's and still holds a physically demanding full time job and using the rife machine has really made it so she can continue to work in this capacity.
Just wanted to share. - Dawn G.
Back Disc Problems:
My wife says that the Disk Program works wonders on her Spine. - Erlend H, AK
Flu Virus:
I work in a clinic with 16 people. A few weeks ago, everyone came down with a severe viral flu including symptoms of extreme nausea, diarrhea, high fever, and hallucinations. One person nearly died, and a child in our town did die from the virus. I remained perfectly healthy even though I worked with them every day. - Alex W, OR
Flu, Influenza, Stomach Issues:
A friend of mine had been sick for about 4 weeks and in the hospital 2 weeks with bad flu and stomach issues. She was relased from the hospital, back in the hospital, released again, and still sick. I set her up on 2 programs - the Flu and Stomach Disorder. She was better that night and out dancing the next day! - Dawn R., FL
I used the Rife Model 101 for Flu/Influenza and after just 2 treatments, one each day in a row, I felt better. - Dawn R., FL
Joint Pain, Hearing Loss, Heart, Eyes, Glands, Concussion, Broken Bone, Bruised Kidney, Hepatitis:
First of all, I'd like to attribute my good health to God, and secondly, to the RIFE machine which I purchased about two years ago. Although I had no serious health problems, my purpose in having purchased the Rife Model 101 bio-frequency machine was for preventitive measures regarding my heart, eyes and glands. I also felt it would benefit me in helping to eliminate some of the joint pain I was having. My objectives were met. The machine has helped my heart, eyes and glands to remain in good health, as well as prevent any further loss of hearing I had been experiencing, too.

My daughter has also experienced success with the RIFE 101 machine, and I would like to share that with you. She had fallen from a horse and suffered a minor concussion, a broken clavicle and to worsen the circumstance, the horse accidentally stepped on her after she'd fallen, bruising her kidney area. She received treatment from the hospital for the injuries, but also attributes her recovery from the use of the RIFE machine. During her stay in the hospital, further tests revealed that she had contracted hepatitis before the fall from the horse. After having used the RIFE machine after her first blood test (which revealed a high enzyme level in relation to the hepatitis), her enzyme level had lowered near 50%. She works on one of the boats that journeys on the Mississippi River, and needless to say, was very happy to return to her employment.

For myself, I'm glad to say that I am on no medications at this point in my life. I have appreciated the help the RIFE 101 machine has brought to me in my golden years of 70+, and also to my daughter. - Happy Users, MO
Back Pain & Diarrhea:
This machine is so helpful for my 90 year-old mother's back pain and diarrhea that we are getting 2 more so each family household has one! Sue H.
Food Poisoning:
I went to an oriental restaurant for dinner and came back with food poisoning. Cramps, nausea and general misery. I used the Rife machine "Detoxification" program. After 30 minutes I used the bathroom one time and was fine. Others in my dinner party were in misery for 2 days. - Beverly
Salmonella, Food Poisoning & Bronchitis:
When it comes to food poisoning, like salmonella, you actually feel the Rife 101 work within 10 minutes or so of the program. Bronchitis is another standout. Had a new restaurant open near us and put out lots of smoke right at us. The bronchitis would keep re-infecting me. But each time, I used the Rife 101, it would kill it in minutes and the relief would be amazing, but within a half hour to hour, I would have the condition come back. I kept using the Bronchitis routine when it came back and gave my body the chance to heal enough to experience a change in the air pattern to take the smoke elsewhere. We moved soon after. I have no doubt that many other routines would work great if I ever needed them but I have not as I am fairly healthy. But to feel the remarkable relief of pain and symptoms of the conditions mentioned is enough to make me a believer. - S. Irving
Sciatica, Ulcer, Candida & Depression:
In a short amount of time I no longer have sciatica. My ulcer is gone. Depression gone. Off all meds: no pain - no brain drugs. Candida and bloating gone. My body is functioning better. Very pleased. - David
Candida, Mold, Fungus:
I've been SUFFERING with candida, mold and fungus and all related illnesses for 60 years. I was born with it...ran in my family - mother, grandmother, all siblings (2 now dead, 1 schizophrenic, 1 only 44 dying a miserable death of illnesses caused by candida/mold/fungus weakening her system. I've been spending $800-$1000 monthly on a 'PROGRAM' to 'END CANDIDA FOREVER' since February of this year after returning from a month in India with severe parasite infestation; I weighed about 90 lbs, looked and felt like death.

I received the Rife 101 Machine, opened it up, plugged it in, slapped those sticky things to the bottoms of my feet, turned it on and in 10 minutes the Candida Program was over. My belly had become huge with the dead little yeast/mold bodies so I did the Detoxification Program, drank tons of water and went to bed. Next morning I woke up feeling marvelous, and immediately did the Candida Program again, got no bad effects and pronounced myself CURED OF CANDIDA. I did it again today, did the Fungal Program, still feel fantastic. MIRACLE! Thanks for sending it so promptly, thanks for everything!

NOW i'm ready for maintenance. I ran the Infection Program today without any ill effects so I'll do all the other good stuff this machine can do for maintaining health and staying young, getting stronger and looking better! Thank you so much! I'm so happy and thrilled. All my best, Blessings of Grace - Jani B.
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder:
This Rife frequency machine is worth all the sacrifices I went through for so long to save the money to purchase it from you. I do treatments every morning and every night. Works good for depression etc. from post traumatic stress disorder. I'm off Prozac and the Lithium kicker I was using for so long. A whole host of multiple positive changes, accumulative and ongoing, is the only way to describe it. It's almost "hard to take." Actually it kind of nice: I'm just not used to the difference in how good I feel! - Michael F, CA
I came back from a health expo - eating too much fun food, stayed up late, was in contact with many people and illnesses - started getting the oh-oh scratchy throat, runny noise, growing hot and tired. Usually this means sick for 2 weeks and getting nothing done. I turned on my rife machine to "Influenza Program" and symptoms started melting away. Remarkable! - Dustin
Allergies & Headaches:
I got this machine for my long term allergies and it worked. I could hardly believe it. Why don't doctors offer this effective machine? My problem was gone in 3 treatments plus the expensive monthly bills were history. I now save almost $125 a month from this condition alone. I used to get frequent distressing headaches, ruining many planned activities. I used the setting for headaches and now no more headaches. No more pills! Happy user! - Janice
Migraine Headache:
I experienced a migraine for the first time in my life this year. I was in utter pain, I could not think, move, sleep or eat. The source of it was from my head but it made my entire body ache. I tried using the migraine program at first, with the pads on my hands and it did not work. I tried many other programs. Until finally, I just took the plunge and stuck the pads on my head and that helped to numb the pain. Eventually my migraine eased up and it was over within 24 hours. The first few hours of the migraine were unbearable, after using the RIFE and sticking the pads to my head, it became somewhat bearable and I was finally able to get some sleep.

The RIFE has been great with stomach aches and other common ailments. My family has benefitted greatly from the use of it and I recommend it as a fantastic investment for anyone who can afford one. Especially if you have a family! - Sakina R, HI
Rife 101 Frequency Machine:
I have had my machine for several months now and enjoy the many good results I have been getting. I have a friend that was having many health problems and offered to let him use my machine for a week. At the end of the week he begged for a little more time as he is feeling so much better. It has been 5 weeks now and I will probably have to wrestle it away from him. He does look much better now but needs to order his own machine. Yes they work! - David
Carcinoma - Melanoma:
Hello, I had carcinoma in the last stage. I was operated on in LSU hospital and was told I wasn't going to survive long. A friend let me use his Rife 101 Machine for six weeks, then I went bask to LSU hospital where they ran a PET scan on me and told me I had no trace of melanoma cancer in my body! - Frank S.
Cancer of Liver, Lymph Nodes & Lung:
Although drinking plenty of pure water, I experienced major detox problems. That must mean it's working and killing the bad bugs. After thinking about this, I realized that the "Carcinoma" treatment is the second longest and runs for 72 minutes. Give the 72 minutes and the fact that I am treating cancer in my liver, lymph nodes and lung, I realized that the amount of toxins produced would be very high. I scaled back the treatment to every 3 days, which did the job. My body now seems tuned to the machine and I am now treating every 2 days and drinking plenty of water. I am handling this OK. My pain is almost gone and my energy levels have increased. I am walking further and faster every day and playing golf (badly) 2 times per week. I am getting lost of rest and sleep. I'm eating the correct foods, continuing with homeopathic medicine to boost the immune system and continuing with Yoga and meditation. I am making headway. It will be a long, hard road, but here's hoping! Best regards, Ray - Australia
Esophageal Cancer:
Thank you again for offering such wonderful products. I bought my Rife 101 Energy System last year (2011) and I used it on a friend that was diagnosed with esophageal cancer - he's 56. When I first heard about it, I called him and asked what he planned to do. He said he didn't know, but he REALLY didn't want to go the chemo route. When you hear that you have the "Big C" it kinda gets you in the gut and it's hard to think straight. Of course, the doctors told him he didn't have any options other than chemo and surgery and more chemo.

He was scared and confused and was searching for an alternative treatment when I called him. I told him I could help him if he would let me and it wouldn't cost him anything. He agreed and after three weeks, he was tested again and the doctors couldn't find any trace of the cancer. He also came off all sugar and all meat. He went on the "Eat Right 4 Your Type" diet and took Essiac Tea and some vitamins and colloidal silver. He also has a live blood analysis done once a month.

The cancer was caused by chronic acid reflux, as he has a hiatal hernia. It's funny, but doctors WILL NOT tell you to sleep on your left side when you have one of those. Anyway, I gently educated him on what foods to avoid and to read labels carefully; that rebounding or skipping rope was good to cleanse the lymph system, and other ways to gently cleanse the body and stay healthy; showed him how to make his own Essiac Tea; and took him shopping and out to eat to show him he didn't have to be afraid of what's out there. One can usually find healthy choices in just about any eating establishment.

The doctors still tell him he needs to have his esophagus surgically removed. One doctor told him "Yes, the cancer is gone, but it's my job to tell you have to have surgery." Of course, my friend gently told the doc to take a hike. The so called "health care" establishment can't make money off healthy people, but you already know that.

He is now doing very well. He's not afraid anymore and feels empowered because he knows what causes people to be sick. He asked me about flu shots and I told him that I NEVER, EVER take ANY vaccines, and I'm never, ever sick. I take no prescription nor OTC drugs and I'm soon to be 59. I line dance and square dance, get plenty of rest, drink a minimum of 64 oz. of quality water per day (I filter my own), don't sweat the small stuff (and even most not-so-small stuff), I mind my own business and hope that others will mind theirs, go to bed with a clear conscience, and I give my Heavenly Father all the thanks for allowing me find ways to stay healthy.

I've used the ProWave for candida and the small cataracts my eye doc says I'm developing. I wonder what he'll say at my next exam when the cataracts are gone? Hmmmmm.

PS: A friend of mine loves the Pee Thingys she ordered (female urinary device to "pee like a guy"). She says she bought 12 of them and says they're the perfect stocking stuffer! - JR from GA
Spider Bite Wound & Allergies:
Woman, 44, had a spider bite. A doctor treated the festering wound for 8 days - medicine from three different prescriptions with antibiotics, steroids etc. had been used. She was unable to use the hand which was swollen, infected and painful. After only two treatments (on alternate days) using the Rife machine with frequencies for allergies, parasites and detox, the wound was healing. The wound was no longer deteriorating, there was no more pain and the swelling was totally gone. The lady remarked that she had slept better, could smell her coffee for the first time in years (she was an allergy sufferer) and no longer liked the taste of her cigarettes - an added advantage?
Leg Cramps:
While trying to sleep I would regularly get horrible leg cramps. I used the auto program for "cramps" and they rarely happen any more. I am very pleased to have this Rife machine on hand. - Chris
Stage IV (4) Metastic Cancer:
My mom and I purchased one for our grandson and nephew respectively. He is using the machine and has had a remarkable turn in his condition. Not out of the woods entirely yet but the Dr. has no explanation for his results as we have not told him about the machine yet. He was expected to live no more than two months and that was six months ago. He was a class 4 metastic cancer patient when he arrived at this Dr. for treatment. - S. Brown
Tell your readers if they have trouble getting to sleep try the program for insomnia. I melts away all worries into "no big deal." I don't know how it works but it sure helps me get to sleep. Thank you. - Mary
Hay Fever & Allergies:
Try the auto program for hay fever and allergies. Works good and fast. - Mike
Cancer Pain:
Thanks so much for all your time. My mother is doing much better. After just two days, she is off her medications for the severe pain caused by the cancer and her energy is dramatically increased. I no longer need to help her to the toilet and she's up and about. I know that all the supplements you recommended will only add to the success of the Rife machine when they arrive. I am truly grateful to be able to help her in this way. Than you so very, very much! - Chrisma O, England
GBS Guillain-Barre Syndrome & Nerve Pain:
I have had Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) for over 1 1/2 years of painful hell. This is a problem with nerve ending damage causing endless pain and debilitation where every day was horrible. Somedays I would lie in bed and not be able to move practically anything but my eyelids. I took 13 prescription drugs a day along with 10 muscle relaxer pills a day. I had pain all over my body. I was figuring I would be just having a short life with a very painful end. I ordered a Rife 101 and within 2 days started amazing improvements. I did the programs for pain, nerve pain and also the detox program. I could now stop 2/3 of the daily medications. I can't tell you how much I am grateful for this machine and what it has done for me. By the way, over 20 conditions that the Rife Model 101 can treat applied to me. There is not a chance in a million that I would send this machine back. If anything I am saving up to buy a spare machine just in case something were to happen to my present machine. I would also like to thank my husband of 43 years, Bill, who has stood by my side, visiting me at the hospital every day. I have new hope and am getting better every day. If you won't try anything you can stay miserable or you can get a machine. Try the darn machine and see for yourself.
Virus, Insomnia & Cold:
Several weeks ago after visiting my father in the hospital, I was diagnosed with a viral condition of the brain. Before this I had never been sick except for a brain hemorrhage. I had been experiencing chronic fatigue, extreme dizziness and disorientation. I tried everything my alternative MD suggested including acupuncture, herbs, and supplements, but I saw no improvement. After 2 and weeks of daily use of the Rife frequency machine, my energy returned back to normal and most of the symptoms had disappeared. My doctor was astounded how well I looked, and could not find any sign of the virus. I felt strong enough to return back to work. It's been a year now, and I have continued to feel better and better. It has helped my wife's insomnia, and she got rid of her cold in record time. I let my father use the machine for his chronic gas, bloating and constipation and stomach problems from hiatal hernia. He was on six different medications and would not take any vitamins or supplements. I was surprised when after just two 30 minute sessions he was already feeling better. He stopped complaining about his bloating and began to eat again. His doctor is even more surprised at how well he is doing. One of the most exciting aspects of the machine is how quickly the benefits begin, and how quickly it works to bring the body into balance. The Rife machine has exceeded my expectations, and is tool that will prove extremely useful as more drug resistant "supergerms" and viruses emerge.
Nothing Chronic - Use for Maintenance, Colds, Flu, etc:
My wife and I have used the 101 regularly. We don't have urgent conditions so its use is on a maintenance and cold relief basis. The technology is from a greater mind - Royal Rife's and succeeding generations. We have confidence in the machine. One thing: increasingly, science knows that relaxed focus on a part of the body being already and always healthy (either seeing the words you say or an image you like), especially while the 101 is in use, may contribute more to the result. Happy healing, Max W, Down Under in Australia
Pain, Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Migraine Headaches, Eczema, Bruise (Hematoma), Heart Trouble, High Blood Pressure:
My wife has been chronically ill for 36 years, using numerous pharmaceutical drugs continuously. Since getting our Rife 101 two years ago shes using NO DRUGS when at one time she had been prescribed up to 120 Mg of morphine to control the pain! No medication now for her former Fibromyalgia, no medication for her former asthma, NO migraine headaches anymore and no sign of the eczema from which she once suffered.

My wife fell in the garden recently and had a hematoma (purple bruise) from her hip to the bottom of her leg. After establishing there were no broken bones, we didn't go to the hospital - just used the Rife 101 BRUISE program daily for up to three hours . The hematoma turned around in a couple of days and quickly started to go away, leaving only minor superficial epidermis evidence in the worst portion of the bruising.

We also follow a vegetarian diet and other healthful living practices. This device, the Rife 101 machine, should be better known more in the general public arena. I myself am 80 years old, in excellent health, and I use the Rife 101 for preventive measures like possible heart trouble and high blood pressure, just to be safe. - L. Gottberg, CA
Runny Nose, Post Nasal Drip, Sinusitus:
I'm 85, vegan, organic and pretty healthy! At the end of April 2013, one side of my nose started running - constant with no let up. It was a constant annoyance, and embarrassing when I was around people. I had to blow my nose every couple of minutes! I got my Rife machine in October of 2013 and after only 4 treatments on the Allergy program (which are the same frequencies as Sinusitus) the dripping is minimal and almost gone! - Jeanne S, AR
Male, 65 year old man, suffered from diabetes for 27 years. He started using the Rife machine about twice weekly for three months. Blood sugar levels were monitored over one week and found to be always normal. The doctor carried out metabolism testing and found that the pancreas was producing it's own insulin. This patient always carries insulin as a precaution, but now no longer uses any diabetic medication. Daily checking of sugar levels are always normal. He has maintained this status for more than one year now.
Diabetes, Epstein Barr Virus, Inflammation, Arthritis, Asthma, Sinus:
I can't live without my Rife 101 Energy System! It's helped me with my arthritis and inflammation, got rid of the Epstein-Barr virus, and keeps my sugar regulated. The doctor said I'd have to go on diabetes medication if I couldn't regulate it, and I attribute the Rife 101 with helping me do that. My daughter swears by it for her asthma and her mother in law borrows it when her sinuses act up. We all feel that we couldn't live without it! - Sharon, WV
A friend had asthma since she was 10 months old and she's now 70. She always drank a lot of water, so it wasn't from dehydration! Although she's been on medications and nebulizers most of her life, she used the Rife 101 machine one time and it was gone. Just gone! I have her doing a weekly maintenance program now, because when she didn't the asthma came back 3 months later. She's doing great now! - Dawn R., FL
I own two Rife 101s; recently bought a third for youngest son; plan on a fourth for my sister's family, all living on about twenty acres. (They'll have to share!). Am a successful Kidney transplant patient of years; but tried to find ANY help before going on dialysis- to no avail. Years later, received info about this 'wonder' (understand frequencies; having a First Class Radio license) bought one soon as possible. To my surprise, program 329 covered what we so desperately needed. While forever grateful to modern medicine, doctors, friends, etc, I believe problem could nave been prevented by Rife's research. ('An ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure'). Surprisingly! - many don't hear (or want to!) about alternative (self-help) medicine ... thinking THEY have the best doctor available! - Pat W.
Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Impotence:
I used it about three times a week for two weeks, and now I'm fine! - Joe
NOTE ABOUT Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Impotence:
Being female, not many men report their success with this issue, although they may mention it when purchasing their unit. In the past, when I listened to phone calls about the Rife 101 made to Justin Wizard, the previous distributor, I heard many GREAT testimonials regarding this issue. Helpful programs are Prostate, Nerve Disorders, Circulation, Sexual Dysfunction, Arteriosclerosis, Inflammation, Glands, Lymph Problems, Depression, Detox and The Schumann Wave. - Tina, URparamount Owner & Exclusive Online Rife 101 Distributor
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Disclaimer: These are actual testimonials - your results may vary.
Use at your own risk. These machines are for personal experimental purposes.

ALS Cancer Virus Miracle Machine:
In 1993 I was diagnosed with a virus in my muscles. There was nothing the medical doctors could do. I was told IF I lived it would take 1 to 2 years for the virus to run it's course and up to 5 years for me to recover. Their outlook for me was not good. I was told to get my life in order. I was 41 years old with 4 teenage children and a husband.

A friend told us about a chiropractor knowledgeable in vitamins and convinced us that he could help me. Within 3 months he had me out of the wheel chair and walking again but the illness kept attacking my body causing everything from kidney failure to paralysis. I also fought with the fact that the disease left me with no immune system. A simple cold put me in a crisis. The pain was awful but each time my chiropractor and I fought with God's help.

After 2 more trips to the emergency room the doctor concluded I had ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). I was encouraged to continue seeing the chiropractor for there was nothing the medical doctors could do.

I told my chiropractor about the ALS diagnosis and he found an article in the Nexus magazine regarding Mycoplasma. He then found the infection and with the use of a Rife machine was able to kill the infection. This all happened Monday, August 13, 2001. I was sick for two days as the infection left my body and today I am free from the illness. I no longer have trouble breathing or have muscle spasms and tremors after physical activity. I have lost 20 lbs of fluid, can walk without problems and can go all day without resting every hour.

I am just a farm wife from LeRoy, Minnesota but need to tell others what has happened to me for just maybe I can help someone else. - Jan J.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epstein-Barr Virus & Herpes:
A woman reported with extreme fatigue. She had very high antibody titers to Epstein-Barr Virus. Also she had chronic recurring herpes sores on the lips. She took two treatments a week for four weeks. After an initial decrease in energy, attributed to "die off," her energy and emotional outlook Improved greatly. Although she had not used the Rife machine specifically for the herpes problem, she reported that as a side effect of the treatment the herpes had disappeared and she has not had a recurrence over the past 8 months.
ARC (Pneumocystic Carini Pneumonia) with AIDS:
A 52 year-old male who tested positive for AIDS presented with Pneumocystic Carini Pneumonia. He obtained a rife machine on his own and is treating himself somewhat irregularly. He is free of most bronchial symptoms and reports improved energy and outlook.
Parasitic Infestation of the Colon:
A 75 year-old man reported with stomach pains, recurring diarrhea, rectal itching and insomnia. A stool test revealed various abnormal bacterial forms. After two treatments at one week intervals he reported that he was symptom-free. A stool test one month later was negative.
Laryngal Carcinoma - Cancer of the Larynx:
I first used the resonator clinically on a Native American, a handsome, strapping follow, forty-five years of age, weighing 225 lbs, with cancer of the larynx. He experienced pain and hemorrhaging on swallowing and was scheduled for surgery. To be on the safe side I gave him only 3 minute treatments and recommended 1 gm. of vitamin C with 10 oz. pure water six times a day, and plenty of rest. He felt nothing happened immediately and left the office with good energy but very skeptical. Yet, within two hours, as toxins began to be eliminated from the system, he felt extreme fatigue and went to bed for the next two days. On the morning of the third day, however, he arose feeling refreshed, optimistic and with more energy than he had felt in six months.

Also, the bleeding had stopped and he felt no pain in his throat.

He had another session five days following the first treatment, for 3 minutes on each frequency, this time with only mild fatigue the following day, and again a subsequent increase in energy and feeling of well-being. Then, deciding unilaterally that he was healed, he left on a vision quest. I have not been able to do a follow-up or find out what became of him. Normally treatments are most effective either every other day or at least twice a week for a time span three times longer than it has taken for the symptoms to disappear. And other groups of frequencies are also used to destroy whatever traces of the disease entity may still exist in related forms.
Twitch, Tic, Spasm:
Aside from all the things I use my Rife 101 for, I helped a friend recently. She had a most troublesome body twitch encompassing her shoulders and head and has finally found relief with this Rife machine! - Bev H., AZ
Spinal Meningitis & Chronic Fatigue:
White male, 48 years old, history of Epstein-Barr Virus, Chronic Candidas, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, presented With viral form of Spinal Meningitis, the symptoms of which had been increasing for at least a month: sharp stabbing pains shooting up spine into brain, limited range of motion, and tingling and numbness in the extremities. A treament was done with slight improvement in energy and overall well-being, but no improvement in central nervous system. After six sessions, one a day (despite my recommendations to allow a day in between) he reported that he felt a sensation of heat and an instant intensification of the pain in his spine, as if the current had targeted the specific cells that were infected! In about 10 seconds the pain subsided, although he continued the exposure on that frequency for 3 minutes (the same as the other frequencies).

From that point on he reported that his spinal symptoms improved dramatically. However, despite my words of caution, he began using the rife machine at home twice a day, three minutes on each frequency, wanting to be totally healed -as soon as possible." By the third day he came down with what appeared to be influenza: fever, coryza, weakness, loss of appetite which I suspected was due to "die off," detoxification more rapid than the system of elimination could handle. After 48 hours of eating only Miso soup, drinking lots of fluids, vitamin C, and rubdowns with Tiger Balm, he emerged feeling better than he had felt in at least six months. The Chronic Fatigue was gone, as was the Spinal Meningitis. He was given Homeopathic remedies to help heal trauma to the tissues. He continued to use the machine approximately twice a month for the next six months, "just to be on the safe side," and was totally asymptomatic after a year.
Multiple Sclerosis:
I couldn't be more delighted in the Rife 101 and the investment I made for my health! I have had significant trouble walking for quite a long time. This machine eases it for several days each time I use it. It's like a miracle to me. I've been using it about once a week for 3 months so far and I plan on using it for the rest of my life. It also helps my family with all sorts of things - pain, colds, headaches, asthma and more. It's a miracle, really. - Jerry, PA
Prostate Cancer:
My PSA was 23, now it's down to 4.5 (normal is 1-6). I used the Rife 101 every other day for 6 months – doc couldn't believe it. Kept using this amazing frequency generator machine and got my PSA down to 2.4!! I beat cancer!! - P.H., AZ
Cervical Cancer, Candidiasis & Staph Infection:
A 50 year-old woman reported with uterine pain and discharge ol mucous and blood, hyperplasia showing stage 5 Cancer on Pap smear. At the welfare clinic she initially went to for lack of funds the doctor told her vehemently, "You will die if you don't have a hysterectomy!" She also had Candidiasis, a chronic staph infection on her scalp and reported extreme fatigue, She was given two treatments a week for tour weeks. By the third visit the pain had stopped, by the fourth visit the discharges had ceased and the staph infection had also disappeared. By the eighth treatment her energy had improved markedly. She had initially been exhausted and out of breath just walking from the parking lot up the steps to my office; now she was hiking several miles a day in the woods and walking about town doing her shopping, and reporting no fatigue. A second Pap smear a month later revealed an improvement to Stage 3.
Lung & Throat Cancer:
A Prayer Answered: I just wanted to send you a big thank you..and let others who are dealing with this awful disease know there is hope! My husband was diagnosed with lung and throat cancer 15 months ago - only 4 months after my only sister died of lung cancer. She was only 57. Bob was only 51... they said without treatment he would die in 6 months to a year. WITH treatment he would probably live 2 years. He did the treatment because of me. He didn't want to put me through it again so soon after losing my sister. I couldn't accept this. I learned of your machine from friends who were into herbs and natural healing.

Yes, I was skeptical, but I didn't care how crazy it sounded or how much it cost. I didn't want to just give up without a fight. My husband went through hell...6 weeks of chemo and 7 weeks of radiation on the lung... 7 more weeks of radiation on the throat... and in between all this he did his cancer treatment on the Rife machine. No one knows how bad the chemo and radiation is until you go through it, but he did better than most people and I know it was because of the machine. He was never hospitalized or bed ridden. He didn't feel good for sure but he was still up and going. No one could believe it! Myself included because my poor sister was so sick she couldn't get out of bed. I only wish we would of known of this machine before she passed.

It's been a long 15 months for us, but Bob is now CANCER FREE - the doctors seem to be amazed! I know this was the answer to my prayers. I do it myself and I don't have cancer and hopefully never will. So all I can do is say thank you, thank you!!! Take care and God bless!It's been a long 15 months for us, but Bob is now CANCER FREE - the doctors seem to be amazed! I know this was the answer to my prayers. I do it myself and I don't have cancer and hopefully never will. So all I can do is say thank you, thank you!!! Take care and God bless!
Chronic Bladder Infection & Candidiasis:
A woman reported with a chronic bladder infection causing pain and difficult urination She had been to specialists and been given several series of antibiotics which had only given temporary relief. Now, she additionally had developed a raging yeast infection with copious lucorrhoea, had severe mood and energy swings, and craved sweets. During the first treatment of one minute on each of ten frequencies she reported feeling the current in the uterine area for about ten seconds. That night and the next day she felt more fatigued, but all other symptoms had improved. The following day all her symptoms had disappeared and her energy was better than she could remember it having been for a long time. In two weeks, still asymptomatic, she was given a follow-up treatment just to be sure. Six months later she is still fine.
Chronic Pain in Finger, Bone Spurs, Sinus, Tooth Ache & Shin Splint:
I have had your Rife 101 machine for a few months and wish to relate my results. I had a sore bump on one of my fingers that had been there for months. I used the settings for bone spurs and the pain and bump were quickly both gone. Amazing. It also removed my problems with sinuses, a bad tooth ache and a painful shin splint the doctors could not fix. All gone with the Rife 101. The machine uses technology that makes common sense. I like the machine very much. Satisfied.
Back Pain:
I used to wake up at night with such excruciating pain in my lower back I would cry out. I have taken expensive pills for the last 3 years that just make me woozy. I had a friend in the house with your Rife machine who put it on my back choosing the program for "Pain" auto frequency sequence. I didn't expect much (I have gone through so much with my doctor!) but was polite and went through the 38 minute program. At the end we removed the electronic pads. My God - there was NO pain! None. I was amazed and astounded. I used to have the horrible pain attacks about every other night and now maybe once every 3 weeks, much less severe and even then they seem to be fading away. No more pills. No more being woozy in the morning. I can also start planting in my garden which I loved, but was told not to do again. Yes, I am a happy user. Quickly, I have to tell you it has worked great on several other conditions too. OK bye! - Mike F.
Hot Flashes & Night Sweats:
My husband a truck driver has been getting very annoying hot flashes and night sweats. He used the Rife 101 and it took care of it. They gone. Program #279. Nelda
Itchy Skin on Feet, Hands & Arms:
For 15 years, my wife's and my feet were itching. We'd been to every medical doctor in Tulsa Oklahoma. We'd tried every medication the doctors' prescribed AND everything you could get over the counter. She'd scratch her feet so bad I thought she'd bleed to death! This itching nearly drove us crazy - itching on our hands, arms, feet. Some doctors were afraid to get too close to us! Whatever it was, it was invisible - no doctor could see why we were itching so bad. A friend told us if there's too much sugar in your system it can cause itching. We finally remembered about our Rife 101 and we both used the Rife machine on the Itching Program AND the Diabetes Program, and, instantly the itching stopped.We run the programs 2-3 times a week (and gave up eating all those sweets we loved - double stuff oreos, sweet honey breakfast rolls). This Rife machine is powerful! - Leo G., OK
Lyme Disease:
I have been using the Rife frequency machine for almost two weeks now for Lyme disease. Today I walked down my stairs. I know that sounds like no big deal but considering I haven't been able to walk down stairs without going one stair at a time and holding on to both sides and going very slow....today I walked down stairs not holding onto anything just straight ahead and one foot after the other... one foot on each step. What's more... I wasn't thinking about it before I started downstairs. I can feel the bacteria leaving my body. I can see the marks on my back and arms going away. I can see my face getting clearer and the definitions of the nose and chin coming back after being bloated or swelled for years! My daughter actually told me this weekend that I looked younger and prettier. After six years of suffering and being put off by multitudes of doctors, I am on the way to health. There will be much more to do but I can tell you the machine is the reason for my turnaround. Thank you.
Lyme Disease:
Lyme takes over your life. Pain, fatigue, discomfort; you can't do things anymore. I had "creepy crawlers" twitches on my cheeks. It was all getting worse. I am so totally angry with the medical community. They don't understand the technology and don't want to know. When I asked my doctor about Rife machines he said "They don't work."
I did research and saw that Rife machines were found to helpful. After much research checking out many machines out there I choose the Prowave Rife 101. My husband opposed me spending the money but I did it anyway. After using the machine for a short time the problems are so much better and improving by the week. I feel like I am a new person now - it gave me my life back. I noticed the energy level immediately. I am so grateful! - a former Lyme sufferer, Marcia T, Chicago, IL
Diabetes Type 2:
A little word on my Rife 101 Frequency machine. My mother-in-law has type 2 diabetes and I told her to try to use my machine if she wanted to try something else instead of just using drugs. She did it every other day for about two months. She went back to the doctor and he said that there is nothing wrong with her. Her diabetes is gone. Its been a year and she had checkup twice already and still perfect. I'm sold on your product. Thanks! Ron from Hawaii - Use Rife auto sequence for Diabetes #198. Use stevia the all natural sweetener, not sugar.
Virus & Mouth Sores:
I purchased a Rife frequency instrument. I had a very serious internal virus infection that I had not been able to control by any means. With large lesions in the mouth, I had to use self-hypnosis to consume food and fluids. Five hours after the first application, all pain ceased, and three days later all lesions had closed. I have been totally free of the virus since. Use Rife auto sequence for Infections #292
Gum Problems:
My gums were bleeding every time I brushed my teeth. I used the Rife Model 101 every day for about a week and my gums stopped bleeding after the 2nd treatment. NOTE - READ URparamount's BLOG POST about the BEST mouthwash for gingivitus, cavities, sore or bleeding gums, sore throat or mouth infections!
Muscle Strain:
My son was lifting weights at the gym and strained his shoulder. He was resistant to trying the Rife 101 machine, but his girlfriend said you better! He did it on his frozen shoulder and it felt better right away after only one treatment, and that was it! - Dawn R., FL
Many Uses for Over 8 Years:
I have to admit that this Rife machine is the best... I've owned my machine for almost 8 years now (as of April 2012)! I have seen it work miracles on many things, some my own problems and others! All the way from cold sores to warts, infection, flu, colds, burns, prostate, inflammation, sore muscles, fatigue, back pain, etc. There are many things too long to go into detail here... sometimes all that was needed was one treatment, whereas sometimes two.

My son had the two-week flu a couple of weeks ago... aches and the usual high fever. The next morning I put him on the machine, first the flu, then the fever program. We ran this two times and the next day the fever broke and all symptoms were gone. That true story I witnessed personally.

My personal opinion: if you are brain washed into believing that the only cure is drugs, which were designed to kill... think twice, you'll be glad you did!!! This machine is my baby and I won't sell it nor loan it out!!! It's too valuable not to own... I've saved thousands of dollars over the years!!!
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Justin Wizard's Stargazer Lily
Discover the energy frequency healing machine
of the future with our Rife Frequency Machine!
If you or a loved one is ill,
the controversial information on this site may change your life.

Disclaimer: These are actual testimonials - your results may vary.
Use at your own risk. These machines are for personal experimental purposes.

Breast Cancer:
In my last letter, I told you I had named my Rife unit "Albert." I loaned "Albert" to a lady with breast cancer in June. About the 3rd of July, she reported that her tumor had shrunk 1/3 in size.
Breast Cancer Tumors:
Getting fabulous results with our Rife 101, breast cancer tumors going away. - James K. and wife.
Has improved his eyesight, needs far less insulin. - Ray S.
I just wanted you to know that we have good experience with a man using the device. He has Parkinson's and his hands have been shaking all the time. After the first session with the Rife 101, the shaking stopped. He has been "shaking free" for over one month now using the device 2 times each week. - Best regards, Vidar in Norway
I have had bad headaches all the time for years. I would go through bottles of aspirin and other medications trying to get relief. I started using the Rife machine on the headache program #260 and very soon no headaches. What a joy to not have my head hurt!
My email to you is overdue to thank you. I am the very happy owner of the Rife Model 101 Rife Machine, which I bought in October 2009. I had been using my friend and neighbour's Rife Machine (which she bought from you) for about a year previously. By the time my machine arrived, it was like resuming an old and trusted friendship, I was so familiar with it. Because I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I used and still use the treatments instead of many and various drugs offered me. I have used it so extensively that I have worn out the self-adhesive flexible pad electrodes, which I would like to replace. I wanted you to know how wonderful I know this machine is. Yours in health - Marilyn M
Todd's Paralysis Syndrome & Fibromyalgia:
I want to thank you for sending me the miracle machine. I could barely walk, talk and could not drive previous to purchasing your 101 Rife energy machine. I am walking, driving, and most of all smiling again! It really should be called the miracle machine. I was in a serious car accident and sustained multiple head injuries which resulted in a seizure disorder, Todd's Paralysis Syndrome and also Fibromyalgia. My health continued to get worse and I lost my business, my house and myself due to the intense loss of quality of life I experienced!

Now I can walk, talk with out stuttering and haven't had a seizure in 4 weeks. I feel so much better and am getting better every day! Again you should call this the miracle machine! It is so amazing!!! Bless you and everyone who genuinely is trying to make a difference in peoples health! - Love, Karen, Phoenix AZ
Sprained Ankle Joint:
I had a sprained ankle and could barely walk on my right foot. Got it massaged and adjusted by chiropractor same day - it was sore and I crawled into bed and could not walk on it at all. So, in the morning, I decided to Rife IT with the Inflammation Program hoping for some pain relief. I did the half hour program on my ankle and to my surprise - the ankle was good as NEW!

I am in amazement at how effective the Rife Machine is and I look forward to using it for other imbalances in my system. I have been proactive with my health because quality of life is important and maintenance is part of the program. This Rife machine ROCKS!! - Joan, Moorpark CA
Parasites in Colon:
A 75 year-old man reported with stomach pains, recurring diarrhea, rectal itching and insomnia. A stool test revealed various abnormal bacterial forms. After two Rife machine treatments at twice weekly intervals he reported that he was symptom-free. A stool test one month later was negative.
Use Rife auto sequence for parasites #344
Plenty of Parasites:
Worms! After many doctors not believing I had parasites, and none of their medications or enema protocols helping at all, I found about the Rife frequency technology and ordered one from Tina. Tina put together a Parasite Protocol for me that included various general and detoxification programs to augment the Parasite Program. Well, I cannot begin to express how many worms of all sizes have been coming out of me for over two weeks now! It's a miracle and I finally feel so much better! - Donna M, OR

Degenerative Arthritis, Hip Pain, Prostate Cancer & PSA:
I was having some problems with degenerative arthritis and experiencing a lot of pain in my hip area. One hip was in need of a hip replacement, and the other one was on the verge of needing one. I decided to check out the RIFE machines about two years ago, and found this easy to use Rife unit and purchased one. I started using it and noticed that it began lessening the pain in my hip area. Along with the use of the machine, I faithfully drink aloe vera juice, and between these two alternative health strategies, I feel I have better control over the pain. I also had prostate cancer and have used the RIFE Model 101 machine regarding this health matter. At the time of this testimonial submission the results are not medically conclusive; however, I have found that my PSA level is not going up. I believe the machine is helping to keep that under control as well. - Very Pleased, NC
Hip Pain, Gout:
Just wanted to share a couple of things with you after we started using the Rife 101 Energy System. For myself, I was having hip pain for a couple of years. I didn't really want to go to the doctor or get a hip replacement but that is how bad it felt. I was praying about it and a few months later my Dad had gotten a machine for my mother who was ill. I decided to try it not thinking it would do any good at all. I tried the "Hip Pain" program the first day and didn't really notice anything. The 2nd day I thought maybe a little better but not really thinking anything was working. The 3rd day and then the 4th and 5th days in a row seemed to take away all the pain. I could'nt believe it. Then I thought it would come back but it never did. I talked my husband into getting one for his GOUT not knowing it would help him. When he had an attack, we tried it and after 3 consecutive days it was almost cleared up which was amazing because it could debilitate him for weeks before. We have been using it for almost 3 years now. Thank the Lord for a great machine!!! And the people that market. K Dunning, WY
Fatigue, Lyme & Arthritis:
I had problem with extreme fatigue possibly from Lyme disease. I also had arthritis affecting my hands. I don't trust doctors any more from continual bad past experiences. They are drug salespeople, not healers. They want to give me antibiotics that would wipe out my immune system, and insure more future business for them. I have started taking responsibility for my own health and am doing much better. For my Lyme's disease, that I think also caused the arthritis, I used the Rife programs for each. It was like a magic bullet - the pain and problems were GONE in just a few treatments - immediate improvement.

My parents are so naive - they have many health problems but won't use the machine - "it's not FDA approved." FDA works with the drug companies to keep healing things away from you! I am very pleased with the Rife machine. - Jonathan (FYI Rife technology pre-dates the FDA rules, so it's grand-fathered in.)
Back Pain, Energy Level & Warts:
I'm writing this to thank you for the wonderful machine. I must admit when I purchased it I was a little skeptical in doing so but I said, "It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee I could always send it back". Guess what? That won't be occurring. I'm thrilled with it. Yes, the Rife 101 machine does work!!! The machine preformed even better than I expected and has become my best friend giving me a new lease on life!

I've witnessed back pain diminished at first then completely disappear in one session. Of course it will take a few more to get the job done correctly. WOW, my energy levels have soared intensely. My son had warts on the palms of his hands after a few treatments they are gone. I know if it handles warts, which is a virus and a nasty one at that imagine what it could to other nastier ones? I must say, there are 470 conditions that I'm going to treat even if I don't have them. Preventive measure I call it. Imagine how good I'll feel then!

I've shared with you somewhat my health conditions meaning multiple strokes from the 4th degree burns back in 1999 due to liquid oxygen exploding on my body. Since then I was having sever chronic fatigue, body pain, somewhat depressed, prostate swelling, numbness, and lethargy. My what a combination that is and so far, each one are taking its course back to health. I've personally witnessed the miracles from the usage of the machine. Each day is now, a most pleasant experience to live! My advice is purchase one as I have done and get back to living once again by getting the nasties out!!! - Thank you, Dale
No Medications:
I used to be on 12 different expensive medications and after using the Rife 101 machine for 60 days do not need any of them any longer. The machine is so easy to use! What a joy to have my life back again. - Barbara
Trigeminal Neuralgia:
A 70 year old with trigeminal neuralgia.....pain so intense he'd stopped eating and was having trouble walking. He used the automated frequency sequence off the conditions list for this affliction and 1 hour later the pain was reduced to a dull ache. His wife observed that his eyes looked brighter. She phoned the next day and thanked me for his Ukrainian Xmas eve present. He was wandering around the house singing to his Pavorati records and has no pain. They tell me people with this affliction have tried to commit suicide because of the unrelenting pain. To date he is still pain free.
Trigeminal Neuralgia:
I purchased my machine in the summer of 2006. I purchased because I was experencing a severe attact of Trigeminal Neuralgia. The pain was so intence that I was on three different kinds of very powerful medications, I suspected that continuous use of the meds would likley result in serious side effects so I was looking for something that would give me relief and get me off the meds. I decided to try the Rife 101 along with chiropractic adjustments to the upper cervical region of my head and neck area. I also was seeing a Homeopathic MD. Using the machine at first did not do much for me but when I called the seller I was advised to use the machine more frequently, and that I should also try several programs that related to nerves and their functions. I did and today I am pretty much free of the pain and take no meds on a regulalr schedule for the problem. - Fred S.
Nerve Repair & Tremors:
My friend (in Florida) is a distance healer and she focuses on me in Indiana. I was shaking and stressed out. My nerves were shot. I was having tremors from the stress of taking care of my mother and husband who had both been sick. AND, my mother-in-law was emotionally abusive. My friend in FL was using her Rife 101 and focusing to sending her energy thoughts to me while we were both on Facebook. I got so tired I had to go to bed and I felt good - I even slept better than I'd slept in a long time. We continue to do this when things get way too stressful, and it works. - Claudia, IN
Nerves in Teeth:
I went to the dentist yesterday and the drill was used on two teeth. Eating was a difficult task after as my nerve endings were all very sensitive. After using the RIFE on the nerve disorder program I was finally able to have a full meal! - Sakina R, HI
Nut Allergy:
Remarkable results! The most dramatic was a 24 year old with a life threatening allergy to nuts. Any accidental contact with his skin would cause that part of his body to swell and if he ingested anything with nuts in it his throat would swell up and suffocate him. He carried a syringe with him wherever he went. After his 1st treatment he got up from the chair and asked for peanut butter. He took a microscopic dab of it on a knife and touched it to his lip. He said that normally within 30 seconds his lip would swell up. He said that normally in 30 seconds he'd be in mortal danger.......5 minutes later no reaction.
Colds, Hearing, Hemorroid Pain, Muscle Strain & Allergies:
I found out about the RIFE 101 machine by visiting this web site. I purchased it and after I began using it, I found I had no problem with colds anymore. I also have a hearing problem, and after using the Rife machine, noticed that it was preventing my hearing from worsening.

Other family members have had success with the use of the Rife 101 as well. My wife, who had been skeptical of the validity of the machine, was amazed to find that it helped her with the relief from the pain and discomfort from hemorrhoids in just one treatment. Our grandson, who plays on the local football team, received a muscle strain injury during practice one day. He was advised that he would not be able to play for 4-5 days. Later, he came to our house with his football buddies, and we gave him a treatment from the Rife 101. To his adviser's surprise, he was back playing football before the four days. We have begun to take the RIFE machine with us every time we visit family members. We've found it helps greatly with allergies from which some of our family members suffer. - James, M
Bunion, Influenza, Type II Diabetes & Asthma:
My husband and I have been extremely well pleased with the Rife 101 Frequency Machine, having used it for several different ailments. One of the most dramatic recoveries was a bunion at the base of my right great toe which had become quite painful no matter how wide a shoe I bought. I felt relief with only one session, then it actually shrank more and more, becoming less red and inflamed as I continued to use the machine. It rarely bothers me now but when it begins to return, I simply go back to the machine again for another "Bunion" session. We have used it to combat influenza attacks, greatly reducing the miserable symptoms and shortening the recovery time tremendously. Because I use it to keep Type II Diabetes in check along with a not too rigorous diet and a little exercise I am able to remain medication free. My husband utilizes the Rife machine for a very serious asthma condition, reducing the number and amount of medications necessary to combat it on an everyday basis as well as during those seasonal attacks. Sincerely - BJK from CA
I'm 86 and had edema in my ankles and it was red up my leg to my knee. For at least 13 years! I started seeing a difference after the 5th treatment with the Rife 101. My left leg just about cleared up. It lightened up and the swelling went down, the right leg a bit less. Left leg cleared up about 80%, right leg about 50% - it was red as red can be when I started using the Rife bioactive frequency generator. I walked with a waddle and couldn't bend my knees. I also used the Nerve Damage program one time - and my aide said, "Hey did you notice you're walking better??" - Flossie, FL
Fungal Infection:
The Rife unit that I purchased did exactly what I had hoped. It effectively eliminated a systemic fungal infection that had plagued me for years. Western medicine could not even diagnose my condition let alone treat it. It was even suggested to me by two physicians that I visit a psychiatrist for my make-believe disease. Now, years later, the Mayo Clinic is stating what I knew to be true, that a majority of sinus infections (sinusitis) are indeed related to fungus.
IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) & Tinnitus (Ringing in Ears):
I use your Rife 101 unit at least once a day. I have IBS and it has helped me so much. My husband uses it for the ringing in his ears. I took the unit with us last week when we visited our son and his family in Phoenix, AZ. I even took it with us to the Grand Canyon! Thank you for this wonderful unit. - Thank you, Violet F.
IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome):
I have irritable bowel syndrome for a few years now. I've tried may new things with the Rife unit. I set it for about ten minutes on a spot at a time. Then more it over a couple three inches and let it run another ten minutes. I do this to about 4 spots on my belly and the next few days I have no problems. Then I have to do it again. But it is so nice not to have to go to the bathroom more than once a day instead of 5 or more times. It has never made me feel sick only better.
Depression & Anxiety:
I was listless, despondant, no energy, sad nervous about everything. I felt totally lifted and thrilled from using the Rife 101. I highly recommend it. The energy frequencies were just what I needed. I use the hand cylinders.
Hearing, Ears:
My hearing got so bad I could hardly hear - someone told her me I might have water in my ears, but I used my Rife Model 101 for INFLAMMATION and it was gone after one treatment! I'm a dancer and was in a show and I could hardly hear the music - everyone knew it too! My hearing back after one treatment. - Dawn, FL
Eyes, Cataracts, Glaucoma, Eye Glasses & Asthma:
I got the Rife Model 101 machine to help with my eyes and lungs. I've had it just five months and my eyes have improved! I just came from the eye doctor and he's delighted the glaucoma in my left eye is stable and I don't need any more tests. But better than that, the cataracts are JUST NOT THERE! AND, I need a new pair of glasses because my glasses are too strong - my eyes improved from using the Glaucoma & Cataract programs. I also developed anxiety-caused asthma and it's so much better now from using the Rife 101 energy system. - Beverly H.
Eyes Improved:
I have a friend who was legally blind in her right eye - she couldn't read the first line on the doctor's eye chart. She's been using my Rife 101 on Program #221 Eye Disorders (Glaucoma/Macular Degeneration/Cateracts/Conjunctivitis). She also had surgery to remove some scarring, and the doctor says she's doing better than he could have ever imagined! She can actually read the third line of the eye chart now. - Beverly H.
Itchy Eyes, Bacterial Infection:
I tried the recommended frequencies and instantaneously my eyes stopped itching! (They were chronically itchy, presumably because of smog, allergies, candida...) I mean they STOPPED itching immediately as in a night and day difference. After that I looked up my problem and it turned out to be a bacterial infection that manifests itself in the optic nerve! I don't know if I did indeed have a recurrent shigella infection or not, but whenever my eyes get itchy I use the "shigella" frequencies on my portable Rife machine and Presto! The itching goes away immediately (even though after six months or so the itching returns). The Rife machine has worked every single time I needed it to for the last three years."
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Justin Wizard's Dahlia
Discover the energy frequency healing machine
of the future with our Rife Frequency Machine!
If you or a loved one is ill,
the controversial information on this site may change your life.

Disclaimer: These are actual testimonials - your results may vary.
Use at your own risk. These machines are for personal experimental purposes.

Tick Bite, Lyme, Parasites & Menstrual Cramps:
The Rife machine is one of the most worthwhile purchases I have ever made. I was a bit apprehensive about purchasing it. However a tick bite with a big bulls eye rash and week long fever quickly reminded me that money cannot be enjoyed without health! I used that machine and to my skeptical family's amazement the rash shrunk by about one third (within the hour!) every time I used it. After about 4 uses the rash was was gone! I continued to run the Lyme protocol every day for two weeks. Blood tests show that I have antibodies for Lyme but I do not have the disease!

Also, it has made my life better in many ways. I have tangible evidence that this machine works as it helped me pass an almost two inch parasite the same day I used the parasite protocol! This evidence will be hard for a skeptic to refute. I have used it for constipation and colon pain and it works every time. My wife successfully uses it for menstrual cramps as well. - Joe, Worcester, MA
Liver Cancer:
My wife has liver cancer and her platelets were low, 30-32. Just doing the liver program (3x/wk for 2 months now and her numbers were improving. When she missed 7 days her platelets went down. We got up to 79! When they got to 60 she and her doctors were ecstatic because they had never been that high. She's still doing it about 3x/week continually with good results.
Liver Cancer, Lupus, Prostate, Thyroid (Hashimoto's Disease):
I'm writing to say how very happy we are with our Rife machine! I have had some good success with a person with liver cancer written off by the doctors, since Easter I have treated him with theRifeand a modified diet including good nutrition and vitamin C he is very well and his doctor annoyed 'You were supposed to be dead a month ago!" Yes unbelievable that his doctor said this. I've been treating this stranger as his daughter asked me for help and what a wonderful reward HIS HEALTH.

Now I started to treat my good friend who has had debilitating Lupus for 28 years. After 3 treatments on MrRifeand some nutrition (alkaline water vitamins & minerals) she too is running around happy as a lark! My husband with prostate getting him up 2-3 times per night has now used theRifeand often sleeps through or gets up only once per night usually around 4 am. My thyroid (Hashimotos Disease) is doing well - I feel so good I am forever grateful to my Rife Machine. - S.P., Australia
Oxygen, Rheumatoid Arthritis & Diabetes:
What I really wanted to let you know is, today I received word that I no longer need oxygen at night. To us that is so wonderful to hear, I am jumping for joy.

I had so many problems that I didn't know where to start at so I started with my R-arthritis and my diabeties. They are doing just wonderful and no drugs, again yes. So, then went on to my breathing at night, had to take oxygen along with my sea pap machine. I did the machine for everything I could find on breathing and lungs, now I am oxygen free, what a wonderful feeling to be off that. Thanks so much, Sandra G.
Rheumatoid Arthritis:
I thought I would let you know how I am doing using therifemachine. I had Rheumatoid Arthritis so bad that I could hardly walk around the house let alone take a walk in in the woods. My husband and I are nature type people, we love long walks. I can tell you I didn't walk I shuffled my feet because of all the pain I was in. Well, my first time onrifeI could walk with alittle pain, but I could pick my feet up off the ground and walk. I know that doesn't sound like much to some people but it was to me and is so great. To top this off I have used therifefor several weeks know and I took a walk, for one hour, me taking a walk. It has been years since I could really do that. This is one wonderful machine, so thank full we bought it. Thank You - Sandy
I had sinus problems for years, took expensive drugs that did no good. Used theRifemachine and it cleared it up in ONE session. It changed my life. I have more energy, no endless leaky nose, and can enjoy the outdoors for the first time in YEARS. I now use it for this once a week for prevention.
I used to havetrouble getting to sleepfor years. I would wake up tired and groggy even after sleeping 12 hours. I started using theRifemachine and after the first session I slept great. t seems like it melted away all my problems to "no big deal." Now I sleep far less and have much more energy.
Insomnia, Sleeplessness:
I barely make it down the hall to the bed after I use it - and it's only a 15 minute program! - Dawn R., FL
Insomnia, Sleeplessness:
My Dad and I were curious about the effectiveness of the Rife Machines so we decided to buy one about one year ago and chose the Rife Model 101 Bioactive Frequency Machine because of it's reputation and how easy it is to use. Although neither of us were experiencing any serious health problems, we did begin using it and we both found that it did help improve our sleeping ability. - AK
Bone Infection, Hayfever & Allergies:
I wanted to let you know that I have had positive results from my Rife101 machine. I originally bought it to treat an infection in my feet. I have had five surgeries to remove infected bone segments from both of my large toes. The doctor could not find any medication that stopped the infection from eating the bones and even after cutting the infection out it would show up again and additional surgeries were performed to try and stop it. This was going on for three years and within a week of using the "Bone Infection" program the wound from the surgery stopped weeping and the ulcer closed in another two weeks.

I have been trying other settings but the most amazing results came when the hayfever season started. I woke up with a heavily running nose so I checked and found a program for "Allergy". My nose stopped running within five minutes of starting the Rife machine! I had to use the program a total of four times that day and for an additional four days with the same results. I continued to use the program for another week at a reduced intensity for the next week and have been symptom free for three weeks without drugs.

I'm glad I found you an dlook forward to clearing up other problems in the future. - Kevin M.
Lyme Disease:
I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the Rife machine. I have long term Lyme disease and for the past year or more I've been investigating various treatments. Doctors said not to do anything except antibiotics. Well, I have auto iummune disease and you know what that means if I do two to three years of antibiotics. I've been using the Rife machine since I've had it and even though I've been sick I do see positive results. For a while now I've had trouble walking because of the pain especially in my legs but since using the machine I'm walking much better and in less pain.

My husband, who was skeptical at first, has tried it on his bursitis and he has had relief from the pain. He's been telling people about it as much as I have. You have great advice and wisdom and I appreciate the fact that you care about people the way you do. Thanks - Kathie O.
Multiple Myeloma:
Thank you for sending us this phenomenal machine, so easy to use, and obviously very complicated technology. We are dealing with multiple myeloma, now, 4 years after the diagnosis, and much medical treatment. My husband, Tom, is doing well right now, except for weakness due to medications. Thanks - Mary Ann W.
Cold Sores, Fever Blisters & Herpes:
I do have a Rife story. Since I was a child I have suffered from cold sores or some people call them fever blisters. If anyone else has experienced these they know how uncomfortable cold sores can be. I mainly got the Rife Model 101 for preventative maintanence as I am a very healthy 49 year old man. Shortly after receiving my machine I started feeling the beginnings of a cold sore coming on. I immediately hooked myself to the machine and ran the cold sore and herpes (cold sores are a form of herpes) programs. I used the sticky pad electrodes. I put one directly on my lip where the cold sore was coming up and the other over my thymus gland (located under breastplate about 4 inches below the Adam's apple).

Within seconds I could feel something in my lip almost explode. To make a long story shore, I must say that the cold sore never did develop like it normally would have - it was pretty much stopped in its tracks. If I can keep this life long problem at bay, this machine was worth every penny. This was the smartest money I ever spent. This machine is amazing! Thank you for getting this technology out there for al to enjoy. Your friend in Ft. Worth, TX - Rick B.
Customer Service and Rife 101 Testimonial:
Dear Friends! Here"s why You never need to fear cancer and many more dangerous issues anymore - The Rife 101 machine is the best - Tina (Owner, URparamount) will make her best always! Call or email her like I did. PS: Our World is much happier with You, Tina, in it! Sincerely, Leyvi Y., NY
Rife 101 Amazing Rife Machine:
I've had a Rife 101 for several years now, and I sent it in for a software update and free manual for only $50, and it was shipped back to me for that price! Unbelievable! Great company! I am sure that the only reason that I am alive is because of this machine. B.P., CA
Customer Service Testimonial:
I'd like to brag on Tina Rappaport and the experience I've had with her and ordering my Rife 101. URParamount is not a nameless, faceless internet company--rather a responsive caring person who is very passionate about her business and helping people with the products she makes available. She has quickly and patiently answered numerous emails from me over several months as I asked lots of questions before purchasing my Rife machine. When I finally got to the point of ordering, it was very late in the afternoon (Friday, too late to ship that day). Then, one of the people that I am was ordering this for, a liver cancer patient, took a turn for the worse that night. I sent Tina another email late Friday night requesting overnight shipping. She took the time Saturday morning to check on all the possible shipping options and contacted me this morning personally to let me know the options, then sent me shipping confirmation before 10:30 this morning! She definitely went the extra mile and I appreciate so much what she has done. - Laura B., Canton, G
BEST Customer Service Testimonial EVER - a poem for TINA RAPPAPORT:
Click here to read the poem!!! - Ella Boffa, Australia

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