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Our #1 Most Asked Question - Will this help my cancer, arthritis, prostate, etc:
Over many years and through many Rife Model 101 users, we have found it surprisingly doesn't matter what you have. Just like if you had the fanciest new car with a weak battery you would think 20 things were seriously wrong with it. You could probe and adjust, do lots of expensive tests... or just charge up the battery boosting the car's electrical system. WOW, now everything is doing so much better! The Rife machine flows a gentle current of specific frequencies that have proven to help. Doing a treatment for one thing can help resolve many other conditions. It zaps what's not supposed to be there, builds the immune system so it can do its job, restores the body's electrical meridian system and lets the body heal itself. It also helps prevent further deterioration of the body and seems to help you cope better with chemo and radiation treatments.

So many people say they want to see what happens with the doctor's protocol. Only when it gets bad enough, and they're desperate, then they want to try something else. The FDA rules that only authorized treatments using drugs, radiation or surgery can be used - and no others can be considered. In addition, most doctors don't know about these alternative methods as, understandably, they were schooled in other methods. However, the Rife 101 technology is a grandfathered device, meaning that it was produced before 1976 and is generally presumed to be safe and not subject to federal regulation.

You can get well by taking personal responsibility for your life and health. I have no doubt the medicine of the future will be dominated by vibratory energy technologies. By reading this you've taken a huge step towards educating yourself about these technologies and you can spread the word to your loved ones. We all can and should demand safe, inexpensive and effective health/illness care. It is time to take back your right to the type of treatment you want, not the treatment chosen for you by vested business interests.

Remember, we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee becasue we know our technology works. Why don't doctors offer a guarantee? You can answer that one.

More questions are added as you ask them!

Can the Rife 101 help with ADRENAL FATIGUE?
Yes, there is both an Adrenal Program and a complete Glandular Program as often the Adrenal Gland is impacted by other glands and visa-versa.
What do you suggest for AIDS?
There is an AIDS/HIV Program. Do Rife treatments 3-4 times a week along with the other "general" programs to bolster health and the immune system. Be sure to drink lots of good, clean water - we recommend high-alkaline ionized water, at least half your weight in ounces a day, or double! This helps clear out the toxic overload created from die-off when using the Rife 101. Learn about detoxification avenues and good, alkaline foods. All of this helps the immune system.
What programs would I use for ARTHRITIS?
Aside from #134 Arthritis Program, there is Inflammation, Pain, Joint Pain, Circulation, Bone Spurs, etc. to help you get relief.
While using the Rife machine for RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS should my wife stop using her medicine?
Using the Rife machine should not cause any problems, but only help. She can discontinue or continue as she wishes. See the previous question for additional suggestions.
Can this machine help with BACK PAIN after hip surgery?
The Rife 101 is great for pain. I've used it myself for years to manage back, shoulder and knee pain. There are programs for Joint Pain, Tendon Pain, Pain/General, Bone/Broken. You might also run Fungus (fungus settles in weak spots, often joints), Inflammation and always Detoxification. And, of course, drink plenty of water!
Do you have a program for BERIBERI, a thiamine deficiency?
Yes, Program #145 is for Beriberi/Nerves. We also suggest using the Fatigue/Chronic Program along with various digestive programs as needed (Diarrhea, Dyspepsia/Stomach, Indigestion, etc.).
How about a BONE BRUISE?
It was astounding to me. I smacked the front of my shin, extremely hard, on the edge of a large plastic box, and I saw stars! Thought I'd faint from the pain! Quickly, within less than a minute, I grabbed my Rife machine and attached the sticky pads to either side of my shin right where the dent was. (You know how you get a dent when you bang your shin so bad.) I began the Bone Trauma Program #157 and within a 2-3 minutes there was NO PAIN. That progam is 33 minutes long so I took a break from work and just sat calmly. I was sure I'd be limping for a few days, not to mention the bruise I expected to see. After the 33 minutes this is what I surprisingly found (and I was surprised, as familiar as I am with the machine, it still surprises me!): the ONLY pain I had, and it was slight, was exactly in the spot where I banged it, only when I pressed it. The next day there was NO PAIN, NO BRUISING. To understand just how bad I banged it, two months later I still had the dent - it was healing, but still there! The Rife machine immediately increased circulation and carried away whatever damage the injury produced. FAST! The more familiar you are with the machine and the preset programs, the more you can/will use it. It is only because I knew there was a program for Bone Trauma that I turned right to the Rife machine and not ice.
1. NUMBER ONE, for general good health, every day, all day, drink plenty of pure, clean water during treatment. At least 1/2 your weight in ounces of water - better IS YOUR WEIGHT in ounces every day. We recommend high-alkaline ionized water. Learn more in our Article Center.

2. Maintain an 80% alkaline diet. Learn what's best to eat with this free download pH Color-Coded Acid-Alkaline Food Chart I created - see the link on this page.

3. Aside from the Cancer Programs, also run the preset Rife 101 programs called INFECTIONS, GENERAL which helps the immune system, along with PARASITES, INFLAMMATION and HYPERACIDITY. Be certain to run DETOXIFICATION after each treatment session.

4. Once you've used the regular cancer program for at least a month, we have a specialized custom program called "SOCK-IT-TO-ME" that many find beneficial. This can also be used an "insurance". If you own our machine please email for this special program.

I personally follow these above suggestions as well as eating a very natural diet with lots of raw veggies.
Can the Rife 101 machine be programmed for frequencies specific to my CANCER?
It doesn't matter what the specific cancer is, the Rife 101 has been known to help. There are many frequencies in each program for the various included conditions. We often recommend additional supportive Rife 101 programs to help your body heal itself.
Question about CANCER, PROSTATE, HEART and chemo drugs?
A lady wrote in: I just purchased one of your machines and hope that I will be able to call for help in using it as my husband and I are seniors with not too much info on electronics. One question I have now while waiting for the machine is this - my husband had prostate cancer almost 2 1/2 years ago and was treated with hormone therapy (Lupron shots every 3 months) and 44 radiation treatments. He got along fine with no side effects except for the hot flashes and loss of muscle with the hormones. Then after 2 years of taking the shots, he developed heart problems (the heart is a muscle too) and is being treated for that. no one told us to monitor his heart. None of the doctors - and they keep saying they don't believe it's related, but the doctors at Deborah Heart and Lung Center in Browns Mills, NJ AND a doctor in Morristown Memorial Hospital agreed and said all his symptoms: atrial fibrilation, congestive heart disease, weak ejection fraction of 15% when it should be 40-50, all come from that. Anyway, since he was immediately taken off all cancer drugs because of the heart, his PSA has been climbing and they are thinking it is in his arm or shoulder as a lot of arthritis shows up on the bone scans. We are going to an orthopedic oncologist soon.

My question is I want to use this machine to help support him with the cancer, but will it mess up the heart? He is on several medications and they think (if it was the drugs) that his heart will come back. Also, he has an external defibrillator that he wears except when showering. Can we use the machine with this on? I realize you are not a doctor, but since you know the machine maybe you have come across this with others or they have a pacemaker. Sincerely, Christina

ANSWER: Many Rife 101 owners use it to help cancer, in spite of past and present medications. It can be used with a pacemaker, just don't put the electrode pads over or close to the heart (this advice is for everyone), or turn it up much after getting the green light. It is not advised to use the Rife machine while using a defibrillator. It doesn't interfere but assists in removing problems, minimizing pain and strengthening the immune system so the body can heal itself. Try the Prostate Program (#356) with the electrodes close to the groin area.
Is it OK to use the Rife 101 with a metal pump with plastic tubing inside the body dispensing pain medication?
There is no known problem - only with defibrillators. It is always advised not to put the electrodes directly over any metal parts in the body.
I have a very aggressive, advanced, metastasized case of SQUAMOUS CELL CARCINOMA and ESOPHAGEAL CANCER. Does the Rife 101 have programs for this?
Basically, it doesn't matter what the specific cancer is, the Rife 101 has been known to help zap the cancer cells while boosting the immune system so the body can heal itself. The CANCER and CARCINOMA programs are very comprehensive, cover many frequencies and types of cancer.
Do you have any information about the machine that might be helpful to prevent recurrence of OVARIAN CANCER?
Use the machine regularly. Run the preset Cancer Program every other day for the first 2 weeks, then move it up to every day. Starting off slowly will help reduce the effects on the body as it flushes out the toxins and the die-off of cancer cells. Add in the OVARIAN DISORDERS PROGRAM (#340) as you are able to tolerate running the Rife 101 more often. After a few weeks you can boost the intensity by creating a custom program, and you can increase the length of time. Once you are cancer free, continue treatments 1 or 2 times a week and follow above suggestions for all cancer patients.
What is the difference between the SOCK-IT-TO-ME program for cancer and the cancer program?
Basically, the SOCK-IT-TO-ME program is a condensed version of the cancer treatment program. If you don't have a whole lot of time to do your treatment, this can be done in its place, or if you do have time, right after the regular program for an added zap. The cancer program in the manual has additional detox channels, whereas the SOCK-IT-TO-ME doesn't. If you have our Rife 101 machine, email us for this special program and include the serial number of your unit.
What are the best programs to run for CERVICAL CANCER? Where do I put the contacts?
We recommend you stick to using the Cancer Program (#168). As for placement of the sticky pads (flexible electrodes), follow the meridian pathways in the operating manual, placing one on the right and one on the left along meridian lines in the area of the uterus. You can also use the electrodes on the bottoms of your feet as this helps with lower body problems.
How would you use the Rife machine if you were trying to get rid of a TUMOR that was close to the brain and you didn't want any swelling from the tumor while the cancer cells were being killed off?
You would use the hand cylinders and see how you felt with the standard 3 minutes per channel. If it was too much, you can switch it to 1 or 2 minutes very easily. Go gently at first. As your able to tolerate it, later you might try the sticky pads on the front of your chest, on either side, below the collar bone. Refer to the meridians in the Rife 101 operating manual. You might also run the Inflammation Program and don't forget the Detoxification Program. And, as always, drink plenty of water before, during and after a treatment.
Are there programs for CHRONIC FATIGUE & FIBROMYALGIA?
Yes, Chronic Fatigue Program #177 and Fibromyalgia Program#229. Both also benefit from Fatigue, Inflammation, Hyperacidity and other programs pre-programmed in and viewable in both the manual and the LCD screen on the unit. Give up eating sugar and hidden sugar (soda, breads, fruit, juice, pasta). Eat more veggies, nuts, seeds, beans and whole grains and see if that helps, AND DRINK MORE WATER - at least 1/2 your weight in ounces, double that is better. EVERY DAY. Even slight, unnoticable dehydration causes a decrease in your energy! Once you are accustomed to these programs, create a custom program increasing the intensity up to 99% and combine the two. You might also try the Circulation, Nerve Disorders and Gland Programs.
I have BAD CIRCULATION in my lower legs. Can the Rife 101 help?
It's helped me! Use the flexible electrodes (sticky pads) on the legs, referring to our manual for correct placement along the energy meridians. The soles of the feet work well too. It may take several treatments for it to improve, but you will feel it improve by increased sensitivity to the frequencies. The Rife 101 has helped me in this way tremendously. Sometimes I place the sticky pads on the backs of my legs too.
What may work for stomach and bowel issues like COLITIS and DIVERTICULITIS?
The main program would be the comprehensive #183 Colitis/Colon Pain/Crohn's/Diverticulitis/Leaky Gut
Is there help for CYSTIC FIBROSIS?
Yes, the Rife 101 comes preprogrammed with a treatment for Cystic Fibrosis - program #190.
Is there anything to help with DEPRESSION?
Aren't you lucky, there is! Depression Program #196 for a lift! Also, check for heavy metal and chemical imbalances. Avoid sugar, natural or not, and white flour products. Volunteer to help others, start learning something you always wanted to do, do something you enjoy like growing a garden. Get out of the house and MOVE - walk, run, bicycle. Do something you'd never usually do, maybe go to a museum, hear a jazz band, take a trip to the beach! All while using the Rife machine because it's portable!
Will the Rife 101 work on DIABETES TYPE II?
We have had people getting relief using the Diabetes Program, which uses 19 distinct frequencies. It is also important to work on the whole picture. Use the programs for Pancreatic Insufficiency, Nerve Disorders (for Diabetic Neuropathy), Glands (for the Pancreas which is affected by other glands). Also, making lifestyle changes are essential with diabetes: lose weight as needed; a no-sugar or white flour diet; exercise; lots of pure water - not coffee, not soda, not beer. The Rife machine also has an excellent Circulation Program for your legs that may be losing circulation, getting cold and/or hurting. It's especially helpful to put the electrodes on the bottom of your feet or the inside of your leg just above the ankles.
I have sore, ACHY LEGS, losing my BALANCE, falling and DIABETES - can this help?
Help is on the way! Use the Rife machine with the flexible electrodes (sticky pads) on the bottom of your feet or to the inside of your leg above the ankle (see the meridian guide in the manual) and try the Circulation, Dizziness and Nerve Disorder Program. Also run the Diabetes Program, of course. You can use the steel hand cylinders on your feet too - put them on a folded towel and rest the bottom of your feet on them - be sure to use conductivity lotion. Turn up the intensity as much as you can tolerate and, with repeated use, you may find you feel the frequencies more and more. I did! I think I've improved the circulation tremendously in my lower legs from using the Rife machine in this way. Hopefully you'll have less pain! As you are able, remember that exercise is of prime importance for the legs, especially for circulation of the blood AND the lymph. A rebounder (mini trampoline) is easy, gentle EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE exercise for this and you can add a stabilizing bar to the Needak Rebounder to hold on to. This is what I use every day (well, almost every day!). My lower leg circulation is not so great due to life-long leg problems, and, walking with a cane for a few years (see MY STORY).
NOTE ABOUT Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Impotence:
Being female, not many men report their success to me with this issue, although they may mention it when purchasing their unit. In the past, when I listened to phone calls about the Rife 101 made to Justin Wizard, the previous distributor, I heard many GREAT testimonials regarding this issue. Helpful programs are Prostate, Nerve Disorders, Circulation, Sexual Dysfunction, Arteriosclerosis, Inflammation, Glands, Lymph Problems, Depression, Detox and The Schumann Wave. - Tina, URparamount Owner & Exclusive Online Rife 101 Distributor
What about my eyes? I have CATARACTS and GLAUCOMA
We've had reports of very successful outcomes regarding cataracts, glaucoma and even improvement in general eyesight.
What about HAIRLOSS? I'm beginning to lose mine!
Try the Hair Loss/Alopecia Program #255. Alopecia is just a fancy name for hair loss. Let it grow! Trace minerals are really important for good health, especially for growing good hair and nails.
Is it dangerous to use the Rife machine with stents in my HEARTand a heart murmur?
The Rife machine has helped many in your situation. It's gentle. Heart problems or not, never place the electrodes over or directly near the heart. There is a program for Heart Disorders, and of course there is the Circulation Program too.
How does the Rife 101 work for HERPES?
When treating Herpes, the Rife machine kills the virus. The disease might fight back for a week or two or longer causing skin outbreaks, and then it will subside. ("Oh no, it's even worse than it was before, this machine is no good - it's making it worse, I'm giving up! I'll just keep putting my doctor's cream on it... and infecting other people.") Doctors just cover up the problem, while the Rife 101 gets rid of it. Eventually the sores diminish, go away and stay away. Try Cold Sores #180 or the Herpes Programs.
What programs does the Rife 101 have for HERPES and where would I place electrodes?
There are several programs for Herpes in the manual, along with a comprehensive program called Sexually Transmitted Diseases. If you want to be discreet, you can run the Cold Sores Program - it's the same frequencies as "Herpes". Good for you for not just wanting to cover up the symptoms, but hit the disease hard to get rid of it. Experiment with electrodes close to the outbreak area (use the sticky pads). Try one or more treatments a day and realize you may experience an outbreak as the virus fights back at first. Keep hitting it hard and the virus dies off. Once it's gone keep doing treatments about twice a month or so for insurance. Remember to also run the Detox Program.
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I am being treated for HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) which is affecting my cervix and I have had lesions removed. Do you recommend running the STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases #378) along with the CANCER Program?
Yes, as long as your body is tolerating your treatments. It's ok to add more programs if the avenues of elimination are working well - kidneys, lungs, digestion, liver, lymph, sweat glands. Start out slowly, maybe once every other day for a week or two to make sure you're not over taxing your elimination of the debris created from the Rife machine. Then once you're sure you're tolerating it ok, start increasing the treatments, duration and intensity. Always run Detox afterward and remember to drink plenty of water.
I often have trouble sleeping. Can the Rife 101 help with INSOMNIA?
You're in luck - there's a program just for you! Try Program #296, the Insomnia Program!
Will this machine help me get rid of KIDNEY STONES?
The program Kidney Insufficiency/Stones #303 can help. I'd also suggest Hyperacidity as it is my understanding that the stones are created due to over acidity in the system. And, of course, drinking plenty of water, preferably high-alkaline ionized water to help dissolve the stones.
What about LIVER problems? JAUNDICE?
There is a preprogrammed Jaundice/Liver Program #301 and a separate Liver Program #308.
Does the Rife 101 have a program for LYME Disease?
Yes, the Lyme Disease Program #314. It is pre-programmed in the machine. Please see the Rife 101 Testimonial page for users' actual stories. It has been VERY effective, even with chronic Lyme. On another note, I have heard (and read documents) about Lyme being related to Syphillis and being spread by the government, possibly even in "chem trails". Now I'm not one to jump on these conspiracy theories, but some of the facts of the development of Lyme Disease are pretty convincing and I encourage you to do your own research. Meanwhile, back at home, add in the programs for Infections/General, Nerve Disorders, Fungus, Inflammation and always Detoxification.
Does the Rife Model 101 have a setting for MRSA infection (Methiciliin-resistant Staphylococcus aureas)?
Yes, it's program #391 for MRSA and Staphylococcus Infection.
Will this machine help the NUMBNESS in my hands and feet?
You can try using the program for Numbness/Muscles #335 as well as Circluation, Nerve Disorders and Inflammation.
What about PARASITES? Should I do that daily, weekly or what?
Daily is probably the way to go with the Parasite Program, plus eat raw garlic - they hate that! If you think you have parasites, and many of us do, you might run it several times a day (if you can tolerate that) for several days in a row. You want to kill the parasites at all of its life stages (eggs, larvae, etc) and when they are killed they often harbor pathogens inside them that are then released so run the Infections/General and Fungal Infection programs. Remember to run the Detox program too! And, of course, as always, drink LOTS and LOTS of water. With parasites you might also consider using a colon cleanse product at the same time to get out the garbage.

NOTE: Dr. Hulda Clark's parasite protocol of 7 minutes on, 20 minutes off for 3 cycles was designed for her zapper. Our Rife 101 Parasite Program has 25 different frequencies along with perhaps an infinite number of harmonic frequencies. I have not heard of running our Rife 101 in the same manner as the zapper. I would suggest hitting the parasites hard, running the program even several times a day for several days in a row, as tolerated and doing this preventatively as well once a month. The usual precautions regarding detoxing apply.
Can I use the Rife 101 on my pet? And how would I do it?
Yes, animals seem to not only tolerate but appreciate the treatments. Whether it's for cancer, diabetes, lyme disease, parvo, infections, parasites - whatever, the treatments would be provided in a similar fashion. One way is to shave a fleshy section (forearm on a large dog, back hip or belly on a cat?) and hold the stainless steel rod electrode against them while you touch it with a wash cloth between the metal and your skin. Set the intensity just back from where your loved one pulls back a bit. Another method is to use rubber booties on alternate feet filled with salt water for better conductivity and insert an electrode wire in the boot. Read how I used the Rife 101 on Rocky and saved his life from parvo. And don't forget, our furry friends LOVE far infrared (FIR) heat from the sun, so you might consider treating them to a FIR heating pad to either lay on or under - write us about it.
Do you think this Rife machine can help me with POLYPS on the larynx?
Yes, there is a program for Polyps (#355) and Larynx Problems (#304) and the machine has helped many people with this problem.
Can I use your machine in combination with chemo for PROSTATE? I have COLITIS and a PSA of 7.4?
Yes, the Rife machine will not interfere with other treatments. I'd suggest you use it in the morning before going for treatment for the first few times. If this doesn't seem to help (or you feel more ill) try using it after the chemo treatments, always followed by the Detox Program to help move the garbage out. Follow the usual procedure for starting off slow. Try the hand cylinders up and close to the groin area, held in place by a towel or pillow. You just might find symptoms start lessening, less night time urinating and less swelling. For faster results you can program in a custom program (page 19 of your manual) with the intensity turned up to 99%.
Can this machine help my son recently diagnosed with a rare form of peritonsillar abscess also known as QUINSY in the throat?
The Quinsy in Throat Program (#361) is preprogrammed into the Rife 101, easy to use!
Help! I have RINGWORM! Can the Rife 101 help?
There is a program, Worms/Ringworm/Pin Worms to use and I also suggest Fungal Infection and Infections/General. It's also helpful to eat fresh, raw garlic as parasites hate it!
Can the Rife Model 101 help with SHINGLES?
The Rife 101 has been known to prevent the shingles from fully expressing and thereby minimizing the attacks with daily use. Shingles is caused by one of the hundreds of Herpes viruses.
What do I do if I feel like I'm getting sick (just flew on a plane, went to the hospital)?
Do the INFECTIONS-GENERAL Program #292. This is a long program to cover many kinds of infections. I do it "just in case" every so often, but always after I fly or visit someone in the hospital!
Would your machine interfere with my super spinal stimulator implant?
The Rife 101 emits an AC voltage at around 16 volts, 2 or 3 milliamps. This low voltage does not create a magnetic field. Check with the manufacturer of the implant device to see if there is a problem with this power level. We have never had a problem, but it's good to check first.
Does the Rife 101 work for Staph Infections?
There is a setting (Program #391) for Staphylococcus Infection and MRSA.
What if I crave sugar: sodas, cookies, candy?:
Use the Candida Program #169. This fungus, like cancer, thrives on sugar. Deprive it of it's food and it begins to die. Zap it with the Rife 101 and be sure to drink plenty of water and run the DETOX program afterwards.
Can the Rife 101 help with STROKES? My speech has been affected!
Yes, the Rife machine has a preset program for Stroke, #397. The program could help improve the nerve connections. Other preset programs that may also help are the ones for Parkinson's, Paralysis and Nerve Disorders. There's not a specific program related to speech or memory. The Rife 101 can help speed up healing by improving blood supply and quality. On average, people who regularly use the Rife machine start to see a noticeable improvement in their conditions within a month. Some notice an improvement within a few days with continual progress. We suggest you start out using the machine slowly, one session every other day, depending on how you feel. This goes along with drinking plenty of water before and after the sessions to help flush the toxins out of the body.
I have a severe THYROID problem - can the Rife machine help?
Yes, our machine has several programs to help with different types of thyroid problems. Hyperactive Thyroid, Hyperthyroid, Hypothyroid, Goiter as well as a comprehensive Gland Program (as often glandular problems are related).
Will the Rife 101 help a TOOTH ACHE?
Try Toothache/Dental Program # 413 for almost instant relief! Don't forget to also run Infections-General.
My dad has a bleeding ULCER and EMPHYSEMA - can this machine help?
Yes, there is a preprogrammed Ulcer Program (#421) and we've heard of much success with this and the Emphysema/Lung Program (#209) is an intensive therapy for emphysema. Drinking plenty of water is a must always, but particularly for lung problems as the lung is mostly water and cannot function properly without full hydration. In addition, there are reports of ulcers being helped by drinking high-allkaline, negatively charged ionized water. Lots of it. We recommend at least half your weight in ounce a day, up to your weight in ounces!
Will the machine help with a VAGINAL YEAST INFECTION?
Try the Candida and/or Yeast Infection program. Yeasts are often living with fungus, so try the Fungal Infection Program to beat it too. And remember, yeasts, molds, fungus, parasites - they all love sugar so avoid all sugars and white flour products. Work on becoming more alkaline so you are no longer a good host for these pathogens. Learn more elsewhere on this site and by following my Color-Coded pH Acid/Alkaline Food Chart.
Can this machine help VERTIGO from hitting my head in a car accident?
There is a wonderful program to help people with Vertigo (#427). You might also try Dizziness and Nerve Disorders.
Can the Rife 101 machine help PLANTAR WARTS?
Plantar warts are painful warts on the sole of the foot. They are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). Run the Sexually Transmitted Disease program with the feet in 2 tubs of water, one wire in each tub. Do this daily until they are gone.
Can the Rife 101 help me LOSE WEIGHT? I am obese and my doctor says I must lose weight as it's a health hazard.
Yes, our machine has a program built in to help people with obesity to lose weight. You do not need to go on a "starvation" diet, but you should change your eating habits. There's much good, healthy eating help on our website, but a great place to start is with this Color-Coded pH Acid/Alkaline Food Chart to help you eat more alkaline foods - alkalinity helps you decrease body acidity, and, FAT IS HIGHLY ACIDIC. It's your body's way of keeping you safe from the acids! Lose the acid, lose the fat! Do the Obesity Program, but also Hyperacidity, Fungus, Circulation and Detoxification. This all goes hand-in-hand with drinking LOTS of water - preferably high-alkaline ionized water. Sorry if I sound like a broken record in all my responses, but in the end, it's really a simple formula for good health! You just have to make up your mind you really want vibrant health! YOU CAN DO IT! But, I warn you! You can be addicted to feeling well!! It's a great addiction though!
Is there a program for WRINKLES?
There isn't a program for Wrinkles... yet. Remember, smoking and too much sun will wrinkle you up fast, as will even slight dehydration. By the time you realize you're thirsty, your hydration is already affecting your body! You must drink LOTS of water and maintain hydration for optimal health. Good oils, good salt and lots of veggies are all part of a healthy diet.
What is ZACHARY Disease?
You get exactly more of what you talk about. Talk about relaxing, talk about things you love to do, talk about going to the Caribbean, not your illness any more than you can help it. Some people focus on their illness and it becomes all-encompassing, over-bearing. Talk and think about what you want more of: think about happy things, laugh more! This is Zachery (exactly) Disease - getting exactly what you talk about!
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