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Rife Machine General Questions & Answers:
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People write in, ask questions, and we put the answers here. (Whether goofy, sensible or scientific.)
Where can I find more pictures of the Rife 101?
The FDA is not pleased with people that can heal themselves naturally, so we are discreet about the photo and other information. You can see a general photo and see how small and compact the machine is but if you want more information please send us an email with your request.
How can I see if it really is so EASY to use?
Click here to view both our Rife 101 INFORMATIONAL and INSTRUCTIONAL videos. And, click here to see our Quick Start Guide that comes with your Rife Model 101. It's SO easy, we say "it's Grandma & Grandpa proof!"
What exactly do I get when I purchase the Rife 101 Energy System?
You get our state-of-the-art Rife machine unit (weighs only 2.8 lbs) along with the 50-page operating manual (with all the programs for conditions listed), a "Get Started DVD", soft conductive carbon rubber hand held electrodes with attached wires, expandable wrist band electrodes with wires (may also be used on feet/ankles), several pairs of flexible sticky pad electrodes (in two sizes) with wires, non-disposable carbon rubber flat electrodes with wires conductivity gel and TacGel for the various electrodes. As this is the only machine on the market with an internal rechargeable battery, there is also an AC adapter so you can use the Rife 101 on battery power or plugged into the wall. There is nothing more you need to purchase. It all comes packed in a nice green cloth satchel about the size of a computer brief-case type bag.
Is the Rife 101 easy enough for my elderly parents to operate?
Yes, very easy! We like to say "It's grandma and grandpa proof!" If you can operate a TV remote or cell phone, you can operate this machine! The Rife 101 is the easiest one on the market to operate, constructed with YOU in mind! (And, me - I like easy!) The operating manual provides easy to follow instructions with lots of pictures, and, we are only an email or phone call away! Basically, turn the dial to turn it on, push a few buttons and you're up and running. It tells you what to push next on the LCD screen. We even have Grandmas entering in their own custom programs too - it's THAT easy - very deceptive considering the sophisticated technology and programming inside.
Will I harm the machine if I push the wrong buttons?
Not at all. Never. As a matter-of-fact, should you hit a wrong button an audible tone lets you know - it's different than the tone for the correct button! The programming from the factory cannot be erased, so you needn't worry about that. You can erase the programming you install and install new programs over them. You have 10 slots for custom programs.
Do you ever have used Rife machines to resell?
Almost everyone who orders a Rife 101 Energy System keep it. They find it's a valuable tool in their alternative medicine cabinet for whatever crops up. This being said, we do, very rarely, have used machines to sell.
Would it be worth going to a local clinic for Rife treatments? They want to charge $1600 for four treatments over four days?
You may feel better, but why spend that kind of money for a few treatments when you can easily do it yourself with your own unit for under $2,500 and YOU OWN the machine? You can treat yourself, your family, friends and pets! Forever! The Rife 101 never wears out!
How can I give my dog a Rife 101 treatment? (or cat, horse, bunny, etc)
The Rife 101 works great on animals, and they seem to know you're helping them and tolerate it well! Find two places with bare skin or carefully shave two places. Put the electrodes there and turn up the power gently until you get the green light, and if the animal winces, lower the intensity until they seem to accept it. You can use the sticky pads, carbon electrodes with conductivity lotion and an ace bandage to hold it on, or with your hand in a sock or glove, you can hold the hand-held electrodes against them. You may need to use Conductivity Gel. Where to put the electrodes? On my German Shepherd, Rocky, I shaved the fleshy part of his forearms. On a smaller pet you might put electrodes in their groin area or upper back (shaved). I've heard of people treating fish by putting the bare pin ends of the sticky pad electrodes into the water of the fish tank!
How can the Rife 101 help someone with blocked electrical meridians?
There's no exact program for "Blocked Meridians" but it seems to get out what's not supposed to be there, strengthens the immune system, assists with circulation and detoxification - it seems to light some cellular "pilot lights" and helps the body returns to a normal healthy state. Of course you can do our Schumann Wave program which tunes your body's total frequency. The manual includes a photo of the body's major acupuncture points and meridians, both front and back. We provide a more detailed, searchable file to help with electrode placement along the meridians and at the traditional Chinese acupuncture points.
How do I know the frequencies are getting into my body?
With all other machines, there is no way of knowing for certain. With the Rife 101 you know. You are never wasting valuable time as you can easily see with the red, yellow and green colored "Contact" lights if you are getting none, poor or good connectivity. The lower, coarser frequencies have a strong "vibration" feeling, but the higher, finer frequencies you don't even feel. Without Contact Lights, you cannot be certain you are getting the frequencies you are expecting. That's one of the reasons the Rife 101 is so great, as it takes the guess-work out!
Will the Rife machine cause any type of "healing crisis" or detox reaction symptoms?
Also known as a Herxheimer Reaction, these detox symptoms can be avoided by starting slow when using the Rife machine and drinking plenty of water before and after a treatment. If you do too many treatments too close together and don't drink enough water, or your other bodily systems aren't functioning well enough to clear the toxic garbage out fast enough, you might experience these detox symptoms. You might feel nauseous, have a sore throat, runny eyes, runny nose, phlegm in the chest, stomach pains, joint pains, headache - flu like symptoms (no fever though) or an increase in your own symptoms. This comes from having loads of dead pathogens and their toxins floating through your blood and lymph systems and your excretory system (kidneys, liver, urine, feces, sweat, etc) not being able to clean it up fast enough. Lots of water and at least gentle exercise may help.
I have half a dozen health conditions that I'd like to use the Rife 101 for. Is it better to all the programs daily, alternate or cycle through them within the week, or what?
Great question, since there are usually several health issues happening. Try hitting each condition hard daily for about 3 days, then switch to alternating. You will likely find old problems being resolved, and, as that happens, add new programs. As the problems start to melt away, you may feel more energy. I use my Rife 101 several times during the day, when I'm working at the computer, exercising, driving, watching TV, reading, eating, cooking and even cleaning. You don't need to just sit and do the Rife machine! BUT, that being said, if you are concentrating on a particular illness, you certainly can amplify your concentration through meditation and visualization of the healing, helping energy coursing through your body targeting the problem. Meditation and visualization are powerful healing tools in themselves.
If you run 3 different programs but they all have Channel/Frequency #177 for example, can you over do a good thing and set yourself up for a healing crisis?
Running the common channels several times a day may actually be a benefit. They are generally the frequencies for common problems such as Staph infections, Strep or Candida (fungus). Fungus of all types can be rampant in a diseased, compromised body! How often you use your machine is your choice. You'll know it if you've done too much by how you feel - remember a detox reaction (healing crises) is similar to flu symptoms possibly including joint pains, stomach pains, phlegm, runny eyes, headache, etc. One person I know who was a heavy smoker was actually coughing up black stuff from his lungs! Keep drinking water and keep exercising to move the lymph around. Really, a great complement to the Rife machine is a rebounder - mini trampoline - as even gentle jumping gives you a full-body lymphatic flush, similar to a massage. And don't forget lots of good water - learn about ionized water, because it's a strong detoxifier - and then you are detoxing every day, all day!
How often can I use the Rife 101?
The Rife 101 was designed to be safe, so you cannot harm yourself by using it often. In theory, you could run it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - it's that high quality to stand up to constant use. However, your own body will determine how much to use it based on any detox symptoms you might have, such as mucous, runny eyes or nose, headaches, stomach problems, bowel issues, extreme fatigue - flu like symptoms without fever. These symptoms are an indication that the Rife frequency machine is doing its job, but your system is not removing the "debris" fast enough, so slow down your use, drink plenty of water and get exercise.
How long is a program?
Most programs for a particular condition generally contain between 1 and 30 "Channels" (frequencies). The default programmed into the machine is to run each Channel for 3 minutes. This can easily be modified as you turn on and choose your condition to range from 1 - 9 minutes, lengthening or shortening the Program as meets your needs. The time remaining in the Program is on the LCD screen so you see the total time when you start up and can decide to change it if you desire. So, a program that contains 20 frequencies at 3 minutes each, would run for 60 minutes.
Has anyone had a problem bringing one of these machines on an airplane?
We haven't heard of any problems, but if security asks any questions just tell them it's a massage machine that you use for pain... and offer to let them try it! I was asked about the Rife machine once, going through security, but I think they were just curious. Carry it in your carry-on, wrapped in bubble wrap, and put it in a bin like you do with a laptop as you go through security. I've even used it on the flight, telling the inquiring stewardess it's a massage machine for pain.
Most places don't offer a way to test out the machine - what do you offer?
We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Use the Rife 101, let your family and friends try it out too. If you don't like it, contact us for return shipping information and the correct return address before shipping. We refund your money less $150 re-furbishing fee and the charge for the initial free shipping. Only if the machine is returned in poor condition or parts are missing are you charged more. Read our Return Policy.
How often will I need to use the machine?
As with all experiments, you must begin at a conservative level. Most users start treatments at once every two or three days then graduate to daily use as they feel better and are not having detox symptoms. We also suggest your start at one minute per channel at first, and increase slowly. The more you use it, the better the results. Remember, it doesn't work if you don't use it! Even use it to PREVENT problems by doing general programs like Parasites (some believe we ALL have parasites!), Infections, Candida, Circulation, Inflammation, Hyperacidity, Fungal Infection, Liver, Heart, Kidneys, Glands, etc.
I have an eye condition in one eye caused by a blood clot called central retina vein occlusion. Is there a program for this or maybe to improve eyesight?
For anyone with an eye condition - macular degeneration, cataracts, failing vision, eye floaters, etc, we provide (at no charge) a custom protocol we've put together for eyes. If you are first purchasing your Rife 101, we will install this program at no charge before it ships. Otherwise, write us through the contact page and request our EYE PROTOCOL (we'll need your Rife 101 serial number). The Rife 101 Energy System cleared up MY EYE FLOATERS - read about it here.
We have several people in our family currently having cancer issues, specifically colon cancer, liver and lymphoma (not certain of the type yet). Does the Rife 101 machine need to be used every day, or several times a week? I guess we would like to know if purchasing one unit to share would be an option.
Of course you could rotate using the Rife 101 among several family members or friends, however many Rife 101 users report using it for cancer every day, along with the Detox program. But, everyone's system is different, so I can't say using the Rife 101 a couple times a week would or wouldn't do the job. Lots of couples each get their own so they don't have to fight over it!

Will using the Rife 101 Energy System make me well?
Wellness depends on a complete balance of your body. I view electronic frequencies as one of several approaches that may help you reach wellness and feel better. Don't think ANYTHING is a magic bullet by itself. Water, good food, exercise, stress reduction are all important to optimum wellness.
Will this cure my illness?
In America we are not allowed to say anything close to that. We have had many satisfied users that have used the machine for many maladies and conditions. We use our own machine often and never get sick! Is this machine worth it? We think so! Many of our customers have stated they would not sell their machine for any price if they could not get a replacement. We even have customers who purchase a second machine just to have on hand "just in case" they are no longer available! Use your intuition from all you've learned - if this machine, or one from another vendor, feels right to you, or, perhaps you are disillusioned with what the standard medical community has offered you thus far, invest in your health. I always say "you can pay on this end (the Rife machine, water ionizer, etc) OR you can pay on THAT end (medical treatments). Remember, according to our friends at the FDA, only drugs, surgery, chemo, radiation can "cure" you. We believe the body heals itself, with the proper help.
Can you guarantee this machine to work?
Although we wouldn't have many people calling their Rife 101 Energy System their miracle machine if it didn't work so well, we cannot guarantee results. Just compare Rife results with doctors - no guarantee, expensive, reoccurring problems, endless - sometimes fatal mistakes, poor results - yikes! Judge for yourself. This is only the opinion of the Editor and not to be construed as medical advice or as a claim for cures either stated or implied.
Can I use this machine with medications?
The machine helps get rid of pathogens and toxins in your body and helps flush out pathogens. We have not heard of any negative effects. We have heard of many people that were able to stop taking the drugs that made them so sick and continue using the gentle, yet effective, Rife machine.
Can I use this machine with metal implants in my body?
Our Rife 101 unit is very safe and you can feel free to use it, even with metal implants. We suggest you don't put the electrodes right over the areas where the metal is, or you may feel some discomfort. I actually have metal brackets in my face and as much as I enjoy the tingling feeling of the Rife 101 frequencies, I do not like it on my face. It doesn't hurt but it does feel different - that could also be due to a large amount of scar tissue I have inside my jaw and face.
Can I use the Rife Model 101 with a pacemaker or defibrillator?
Currently, there are many types of heart-assist equipment, therefore we do not recommend using the Rife machine, and please consult your doctor with further questions.
Why does the intensity level vary when I run my programs?
As for the intensity percentage you see on the screen - the Rife 101 researchers have set the default intensity percentage for each frequency (channel) to be at a level they determined was the most comfortable for most people. For some channels it's 49%, for some channels it could be 78%, etc. When the intensity knob is on 10, you will see the maximum intensity percentage for that frequency. When you create a custom program (see your manual), you can input 99% for each channel and then, if it feels too strong, it's easy enough to turn the dial down a bit.
Why sometimes don't I feel the tingling of the frequencies?
A factor in conductivity is your skin resistance, hydration level and circulation. For instance, the skin on your heel is very thick and you may not feel the frequencies there, and you may have decreased conductivity and circulation. Many people have poor circulation in their lower legs and will feel the frequencies fine using the hand-held electrodes but not the pads used on their feet. So long as the green contact light is on you are getting the frequency in you, whether you feel it or not. Also, some areas of your body have much less nerve endings, like your back as compared to your palms. I had a woman who was obese and was trying to use the pads on her abdomen but couldn't feel the tingling - ever. She switched to using the hand-held electrodes and felt it strongly - in the palms of her hands. The palms and center of the ball of the foot are like "central railway stations" for the electrical meridians of your body and therefore are great locations for electrodes. One last thing - your skin surface conductivity is best if you are well hydrated. Here's a link to how much, when and how to drink water for optimal hydration.
Can this be used on children and pets?
Yes, it is gentle and good for both. For children, and even small animals, start slow and short duration (one minute) for each channel/frequency. Increase as tolerated. In treating animals, the contact has to be with bare skin so shave the area for the electrode contact. We have good reports with animals and we have our own story with our German Shepherd, Rocky. Rocky stayed still like a good boy for hours on end during treatments! He knew his mama was trying to help him get better (actually, save his life)! And he miraculously had a complete recovery from Parvo! If he could talk he'd call it his miracle machine!
Can this help a genetic condition?
The ProWave cannot fix genetics, but can be used for symptoms of conditions - for instance, I have a genetic condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. My body makes defective connective tissue in the joints, causing "loose joints" with many minor dislocations each day. The ProWave can't fix the defective genes making the defective tissue, but can help with circulation, inflammation, muscle spasm/tightness, joint pain, etc., all associated "symptoms". Works very well!
My mom is on lots of medications and now she has shingles. Can she use the Rife 101?
Yes, she can use the Rife 101 with the meds, although she should check with her doctor. Watch for a detox reaction - flu-like symptoms, headache, body aches, extreme fatigue, mucous, stomach pains, etc. She would do well to drink a lot of water and get some exercise - exercise moves your lymph (and the dead debris) around for excretion, as your lymph system doesn't have a pump like the heart - it relies on movement to open and close valves that move the lymph. Even just walking is good. The AUTOIMMUNE program is also used for boosting the immune system.
Which electrodes do you recommend for cats?
For cats and small dogs I'd recommend the flexible "sticky pad" electrodes - these can be cut down smaller than 2" x 2" and turn up the intensity slowly, just until the green light comes on. Be sure to shave where you plan to adhere the electrodes. For larger dogs these electrodes would work, but you might also try the carbon rubber soft-grip hand-held electrodes with conductivity gel, holding them against their shaved skin with cloth between your hands and the electrodes so only they are getting the frequency. I used a washcloth - but you could also wear gloves.
Can I just touch the end of the wires to the cat's shaved area (the little pin that goes into the electrode)?
You could, but it's possible the concentration of the "tingling" would be too intense for the kitty. You could try, but you might also try holding just the end of the hand-held cylinder/grip against the cat's skin, with a cloth against your hand to you don't make contact.
I used the Rife machine and now I feel sick and achy - is this normal?
Yes, this is the Herxheimer Reaction, or detox reaction we speak about when you are getting die-off of pathogens and/or the pathogens release neurotoxins when they die, and your body cannot get rid of it all fast enough. This residue produces flu-like feelings that might last a few hours or days. So slow down your Rife treatments to once every three days until you're able to increase the treatments. You must drink plenty of water before, during and after your treatments and get some exercise. The rebounder is excellent for a lymphatic flush to help move the garbage out. Ionized water is very helpful for detoxification as well.
My armpits are sore and kind of hot feeling. Is this part of a detox reaction?
Most likely yes, and your body is detoxing. You have a large amount of lymph nodes under your arm, and the toxins will look for any way to get out: sweat, urine, feces, etc. Continue to drink plenty of water and use the machine as you feel able. You might also look into skin brushing to move the lymph and/or rebounding which acts like a full-body lymphatic flush.
How do I know if I have good contact with the electrodes, whether I'm using the stainless steel cylinders, the carbon rubber grip electrodes the flexible wrist/ankle bands or the flexible sticky pads?
Using the included Conductivity Gel and/or Tac Gel helps make good contact, but the Rife 101 has a unique feature to assure you're getting good Contact. There is a series of three lights: red, yellow and green, that give you a visual certainty, green meaning you have full conductivity and are receiving the full benefit of the treatment. Without lights like these you may not be getting good conductivity and how would you know if you were wasting your time? You'd have no way of knowing as many frequencies don't produce a vibration that you feel. The simple Contact Lights are only one of the Rife 101's unique features.
Since the Rife 101 is portable, do I have to carry it around with the manual to have the list of programs?
No. All of the hundreds of programs (diseases, symptoms, conditions) are accessible from the LCD screen on the unit. there are A to Z buttons to choose a letter and up and down buttons to scroll through the letter to find what you need. For instance, if you want Detoxification, you scroll A-B-C-D, then use the down arrow for all of the D conditions until you get to Detoxification, push RUN and you're in business! It's really very easy and self-explanatory.
What information appears on the LCD screen?
Aside from the name of the particular condition you choose, you also see the Program Number, the Total Minutes remaining, the current Channel Number running, the time left on that particular Channel, and the Energy Level. Keep in mind the "Program" is the disease/condition/symptom you've chosen and that is made up of numerous "Channels" that correlate to the frequencies in Hz. So a program is a sequence of frequencies/channels.
Can you provide actual names and emails or phone numbers of Rife 101 users for me to talk with?
We are sorry, but we have to protect the privacy of clients.
Do Rife treatments interfere with other treatments?
Rife does not interfere with other treatments. Any exceptions are outlined in our user manual
How much can I use the machine each day?
Start with one treatment a day to gauge your sensitivity and see if you have detox symptoms (headache, dizzy, mucus, aches, fatigue, flu-like symptoms, etc.) Increase slowly and you can do 2-3 treatments a day, as tolerated. You can even run the Rife 101 all night, while you sleep! Experiment! Drink lots of water! Feel better! This energy machine cannot hurt you.
Can I feel worse doing this technology?
Great question! Yes, as it is entirely possible to experience the Herxheimer Effect, which is a detoxification effect, also known as a "healing crisis". This occurs as your body tries to remove the destroyed debris (virus, fungus, bacteria, parasites, etc) but it too much for your system and this debris causes you to feel flu-like for a day or two - runny nose, headache, joint pains, low-energy, congestion in chest, etc. It's a bit different for everyone, and for some, they don't have any of it. It all depends on how much garbage is in you and how efficient your lymph system is along with your kidneys, liver, lungs, sweat glands, digestion, etc.

On another note, many times people only try alternative treatments to serious disease after they've tried all other traditional methods such as chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, experimental drugs, etc. Unfortunately, often the prognosis is bad for such unlucky individuals because these allopathic treatments have destroyed or severely compromised their immune systems to the point where the body just cannot fight anymore. Those who haven't done traditional therapies seem to have better, faster results with many of the natural therapies we research, leading us to support the concept of taking responsibility for your health early on, preferable BEFORE you are encumbered with life-threatening disease or high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc. BEFORE this - that means health-building maintenance and prevention as your knowledge grows.
What is the Herxheimer Reaction or Effect?
Originally it referred to the reaction to drug therapy of venereal diseases. Now, however, it is used in broad terms for the detox symptoms or "healing crisis" that can come from die-off of pathogens. These symptoms include flu-like or just plain yucky feelings that accompany any really effective therapy that kills the offending pathogens. When microbes are destroyed in large quantity, the die-off can produce poisons that, sometimes, can make one feel worse for a bit. This is very common knowledge among alternative practitioners. It is a good sign and the symptoms should not be suppressed like they do in allopathic medicine (like cough syrup to suppress phlegm). The body, in its infinite wisdom, knows how to get rid of these toxins, however you can assist the process using detoxifying methods such as drinking lots of water (minimum 1/2 your weight in ounces, or more, per day), sauna therapy, rebounding (mini-trampoline) to circulate lymph, proper diet, cleanses, herbs, enemas, etc.
How do I know which program/condition to use if my exact condition/illness/disease is not listed?
There are many issues that contribute to a condition and some broader thinking may be needed. For instance, if your feet hurt you might consider using Circulation, or Joint Pain, or even Bone Protuberance/Spurs, depending on the type of pain. Besides the Thyroid programs, you could use the more general Gland Program that covers many glands as the Endocrine System is synergistic. For joint pain you could use various programs to tackle the issue: Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Joint Pain, Inflammation among others. And, you can always contact us for help!
Will the buttons ever wear out from use?
We use gold contacts - the best there is, so NO, the buttons won't wear out from normal use.
How long does the charge last on the battery inside the Rife 101?
When new, you can expect between 5-6 hours of constant use on a full charge, depending on intensity level chosen. It's best to leave it plugged in when not in use, which keeps the battery topped off. This is not at all harmful to the battery. On the average, the battery's useful life span is 3-5 years depending on how much a person uses it on battery power versus using it plugged in to the electric outlet. It can be used either way. The battery inside the Rife 101 is the latest technology and the highest quality for longevity and reliability.
A note about charging the battery - the Rife 101 does not show you when the unit is fully charged, after the battery is used. What it does have is a "Fast Charge" system for when the battery is almost all the way worn down or is all the way worn down. The yellow "fast-charge" light on the back will light up while the unit is in fast charge mode restoring enough reserve to the battery for you to continue using it while plugged in. To fully charge the battery, please leave it plugged in over night and leave it plugged in while not in use. This is how to preserve the life of your battery.
We do offer a "Battery Service" when the time comes that it is no longer holding a sufficient charge for your needs.
If the Rife 101 technology is based on Alternating Current electricity, how is it that it can run on the rechargeable battery that is Direct Current?
Great question, and here is the great answer - that we have proprietary electronic programming inside the Rife 101 that converts the DC to AC for use! Simple, elegant, yet complex behind the scenes.
Is there a power supply available for the Rife Model 101 that will support global power 100/240V 50/60Hz from other countries?
Yes, we carry an approved inverter with the various international electrical plugs, and you can order it here. IF you live in another country (not US or a country that has the same type of US plugs and electric) we will include our approved inverter and plugs at no charge when you order your unit.
Why do you seem so secretive about the Rife machine, it's users and it's benefits?
We don't under estimate the FDA. We know there are some Rife manufacturers in jail for making claims. We must be very careful to protect all involved, particularly our users and the manufacturer. We provide this information for educational purposes only. You must make your own conclusions. We provide Rife 101 machines for "personal experimentation purposes only." We provide testimonials, as we receive them (not solicited for gratuities), for you to see how the Rife 101 is being used and what it seems to be helping.

SHORT STORY: In 2005 I was preparing to participate in the largest natural products wholesale tradeshow in the country. As part of the admittance procedure to the show, aside from paying mega-money for a 10'x10' booth, the show organizers had to see every flyer, brochure, package, business card and back drop you planned on using to be sure the terminology fell within the FDA's accepted terminology. In other words, we could say our product "promoted wellness" but we couldn't say it might get you well. The FDA walked the floor of the tradeshow and could shut you down on the spot if you crossed their boundaries. This is real folks. We take it very seriously. Get a Rife 101 while you still can!
Do you have a return policy?
Yes we do, but we almost never get any back! We give you a generous 30-day money-back guarantee period. Should you want to return it, we do charge $150 re-furbishing fee and the amount for the initial free shipping and there could be other charges if the machine or accessories are damaged in any way. Read our Return Policy.
Can the Rife 101 machine be upgraded as your technology changes?
Yes, and for a minimal fee. We feel you purchase the machine once, with no "planned obsolescence", and we will take care of you. See the services we offer for purchasers of the Rife 101 on this page.
How does the Rife machine work for so many things other than zapping microbes?
Let me answer by a comparison. Picture owning the finest Lexus... with a battery almost dead... the fancy radio doesn't work, the windows won't go down... the GPS doesn't work... do you junk the car? If you just charge up the battery the car has energy for everything to work perfectly again. Your body is an electrical being, down to the electrons making up your cells. If you charge them up the body is able to heal broken conditions and get back to working properly.
Can I hide the name of a program (like AIDS) so it doesn't show on the screen?
Yes, it's easy. In the manual you'll find all the channels the condition has in the treatment program. Then, in minutes, you can put those channels in a custom program and only the words "custom program" will show on the screen. You can also add in the channels from other programs, for example, DETOXIFICATION. See "Advanced Set Up" in your manual.
How long should a treatment be?
Even though you can do custom programs that are much longer, we suggest starting with the standard 3 minutes per frequency times however many channels (frequencies) are used in the program as listed in the manual.

Example: 12 Channels in the program X 3 minutes each = a 36 minute program.

* It's important to go through the whole program, as each number is there to help the particular condition in some way. If you want to pause the machine, press "Run/Pause" (green button). But you can also turn off the machine and when you start it up again later for the same program you can press "Skip Chan" until you get to where you left off earlier.

*As long as the green light is on (intensity level usually 5 or above) you are getting the good stuff in you. You can turn up the intensity if you want - it won't hurt, only help - plus, it feels good!

*Use a tiny bit of conductivity lotion to be sure you get the green "Good Contact" light.

Can I use the telephone or cell phone or move around while using the machine?
Absolutely! Phones don't interfere, and because the Rife 101 can run on either AC electric or the internal battery, you can even unplug it mid-stream and carry it with you to the kitchen to get a glass of water! Of course easier to do if you're using the flexible electrodes or the wrist-bands, rather than the stainless steel cylinders or soft-rubber handgrips that you hold on to.

Do I have to take off jewelry?
I do recommend taking off as much jewelry as you can as it can attract the electricity. Inner body medical "repairs" are OK, so don't be concerned about these. The machine and your treatment will not be affected by them.
Should I try to turn the intensity knob up all the way?
You may notice that although you "feel" it, you like the feeling and want to turn it up as much as you can. You may find your body is craving it and you'll naturally feel like turning it up all the way. If you desire, you can use the "Custom Program" feature to increase the power even more than the knob. This won't hurt you. Some folks find it too strong, some (like me) love the way it feels! Higher intensity may be beneficial in certain instances like improving circulation or clearing blockages in your electrical meridians and nerve pathways.
How can I get the maximum power for treatments?
After you've used the machine for a few weeks you might want to try doing custom programs. Three minutes per channel is good to start, but you can increase the power for each channel up to 99%. If a particular channel/frequency feels too strong, you can simply turn it down a bit with the knob. Likewise you can easily increase the length of time of each channel if you've programmed in the suggested 3 minutes.

NOTE: Some folks will start doing custom programming the first day, out of the box! We recommend using what we know works well first and judging your "detox" symptoms before increasing intensity or time.
Can you offer me help using another Rife machine?
We offer Rife 101 machines and offer our help and findings of our research center. We know how our machine operates and we get feedback on our machine from users. We are hesitant to offer advice for users of other machines as they are different in how they work. Some folks will say, "It's just the same as yours," but we know they aren't. This is like buying a Samsung TV and going to Sony for help.

We spend considerable time helping our customers, asking questions so we can understand their situation better and we get wonderful feedback as they begin using their machine and managing their illnesses. We are constantly researching, reading reports, buying books, attending trade shows and health expos and we add to our line the items we discover and use to help people get well and stay well. We do offer help with general questions about our products. We feel bad we just can't help everyone with other Rife machines when they can't find their own dealer, or the company, or their dealer doesn't return calls or emails. Remember - we offer full customer service with the purchase of Rife 101 Energy System: the frequency generator with all parts, accessories, lotions, carrying satchel; generous 30-day money-back guarantee; Rife parts replacements; and, last but certainly not least, HELP when you need it, pretty much round the clock! Contact us here.
How and when would I make a custom program?
The Rife 101 has 10 open slots for custom programs - in this way you can group together the various programs that "holistically" might benefit you, and cut down on the total running time as you only repeat a frequency (channel) once in the custom program, whereas a certain frequency may be repeated in 6 programs we are combining into one. For example, the programs we group together for Cancer are issues that surround the illness like hyperacidity, fungus, infection, parasites and programs to help assist your body in removal and support - lymph, liver, lungs, glands, etc. We charge $100 for programming your machine before we send it, or if you already have a machine, we charge the same $100 for collating the various programs for your particular situation and we send you the channels to input into the custom program. Of course you can program in custom programs yourself (instructions in the manual) and it's not hard to do.
Do you sell parts for argon tubes and/or mixed gasses?
Many years ago we stopped selling machines that used glass tubes as the results were so much slower and the tubes were so fragile, expensive to replace and broke all the time.
Can I use the phone or move around while using the machine?
Absolutely. Because the Rife 101 works on battery too, you can simply pull the electric cord out when you want to get up, unless you're already using it on the battery power. I move around with my Rife 101 in a small backpack, now included for free with a Rife 101 purchase.
Can your machine be set to eliminate problem conditions or is it primarily to encourage optimal cellular health?
It is made to zap and eliminate the problem AND improve cellular function and metabolism. That is why the medical field dislikes this technology so much. If you get rid of the problem and feel better, the medical machinery monopoly grinds to a halt. Can't have that now, can we?
What is the range of frequencies and are they preset or changeable?
You get a full range of frequencies that researchers over many years have discovered to be effective. There are over 300 preset and 10 custom slots for you to set up your own programs. We know what works - why tinker? Especially if your knowledge is not as vast as our technicians.
Can the frequencies cause any damage?
Absolutely not. All accessible frequencies have been proven to be safe and beneficial. We have no reports of harmful reaction to these frequencies, like you sometimes hear with Radio Frequency Rife machines (RF). Compare this to standard side effects with traditional medicine! As with anything you consider, do not use the machine excessively or neglect other healthful needs (good water, nutritious food, exercise, etc). Do not use if you have a pacemaker and/or defibrillator. We do recommend that people who have a seizure disorder or have pacemakers consult with their physician before using any electrical device, including this Rife machine. Do not use with a difibrillator. And, for everyone, never place the electrodes directly over the heart, as stated in the manual.
Why are frequency machines kept out of doctors' offices?
Your doctor is only licensed to recommend treatments that are approved by the drug and medical industry. I wish it were different, but frequency healing will most likely never be approved because it is not as profitable as standard treatments. Frequency treatments are inexpensive with no side effects.
Can I experiment with a frequency machine without my doctor's help?
Yes, however we do recommend you understand your health condition and consult with your practitioner if you have medical questions. We do not replace your doctor nor offer any medical advice. You are permitted to experiment on yourself in order to feel better.
Can I still drink beer and smoke if I use the machine?
Are you wanting to get optimum health or just trying to neutralize your bad habits? Whose side are you on? You are doing things to yourself you couldn't pay your worst enemy to do to you! Think about this, for the sake of your loved ones!
Will I have to change my diet or drink more water?
A review of your diet may be in order. Consult your practitioner and follow their recommendations, if it makes sense to you. Daily intake of water should be at least 1/2 your weight in ounces, which works out to 8-10 eight ounce glasses for most of us. Better than that IS YOUR WEIGHT IN OUNCES. We recommend drinking plenty of good, filtered water (ionized water is best) to flush out toxins, dead cells, lubricate joints and give your skin a cleaning from the inside out! Lots of veggies, fruits, whole grains, good oils, exercise, stress-reduction and fun are all good for your health!
How many years will the Rife 101 last and how many hours a day can I run it?
We use the finest parts available. The instrument is designed for constant use, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if you so desire. We do recommend sending it in for a Battery Service 3-5 years. Please see our Rife 101 Parts & Services page for more details.
Does the Rife 101 run on battery or AC?
Both. The Rife 101 comes with a very long-lasting rechargeable internal battery. You can either plug in or unplug and enjoy the portability using it on the battery.
If your Rife machine really gets results, why do you offer other "alternative healing" products?
No one thing does it all. Even with the Rife machine, you must pay attention to the water you drink, the food you eat, the supplements you take, the oils you use, exercise, stress-reduction. All of these together either set the stage for wellness or set the stage for chronic illness. The Rife machine can help stem the tide, addressing your entire lifestyle can help turn the ship! You can't be chain smoking, angry at the world, drinking beer, gulping cheeseburgers and coke everyday and hope the Rife machine alone will help you. Too many people spend their whole life managing their disease. It's their life and conversation topic, along with their doctors and their medications - and their doctors' appointments. Their passions, dreams and enjoyments take a back seat! Create a balanced, happy life and get well. Craft the most enjoyable life you can, eat healthier, be around nurturing people also embracing joy and stay/get healthy!
I've used another Rife machine but not much is happening?
With the Rife 101 you see the Contact indicator lights that let you know if the energy is getting into your body or not. If not, you can reposition the electrodes or add more conductivity lotion. Also, the energy ramps up over several seconds to let your body adjust to it, as some of the frequencies "tingle". Other machines have no visual indicator of good conductivity, so you never know, and they abruptly go from zero to full power which can startle you and be difficult to tolerate. You may get better results faster and easier with the Rife 101. Plus, you have us to talk to!
Do you have a site where people can discuss their results?
Sort of - we have our testimonial page, which we add to all the time. If you have something to say about your Rife 101 experience, please write us through the contact page!
Do I detox before or after a treatment?
Attack with a treatment first, then follow up with a detox to get rid of the garbage (toxins released). The Detox Program is like flushing the toilet! Remember to drink plenty of water before and after.
How long does it take for the Rife machine to work?
This, of course, varies with the disease/condition and the state of health of the user. Many people have reported joint pain and arthritic hands healed in one treatment. Dr. Rife, using his original instrument back in the 1930s, was able to knock out the really bad illnesses like cancer in 70-90 days. He had to do it gradually because it takes time for the body to detox, disposing of the tumor material. The liver, kidneys and other eliminative organs have to deal with this "load" and those organs themselves might need time to improve. Also, one must consider that the dead tumor can become food for bacteria and create a secondary problem.

"Herxheimer Reaction" is the term loosely given to the sometimes flu-like symptoms that accompany the fast break down of a major pathogen in the body. It is also referred to as the "kill-off effect" or a "healing crisis". It is actually a positive sign, even though you may feel lousy going through it. Sometimes, when the effective frequency is hit during a treatment, a strange but unmistakable sensation can be felt in the affected area(s). This is also a good sign.
Can I run the Rife 101 at night, while I sleep?
Absolutely yes! I do it all the time - I usually use the sticky pads for over night, and I run the wires under the blanket, with the machine face down on the floor so the light from the screen doesn't disturb me. As a new Rife 101 user, I share my strategy with you for running the unit all night long for additional "wellness" time!
How long before I am well?
Of course you're anxious - just use the machine regularly, work on drinking more water, and you'll find your health improving week by week like so many other users. Remember, everyone is different with different health issues, multiple conditions, elimination abilities, etc.
Is there a shock when it switches frequencies?
The Rife 101 was designed both with your safety and comfort in mind. The power level is totally adjustable and the default for each frequency has been pre-set by the factory to a level comfortable for most people. As it changes to the next frequency, there is not a sudden change. It ramps up slowly and gently to the next frequency's power level. The incoming energy feels so good!
Is there a list of frequencies with the machine for commonly treated conditions?
Yes, a list of frequencies is provided in the operating manual and the preset list of common ailments. Just plug in a 3-digit number and it provides the best range of numerous frequencies, running one after the other through the complete program for the condition selected. PLUS, you can easily choose your program directly from the unit's screen, using the A to Z and up/down arrows.
What's up with the negative information I've read about the Rife machines?
Understand that the medical monopoly has a tight grip, even on the internet. There are certain sites that try to appear un-biased but are funded and staffed by the medical industries representatives. This goes for every alternative modality, across the internet. That being said, there are people that have a monetary vested interest in you NOT getting a machine and giving up your "drugs" and doctors and treatments. They don't want you and the growing segment of the population you belong to, cutting into their racket. Royal Rife himself was subject to this. There is even an investigative report from his day admitting "We never even turned on the machine you gave us to test as we can just tell it couldn't work. " Case closed. And, let me add, any sites that tell you our machine is no good are simply slanting information so their machine looks better. Call me to discuss the details.
Do you service the machine and are replacement parts available?
The machine is easily serviced (very, very rarely needed) and yes, all the replacement parts and accessories are available on our Rife 101 replacements page.
Can I visit the factory?
The company is private, safe from harm and harassment, and has no website. Where the factory is located is really of no consequence. The units are made in the US from US parts.
Which machine do you like the best?
We have tested many Rife machines. With the Rife 101 you can easily target specific conditions and it's the most accurate and easiest to use. It has every "wish list" feature people have been asking for. If we found a better one, we'd be offering it. See our Testimonial Page for users' stories.
What is the history of this machine and your experience with the Rife 101? I want to be sure I'm getting the best, with good customer service and that you'll be around for years.
I've been involved in alternative health for over 45 years! I've seen many things come and go and studied many modalities, putting together what made sense from my varied avenues of study. I am in remarkable health, with the "best tongue" my naturopath doctor has ever seen! (I know that sounds weird, but your tongue mirrors your body's functioning.) I've been involved directly with the Rife 101 since 2006. The Rife 101 creators have used and studied Rife machines for many years and were exasperated by the many shortcomings, design flaws and limitations of other units. They decided to invest their money and time into designing the ultimate Rife machine that was more powerful, more reliable, more comfortable and easier to use - still at a reasonable price. It is still the only Rife machine in the world that can be totally portable (battery powered) so you can use it anywhere - even while hiking through the jungle! And, it has some unique, proprietary internal programming making it more efficient and more beneficial than other units.
Any noteworthy comments after working with your clients after all this time?
The saddest cases are the people who buy a machine for a loved one who refuses to even try it. They refuse to take personal responsibility for their own well being and trust it to traditional doctors/medicine who don't get them well, and, don't necessarily really care about them. I love working with those with initiative that research, take action and get well, particularly those who have nothing wrong and want to stay that way! Many folks get the Rife 101 for prevention! I enjoy helping you move forward towards good health in either baby steps or giant strides - whatever pace you're ready for, but, you have to be ready. No one can do it for you.
How hard is it to get to talk to you?
EASY! We want to see people get well, give honest answers and try to be available all the time. Of course we do sleep, go bike riding, go on vacations, etc. We do answer calls and emails during these times, as we can. Even touring Italy, exploring the Costa Rican jungle or enjoying the famous Philadelphia Flower Show, we return phone calls and emails every day. Emails are always best. It is for your benefit we have these extensive lists of commonly asked questions. Contact us here!
Can you help me do my first treatment?
Sure, if you need help. We make it easy for you. Then, while you're doing your first treatment, read the manual. It's really, really easy to use the Rife 101. Even setting up custom programs is really easy - no harder than using a microwave oven or adding contacts to your cell phone!
I'm excited to get going - how long does it take to get a machine?
Most times we ship the same day that we get your order, if it's before 4 PM EST. As the FDA likes to raid Rife facilities, it's not a good idea for us to keep a large inventory in stock, but we try to keep the flow moving. They are built, thoroughly tested and shipped as quickly as possible. In addition, you can always request expedited shipping for overnight or 2-day receipt.
You look great! At least 10 years younger! What programs do you use?
Thank you! First, I stay well hydrated with ionized water and I eat really healthy. I regularly use the Rife 101 for Inflammation, Acidosis, Detoxification, Parasites, Cancer, Liver, Kidney, Glands, Infections, Fungus and more as a preventative.
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