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Rife Machine Q&A (and Troubleshooting) for Rife 101 Users:
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BUT WAIT - BEFORE YOU ASK US: Please search through these questions before writing or calling.

What should I do for (your condition)?
Please, before you call or email, look in the manual for the closest thing. That's what we do when folks call. We can get in hot water for giving advice because it can be mis-construed as medical advice. We can suggest you go to your doctor and get FDA approved pills and treatments that will quite possibly kill you, but we are not allowed to advise you personally on alternative treatments. That being said, along with most Programs for Conditions in the Rife 101, it can be beneficial to also do these programs: Detoxification, Hyperacidity, Parasites, Fungul Infection, Lymph Problems, Inflammation, Infections-General, Circulation.

Also, trust your intuition for what your body needs. You can experiment and pay attention to how you feel during and afterwards. You can run the DETOX Program daily to help your body remove toxins.

One last note - some folks go into great detail using lots of technical medical terms about the rare and specialized condition they have - Help! I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to be one!
What is Zachary Disease?
You get exactly more of what you talk about. Talk about relaxing, talk about things you love to do, talk about going to the Caribbean, not your illness any more than you can help it. Some people focus on their illness and it becomes all-encompassing, over-bearing. Talk and think about what you want more of: think about happy things, laugh more! This is Zachery (exactly) Disease - getting exactly what you talk about! Everything is frequency, even your thoughts!
Should I call or email you?
Sometimes we get LOTS of phone calls at all hours, folks asking for advice. "So, do you think I should do the Migraine Headaches Program for my migraine headaches?" Please read over your manual first, review the programs, look for the answers to your questions in this section of our website, and email if you have questions you need answered. EMAIL always works better than phone calls!
My Rife 101 just arrived - how do I get started?
Congratulations! It's easy as 1 2, 3: ONE: Unpack the machine and plug in 2 wires to the back of the machine and the other end into the metal cylinder electrodes. TWO: Open the manual and choose a condition to treat. THREE: Turn on the machine by turning the intensity dial, press CLEAR, PROG, enter the 3-digit condition, then RUN. There you go! With your biofrequency machine you received both our Rife 101 Quick Start Guide (click here) and our Rife 101 Instructional Video (click here).
Can I hold the cylinders against my temples instead of using the sticky pads?
Yes you can, but you'll want to put a cloth (wash cloths, socks or pot holders work well) between your hands and the metal so the full frequency is at your temples.
How long should a treatment be?
When you first get the Rife 101 do one treatment and see how you feel the next morning. If you have no "detox symptoms" such as flu-like, headache, joint aches, mucus, etc., you can do another treatment. After about a week, if you are tolerating it ok, you can do more than one treatment a day. Do the DETOX PROGRAM at least every other time in addition to your main program, to help get the crud out of your body. If you do have side-effects (dizzy, sick feeling, headache, stomach pains) slow it down. You can easily lower the time of each channel/frequency to one minute rather than the default of three minutes. Some people are very toxic and have a lot of pathogens to remove, and/or their detox pathways may not be operating so great. Slow down and drink more water (at least half your weight in ounce per day, if not double that). This is much safer and gentler than taking toxic drugs and doing radiation.
What are those red, yellow and green lights on the Rife 101 operating panel?
These CONTACT lights are feedback for you to see if you have good conductivity of the frequencies into you through the electrodes of your choice. As long as the green light is on (intensity level usually 5 or above) you are getting the good stuff! You can turn up the intensity if you want - it won't hurt, plus it feels good to many people as it's energy you are lacking. Sometimes on the lower channels/frequencies the lights flicker but the lights quickly turn to solid green after the 2nd or 3rd channel. Be sure to use the conductivity lotion supplied to make sure you get the green light. This lotion is non-greasy, doesn't make a mess and it's the best we've found with aloe vera in it.
Why is it that sometimes the red and/or yellow Contact Lights flicker when I believe I have good contact?
Many of the hundreds of programs start with frequencies in the lower range and work up to higher frequencies. You may notice a flickering of the lights when the Hertz level of a particular Channel is low, as it is a coarser vibration. After the first or seond Channel, you shold see the green light.
Why do I see different Channel Energy Levels as I go through the Program?
The default Energy Level for each Channel is pre-set to be at a relatively comforatable level for the average user. Some people are more sensitive, some are less. Some have a higher tolerance for the vibration, some have less. Some Channels you will naturally feel more than others due to the various Hertz levels. you can create custom programs to increase or decrrease the Energy Level for each Channel to suit your particular tolerance.
Can we add more Rife frequencies to the machine?
The Rife 101 is the highest quality instrument on the market. It does not allow you to add frequencies because of the irresponsible people that publish every frequency that tickles their fancy (such as crystals, Radionics, God and who knows what else) and the trusting customer who hurts themselves using unproven frequencies. Very few frequencies have been absolutely proven safe and effective since Rife died. Without a method such as his to prove what it takes to kill an organism, we are left with what we have. You should not be blaming our Rife 101 for a lack of frequencies, but rather you should be blaming the medical world for not considering energy medicine as a viable alternative. A microscope that exceeds Rife's in capabilities is available in Germany for just under a million dollars (as of 2009). That, coupled with another 20 or 30 million would get us a couple more proven frequencies. Care to tackle it? See what's involved?
Can I go portable and with which electrodes?
Our Rife 101 is the only Rife machine that can be run off battery power and for a long time (4-6 hours)! Some people like the wristbands best, some like sticky pads (flexible electrodes), so they can easily read a book, drive, sleep, exercise, cook, etc. Some find they can walk further while holding the hand cylinders and putting the machine in a small backpack OR our NEW see-thru backpack (free with Rife 101 purchase). You can even put the hand cylinders on a folded towel on the floor, get barefoot and use your computer while doing a treatment.
Where would I place the electrodes on a dog that has had ear infections for 12 years?
When I treated my German Shepherd Rocky for Parvo I shaved a small area on the inside of the fleshy part of his forearms. I could have used the sticky pads, but I sat with him, his head in my lap for hours as he was near death, and I used the steel cylinders. I put a wash cloth between my hand and the cylinder so I didn't get the frequencies, only he did. You might try it this way and shave some fur on either side of the dog's neck, below the ears. You can always pause the Rife 101 and let your little sweetie up to run around it he/she gets restless, then continue where you left off by hitting the pause button again.
Do I have to start slow with only 1 minute per frequency?
The one minute rule is important for elderly, chronically ill and frail individuals only to prevent a detox reaction. Most people can start off with the standard of three minutes, which is the default pre-programmed into the Rife 101.
I see other frequencies for conditions on the internet - frequencies that aren't listed in my Rife 101 manual and I am confused about this?
The Rife 101 is pre-programmed with hundreds of frequencies which are correlated with channel numbers towards the back of the manual. Others may have more listed, but remember, more isn't necessarily better - better is better, and our Rife 101 is very rich in harmonics, which is where the magic is. Similar to ripples on a pond, harmonics can also be described as the same musical note played in various octaves, by a orchestra full of instDr. Royal Raymond Rife himself said he wasn't certain if the benefit was from the actual frequency or its harmonics created by the frequency in the body.
How do I know if the Rife machine is working if I am not having side effects (not that I want them) - I have HSV (Herpes) so how do I know it's killing it off?
If the green Contact light is on, you are getting better by the day! Remember to run the Detoxification Program each day as well - you're doing great if you're not having detox symptoms! Keep it up!
I had no results! Why?
We get very few people stating that they got no reslts, nothing at all, ever. We found this to be rather strange as most people get wonderful results. Why do a few people get zero results? We started prodding and these are some of the reasons we found:

One man never turned the machine intensity past barely feeling it, level 3, not even getting the green light. He did only one treatment a week. The intensity should be at least 5 or 6, with the green conductivity light glowing. Daily treatments, or every other day, would be much better. Give the machine a chance to do its good work.

A couple of folks with poor results also claim to have HUGE stress loads. Their job and relationships drives them up a wall, but they can't see how to make any changes, or, how to view it differently. "I'm too old to change jobs." "My spouse and I have nothing in common anymore." Stress is a killer. Stress makes your system acidic, and this acidity sets the stage for disease. Prolonged stress weakens your immune system and depletes your adrenal glands, which are supposed to help you manage your stress! It's one of the worst things for your body! With a depleted, worn down system it will impede the results of Rife treatments and other treatments as well, since stress affects everything from digestion to sleep. Dare to make changes. If you can't change your situation, change the way you view it. Not easy, but you're worth it, aren't you?

Some folks are just overloaded with toxins from pesticides, environmental and chemical poisons over their lifetime (think air fresheners, poor air quality, x-rays, cell phones, etc), from a diet full of junk and processed foods. Their excretory system may be clogged and in need of cleansing just to be efficient. The type of disease, what stage it's in, the condition of other organs, what previous treatments they've had all can influence your success. The Rife 101 should be part of a holistic approach to wellness. We can help you start on this!

Some people are just plain negative. They were skeptical when they made the purchase, full of negativity and focused on the lack of friends or partner, hate their job, lousy neighbors, super stressed out, almost broke, acquaintances dump on them, bad luck follows them around. It's best, when using the Rife machine, to sit and focus on the good energy, feel gratitude that you were smart enough to seek this out and that it will help you, then you can help others. Let the good energy flow, and don't focus on the bad. A negative attitude pervades everything in your life. Change it before it's too late. Remember, you get more of what you talk and think about!

Most people get wonderful results and are a joy to work with, as we derive great life-satisfaction in being able to help others along the path to real wellness, and really love working with people who are starting to get educated about all the facets of good health. These people get better and are blessed by helping people around them. Some people have ordered over 10 machines for their friends!

Work on diet, a toxin free living environment, drink clean water and make changes to create a happy, stress-free life. You have everything to gain! You can grow old gracefully with no pain or illness. YOU CAN DO IT!
Where can I get extra parts (electrodes, conductivity lotion, wires, etc.)?
Go to our Rife 101 Parts & Service page. You should find what you need there, but if not, email us. Ordering over the internet is fast and safe with our secure shopping cart. If you prefer calling, realize that your order may end up getting lost, or we'll write your address down wrong - anything can happen. If there's an error, it could mean days of phone tag with you to fix it! Ordering online is best.
What about sending in the warranty card?
You don't need to send the card in. We have you in our database. You can begin the repair or servicing process by making a deposit on this page and we will email you from there. Please include your Rife 101 serial number.

Click here for our parts page. If there's something you need that you don't see email or call us.
Defective Battery Charger? It may run a few minutes, but stops and displays "Low Battery - recharge or use AC":
Your AC charger may be defective. But make sure that the unit didn't get unplugged or the slide switch on the back is set ofor 110v not moved to international 220v. The battery charger is likely the weakest link in the Rife 101. If it's bad, it will stay cold when plugged in and the screen display will say "Low Battery - Recharge or use AC".

Email us for a replacement or order from the replacements page. We will need your serial number so we can send you the proper model AC adapter.
Broken Wrist Bands?
Send them in for repair. Email us for details. NOTE: Wrist bands are fragile - handle them carefully. Some people order a second set from our parts page.
What else can I do to get well and stay well, along with the Rife 101?
Honestly think about these questions that can significantly impact your ability to heal and be well:

  • Are you drinking enough water? Click here to learn how much you should be drinking.
  • Do you drink soda? Coffee? Juices? Carbonated and/or flavored waters? Liquor?
  • Do you eat much sugar? Sugar masquerades as corn syrup, white flour, bread, pasta, etc.
  • Have you been tested for heavy metal toxicity? This can be corrected!
  • Do you have significant stress in your life?y Stress is a killer - be honest with yourself. Stress with your spouse? Relationships? Relatives? Job? Finances? Physical?
  • Do you get enough exercise? This is known to reduce stress!
  • We can help you manage and make changes towards wellness, baby steps at a time. Email us with your concerns.
What is the best way to contact you?
Email is always best. We can research your questions and concerns if we need to, before we get back to you. And, we can be anywhere in the world, in any time-zone, if we communicate by email - faster and better than by phone! Click here to email us!

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