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RNA & DNA Contained in Chlorella

By Dr. William H. Lee, Dr. Michael Rosenbaum, Dr. Bernard Jensen - 06/17/04

Chlorella - The sun-powered super nutrient and DNA & RNA

Spirulina is extremely high in both RNA and DNA which performs functions in building the human cell that we are only beginning to understand. It is many times higher in RNA and DNA than sardines, which are considered to have one of the highest contents. Without RNA and DNA, the human cell cannot be properly formed, nor can it divide properly. This means that when sufficient amounts of RNA and DNA are not present in the cell Chlorella is also high in RNA and DNA.

"Dr Benjamin Frank believed that the loss of energy and physical deterioration associated with aging was due to the increasing breakdown of nucleic factors (DNA/RNA) which are needed to keep the cells healthy. He put his patients on a diet rich in RNA and DNA foods...such as canned or fresh sardines, salmon or other sea foods, wheat germ and green leafy vegetables. Canned sardines are thought to be among the highest sources of RNA at 590mg per 100 grams. Since he published his research it has been determined that Chlorella has several times the nucleic content of sardines". - William H. Lee, R. Ph., Ph.D. and Michael Rosenbaum, M.D.

Chlorella and it's link with DNA and RNA

"Current levels by laboratory analysis shows 3% RNA and 0.3% DNA in Chlorella which would make Chlorella one of the highest known food substances in nucleic acids. Used regularly Chlorella would assist in the repair of damaged genetic material in human cells, protecting our health and slowing down the aging process....When our RNA and DNA are in good repair and able to function most efficiently, our bodies get rid of toxins and avoid disease. Cells are able to repair themselves, and the energy level and vitality of the whole body is raised....Chlorella has 5 times the RNA and DNA of canned sardines." - Dr Bernard Jensen, D.O., Ph.D.

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