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Chlorella & Chlorophyll

Chlorella, Jewel of the Far East
By Dr. Bernard Jensen, Michael Rosenbaum, Dr. David Steenblock, William H. Lee - 03/18/99

"Chlorella contains the highest percentage of chlorophyll in the known plant world, from 1.7% to 7%. The chlorophyll molecule is very similar to the hemoglobin molecule in blood, and it acts as a wonderful cleanser in the bowel, kidneys, liver and bloodstream. Green plants help build red blood cell count and control calcium in the body. Chlorella contains as high as 7% chlorophyll, 35 times more than we find in alfalfa.

An experiment by the US Army showed that animals fed chlorophyll-rich greens survived twice as long as other animals when all were exposed to fatal levels of radiation. Another experiment by scientists at National Taiwan University showed that Chlorella helped protect rats from liver damage when they were fed a toxic chemical named ethionine." - Dr. Bernard Jensen,D.O.,Ph.D.

Chlorella - The Sun-Powered Supernutrient

"Chlorella's chlorophyll content is important, because it makes an important contribution to chlorella's effect in the body. One example of this is stimulation of erythrocyte (red cell) formation in the blood.

Two University of Liverpool scientists performed several studies on laboratory animals. In one, induced anemic rabbits were given varying doses of chlorophyll (refined or fresh). The rabbits were able to convert chlorophyll into hemoglobin, thus correcting the anemia. Although the reaction occurred with both types of chlorophyll, the percentage of conversion was higher when the fresh chlorophyll was used.

In 1941 Dr. S.L.Goldberg reported on treatment of 300 patients suffering from pyorrhea (bleeding gums and loosening teeth), noting significant improvement. Vincent's stomatitis, a gum infection which occurs most often in persons suffering from stress with an underlying cause of a severe vitamin C deficiency, was also treated by the doctor with chlorophyll. Goldberg noted that the use of chlorophyll resulted in a tightening of the teeth, the cessation of bleeding from the gums and the growth of new tissue to replace damaged tissue." - William H. Lee,R.Ph., Ph.D. and Michael Rosenbaum, M.D.

Chlorella - Natural Medicinal Algae

"In addition to CGF, Chlorella also contains more chlorophyll per gram than any other plant. Since chlorophyll's chemical structure is similar to hemoglobins (the red pigment of blood) several scientists have suggested the use of chlorophyll as a medical therapy for anemia. A complete review of chlorophyll and its effectiveness in correcting anemia as well as other medical uses was presented by Kephart in 1955. Briefly, if the person is not lacking iron or copper, the addition of chlorophyll may stimulate the production of blood presumably by providing the precursors to hemoglobin. Much research has been done which has proven that chlorophyll or its derivatives influence bacterial and animal growth, metabolism, and respiration. Chlorophyll or its derivatives stimulate the formation of erythrocytes in the blood, and affect nutrition, synthesis of vitamins in plants, hormone action, tumors, and a number of diseases, like anemia, arteriosclerosis, cardiac hypertension and others." - Dr. David Steenblock,B.S.,M.Sc.,D.O.

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