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37 Reasons to Jump! Now!!

By Morton Walker, D.P.M. (with updates by Tina Rappaport 2005) - 01/01/95

The experts agree that doing several short bouncing sessions each day
rather than one long one is the best strategy for boosting metabolism.
We recommend 2-3 minute jumping sessions several times a day.


1. Provides an increased G-force (gravitational load), which strengthens the musculoskeletal systems.

2. Protects the joints from the chronic fatigue and impact delivered by exercising on hard surfaces

3. Helps manage body composition and improves muscle-to-fat ratio.

4. Aids lymphatic circulation by stimulating the millions of one-way valves in the lymphatic system.

5. Circulates more oxygen to the tissues.

6. Increases balance and coordination.

7. Establishes a better equilibrium between the oxygen required by the tissues and the oxygen made available.

8. Increases capacity for respiration.

9. Tends to reduce the height to which the arterial pressures rise during exertion.

10. Lessens the time during which blood pressure remains abnormal after severe activity.

11. Assists in the rehabilitation of heart problems.

12. Increases the functional activity of the red bone marrow in the production of red blood cells.

13. Improves resting metabolic rate so that more calories are burned for hours after exercise.

14. Causes muscles to perform work in moving fluids through the body to lighten the heart's load.

15. Decreases the volume of blood pooling in the veins of the cardiovascular system preventing chronic edema.

16. Encourages collateral circulation by increasing the capillary count in the muscles and decreasing the distance between the capillaries and the target cells.

17. Strengthens the heart and other muscles in the body so that they work more efficiently.

18. Allows the resting heart to beat less often.

19. Lowers circulating cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

20. Lowers low-density lipoprotein (bad) in the blood and increases high-density lipoprotein (good) holding off the incidence of coronary artery disease.

21. Stimulates your metabolism and may improve vision.

22. Promotes tissue repair.

23. Increases the mitochondria count within the muscle cells, essential for endurance, if rebounding for longer than 20 minutes at a moderate intensity.

24. Adds to the alkaline reserve of the body, which may be of significance in an emergency requiring prolonged effort.

25. Improves coordination between the propreoceptors in the joints, the transmission of nerve impulses to and from the brain, transmission of nerve impulses and responsiveness of the muscle fibers.

26. Improves the brains responsiveness to the vestibular apparatus within the inner ear, thus improving balance.

27. Offers relief from neck and back pains, headaches, and other pain caused by lack of exercise.

28. Enhances digestion and elimination processes.

29. Reduces your chances of obesity.

30. Allows for deeper and easier relaxation and sleep.

31. Results in better mental performance, with keener learning processes.

32. Curtails fatigue and menstrual discomfort for women.

33. Tones your glandular system, especially the output of your thyroid.

34. Minimizes the number of colds, allergies, digestive disturbances, and abdominal problems.

35. Tends to slow down atrophy in the aging process.

36. Is an effective modality by which the user gains a sense of control and an improved self image.

37. Rebounding is FUN!

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