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AlkaViva EOS Scale Guard in-line Filter
AlkaViva EOS Scale Guard in-line Filter

EASY to install -no plumber needed!

Install between your tap water and water ionizer

Comes with easy push-pull compression fittings

Replace annually, or when replacing ionizer filters

Protection for your Water Ionizer

Everyone who lives in a hard water area knows about the damaging effects of scale. If you live in a hard water area, you may have high levels of magnesium or calcium in your water causing white spots on your glasses or white residue in cooking pans. Excessive scale causes a build up of these minerals and may cause clogging of pipes and water appliances in your home.

The formation of scale on a surface is caused by crystallization of carbonate or sulfate ions, chiefly calcium or magnesium. Scale forms because oppositely charged surfaces of the scaling mineral ions are attracted to one another and "stick" or adhere together. The NSF certified media in the EOS Water Scale Filter is highly effective at inhibiting scale formation.

By changing the surface charge distribution on the scaling mineral ions, it reduces the attraction thus preventing the scaling effect. It doesn't remove the calcium or magnesium - rather it makes it almost impossible for them to attract and bind together.

The EOS Water Scale Filter can also help remove existing hard water deposits. As the surface charge is shifted ion by ion on existing scale, the bonds formed through attraction are broken; the scale loosens and washes away. The formation of scale can happen within months or, sometimes, years.

Similarly, this softening or cleaning effect occurs over a proportionately long period of time. Therefore it is highly recommended that the EOS filter be used on a clean system, when possible.

The EOS helps prevent damaging buildup from mineral scale in areas with hardness 51 - 250ppm. The EOS water scale prevention filter is easy to install, with quick-connect fittings that attach right into the cold water line of your ionizer.

The easiest way to monitor the life of the EOS scale device is with your filter counter as it is rated for 1,000 gallons just like your UltraWater and pre-filter inside your ionizer. It is optimal to install your EOS inline filter with your new UltraWater filter replacements; so you would then replace them at the same time. Alternately you can note the level on your filter counter and replace when it reaches the same level. Either way, don't wait!

THIS EOS SCALE-GUARD IN-LINE FILTER is meant for installation between your tap water and your AlkaViva Water Ionizer. If you have excessive scale and want to treat your entire house, please click to see our URparamountHealthyHome De-Scaler.

AlkaViva EOS Scale Guard in-line Filter
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